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"I'm fine."
—Michonne, upon being discovered and helped by the hero and Andrea.[src]

Michonne Hawthorne is a character from The Walking Dead Social Game.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Michonne's life before or as the outbreak began.


"Outside Woodbury"

Michonne is found in the woods after being separated from Andrea due to a herd of walkers. She is rescued and brought back to camp so Andrea can dress her wounds. After Michonne is cared for, she and Andrea depart the camp.

Michonne is encountered again as her and Andrea travel back to the camp. Andrea is fed up and proclaims to Michonne that she knew they were walking in circles. The two femme fatales rest at the camp and the hero helps apply surgical tape to Andrea's ankle after she twisted it running from a massive herd of walkers. Michonne tells the hero they don't know if it is the same one from earlier, but it is the biggest one they have ever seen and it is continuing to grow. Andrea's ankle is soon relieved and the two women head off to find a safe place to camp. But not before telling the group that they should leave also to avoid the incoming herd.

Later, the hero is informed that Michonne has returned to talk to the hero. As the hero looks for her, she is encountered near a fence behind a abandoned school. She warns that the huge herd is heading their way and advices them one last time to abandon their camp. The hero declines leaving their newly establish home and Michonne wishes them the best and thanks the hero once again for helping her and Andrea before leaving through the woods.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Michonne has killed:


Social Game


  • Michonne along with Shane, Andrea, Sean, Dave, Tony, Randall, Otis, Daryl, Merle, Felipe, Lori, Glenn, Carl, Rick, Summer, Morgan, and T-Dog have been featured in The Walking Dead Social Game.
    • Shane, Lori, Carl, Daryl, Andrea, and Michonne have also been featured on the cover of the chapters.
  • Michonne, Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Theodore and Merle are available as companions while participating in the Woodbury Area tournament.
  • Michonne is one of fifteen characters in the social game who can give missions but are not playable. The other thirteen are Rick, Lori, Summer, Jon, Marla, Merle, Kasumi, Megan, Harlan, the two soldiers under PFC Jackson, Mysterious Stranger, Woodbury Recruiter and Woodbury Pit Fighter.
  • Of these characters, Rick, Soldier 2, Mysterious Stranger, Woodbury Recruiter, Woodbury Pit Fighter, and Michonne are only able to give Side Missions, Camp Tasks, or in Rick's case, Rick Missions
  • Rick, Michonne, and Merle are playable in the Woodbury Arena.
  • In contrast, Morgan is the only character who cannot give missions but does participate in a mission.
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