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"I know you see things. I used to talk to my dead boyfriend."
—Michonne to Rick Grimes[src]

Michonne's Group is a group of survivors in AMC's The Walking Dead.


Prior to the outbreak, Michonne had a boyfriend named Mike, with whom she had one son, Andre Anthony. She and Mike lived in an apartment building in Atlanta, Georgia, and were close with Mike's friend Terry. The three seemed to be art enthusiasts and would go to museums and discuss the pieces there. They would remain together after the dead began to rise.


After the outbreak, she, Mike, and Terry were part of a refugee camp. Over time, members of the camp departed as things got worse. One day, Michonne was out on a run when she returned to find the camp in ruins, overrun by walkers. Mike and Terry had gotten high and drugs and so were unable to protect Andre. After that, Michonne amputated Mike and Terry's arms and jaws and carried their walker forms with her as protection against other walkers. She would keep these walkers with her for the following months and over the winter after she meets Andrea, but would decapitate them one day to avoid detection while she and Andrea were hiding from some potentially hostile survivors.

Michonne later reveals to Rick Grimes that she used to talk to her dead boyfriend. After the fall of the prison at the hands of the Governor, she briefly resumes this practice while she is out on her own. Over time, as she grows closer to Rick's son Carl, she reveals her origins to him and what happened to her group at the onset of the apocalypse.


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  • The two groups vary slightly from one another:
    • In the comics, Michonne's group consisted of her, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's best friend.
    • In the TV series, Michonne's group consisted of her, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's best friend, her son, and later on Andrea.
  • The walker "pets" origins also are different from one another:
    • In the comics, the two walker "pets" are revealed to be her boyfriend and his friend.
    • In the TV series, the two walker "pets" are also revealed to be her boyfriend and his friend, but instead of protecting her, the two got high while she was out on a run and failed to protect her toddler son from walkers that had overrun their refugee camp.