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Morgan, also known as Mo, is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead. She is the newborn daughter of Rachel and Isaac.


Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Rachel is a pregnant woman who fled the Pioneers with her husband, Isaac. They found refuge at the dried up reservoir of a dam in Texas, which hosts the remains of a village before the dam was built. The area remains hidden as it appears as a body of water on maps, successfully tricking Virginia into thinking there is nothing there. By the time Isaac and Morgan arrive at the dam with supplies, Rachel is just starting to go into labor. After the deaths of Emile LaRoux and her husband, she gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Morgan. She and her newborn daughter remain at the dam as Morgan promises to help them and bring them supplies.


Rachel is taking care of her baby when Morgan Jones arrives with supplies and food, much to Rachel's delight. However, she grows concerned when she realizes the provisions were stolen from the Pioneers, but Morgan reassures her that she and her baby will be okay.

"Things Left to Do"

Rachel and her baby are present when Morgan brings Virginia into Valley Town. While Virginia is excited to see Rachel and her newborn baby, Rachel is angry and declares that Virginia should not be there.

"USS Pennsylvania"

Morgan is briefly seen being held by Rachel as she and the rest of the group overlook the USS Pennsylvania. As Morgan leads part of the group into the submarine to stop Teddy, Rachel is sent to find a naval base to be used as shelter from the missile, taking Morgan with her.

"The Beginning"

At some point down the road, one of the tires in the truck gives out, forcing Rachel to try and replace it. While working on it, Rachel comforts a crying Morgan before witnessing the missile firing into the sky from a distance. After hearing Morgan Jones over the radio directing his group to enjoy the rest of the time they have left, Rachel leaves Morgan in the car to continue to urgently work on the tire. When the wheel drops on her leg, crushing and breaking it, Rachel puts together a splint, puts Morgan in her bag, and carries on foot down the road, with Rufus following behind. Not far down the road, Rachel trips and falls, unable to stand back up due to exhaustion and pain. Knowing that she will not make it to shelter in time, Rachel says goodbye to Morgan, before tying a rope around her waist leading to Rufus. Rachel begs Rufus to find somebody, before gagging herself to avoid biting anyone while reanimated and stabbing herself in the stomach, killing herself.

Later on, Rufus successfully finds his way back to Morgan Jones and Grace at the USS Pennsylvania, leading a reanimated Rachel with Morgan in her backpack. Right before they are about to commit suicide together, the two hear Morgan's cries from outside, hurrying out. Saddened, Morgan puts down Rachel before taking infant Morgan out of the bag and coddling her. Seeing her as an official opportunity to start a family with Grace, Morgan is happy. As a warhead goes off in the distance, Morgan rushes infant Morgan and Grace to shelter under a truck from the oncoming shockwave. As the shockwave passes, Morgan takes a look at the nearing destruction and other warheads landing in the horizon, looking worriedly at Grace but continuing to coddle infant Morgan.

Season 7

"Six Hours"

Morgan will appear in this episode.

"The Portrait"

Morgan will appear in this episode.


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