The Military Camp is the second major location in The Walking Dead Social Game and was discovered by the survivors after abandoning their original camp due to a herd.


Atlanta Outskirts

Prior to the outbreak, the lot seemed to be located near a train station.


City Limits

Travelling to Atlanta, seeking shelter, the survivors drive upon a military camp settled just on the outskirts of the city. Here they meet up with three surviving soldiers, who had just recently lost most of their troop. Jackson, the new leader of the camp welcomes the small band of survivors.

A few more survivors would later be discovered after this that would cause the group to begin to fight. Jackson and his men later travel out of the camp to attempt to find more survivors, leaving the hero as the leader once again.

The camp is shortly abandoned afterwards as the surviving military begin to bomb Atlanta.





  • Like the Highway Camp, the military camp has also gone through several renovations over the course of several updates to the game. Originally an underpass was next to the camp, but was later replaced with a barbed wire fence.
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