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"We're packing up to leave. But I just wanted to say it once more... still out here looking for you. Mile Marker 27 on Highway 365 westbound."
Morgan Jones' last radio message to his friends about his location[src]

Mile Marker 27 is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. It is a roadside location by a mile marker of the same name and is located in in Texas on Highway 365 westbound.


Nothing is known of the mile marker's history before the outbreak.


Season 4


Morgan has Sarah, Wendell, and Jim stop at the mile marker to leave one of Polar Bear's boxes. In an effort to find his missing friends, Morgan attempts to contact them over the radio, setting a rendezvous at Mile Marker 27 and heading off to find a better signal, much to the frustration of Sarah, Wendell and Jim who want to continue on to Alexandria. Al and June finally receive Morgan's signal as he states that he doesn't think he can wait much longer before having to head out. Only 50 miles away, Al and June quickly race to the location.

At night, as Morgan's group is about to leave, Al and June finally arrive and Sarah provides the two women with food and water from their semi truck. June contacts Quinn who has recovered Al's SWAT van and agrees to join them. However, when he arrives, Quinn finds no sign of the others, much to his and June's confusion. Quinn discovers that someone has changed the sign at Mile Marker 21 to actually read Mile Marker 27 just before Martha has a zombified Purvis attack and kill Quinn.


Sarah, Wendell, and Jim continue to wait with the semi at Mile Marker 27 while Morgan, Al and June go in search of Quinn after he fails to show up. As Sarah and Jim argue, a zombified Purvis wanders down the road. Wendell deploys some spikes from the back of his wheelchair and Sarah puts Purvis down. Jim draws the others' attention to the writing on Purvis' face and Sarah calls the others back.

As the group examines Purvis, June tries to contact Quinn again and raises Martha and the zombified Quinn. Martha urges them to stop trying to help people as they are only making people "weak" and she claims to know who Morgan really is and what he's really capable of.

The next morning, Morgan buries Purvis while Al takes an interest in Polar Bear's journals. With Martha posing a danger to everyone, Morgan decides to set out to find his friends and Polar Bear, but Martha's words about Morgan spark an argument amongst the group when Jim, Sarah and Wendell press Morgan to learn more about him. After Morgan disarms Sarah, the group agrees to join him and they leave.





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