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Mile Marker 21 is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is a roadside location by a mile marker of the same name and is located in in Texas on Highway 365 westbound.


Nothing is known of the mile marker's history before the outbreak.


Season 4


At night, as part of Morgan's Group reunites, June contacts Quinn who has recovered Al's SWAT van and agrees to join them. However, when he arrives, Quinn finds no sign of the others, much to his and June's confusion. Quinn discovers that someone has changed the sign at Mile Marker 21 to actually read Mile Marker 27 just before Martha has a zombified Purvis attack and kill Quinn. Martha releases Purvis and takes Quinn into the back of the SWAT van where he reanimates.


June, Al and Morgan drive to Mile Marker 21 after Quinn fails to show up at Mile Marker 27. By the time that they arrive, Martha is gone and the sign has been restored to normal. Morgan points out that Quinn is not there, but June insists that he's got to be close as Quinn had told her on the radio that he'd just passed Mile Marker 20. Although Morgan wants to leave, both June and Al insist upon continuing to search for Quinn. After Wendell and Sarah put down the zombified Purvis, they call the others back from their search upon seeing the strange writing that Martha had left on his face.


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