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Morgan's hideout is a location seen in Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is located in King County, Georgia and first seen in "Clear", when Rick, Carl, and Michonne went there to retrieve supplies for their impending battle against Woodbury.


King County, Georgia

Nothing is known about this location before the apocalypse.

Post Apocalypse

Season 3


Rick, Carl, and Michonne reach a street filled with booby traps and watch as a walker tangles itself in wire. A masked man shoots the walker from a nearby rooftop then orders Rick and the others to drop their guns. Rick returns fire and a shootout ensues. As the man approaches Rick on the street, Carl pops out of a storefront and shoots him. The man, wearing body armor, falls unconscious: It's Morgan.

Rick and Michonne carry Morgan into his apartment and lay him down on a cot. The room is fully stocked with weapons presumably collected from the police station and surrounding areas. Michonne and Carl begin packing up the guns as Rick searches the room. He starts to read writings scrawled all over the wall. Rick then finds a walkie talkie, and remembers that it was the same walkie-talkie that he had given Morgan to contact him every morning at dawn. This brings him back to his intentions during that time, to find his wife and son. Rick gets reminded of Lori, and looks down in pain. When he lifts his head back up, he finds a more significant writing on the wall: "DUANE TURNED". It is then that Rick refuses to leave until Morgan wakes up.

In an adjacent room, Carl studies a hand-drawn map of the town. Morgan has scrawled the words "Burnt out" over Rick's house. Carl declares that he's going to fetch a crib from a nearby baby store. Rick allows him to go on the condition that Michonne accompanies him, which Carl does not like.

Rick finds the gun that he had given Morgan, a rifle Morgan used to take out walkers from upstairs of his home. "I'm sorry for what you've been through," Rick says to him. Then Morgan wakes up and quietly pulls a knife stashed underneath the cot. Rick hears a bullet casing fall, and realizes that Morgan is awake. Morgan lunges at Rick and Rick defends himself by whipping Morgan with the butt of his rifle. The two struggle, as Morgan pins Rick down. "You saved my life, Morgan, you know me!" Rick screams. "I don't know anyone anymore!" Morgan says, stabbing Rick in the shoulder. Rick throws Morgan off and points his gun at Morgan, who begs for him to shoot him.

Rick jogs Morgan's memory recalling the walkie-talkies they used to try to communicate with each other. Morgan says he tried to reach Rick, but Rick was never there.

"We kept getting pushed back deeper into the country," Rick explains. "I swear to God I didn't have a choice." Morgan recalls how Rick gave him the rifle for him to kill his undead wife. However, he was unable to kill his wife because he was too "weak". Later, Morgan ordered Duane to stay put as he searched a cellar. When he came back, he saw Jenny, his own wife, in the doorway. She was confronted by Duane, who raised his gun, but he was unable to kill her, similar to Morgan. Morgan called for Duane, and he snapped his attention to his father as Jenny came down on him. It is then Morgan decided to finally put down his wife, but it was too late. Duane was bit and succumbed to his injuries.

"The weak people," he laments, "we have inherited the earth."

Rick urges Morgan to join them at the prison. Morgan refuses, stating that the reason Rick needs all the guns must be because it's not safe at the prison and that he doesn't want to watch everyone die. "You will be torn apart by teeth or bullets," Morgan warns, telling Rick to take the guns.

Season 6

"Here's Not Here"

In a flashback, Morgan rants to himself in the apartment where Rick Grimes, Rick's son Carl, and Michonne Hawthorne found him. His lantern topples and starts a fire that destroys it.


  • Duane Jones (Possibly)
  • Riley Shoal (Possibly)
  • Zack (Possibly)
  • Eugene (Possibly)
  • Abbey (Possibly)
  • Ken (Possibly)
  • John (Possibly)
  • Neele (Possibly)
  • Possibly many unnamed people



  • Riley Shoal (Possibly, Alive)
  • Zack (Possibly, Alive)
  • Eugene (Possibly, Alive)
  • Abbey (Possibly, Alive)
  • Ken (Possibly, Alive)
  • John (Possibly, Alive)
  • Neele (Possibly, Alive)
  • Possibly many unnamed people


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