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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his Comic Series or Road to Survival counterparts.

"We don't even have to talk, if you don't want to."
—Mikey to Carl.[src]

Mikey is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, alongside his father.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Mikey's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he had a father.



At some point in the apocalypse, Mikey and his father joined a community called the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Season 5


Mikey is hanging out with Ron and Enid when he meets newcomer Carl. He apologizes on behalf of his friends for leaving their comics in Carl's house, stating that they would just listen to music and read comics when hanging out at the unfinished room and didn't realize people were moving in. He offers to play video games with Carl to help him adjust to his new life. Ron suggests to Carl that they head to Mikey's house and play with the pool table but warns that Mikey's father is very strict about it. Mikey replies to Ron that his father works during the day and wouldn't be home if they choose to head over. When Mikey and Ron realize how overwhelmed Carl is, they apologize and Mikey states that they can just hang out and not talk. Instead, Carl replies that he's down to play video games and joins Mikey and Ron as Enid watches from the bed.


Mikey attends Deanna's welcoming party where he hangs out with Carl and Ron. They joke about Mikey losing a bet, for which he hands over some cards to Carl.

Season 8

"How It's Gotta Be"

Mikey is among the several Alexandrians killed during the Saviors' grenade attack on Alexandria, having been unable to evacuate safely into the sewers in time with the other residents.[1]


Killed By

Mikey is among the residents killed when Alexandria is attacked by the Saviors with grenades as he wasn't able to safely evacuate into the sewers in time.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Mikey has killed:


TV Series

Season 5


International Dubbers

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Italian Federico Bebi Duane Jones
Japanese N/A N/A
Portuguese Daniel Figueira Carl Grimes ("How It's Gotta Be"-"Honor")
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Spanish (Spain) Jesús Pinillos Miguel


  1. Mikey has not been seen since Season 5 and several events occurred that have left his fate unclear. However, with the grenade attack in Alexandria, several people were killed as indicated by the Savior's lines to Michonne and bodies visible on the ground. In addition, all remaining Alexandrians were evacuated to the Hilltop, and anyone not seen with them can be considered a casualty of the grenade attack, including Mikey who was not with the remaining Alexandrians in "Dead or Alive Or".