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Millenium Park is a location that appears in AMC's The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live. It's a park located in the Civic Republic of Philadelphia.


Nothing is known about this location prior to the apocalypse except that it was a park in the city of Philadelphia.


Following the outbreak, the park remained a hub of activity for the residents of the Civic Republic of Philadelphia. A market was established in the park that included 500 Fries, Trabruzzi's Chicory, Benjiro's Portraiture and Art, Wool Supply, Wax & Wick, and other stands for a bike repair, beer & ales, honey & maple syrup, book trading, plants & seeds, and baked goods.[1] It was also a location frequented by consignees on their days off. During orientation, consignees were taken to the park and allowed to wander around.

After being taken by the CRM, Rick Grimes visited the park for years, enlisting Benjiro to create portraits of Michonne and Judith for him on old iPhones.

Season 1[]


Years ago, Rick - still wearing his old boots that he later left on Boat 672 - and several other consignees are given a chance to explore Millenium Park in the Civic Republic as a part of their orientation. As Rick looks around in interest, Jadis - still a civilian with long hair - greets him from a food stand. Rick remembers meeting Jadis and the Scavengers, Jadis holding a gun on him and Jadis promising that the CRM was going to save him after the bridge explosion.

Walking together, Jadis explains that the Scavengers - when they still existed - were approached by one of the CRM who proposed a resource exchange where, if the Scavengers came across lost souls who needed saving, they would hold those people and give them to the CRM. If they found a threat, the Scavengers would give them to the CRM as well. In exchange, Jadis and her people got supplies. Jadis has been a regular at this place for a month so that she could be there when Rick's orientation happened, and they could talk. The CRM keeps asking Jadis what to ask Rick, and although she keeps telling them that she doesn't know, Jadis is hoping that Rick would say that he was looking for someone to follow. Rick can talk to Jadis in the park as the CRM doesn't operate in the city, "they can't, much to their annoyance." Rick is upset that Jadis brought him somewhere that he can't leave, but Jadis points out that she could've chosen to let Rick die on the riverbed or told the CRM that he was a threat instead. "The CRM doesn't take chances, but I did, 'cause I owed you." Rick realizes that giving him to the CRM has allowed Jadis to skip working consignment, but Jadis insists that she believes in this place. Jadis is enlisting in the CRM and she's gonna move up. Jadis is excited about how the CRM has a 500-year plan to rebuild the world better than it was and best the dead which Jadis sees as a perfectly fine way to spend one's life. However, Rick isn't interested, and he only wants to go home. Jadis tells Rick to follow his bliss, but reminds Rick that she really did save his life. Rick begins to walk away, but stops suddenly, looking at something.

In the present, Michonne and the other consignees are taken on a tour of the Civic Republic, visiting Millenium Park just like Rick did on his own tour. At Benjiro's Portraiture and Art stand, on an old television screen, a portrait of a woman and a boy is carved, similar to the carvings on Rick's iPhones. Some of the other televisions at the stand hold portraits as well while Benjiro is working on carving into another iPhone. Michonne realizes that Benjiro is the one who drew her and Judith which he confirms, recognizing her. Benjiro explains that Rick would come every few months and ask for a new one, but while there was a boy that Rick would ask him to draw, Benjiro could never get it right for Rick. Michonne tearfully tells Benjiro that the boy is Carl, and Benjiro notes that Michonne is more open since it took Rick 3 years to say any names. Identifying Michonne and Judith by name, Benjiro asks if Judith is here too, but Michonne reassures Benjiro that Judith is okay even though she's not there with them. Benjiro explains that Rick had wanted the drawings for until he saw Michonne again, and here she is. Rick always knew that he'd see Michonne again and when he started giving up hope, Benjiro told Rick to believe a little bit longer. Michonne thanks Benjiro for how much he had helped her with his drawings, telling the young man that now that Rick's found her, Michonne is looking for him. Benjiro encourages Michonne to believe a little bit longer.


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