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This article is about the Novel Series character. You may be looking for her appearances in the Comic Series or Video Game, or her TV Series, Social Game, Road to Survival, Assault, No Man's Land counterparts.

Michonne Hawthorne (née unknown) (pronounced MI-SHOWN)[1] is a comic-adapted character and an antagonist first encountered in The Fall of the Governor. She is a quiet and deadly survivor who eventually joined the prison group. She serves as the secondary antagonist of The Fall of the Governor.


Main article: Michonne Hawthorne (Comic Series)


Main article: Michonne Hawthorne (Comic Series)

The Fall of the Governor

Michonne first appears at Woodbury's gates along with Rick Grimes and Glenn after investigating the crashed helicopter. The Governor welcomes the group in and takes them to a room above the racetrack where Michonne bites off his ear after he attacks the group.

The Governor imprisons Michonne and Glenn under the racetrack. Philip and Bruce listen to her talk to herself within the cell and think she's crazy. Philip orders Bruce to take off her pants and tie each of her legs to opposite ends of the room. The Governor then removes his pants and begins to rape and torture her for what she did to him. Hours later, Philip finishes and Michonne starts to cry, claiming she's scared of what she's going to do to him.

The next day Bruce asks Philip if he's questioning Michonne and is concerned when the Governor admits he's not. He asks for Glenn to be moved into the cell next door to Michonne so he can listen. Bruce braces himself as he opens the cell door after the Governor's third torture session. She's barley alive but he notes how there's a burning rage behind her eyes waiting to be unleashed.

After the death of Harold Abernathy, the Governor visits Michonne and asks her to fight in the arena for him, in return she'll get a full week of rest and maybe a bed or a chair. Bruce opens the door and reveals her katana which she'll be using during the fight. She locks her eyes on and doesn't look away. Later, the arena fight begins. Michonne silently makes her way towards the middle of the arena and towards Eugene Cooney. He insults her and goes to swing his bat, however in one swift movement, she effortlessly kicks him in the groin and decapitates him with her sword. The crowd goes silent and shortly after starts jeering as Michonne decapitates all the captive biters. Bruce and Gabe quickly rush into the arena and tackle her. An enraged Philip ponders going into her cell and killing her immediately but stops himself and decides to go home and think it over. Meanwhile Martínez frees Rick and Glenn to make an escape. He approaches Gabe and asks to have a look at Michonne, having heard she was "hot". He punches Gabe in the neck and knocks him out. The group untie Michonne and after taking a moment to get herself together, she marches out the cell, leading the others.

As the group escape Woodbury, Michonne chooses to stay behind and visit the Governor in his apartment. Michonne bursts through his door and the two fight for eighty-seven seconds before Philip is knocked out my the handle of her sword. Philip wakes up, naked and in the exact same position he had Michonne with his penis nailed to a board on the floor. Brian Blake becomes completely self-aware of everything about to happen and heavily regrets everything bad he has ever done. Philip Blake pushes Brian to the back of his brain and convinces himself that he is Philip. Michonne proceeds to show Philip all the tools she is going to use on him before drilling into his right shoulder. She picks off all the fingernails on his right hand before cutting off the arm completely with her sword. His penis detaches with all the movement. Before Philip can bleed out she seals the wound with a blowtorch. She then sticks a bent spoon in his rectum and uses it to scoop out his left eyeball. Gabe, Bruce and Jameson start breaking into the apartment. Michonne quickly cuts off the rest of Philip's penis and releases Penny on the henchmen before escaping out the window and into the unknown.

It is implied that she took part in the scouting mission to the National Guard station and participated in the Walmart shootout along with several other prison survivors due to one of the killed Woodbury guards being described as having clean severed appendages of which only a fine sword or katana could create.

During the prison assault, when the Woodbury army retreated, she and Tyreese went on the offence, managing to kill James Steagal and Eric. However, this act proved too careless and dangerous resulting in Michonne barely escaping from Gabe and Tyreese being captured and used as a bargaining tool in order to get into the prison. When this failed, The Governor killed Tyreese, decapitating him with Michonne's katana.

Alone, Together

Timothy and Alicia watch a gas station surrounded by walkers. They think about the safest way to get inside when a band of marauders arrived in a large truck. The group get out and a "mean-looking woman with a katana sword" nearly single-handedly staves off all the walkers while the other members of her group break into the gas station to loot it.

For the rest of the events of the Novel Series, Michonne's whereabouts remain unknown, until her story picks back up in the Comic Series. For further details see:

Main article: Michonne Hawthorne (Comic Series)

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Michonne has killed:




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Rick Grimes


Carl Grimes


Brian Blake

"I'm--I'm not crying for me. I'm crying for you. I think about all the things I'm going to do to you and it makes me cry. It scares me."
—Michonne to Brian, after he raped her[src]

Michonne and Brian had a bad relationship. When Rick, Glenn, and Michonne encountered Woodbury, Brian came out to greet them in a pleasant manner. However, when he reveals his true self by cutting off Rick's right hand, Michonne lunged herself at him and tore his left ear off. Enraged, Brian had Michonne locked up in a garage. The Governor then proceeded to rape her and beat her twice. When finished Michonne tearfully states that she's afraid of what she's going to do in retaliation. This comes to fruition in Issue 33 when Michonne goes to Brian's apartment and mutilates him. When Tyreese died during the battle with Woodbury, Michonne became vengeful, but did not manage to kill Brian.





  • Robert Kirkman mentioned in the Letter Hacks of #49 that Michonne is the strongest character in the comic book.
    • Kirkman has also mentioned that Michonne did not know any martial arts before the apocalypse.
  • Although she has been seen as a fairly good shot with a gun, Michonne rarely uses one, preferring to almost exclusively use her sword.
  • Michonne is one of the three characters from the Novel Series who made an appearance in the Video Game, the other two being Glenn and Hershel Greene.


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