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"They were holed up in some news station in Atlanta--Channel Nine or whatever--the one with that asshole weatherman. Her and the rest of the people that worked there--including the traffic helicopter pilot who died in the crash--lucky devil--lived there--together."
The Governor about Mike.[src]

Mike is a character featured in The Walking Dead. He is the pilot of the crashed helicopter.


Atlanta, Georgia

Nothing is known about Mike's life before or as the outbreak began, other than he was a pilot for Fox News.



Main Article: Mike (The Fall of the Governor)

Mike and Christina survived the initial outbreak in their news station building. A few months into the apocalypse, the survivors began to turn on each other as resources ran out. Mike, along with Christina, escaped in Mike's helicopter. Unfortunately, the helicopter was sabotaged, and the pair soon crashed, with Mike being killed on impact. Mike's body is fed to the walkers on the pit arena by The Governor.


Killed By
  • Unnamed survivor (Caused)

According to Christina, Mike's helicopter was sabotaged by an unnamed news station survivor that didn't want to be left behind.

  • Helicopter Crash

Mike died upon impact, but his body was brought to The Governor. When he reanimated, The Governor fed his body to walkers and kept his head inside his fish tank.


Christina Meredith Haben

It is believed that Christina and Mike had a good relationship due to the fact that Mike helped Christina to escape.


Comic Series

Volume 5: The Best Defense

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