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Mickey is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. Prior to the outbreak, she was a professional wrestler who toured along with her fellow wrestler and husband, Cliff, across the United States. Following the fall of society, Mickey got separated from him and eventually was saved by Victor Strand.

In order to reunite with her husband, she escaped from Strand's Tower and Strand declared her as a fugitive. While hiding at a bar, Mickey came across Dwight and Sherry. With their help, she reached to her destination but found out that Cliff is no longer alive. Reconciled with his death, Mickey decided to honor her husband's wish by finding "PADRE" and joined the ethical outlaws known as the Dark Horses, though she left the group a short time later.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Mickey's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that that she met Cliff and together became known as "The Bride" and "The Groom" in professional wrestling. After touring for a long time, they established the Grapple Chapel Wrestling Club where they would train up and coming wrestlers.


Season 7

"Till Death"

Mickey holes up in a bar and duct tapes phone books for armor. She hears people outside and tells them she's not going back to Strand. Dwight enters the bar and insists they just want to talk. Mickey twists his arm. Sherry shows up with a gun and explains they're just here to help Mickey find her husband.

Mickey tells Dwight and Sherry that she escaped Strand's tower by taping phone books to her body and pushing through the herd around the tower. She says the only reason Strand wants her back is so that no one else finds out how she escaped. Dwight suddenly recognizes Mickey as a professional wrestler who used to tour with her husband Cliff. Mickey explains that she and Cliff opened a training gym after their career ended and agreed to meet at the gym if they ever got split up after the fall. Dwight and Sherry offer to help her find Cliff and locate Padre together.

Mickey, Dwight and Sherry arrive at the cellar and find the Larson family dead. Sherry and Dwight bury the Larsons, and deduce that Eli murdered them. Dwight wonders if they should take Strand's offer. Dwight tells Mickey that the tower might be the safest place for them, but Mickey refuses to go back. Sherry decides to accompany Mickey to the gym and tells Dwight she'll meet him at the bar after they find Cliff. Mickey and Sherry begin their journey to the gym. Mickey says she understands Dwight's rationale for wanting to live at the tower. Sherry explains they already made a bargain once with a man like Strand, and it nearly destroyed them.

They arrive at the gym and find it surrounded by walkers. Sherry gets an idea. Sherry slathers Mickey in walker guts. Mickey walks unnoticed through the herd and reaches the front door of the gym, but it's locked. She trips, drawing the walkers' attention. Sherry shoots the front door, shattering the glass. They both run inside. Mickey and Sherry block the front door with gym gear, but walkers keep amassing on the other side. Sherry climbs into the boxing ring to gain some height. Mickey sees a walker and realizes it's Cliff. She walks toward him in tears, but Sherry stabs him in the head. Mickey climbs into the ring. The ring collapses, allowing walkers to climb up. Sherry grabs her walkie to call Strand for help, but Dwight shows up and tells them that Strand killed the Larsons. They slaughter all the walkers together.

Dwight gives Mickey a letter he found while cleaning Cliff's body. In the letter, Cliff urges Mickey not to give up. Dwight privately admits to Sherry that the reason he wanted to live at the tower was because he wants to start a family. They decide they don't need to wait for perfect circumstances to have a child. A voice comes over the radio, looking for the Dark Horses. Mickey, Dwight and Sherry gallop through the wasteland to answer the call. They arrive at the meeting point and find a masked man. More masked figures come out of hiding as the man invites them to help him find Padre.


As Alicia's group rests in the woods, Dwight and Sherry mention that Mickey is out on patrol. When two of the scouts from the camp patrol were found reanimated, Sherry reveals that Mickey overheard chatter on the radio regarding Strand's conflict with Alicia's group and wants no part with the drama, suggesting that she may have left as she is no longer traveling with the group.

Since then, Mickey has not re-joined the group or encountered any of its members, leaving her with an unknown fate and location.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mickey has killed:

  • Possibly a few unnamed Tower rangers
  • Numerous counts of zombies


Fear The Walking Dead

Season 7


  • Mickey is one of four characters on Fear The Walking Dead to have a "celebrity" status prior to the apocalypse. The others are Dante Esquivel, Jim Brauer, and her husband Cliff.
  • In "Sonny Boy", Mickey was mentioned by John Dorie Sr. and June as they discussed how she had escaped from the Tower and how they can do the same. John later uses the same method with the help of Howard's collection of artifacts, but he gets bitten along the way unlike Mickey.
  • In "The Raft", Mickey was mentioned by Dwight and Sherry as they discussed how she is more capable surviving outside the Tower compared to someone like Maya Vazquez.