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Montmartre Rooftop Community is a location in France that appears in AMC's The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.


Nothing is known of this location before the outbreak.


Season 1[]

"Paris Sera Toujours Paris"[]

Montmartre Rooftop Community will appear in this episode.

"La Dame de Fer"[]

Montmartre Rooftop Community will appear in this episode.


  • Fallou Boukar (Leader)
  • Emile
  • Bastien
  • Nadine
  • Sonia
  • Zizou (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Yogi (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Jay (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Trez (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Coco (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Charlie (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Pinpin (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Pika (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Cleo (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Bart (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Taz (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Paco (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Henri (Messenger Pigeon)
  • Antoine (Bird Keeper)
  • Gate Guard
  • Sonia's Husband
  • 58 unnamed people


  • Sonia's Husband
  • Gate Guard
  • At least 3 unnamed people


Daryl Dixon[]

Season 1[]


  • Despite Fallou stating the settlement's population is 64 people, there are at least 70 people seen living at the settlement in "Paris Sera Toujours Paris", including credited and background characters. Some of these may be just be visitors/transient survivors.