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Michonne's House is a location that appears in the Michonne Special.


This was Michonne's prior to the apocalypse. It's possible that her boyfriend Mike lived here with her. It's also possible that her ex-husband Dominic and children Elodie and Colette lived here, with the latter two possibly even visiting here after the divorce. Terry was also living here during the onset of the apocalypse.


Michonne Special

Michonne gets home and finds her boyfriend, Mike and his best friend, Terry. When Michonne enters, a zombie attempts to follow, and in the process of killing it, Mike gets bitten. At that time, Michonne bandages Mike, unaware that he has become infected. That night, Michonne searches the neighbor's house for supplies, finding her trademark sword. She becomes pinned down in the house during the night and returns home the next day, finding that Mike and Terry have become zombies. She survives their attack and manages to lock them away. Her noisy encounter with them causes her street to become overrun, and she becomes trapped and runs out of food. Then, noticing that the zombies don't attack one another, she hacks off the arms and lower jaws of Mike and Terry, and chains them up to use them as escorts for an escape.