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Morgan's Group's Plane is a twin-engine cargo plane used by Morgan's Group.


Nothing is known of the plane's history before the outbreak.


Season 5

After receiving a distress call from Logan, Morgan's Group manages to get their hands on this plane due to the roads leading into the area around the Big Barn Truck Stop being too jammed to drive through. Al and Victor Strand are sent to pilot the plane, but Strand has to get out at the last minute and clear the runway of walkers. However, Strand doesn't reboard the plane even though he has time to because he's too afraid to commit to the mission.

"Here to Help"

As Dylan and Max hunt a deer, the plane flies overhead, smoke trailing from one engine. The plane crashes on its side in a field nearby, drawing a herd of walkers. Luciana ends up impaled on a piece of rebar and has to be cut loose while the Morgan Jones and Alicia Clark fight off the herd, Alicia using one of the plane's propeller blades as a weapon. During the fight, Al is attacked by a strange walker and, unable to put it down, impales the walker on the plane's detached landing gear. Eventually, Luciana is cut free and the group manages to escape the crash site thanks to Annie arriving in a Camp Cackleberry van.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

After learning that Morgan's group fought walkers in the field, Grace Mukherjee leads them back to the crash site to make sure none of the walkers are radioactive. One of the plane's propellers continues spinning slightly in the wind while Grace, Morgan and Alicia are present.


After the engines of Daniel Salazar's plane are destroyed by taking out a herd, Dylan suggests to Luciana that they repair the group's plane like the protagonist of The Little Prince did with his plane.

"The Little Prince"

The plane's parts are transported from the crash site to the Big Barn Truck Stop where Morgan's group and Annie's group work together on rebuilding the plane. However, the propellers prove to be beyond their ability to repair, leaving the plane useless. Sarah, Wendell, Charlie and Victor Strand realize that if they can get the propellers from Daniel Salazar's plane to the others, they could use that to finish repairing the plane.

After seeing an old advertisement for Augie's Ale, Charlie comes up with the idea of using Jim Brauer's old hot air balloon to transport the propellers while Sarah and Wendell stay behind to clear a runway. However, as Strand and Charlie approach the area, the balloon runs out of fuel and crashes in a field in the radioactive zone while Grace warns the group that they must finish the plane soon as a second meltdown at the power plant is imminent.

"Still Standing"

Morgan manages to rescue Strand and Charlie and sends them back to the truck stop with the propellers. However, it is discovered that the plane had gotten a hole in the fuel tank while being moved and all of the aviation fuel has drained out. Remembering CRM's Fuel Drop, Al returns to it with June and manages to retrieve just enough fuel to get the plane back over the mountains.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

The plane is moved via tow truck to a roadway that has been cleared of debris while Sarah, Wendell and Daniel Salazar prepare a runway at Jiro's Skyjump Dojo using Christmas lights from Daniel's Warehouse. Shortly thereafter, the second power plant meltdown occurs, leaving Morgan's group and Annie's group with little time to escape and, eventually, with the wind blowing the radioactive cloud towards them.

After crashing Grace's truck trying to lead a herd away, Morgan, Alicia and Grace arrive, but Dwight and John Dorie fail to arrive in time. With the wind blowing the radioactive cloud towards them and the herd approaching, the group is nearly forced to leave them behind before Dwight and John arrive at the last possible minute. As the plane takes off, John and Morgan are forced to put down a couple of walkers that manage to grab onto the cargo netting and the plane narrowly avoids the cloud, safely escaping the area and the meltdown. On the flight back across the mountains, Grace breaks Morgan's staff in half and tosses the contaminated part out of the plane while June accepts John's marriage proposal.

By the time the plane arrives at the airfield, night has fallen and the plane runs out of fuel. A walker attack disconnects the Christmas lights, leaving Strand and Al with nothing to see by as they come in for a landing. Just in the nick of time, Wendell manages to plug the lights back in and Strand and Al bring the plane to a safe, but bumpy landing.

As the group reunites and celebrates, Morgan receives a call from another survivor who saw the plane fly overhead. Having heard Morgan's group's message, she didn't believe it until she saw the plane which proved that they really were trying to help people.

"Channel 4"

In Al's video the plane is shown parked on the runway at Jiro's Skyjump Dojo. It's mentioned that seeing Morgan's Group flying the plane overhead caused a lot of people to start believing that they were telling the truth about trying to help people.


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