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The Monroe Colonists are a group of survivors that were first encountered in "In Too Deep" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Michonne. They were a group of largely hostile survivors led by Norma, which lived on their waterborne community of Monroe. They are the primary antagonistic group in the entire game.


The group was not formed before the apocalypse. However, it can be assumed that a sizable number of the group's eventual members may had lived in and around the Chesapeake Bay area prior to the outbreak.



This colony's leader, Norma, built a community on the sea called Monroe and the colonists of Monroe live in a central building.

"In Too Deep"


"Give No Shelter"


"What We Deserve"

Norma attempts to retrieve her brother from the Fairbanks' residence, where he is seemingly being held captive by Michonne, though little does she know, he had already been bludgeoned to death by the latter and reanimated (Determinant). Norma states that she is likewise holding Michonne's friends captive, excluding Pete (Determinant), and offers a trade, which Michonne has no choice but to except. The pair agree to make the exchange at the Fairbanks' residence and from what can be heard over the majority of the rest of the episode the rest of the surviving colonists from Monroe's destruction are focusing on transporting their captives towards the estate alongside Norma.

After the trade goes sower, either from Michonne ordering Paige to try and kill Norma, Norma realising that she has been tricked and once she uncovers her zombified brother, or by Randall immediately trying to attack Michonne once he is turned over and cut free, resulting in the Michonne/Sam shooting him in self-defence, a firefight breaks out. Michonne's group retreats back inside their walls, so Norma orders her fellow colonists to siege the estate and kill everyone inside. As the colonists begin to bust open the estates gates, Michonne's allies take up defensive positions around the property. In the ensuing battle Janey is killed by Michonne herself and several other unnamed colonists are also seen to die, either shot by members of Michonne's group or devoured by the pack of walkers which have begun to pour in from behind after being drawn by the gunfire and shouting.

Michonne is briefly stunned by a shotgun blast barely missing her and Norma takes the opportunity to try and finish her off herself, only to be struck on the head with a branch by Zachery in an act of betrayal and stunned (Determinant), although she quickly recovers and shoots him in the head, killing him instantly.

Although certain members such as Rich are never see to be killed on screen, it can be assumed pretty much all of the remaining colonists were overrun and killed by walkers as they are no alive members are seen after Michonne escapes the burning house.



Killed Victims

This list shows the victims the Monroe Colonists have killed:


  • Zachary - Shot in the head by Samantha Fairbanks or Norma.
  • Joe - Strangled by Michonne. (Determinant)
  • Cam - Crushed by a tower.
  • Randall - Head bashed in by Michonne. (Alive - Determinant) Shot in the head by Samantha, Norma, or Michonne (Alive or Zombified)
  • Gabby - Shot in the head by Pete. (Determinant)
  • Jonas - Shot in the head by Pete. (Determinant)
  • Janey - Shot in the head by Michonne.
  • Norma - Devoured by walkers or shot in the head by Michonne.
  • 7 unnamed members
  • 5 more unnamed members (Determinant)


  • As a group, the Monroe Colonists are known to be directly responsible for the second largest amount of survivor killings in the video games behind the New Frontier.


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