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This article is about the Rick Grimes 2000 character. You may be looking for her Comic Universe or TV Universe counterpart. For other pages with the same name, see: Michonne

I'll try to fill you in. About three weeks ago you disappeared. Sorry about the hit to the head--but you'd kind of lost it. We didn't know what happened to you, you'd vanished right before our eyes. We didn't know what to do or where to look. We didn't even have time to try to find you, a few days later they came--the aliens. It turns out that all of this, everything we've been living through, the fall of civilization, the dead coming back to life, all the lives lost... our lives ruined--it was all part of a diabolical plan! An unknown alien civilization came here for our water--it's like a currency for them. They brought about the downfall of our civilization by causing the dead to come back to life and attack us. Now they're rounding up what's left of us--turning us into a slave race to help them harvest the water. But we're fighting back--working to unite what's left of humanity in one final battle to take back our--
―Michonne telling Rick about the aliens[src]

Michonne Hawthorne is a survivor of the outbreak in Rick Grimes 2000. She is a member of the Freedom Fighters.

Pre- and Post-Apocalypse[]

Main article: Michonne Hawthorne (Comic Universe)

"Issue 75 - Bonus Ending"[]

Michonne hits Rick Grimes over the head with a rock, before he mysteriously disappears.

Michonne saves a recently awoken Rick from a zombie and explains how three weeks ago, Rick had suddenly disappeared. Days after, aliens came to invade, and she explains how they planned everything; reanimating the dead and destroying civilization. Their plans were to use the remaining humans to harvest water, which they apparently use for currency on their planet. The remaining humans, however, decided to fight back. She is killed by a cyberized Governor shortly afterwards.

"Chapter 1"[]

Michonne appears in a flashback and later in present time as a corpse.

"Chapter 3"[]

Michonne's decapitated head is brought to the Sanctuary by Andrea and later handed to Eugene.

"Chapter 4"[]

Michonne returns as a cyborg and saves Rick from Negan and proceeds to battle the latter, before they are attacked by Alpha and Beta. Alpha and Beta then kiss and combine with the zombie herd to form the Goliath.

"Chapter 5"[]

Michonne, along with Andrea and Carl are grabbed by the Goliath before Michonne, not wanting to die a second time, cuts them free. She then directs Rick to go take down the Goliath. After Eugene retrieves Negan's bat following the latter's death at the hands of Maggie, Michonne participates in the final battle with the aliens which results with the human race coming on top.

Michonne is not seen after the time skip, but due to fact that's she now a cyborg and the Freedom Fighters having access to Alien technology, it's more than likely she's still alive.


Killed By

While Michonne is explaining to Rick about the aliens, she is unexpectedly killed by a revived Governor who crushes her head with a mechanical arm.


Revived By

After being killed by the Governor, Michonne's decapitated head was brought to the Sanctuary and cyberized by Eugene.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Michonne has killed:


Comic Series[]

Rick Grimes 2000[]


  • This is the only incarnation of Michonne to have died.
    • However, she was brought back to life afterwards.
  • Michonne's costume is a reference to DC superhero, Raven.