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This article is about the Video Game character. You may be looking for her Road to Survival counterpart.

"That’s right. Come with me."
—Minerva to Tennessee just seconds before the pair die together, granting her wish. (Determinant)[src]

Minerva, affectionately referred to as Minnie, is a main character and later an antagonist who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season. She is the twin sister of Sophie and the older sister of Tennessee. She was a supply runner for Ericson's Boarding School before Marlon and Brody agreed to trade her and Sophie to the Delta. Following the trade, Minerva chooses to remain at the Delta to help serve as a soldier. She serves as the secondary antagonist of the episode "Broken Toys" and later as the primary antagonist of the episode "Take Us Back".


Minerva is a tall, intimidating girl with red hair that was once long, but was cut short. Much like her ex-girlfriend, she can be sarcastic and very cold towards those she dislikes. While she expresses some measure of remorse for killing her own sister to prove her loyalty, Minnie has long given up on any hope of fighting the Delta or escaping. However, Minerva still cares for and misses her friends, Violet, and her brother, whom she had not seen for over a year; and for this reason, she urges them to surrender peacefully, and hates Clementine for inspiring them to fight back instead of peacefully surrendering.

Upon being bitten on the arm and cheek, Minerva becomes completely unhinged, to the point of wanting to kill her younger brother Tenn so that they could die together and be with their family in the afterlife. Her hatred of Clementine is only inflated further and is extended to the rest of her former friends, even Violet and Louis.


Ericson's Boarding School

Nothing is known about Minerva's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that she had a twin sister and an adoptive brother, all of whom attended Ericson's Boarding School. She was also in a relationship with Violet, who claims Minerva was a good singer.


About a year before the events of "Done Running" Minerva was on a supply run with Marlon, her sister Sophie, and Brody. The group was intercepted by another party from a nearby raider group known as the Delta. Marlon agreed to trade Minerva and her sister to the raiders in exchange for them not attacking the rest of their group at a nearby school. Minerva and Louis also composed a song together titled "Don't Be Afraid" and would sing it to the other Ericson survivors when they were scared.

The Final Season

"Done Running"

A younger Minerva can be seen in a photograph with a younger Violet and Sophie when Clementine opens a drawer in the room she was kept in after a car crash.

"Broken Toys"

Minerva is first seen in the forest near the Delta ship, where she is sighted by Clementine and her group cutting wood. Clem arrives behind Minerva, threatening her by putting a knife to her throat. Clementine starts asking Minnie questions, such as where the Delta members store their prisoners. Minerva attempts to protest not knowing, but Clem threatens to cut her throat so she answers the question. This is interrupted by Violet or Louis (Determinant), who arrive and tell Clem that the raider she's attacked is indeed Minnie. Violet/Louis and Minerva hug each other while Minerva asks after those she had left behind; being surprised and saddened to hear that Brody and Mitch have died, and she is happy to learn that her brother and the other students at the school are still alive. When asked about Sophie, Minerva sadly states her sister died a hero defending the Delta from its enemies. However, she becomes angry and resentful towards Clementine, stating that her leadership ruined Lilly and Abel's plan to non-violently capture the Ericson's students. If Clem states that Violet is the leader, Minerva sneers that the Violet she knew was too meek and anti-social to do such a thing and that Clem is the one who organized the Ericson kids and motivated them to fight, making her the de-facto leader.

Lilly arrives, causing the Ericson kids to hide and stop the conversation, but Minerva chooses to not reveal them and is ordered to return to the ship. Once Lilly leaves, Minerva tells Clem that the Delta's ship is leaving in two days, warning her to not fight back when the raiders return and that the only way she can save her friends is by letting the raiders capture them. Should Clem extend the offer for Minerva to return to Ericson's, she will refuse, saying that the Delta is her home now.

Later, during the attack on the Delta Ship, Clementine, AJ, and Violet/Louis spot Minnie talking about her brother with Dorian, who reminds the girl to forget the past and that the Delta is her family now. Minerva is stationed to guard the ship's prison until she is surprised by Clementine, the two pointing arrows at each other. Minerva angrily tells Clementine to leave the ship, but Clem says she will not leave without her friends. Minnie threatens Clementine, saying that if her brother is in the middle of the attack, the two will get into trouble. Upon learning that her brother is well and forgives her (Determinant), Minnie tells Clementine to get her friends, get out of the Delta Ship, and take Tennessee to safety. Clementine accepts this temporary alliance and follows Minerva into the cell block. Depending on who the player saved in episode 2, either Violet or Louis will appear in the prison: Violet will be furious with Clem for abandoning her; while Louis will be have had his tongue cut out for talking too much, being reduced to a shivering, sobbing wreck. When Clem approaches Violet/Louis, Minerva knocks Clem out with her crossbow; and prompting AJ and whoever of Violet and Louis was rescued to leave the cell otherwise she will kill her.

When Lilly arrives in the cell block, Minerva stands guard while she enters Clem's cell, keeping her crossbow aimed at Clem. As Lilly begins to tell the story of how Sophie really died, Minerva initially looks remorseful and sad, but her expression hardens to one of anger and determination as she reaffirms her loyalty to the Delta; saying Sophie had tried to brainwash her with lies. When Lilly orders Dorian to cut off Louis/Violet's fingers, Minerva shows no reaction and keeps her crossbow aimed at Clem. After Lilly takes AJ and leaves, Minerva closes Clem's cell but is distracted when Violet or Louis (depending on which was rescued) berate her for betraying her friends and killing her own sister. Minerva retorts that she did what she had to in order to survive, urging them to do the same; but this distraction allows Clementine to unlock and smash open the door of her cell, knocking Minerva to the ground and disarming her of her crossbow. Enraged, Minerva tackles Clem, kicks her legs out from under her, and tries to stab her in the throat.

If Louis was saved, Violet will attack Clem in order to prevent her from causing trouble and getting them all killed. Clem will knock her aside and ultimately punch Minerva unconscious when she is distracted by Louis accidentally killing Dorian with her crossbow. Violet will cradle Minerva's unconscious body, angrily telling Clem to leave her and disbelieving her attempts to warn her about Willy's bomb. If Violet was saved, she will grab Minerva's crossbow and shoot her in the clavicle, knocking her unconscious. Violet will run over to Minerva and cradle her body, telling Clem that she can't just leave her to die.

Minerva later escapes the boat with Violet off-screen, prior to the explosion.

"Take Us Back"

Minerva is seen alongside the other surviving members of the Delta, attempting to fend off walkers. As the other members of Delta are killed, a horrified Minerva runs out of bullets, grabs an axe, and lapses into a berserk state that results in her left arm being bitten and most of her left cheek being ripped off. Touching her maimed cheek with a horrified expression, an enraged Minerva spots Clementine and screams her name in rage and hatred, attempting to kill her with a grenade. Minerva drops the grenade due to being shot in the shoulder by Clem, and is swarmed by walkers.

As the group attempts to cross a broken bridge, Minerva - now sporting pallid skin and open lesions due to her advanced state of infection - shows up, leading a pack of walkers while singing "Don't Be Afraid". Deranged and delirious, Minerva attempts to lure Tennessee to die with her, saying they can be together with Sophie and their parents in the afterlife. When Clementine, AJ, and Violet or Louis (Determinant) stop Tennessee from joining her, Minerva shoots a gun into the air, attracting the walkers to the bridge. She eventually slashes Clem's leg with her axe before being shot by Clementine, then being bitten multiple times and devoured by walkers. AJ will then either fatally shoot Tennessee, or put his gun away, getting either Louis or Violet killed (Determinant). As Tennessee is being eaten, Minerva says they can all be together again and dies with a smile.


Killed By

While in her berserk state after witnessing all of the members of her group killed, Minerva gets bitten numerous times by walkers. Later on at the broken bridge, Minerva, in the advanced state of the infection shows up while leading a pack of walkers attempts to lure Tennessee to die with her. When Clem, AJ, and Violet or Louis (Determinant) stops Tenn from joining her, Minerva attempts to kill Clementine with her axe, slashing her leg in the process. Clementine, however, shoots Minerva in the chest as she attempts to finish her off, getting knocked back towards the walkers she has led earlier. She is then devoured with either her brother, former friend, or her ex-girlfriend. If Tenn survived, he later claims that he found her body, confirming that she somehow did not reanimate.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Minerva has killed:

  • Sophie
  • Dorian (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Violet (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Louis (Indirectly Caused, Determinant)
  • Tennessee (Caused, Alive, Determinant)
  • Herself (Indirectly Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies and possibly unnamed people



Tenn is Minerva's younger brother. Tenn wasn't sad about her 'death' believing she is happy in heaven. After knowing that his sisters could still be alive, he stays positive and can be seen talking to AJ about whether Sophie and Minerva could be with the raiders when they come. When Lilly mentions Minerva had wanted to come on the raid to be reunited with him and her girlfriend, Tenn breaks cover and approaches her, narrowly avoiding being captured by the raiders. During her confrontation with Clementine, Violet, and AJ, Minerva raises her crossbow against the three of them and asks about Tenn's involvement in the attack and his well-being. She seemingly agrees to help Clementine let the others go after hearing that Tenn is safe, only to betray her former peers by locking them inside the prisoner cells. In Take Us Back, Minerva - dying from being mauled by a walker - attempts to convince Tennessee to die with her, exploiting his belief in an afterlife where everyone can be happy together. If her fight with Clem results in Tenn being fatally shot, Minerva dies with a smile on her face.


They're twin sisters. According to Tennessee and Violet, the two spend a lot of time together. The two of them were both traded to the raiders by Marlon. However, after spending quite a long time under the Delta's care, Minerva becomes attached by all the luxury Delta has to offer. When Sophie asked for Minerva's help in building a raft in order to escape and get back to the school, Minerva chose to place her loyalty in the Delta, and ultimately killed Sophie herself.


Violet was Minerva's girlfriend before Marlon traded her away to the Delta to save his group. However, if Clementine started a relationship with Violet, then Minerva never finds out that she has been replaced. If Clementine decided to save Violet during the raiders' attack, Minerva will encounter the two girls in the forest while chopping wood. She shares a hug with Violet and has a brief talk before Lilly comes and reprimands Minerva to finish her job, while the others hide. Violet later notes that Minerva has changed and is different somehow. When Violet, Clementine, and AJ managed to get into the boat and are about to free the other kids, Minerva blocks the way. After hearing that Tenn is safe, she pretends to help the three before betraying them and putting them inside the cells. She later declares her loyalty to the Delta and says that she had no problem in killing her own sister when Sophie defected, much to Violet/Louis's dismay and outrage. Later, Violet determinately shoots Minerva in the shoulder with her own crossbow when the latter tries to stab Clementine in the chest with a knife, but quickly rushes to Minerva's aid afterward. If Clementine lets Violet be taken in "Suffer The Children", Violet will be more loyal towards Minerva and attempt to stop Clem from escaping. In Take Us Back, If Violet is present when Minerva attacks Clementine, Tenn and AJ on the bridge then she completely ignores Violet and doesn't speak to her even when Violet begs for Minerva to stop.


Minerva seems to be good friends with Louis. Lilly mentions that Minerva said that Louis was a guy who could always make her laugh no matter what. Whether this was true is unknown but this would suggest their friendship was great in fact and they got on. Louis showed great sadness to find out his other friend Marlon had traded her away to raiders and lied to him but doesn't seem to feel as strongly about Marlon's betrayal as most of the other kids. This doesn't mean he feels any less bad about what happened to Minerva however.


Marlon seems to care for Minerva and the two joked about touring the country as a singing duo. Despite this, Marlon decided to trade her along with Sophie in order to protect himself and the rest of the group from the Delta. Despite the fact, he was willing to keep what he did a secret and even go as far as to accidentally murder Brody when finally confronted Marlon showed great guilt and shame over the decision.


Brody seems to show deep regret in letting her and Sophie be traded away, implying that the two had a close relationship before. Despite this, she is willing to keep what she saw Marlon do a secret, whether Marlon ever threatened her about not telling everyone is unknown so it is assumed she did it willingly. However when Abel made an appearance her anxiety became too much and she pleaded with Marlon to tell everyone what they did, showing she still felt guilt and shame over what she had let happen to her friend. Minerva appears shocked and slightly saddened if Clementine revealed to her that Marlon had murdered Brody (Determinant).


Minerva shows a great deal of resentment towards Clementine for endangering the lives of the other kids by putting up a fight against the Delta and Clementine has deep hatred towards Minerva because she tries to kidnap her and her friends and force them to fight for the Delta. She warns Clementine numerous times to surrender and not go against the Delta's wishes if they want to survive and Clementine can warn Minerva if she ever came back to Ericson, she will kill her. When Clementine, Violet, and AJ managed to get into the boat to free the other kids, Minerva blocks their way and asks about Tenn's safety. Reassured by Clementine, she helps them only to knock Clementine unconscious inside Louis/Violet's cell and lock Louis/Violet and AJ in another cell. She points her crossbow towards Clementine when Lilly attempts to pressure Clementine into joining the Delta. Minerva then declares her loyalty to her "new home", and says that she had no problem in eliminating Sophie when she tried to escape. Later, Clementine manages to break open her cell door and slams Minerva with it. The two quickly lock into a struggle with each other, with Minerva screaming that Clementine needs to die for her friends to be safe and attempting to stab her in the chest, only to fail when Violet escapes her cell and shoots Minerva in the shoulder with her crossbow (Determinant) or when Clementine manages to knock her unconscious while she's distracted by Louis (Determinant). Minerva's hatred for Clem intensifies after she is bitten, and she hunts Clem down leading a pack of walkers with her singing. When Clem interferes with her effort to persuade Tenn to commit suicide, Minerva attempts to kill her and manages to maim her leg before being fatally wounded.


The two seem to have a professional relationship, Dorian appears to be a higher rank in the Delta than Minerva so she followers orders from her. Dorian shows slight concern about Minerva's loyalty after she begins to show worry for her little brother and old friends but Dorian reminds her that the Delta are her family now. Minerva was shocked after Dorian's death (Determinate). However, whether this was out of concern for Dorian or fear of punishment is unknown.


Minerva shows extreme loyalty to Lilly, going as far as to kill her own sister, though whether this was willingly or by threats is unclear. She obeys every command given and Lilly likewise admires this loyalty, this includes showing little regret for the things she had done to her sister and previous friends. Minerva's only act against Lilly involved her not ratting out the location of the Clementine's group when they were hiding in the bushes nearby to the Delta's ship, but followed up by harshly warning Clementine not to fight the Delta again.


Minerva and Sullene are shown to have a good relationship. When Sullene is killed by two walkers, Minerva is distraught and furiously shoots them off her.


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  • Minerva is one of twelve LGBT characters to appear in the game, the others being her ex-girlfriend Violet, Clementine, Walter, Matthew, Zachary, Jonas, Paige, Javier García, Paul Monroe, James, and Charlie.
  • Minerva is considered to be the toughest villain in the game, outclassing even Abel and Carver. She survives an arrow to her shoulder (Determinant), a boat explosion, several bite wounds, an arrow to the other arm, another explosion, for around 30 minutes, and later multiple punching wounds and another gunshot, then being devoured, and is still able to clearly talk whilst being devoured.
    • Also, Minerva did not suffer the symptoms of Tinnitus when shooting the gun near her ear (unlike Javier).
  • Minerva and Sophie are the only twins to be mentioned in the game.
  • Minerva and Violet are the third same-sex couple in the video game, the first being Walter and Matthew, the second being Zachary and Jonas, the fourth being Violet and Clementine (Determinant), and the fifth being James and Charlie.
    • Out of those, they are the first lesbian couple.
  • According to Violet, Minerva was scared of violence and hated having to kill walkers, displaying how much the Delta had shaped and hardened her.
  • Minerva, Kate, Ava, Buricko, Eddie, Sarita, and Francine are the only characters in the Video Game who have a visible body piercing.
  • Minerva is the only main character who dies in "Take Us Back" regardless of player choices.
  • While Clementine, AJ, Tenn, and James (Determinant) are hiding in the caves from the walkers in "Take Us Back", Clementine can find a toy collectible called "Calypso Cauliflower." Calypso, from Homer's Odyssey, is a nymph who sang to lure Odysseus and keep him as her eternal husband. This is a foreshadowing of the events on the bridge later on, where Minerva starts to sing to draw Tennessee to his demise so they could be together in the afterlife.
  • Minerva being devoured by walkers is somewhat ironic as this was Marlon's excuse for her disappearance one year prior to the events of Season 4.
  • Since Minerva is seen using an axe with her right hand and shooting a gun with her left, it is likely she is ambidextrous.
  • Minerva was originally going to be accepted back into the school but was cut as she was a "broad idea" and not well developed as a character yet. Thus, the developers gave her a tragic end to give her closure.
  • Minerva, along with Violet/Louis are the only characters in the game who are confirmed not to have turned after being devoured by walkers. (Determinant)
  • Minerva is the fourth main character who later becomes an antagonist, with the first being David García, the second being Marlon, and the third being Lilly.
  • Minerva is one of nine kids/teens in The Walking Dead franchise to become an antagonist, the others being Ben, Lizzie Samuels, Gill, Ron Anderson, Christopher Manawa, Gage, Dakota, and Mason Beale.

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