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This Mini Mart is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead.


This was a market before the outbreak.


Season 10

"One More"

Aaron bangs the boarded-up door of a market to draw out walkers. Gabriel hacks at walkers as they reach through the planks. Aaron kills a walker as it lunges for them.

Gabriel climbs onto the roof and finds a walker tied to a post. Three dead bodies lie on a nearby mattress and the message "SAVE US" is written in big letter across the roof. Gabriel enters the store via a roof hatch.

Gabriel kills the walkers inside the store but finds no supplies. He consults Maggie's map and says there is one more location to search. Aaron gives up hope and points out that they've been scavenging for two weeks without any success. Gabriel insists they still check the final location.


  • At least 4 unnamed people (1 Alive)


TV Series

Season 10