"In the end, I couldn't protect her. Crawford, they always said how their system worked, how anything was better than becoming one of them. But I saw what they'd already become. I just wished I'd realized it sooner before it was too late. Before they came and took my sister away."
Molly to Lee about her sister and how she tried to protect her. (Determinant)[src]

Molly's sister is a character who is mentioned and seen in a photograph in the episode "Around Every Corner" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. She is the diabetic teenage sister of Molly.


Savannah, Georgia

Not much is known about her life prior to the outbreak besides that she had diabetes and presumably lived in Savannah with Molly and her family.


"Around Every Corner"

Sometime after the outbreak, Molly and her sister traveled to Crawford. Everything seemed to be fine at first, but soon harsh rules were implemented, including the fact that those with special medical needs were not allowed. To hide her sister's diabetes, Molly began to have a sexual relationship with Logan. In exchange for this, she was given insulin for her sister. Their deal was eventually broken and some people from Crawford arrived and forced her sister away. This drove Molly to leave Crawford. Later, if Lee confronted Molly about her lie, Molly told Lee Everett about her sister and showed him a photograph of her that she had retrieved from their old residence in Crawford. Molly's sister's fate is unknown, although it's highly unlikely that she survived given the nature of her condition.  



"We had a deal! (...) My sister needs this medicine. Without it, she'll die, or she'll start showing symptoms and they will take her away. I can't let that happen."
—Molly to Logan about her sister.[src]

The pair had a close relationship. Molly was extremely concerned about her sister's diabetes getting her evicted from the survivor's community, going as far as having sexual relations with the Crawford doctor so she could get her sister's insulin from him discreetly. It ended when Crawford Oberson started doing inventory checks and suspected something, causing the doctor to stop for his own safety.


Video Game

Season 1


  • Molly's sister is the only unnamed character with a confirmed age in the Video Game.
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