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"He’s been like this all day. Spooked by something out there. And it ain’t walkers, neither."
—Mike to Lilly about his scared horse[src]

Mike Bell, better known as Bell, is a character first encountered in The Walking Dead: Search and Destroy. He is the "thirty-something leader of the small survivor group hunkered down in the little village once known as Gordonburg, Georgia" and described as "a diminutive man with a mop of sandy hair", with a "boyish face sunburned and slathered with freckles".


Birmingham, Alabama

Nothing is known about Mike's life prior to or as the outbreak began except he worked as a former IT employee, and lived Birmingham.


Gordonburg, Georgia

At some point after the outbreak began, Mike became the leader of a small group of survivors living in Gordonburg. At some point he taught himself how to ride a horse.

Moreland, Georgia

With a rag-tag group of survivors from Moreland, Mike retrieved at least a dozen massive windmills from various rural locations across the South, dismantling them and bringing the parts back to West Central Georgia where he lovingly rebuilt them and started his own wind farm in a meadow between two tobacco fields. Not many of the windmills worked yet, but Bell was obsessed. Many survivors had been creating homemade wind farms in recent months and some were even working on ways to refurbish electric cars for future use with wind-generated power. Bell was a true believer, and he could often be seen wandering the meadow, proud of his work.

About five years into the apocalypse, Mike makes contact and forms an alliance with a number of small villages surrounding Atlanta. Such as Woodbury and Haralson. The communities band together to reconnect a railway between all their settlements and the city.

Search and Destroy

While working on the community railway, Mike approaches Lilly Caul's group on his strawberry roan horse, Gypsy. He informs her of a wrecked train trestle half a mile north on the tracks which they can't move or get around. His horse gets spooked and has been skittish all day, not scared by the walkers, but something else. Lilly jokes about them crossing that bridge when they come to it to which Mike awkwardly laughs a little too enthusiastically. Tommy and a few others smirk at the pair, knowing the open secret that Mike has a desperate crush on Lilly. Lilly is aware of this and feels the same way but isn't ready for a relationship yet. She brushes off the feeling and gets back to work.

After Woodbury is raided by Beau Bryce's Militia, Mike is killed by the kidnappers while hanging around his wind machines. It appears he tried to stop them before getting hit on the head first, and then dragged before being shot execution style. His body is retrieved and taken to Haralson by Ash and her group. Lilly, Tommy, Norma, Miles and Jinx are rescued by Ash while in pursuit of the kidnappers and taken back to Haralson. Ash warns them about how dangerous this group is by showing them the body of Mike who lies shirtless in the makeshift morgue. They find a small pinprick in his arm which suggests he was injected with something for reasons unknown before being killed. Despite urging Lilly's group not to go after the militia, Ash knows they'll seek revenge anyway and lets them stay the night.


Killed By

Mike tries to stop the kidnappers somehow but is hit in the head, drugged for unknown reasons, dragged to a better location and shot execution style.

Mike is stabbed in the head before turning in Haralson's morgue.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mike has killed:


Lilly Caul

It's an open secret that Mike has a desperate crush on Lilly, but it's not something she wants to perpetuate. While not ready for a relationship after all her loss, Lilly feels the same way about Mike and often thinks about him romantically at night. Someone once found a notebook of Bell’s in which he had scribbled Lilly’s name, birth date, hometown, and personal data over and over.


Novel Series

Search and Destroy