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Mile Marker 54 is a location in Season 4 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. It is a roadside location by a mile marker of the same name and is located in either Texas or Mississippi.


Nothing is known of the mile marker's history before the outbreak.


Season 4

"MM 54"

In a flashback to shortly after the outbreak began, Martha and Hank have been involved in a car accident where their car hit a guardrail and Hank got impaled upon it. Martha desperately tries to flag down passing cars, but no one stops to help and Hank dies of his injuries, reanimates and has to be put down by Martha. Martha buries Hank under a tree nearby and spends several days at his graveside, slowly going insane from her grief and anger over people refusing to help them out.

Eventually, Stevie arrives to leave a box at the mile marker. Now believing that helping others is a weakness, Martha kills Stevie and starts hunting down Clayton's Group.

"... I Lose Myself"

Morgan Jones contacts Martha, attempting to convince her to allow him to help her. Martha directs Morgan to meet her at Mile Marker 54.

Arriving at the mile marker, Morgan finds the remains of Martha and Hank's car and a police car that Martha stole with a zombified Jim Brauer in the backseat. Morgan sadly removes his friend from the police car and puts Jim down with his staff before finding Martha nearby at Hank's grave. Over Martha's protests due to her wish to die at Hank's grave and reanimate, Morgan drags her into the police car and sets out to reunite with his friends.





Fear the Walking Dead

Season 4


  • The episode "MM 54" is named after the abbreviation for this location.