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"If any of you are listening... If any of you can hear me... What we were doing out here it was... it wasn't just about doing right. It was about the future. We... fought for the future. We made the hard call. For her. For all of us. So, Grace, if you're listening to me... live. All of you if you can hear me... just live."
—Morgan over the walkie talkie to his group after he is left to die.[src]

Morgan Jones is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, as well as a crossover character coming from The Walking Dead. He is the husband of Jenny, the father of Duane, and the last known surviving member of his family. After the war against the Saviors, he left Virginia and traveled to Texas, to get away from people and to find himself, eventually starting a new journey in his life and leaving the past behind.

He currently leads a group of survivors after succeeding Althea. After considering returning to Alexandria, Morgan finds a new purpose in his life and decides to take a new path in leading his friends to help those in need.


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Macon, Georgia

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King County

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TV Series

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Season 4

"What's Your Story?"

Morgan is first seen when John Dorie shoots a walker which is approaching him and Morgan is standing behind it.

It is revealed via flashback that Jesus, Carol, and Rick all visited Morgan at various times to convince him to stay in Virginia, but he refused. When they leave, he packs his backpack, grabs his fighting stick, and leaves.

Morgan walks down a road and hears the voices of his friends trying to convince him to stay. He stops at an intersection and ruminates through the night. In the morning, he decides to keep walking.

Eventually, he breaks into a run. Morgan hotwires an abandoned car then leaves it on the road after it runs out of fuel.

Morgan walks for days. He spots a group of people in the distance and walks the other way. He continues to head west, on foot and in a car.

Morgan finds a wounded man coughing in a car. He leaves some first aid supplies on the car seat, but the man orders him to take the supplies and leave him alone.

A couple of days later, Morgan arrives at the Texas border.

Morgan spots an infected heading toward a man in a field. He gets ready to kill the walker, but the man shoots it first. The man introduces himself as John Dorie and invites Morgan to take shelter in his car for the night. He reluctantly accepts, but sneaks out of John's car in the middle of the night.

Morgan walks down a road and peeks into an empty tent lit by a lantern, when someone knocks him unconscious.

Morgan wakes up to find a couple of thugs, Leland and Bill, holding him at gunpoint while going through his bag. John shows up and shoots at Leland but surrenders when Leland's crew surrounds and takes him captive as well.

Suddenly, Althea drives up in a SWAT vehicle to the scene. She offers Leland a case of ramen and cigarettes in exchange for the prisoners. When Leland refuses, she pulls a lever to reveal the vehicle is rigged with machine guns.

Afterwards, Althea drives with Morgan and John in the back of the vehicle. She tells them that they owe her for saving their lives. She stops at a trailer park and gets out a video camera, explaining to them that she's a journalist and wants to get their stories on record.

The next day, Althea interviews John on camera and learns about his mission to find his girlfriend, Laura, who he met after the fall. She turns the camera on Morgan. He brushes her off and leaves them.

Before he leaves, John runs after Morgan to gives him fresh socks, when suddenly they spot one of Leland's cars parked nearby.

Leland's crew surrounds Morgan, John and Althea. Leland demands the keys to Althea's truck. Morgan and John fight off their captors.

Morgan charges at a rooftop sniper and gets shot in the leg. Morgan fights the sniper with his stick. His foe dangles from the roof as Infected snap at him below. Morgan saves him, but the shooter tackles him. They fall through the roof and land on the floor, where the Infected devour the sniper. Morgan finds a grenade and pulls the pin, then takes cover in a bathtub. The grenade explodes. Morgan limps out of the trailer.

After the fight is over, Morgan, John and Althea get back on the road. Althea informs them that white numbered flags have been appearing in the area over the past few weeks. Althea points out that Morgan still owes her an interview.

Althea interviews Morgan on the side of the road. Morgan reveals that he came from Atlanta and used to belong to several settlements. He explains that his people battled a large group and won. When Althea asks why he left his group, Morgan gets up to go. Althea demands an answer. "I lose people and then I lose myself," he says, then walks off.

Morgan hobbles down the road. He recognizes an abandoned car then sees an infected man walking up ahead. He starts to walk after the man but trips while trying to escape two Infected. John shows up and stabs the Infected.

John helps Morgan catch up to the infected man. Morgan sees that it is the wounded man who he tried to help earlier. He kills the man and then buries him in the woods as Althea and John watch from afar.

Back in the truck, Morgan insists that he is only traveling with John and Althea until his leg heals. John explains that they are setting out to find Laura and in exchange for the help, he'll tell Althea more of his story.

Althea sees a woman crawling on the road. She pulls over and walks up to help the woman: It's Alicia, alive and well, and clearly hardened by survival. Suddenly, Alicia points a sharp weapon at Althea's neck. Nick, Strand and Luciana emerge from the bushes and hold Morgan, John and Althea at gunpoint.

"Another Day in the Diamond"

Morgan, John, and Althea are held at gunpoint by Alicia, Strand, Luciana, and Nick. Alicia asks Althea if they are their enemies, and Strand names their foes as the Vultures. Morgan insists that they are not their enemies, and Alicia asks Althea about the flag in the back of her truck. Althea says that she found it, and Alicia tells her to take them to its original location.

"Good Out Here"

Morgan, John and Althea are held prisoner in the SWAT truck by Nick and his group. Al reveals that she only gave them partial directions to the location with the numbered flag. She agrees to provide the rest of the directions on the condition that they tell her their stories. She escapes from her bonds and attacks Nick, causing him to jostle Luciana in the driver's seat. Luciana swerves off the road and crashes. The noise attracts a herd of Infected towards the truck.

Morgan, John and Althea now hold Luciana, Alicia, Nick and Strand captives. They unsuccessfully try to extract the SWAT truck from the mud. Luciana offers to locate a tow truck but demands that she, Alicia, Nick and Strand be released. Althea cuts their bonds but holds Nick hostage. Morgan offers to stay with Nick while the others find the tow truck. Morgan reads "The Art of Peace" and cuts Nick loose. Nick asks how Morgan plans to defend himself if attacked. Morgan demonstrates his fighting skills by casually knocking Nick to the ground with his stick.

Morgan walks up to the road and orders Nick to stay near the truck. Morgan sees a blue El Camino speeding toward him on the road and hides in the SWAT vehicle with Nick. Nick catches a glimpse of the blue El Camino and goes for the door. Struggles with Morgan. He beats on Morgan's wound and escapes, dodging a small pack of walkers drawn by the van's relentless horn. Morgan asks to give him his staff, but Nick bails on him and runs after the El Camino.

Morgan later saves Nick from a group of Infected attacking him. Morgan and Nick walk down a road. Nick asks why he saved him and he would have let them rip him apart back there. Morgan only responds, "I don't kill". They kill two Infected in a drug store and enter the building.

Morgan wraps his leg in a new bandage and warns Nick that his mission to kill the driver of the El Camino will not end up the way Nick thinks it will. Nick tells Morgan that he saw his video confessional and asks who Morgan lost. Morgan refuses to tell him and abruptly leaves, telling him that going after the guy that hurt him is his business.

Morgan arrives at a farm and finds Ennis loading the El Camino with food from a silo. Morgan tells him to leave, knowing Nick is after him. Nick arrives and charges at him. Morgan uses his stick to hold him off and tells him to walk away. Nick is overwhelmed with emotion and rage. He wants blood. Morgan won't let it come. Morgan is forced to step back when Nick threatens him. Morgan walks by the patch of bluebonnets then decides to turn back around.

Morgan finds Nick with bloody hands. He answers his questions that he lost his wife, his son, and his friends and losing himself. "I know where you are, Nick. Because I was there. I didn't know how to make it stop. I didn't know if I wanted it to stop. Didn't think I could ever find my way out. Then I met someone. "A man didn't have to help me, but he did. He gave me something, Nick. He told me, he showed me that all life is precious, and that helped. It still does." He gives "The Art of Peace" to Nick and tells him that all life is precious. Morgan watches Nick read "The Art of Peace" from a distance. The SWAT truck arrives. Everyone gets out.

After Nick is shot by Charlie, Morgan, John, and Althea can only stand by and watch as Nick dies of his wounds.


In the SWAT van, John chats with Morgan while driving the van. Morgan explains that he will travel alone after he has paid his respects to Nick. John promises he is gonna find Laura and he wants Morgan there when he does. Morgan, however, insists he is better on his own.

John stops the SWAT van. They come across a cache of weapons. The group wants to go after those responsible for Nick's death. Morgan and Althea are not happy about the group's deception. Strand has a map to their location.

Alicia questions whether or not Althea will drive them. John wants her to continue his search for Laura instead. Strand convinces her to come see how this ends for herself. John isn't happy about it. Morgan questions if they're planning on burying Nick. They will, in the hole where their weapons were stashed.

John finds the Colt in the backpack and realizes that Naomi is Laura. Alicia tells him that Laura died at the stadium. Al promises to find out what happened to Laura and report back to John. Morgan stays behind with John as everyone leaves in the van.


Morgan is seen at the end of the episode, sitting besides John after he finishes telling his story and assures him that Naomi loved him. Morgan believes there is a chance at starting over, besides just killing and revenge. John thinks he might believe what Alicia and Strand do but Morgan questions him and he admits it's wrong. "We're alive," Morgan says. "We are part of the world. Let's not waste another second". John holsters Naomi's pistol and walks down the road with Morgan.

"Just in Case"

Morgan and John corner a Vulture named Edgar, threaten to shoot him unless he cooperates. John blasts Edgar's finger off when Edgar tries to bolt. Morgan and John start interrogating the man.

John finds a map similar to ones the Vultures carry. John begins interrogating the man intensely about Naomi, pointing the gun at his head. He insists he doesn't know anything. Morgan gets the man freed and tells him to warn his people that Alicia's group is headed there to kill them. John hands over his guns, thinking it's best for Morgan to hold them. John wants to find the men and learn more about how Naomi died.

Morgan and John catch up to Alicia's group and get out of the van. Alicia's group forces them to their knees. John asks Althea for help, but she simply spectates. Morgan explains the Vultures are not coming. He found them and told them to stay away. Morgan tries to explain that they don't have to do this and he should've explained it to Nick. He claims what they're doing will only make things worse.

Melvin and his Vultures arrive in their vehicles and face off with Alicia's group. Morgan stands between everyone. "It doesn't have to go this way," he tries. Mel and Alicia insist it does have to go this way. From the group's back side, the Land Rover arrives, and Naomi emerges. John is shocked to see her. Alicia is infuriated by Naomi being alive with the Vultures and turns, firing her gun. She accidentally shoots John, Morgan rushes to him, and Naomi kneels beside him.

"The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now"

During the shootout between Alicia's group and the Vultures, Morgan runs over to help Naomi while she gets medical supplies from an ambulance, but Alicia blows up the ambulance with a grenade launcher then strides up to Naomi and accuses her of betraying their trust. Naomi escapes and runs back to John's side. She tells Morgan that she knows where to find more medical supplies.

Morgan urges Althea to stop filming and help save John's life, but she refuses. Morgan, however, insists she help him as John continues to bleed out. She pulls the truck up to John and shows her guns, prompting Alicia to surrender. Morgan helps Naomi carry John inside the vehicle and urges Charlie to board if she wants to live. Charlie joins him. Alicia, Strand and Luciana fire at the truck as it leaves.

In the SWAT truck, Morgan points out that John doesn't have much time. Charlie notices Morgan as Nick's friend and she asks Morgan why he saved her even after she killed Nick. Morgan says the fighting needs to stop. In the back, Naomi pleads with John to stay with her. "He's been looking for you," Morgan tells her. "He has all this time. He never gave up". Naomi responds, "Try to protect someone, I guess you wind up hurting them".

Morgan and Althea's group arrives at Dell Diamond Baseball Stadium in the SWAT vehicle. Naomi explains that the Vultures never looted the stadium infirmary because even Ennis didn't dare go inside after the stadium fell.

Morgan tells Althea that he knows who she is, but Althea cuts him off and insists he is wrong. Althea plows through the stadium gates. As the dust clears, Morgan, Althea and Naomi see that the stadium is filled with charred Infected. The Infected swarm around the SWAT vehicle.

"No One's Gone"

Morgan appears in the SWAT vehicle, asking Althea to clear a path to where the medical supplies are. She complies, and clears a path with her vehicle's machine guns. Morgan is joined by Naomi, who convinces him that she needs to go with him. The two make it inside the stadium building.

Later, they make it into the the medical room after fighting off walkers and head back to the vehicle. From there, Althea, who is being threatened by Alicia, signals Morgan on the walkie-talkie that it is safe to come out when it isn't, but John secretly is able to allow them to listen in on Alicia and what she has planned.

Later, as Morgan is trying to clear debris to get out, Alicia comes and holds him and Naomi at gunpoint, but he stands in front of the gun to protect Naomi. He manages to convince Alicia that there is still hope for her as she breaks down in tears, and he comforts her.

Finally, Morgan and the rest of the group, who have made peace with each other, are out in an empty field, where Alicia, Victor, and Luciana reveal the fate of Madison. It is told that while the stadium falls, Madison leads the majority of the walkers into the stadium before setting them on fire with a flare, as they are all covered in oil. As the three finish recounting their story, Morgan begins to eat Kimchi.

"People Like Us"

Morgan is shown killing walkers and taking supplies from them. Then, he lays out his supplies in a tent to look through what he has collected. He radios Althea and begins talking about where he came from and she mocks him and the memory of Ezekiel with his tiger, asking if he's gonna tell her the rest of his story, but Morgan refuses and declares he's heading back to Virginia and wants her to drive him, so he can show her.

Later, he tells John and June his plans and suggests they all join him, but John claims he's still recovering from his wounds and can't come with him and John wants to take everyone to his cabin when he's feeling better. Morgan says he's already made up his mind and he's leaving tomorrow, but he will try to pass by before to say goodbye and he hopes John change his mind.

Elsewhere, Morgan approaches a house powered by solar powers. A walker approaches and Strand misses it from the window with a silenced pistol. Morgan kills it as a drunk Strand invites him. Morgan wants him and a depressed Luciana to accompany him back to Virginia. They scoff and say their apocalypse road trip days are over. Morgan asks about Alicia and they reveal she's been living outside of the house in the garden for the past week.

Morgan investigates and finds ominous notes that read "Help". He finally locates her by a gate killing walkers and he asks about the notes. She says she didn't write them but someone has been planting them on the walkers. Morgan asks her to join him on his trip, but Alicia says she wants to stay to help whoever's writing those notes. Alicia tells Morgan she has a lead on where the note-writer could be staying in.

In the woods, Morgan and Alicia discuss the people from Alexandria. Morgan wants her to come with him and insists that the people there are still alive because they are strong. He mentions his friend, Rick, telling him he would find people again and how he wanted to prove Rick wrong. "I just want to look him in the eyes and tell him he was right," Morgan says. "I think he deserves to know, because he was". Suddenly, a walker appears with a “help” note nailed to its face and Alicia kills it, urging Morgan they need to hurry.

Morgan and Alicia arrive at the construction site and find another note. They cautiously investigate inside one of the farms, where they find a dozen or so walkers outside of a room. Morgan leads them outside so Alicia can dump logs from a crane on them.

She rushes inside to help the person in need, but it has turned. She lunges at the walker in disbelief and Morgan kills it. He tells her he's been like that for days and there's nothing she could have done. Devastated, Alicia says that Madison would have saved him, They both decide they have a lot to make up for. Morgan asks why Alicia is isolating herself and suggests that Strand and Luciana need her like Madison was. She claps back why Morgan is leaving when he could be there for them, too.

Suddenly, the hurricane from the beginning hits, prompting Alicia to leave Morgan behind and to head off on her own.

"The Code"

Morgan looks for Alicia in the storm to no avail. Suddenly, he comes across a semi-truck on the road. Morgan takes refuge inside the truck and discovers boxes filled with supplies and reads the note, "Take what you need, leave what you don't. See you further on up the road". He takes water and a protein bar and sleeps in the truck.

Next morning, Morgan wakes up to the sound of a walker outside the truck. He cracks open the door and kills it as it tries to climb inside. He steps outside and finds himself at a truck stop in Mississippi, realizing he's no longer in Texas.

Morgan enters the truck stop mini-mart and hears a woman's voice on a radio transmitter. Morgan responds and says that he accidentally hitched a ride in one of the woman's trucks and ended up at a Mississippi truck stop. She instructs him to take what he needs and leave what he doesn't.

Morgan looks for supplies and takes a walkie-talkie from a shelf. He maps out a route to Virginia. Morgan sits on a toilet at the truck stop bathroom. He hears the click of a shotgun as a man orders him to get out of the stall. Morgan opens the bathroom stall and sees a man in a wheelchair with a shotgun aimed at him. The man, whose name is Wendell, asks Morgan what's in his bag.

Back in the mini-mart, Morgan explains to Wendell that a woman on the radio instructed him to take whatever supplies he needed. Sarah Rabinowitz, Wendell's adoptive sister, joins them in the store. Sarah shows Morgan several trucks filled with supplies and explains that she and Wendell delivered supplies before the fall and kept it up. Morgan explains that he's on his way to a community in Virginia that is trying to rebuild. Wendell tells Morgan that they are 400 miles from Morgan's original location. Morgan worries about the friends he left behind and vows to find them.

Wendall insists he saved Morgan from the hurricane and got him 40 miles closer to the hurricane. They insist Morgan's people from Texas are gone. As Morgan heads off, they help him with directions. They do good because they have a code. "We got a code and we keepin' it alive," Wendall says. "You gotta help people when they need that help and then you gotta keep yo' truck movin'... Keep on truckin'."

Morgan packs supplies into a car to drive back to Texas. Wendell informs him of a bridge that likely remained intact during the storm. Morgan arrives at a fallen tree in the road, forcing him to abandon the car. Morgan passes a 154-mile marker. At the base of the mile marker is a box filled with supplies, accompanied by the familiar "take what you need" note.

Morgan starts to cross the bridge that Wendell mentioned. Morgan eventually hears voices and turns around, wrestling with the idea of whether or not he should continue and which way to go. He radios back to Sarah and asks if they really know which roads are clear. He lies and says the bridge is out, heading back to them instead of Texas.

Morgan contacts Sarah and Wendell upon returning to the truck stop. Sarah gives him a meet-up location. On his way to the meeting spot, Morgan rescues a man, Jim, who is fleeing from walkers with a hood on his head. Jim explains that some people had kidnapped him for his beer recipes.

Back on the road, Jim tells Morgan that he brews beer and intends to keep brewing beer once the world is rebuilt. Morgan invites Jim to join his community in Virginia, which Jim happily accepts. Morgan arrives at the meeting spot and radios Sarah. Jim recognizes Sarah as his kidnapper and tries to flee, but Wendell appears and holds them at gunpoint.

Morgan and Jim sit in the back of the truck with their hands tied. Sarah explains that they captured the driver while he was leaving boxes at mile markers, then abandoned him on the side of the road. They ask for the location of Morgan's community in Virginia, but Morgan remains silent. Wendell and Sarah decide to start driving in the hopes Morgan will change his mind en route. On the road, Jim begs Morgan to share the location of his community so that he can start making beer again. Morgan refuses. The truck comes to a crashing halt.

Sarah informs Morgan and Jim that their load is too heavy to navigate the cracked asphalt. Sarah unloads supplies from the back of the truck and cuts Jim's bonds after he negotiates a deal. Sarah orders them back in the truck when a herd appears. Jim accidentally knocks Morgan into the herd's path. Morgan jumps on top of a car. The herd immediately swarm him. Sarah offers to help if he discloses the location of his community. Once he gives her the directions, however, she abandons him. She also reveals that she knows the bridge was not out.

Morgan remains on top of the car hands tied behind his back. radios Sarah and implores her to return so that he can help his friends in Texas. He gets no response. He leaps over the heads of the walkers, grabs a knife from a supply box and cuts himself free. He kills the walkers with the knife and a mile-marker pole.

Morgan walks along the road and runs into Sarah and Wendell in the truck. They confront him about providing false directions. Morgan agrees to take them to his community if they pick up his friends in Texas, while making some stops along the way to leave some boxes full of provisions as the original truck owner was doing. Morgan, Sarah, Wendell and Jim drive towards Texas and deposit supply boxes at various mile markers. Morgan radios the Mississippi truck stop to alert the listener that they are returning the stolen truck.


Morgan is seen when Sarah and Wendell find a sign indicating they are 76 miles from Houston. He makes Sarah and Wendell stop the truck so he can radio his friends. Morgan uses the radio to tell everyone that he is coming with help, but no one answers. Later, Morgan hears June over the radio, so he walks off to try to find a better signal.

Morgan unknowingly comes across Martha, the woman that radioed him back in Mississippi, and tells her she can take what she needs from his box. She ominously warns Morgan to "be careful". He continues on, leaving her behind. Morgan climbs a water tower to communicate his location with a stronger signal, and Althea and June miraculously hear him. Their walkie dies but June says they have the gas to make it to his location. At their stop, Wendell tries to convince Morgan to hit the road.

At night, Sarah prepares to drive off until June and Althea drive up behind them. They finally reunite and Morgan tells June he still hasn't found the others. Morgan introduces Wendell, Sarah and Jim to June and Althea. Morgan offers them water from the "take what you need" box while June takes Morgan's walkie to radio the man from before.

At the truck, Morgan talks with Althea about her health. He still plans to go to Alexandria and she is welcome to join. She tells him that when she stays with people, she stays, but plans to leave once she gets her story. She asks about the guy whose truck this is. He doesn't know much other than the fact that they kept the roads clear, have power, and have water.


At night, Morgan and Althea are willing to help June find Quinn when she fails to contact him, but Sarah and the others are looking forward to moving on. When Martha radios June, telling her Quinn is dead, Morgan recognizes the voice and radios her. Martha asks, "Is that you, Morgan?" and then tells him she knows a lot about him. She warns him to stop leaving those boxes on the road because it will make him weak. "I know who you are, I know what you're really capable of," she says ominously.

On the road, Morgan buries a walker while Jim questions why. Morgan decides he wants to find the woman responsible. The next day, Morgan decides that they need to find the rest while Sarah and Jim question him on what the woman meant when she said she knew what he was capable of. He says he has things to make up for and to trust him or he'll take their truck. When they challenge him again, Morgan hits Sarah's knife out of her hand with a shovel, and they agree to follow him.

As the truck keeps making quick stops, Morgan plants more boxes to try to help people. Sarah and Jim question if they should keep leaving boxes on the side of the road knowing that it could get someone killed, but Morgan insists it's worth it. This time, he instructs people to radio him on VHF channel 4. June is hopeful John will see one of these. Morgan is confident they'll find him and everyone else.

On the road, Morgan and the rest pick up Luciana and continue on their way. Luciana gives Morgan Clayton's journals, which have locations on several stashes of supplies, and tells him that Clayton would be proud. Suddenly, they are contacted by Charlie and Alicia on the radio. Alicia tells them she found the channel from the box. Morgan tells her to wait at the mile marker and that they are gonna pick them, when suddenly, Martha radios both of them and warns Morgan of not taking her advice to stop leaving the boxes.

Morgan tells her he'll continue to find the people they're looking for until they find and help her. Sarah spots Althea's SWAT truck appear behind them. Panicked, Morgan radios Martha to ask what she's doing and she tells him, "You lose people... You lose yourself". Morgan tells the group to get down just as the woman pulls the truck beside them, opens the gun hatch and opens fire.

"MM 54"

Morgan and the others slowly recover after the gunfire stops. Morgan notices leaking fuel and says they need to get out of the truck immediately.

Morgan, Althea, June and Luciana get out of the truck. Althea goes after Martha with a knife, but falls back as Martha emerges from the back and releases a zombified Quinn onto June.

Wendell shoots Martha in the chest and Morgan puts down Quinn before June can get bitten, when suddenly, the truck explodes and attracts a herd from the woods. Morgan is devastated to lose the supplies. Martha smiles and drives off in the SWAT truck as the group flees.

Morgan and the others walk along the road with the herd in pursuit. June insists on checking everyone's injuries from the shootout. Morgan spots a sign for a hospital. Jim questions Morgan's leadership and refuses to go to the hospital with the group, but Morgan insists they won't ever get ahead of them. He changes his mind, however, when he sees the herd getting closer.

At the hospital, Morgan guards the entrance, which he's barricaded with furniture. June updates him on everyone's condition and assures Morgan that he made the right call in taking them to the hospital.

A while later, Jim thanks Morgan for saving him before when the walkers suddenly break through the barricade. They flee and Morgan alerts the rest of the group that the herd is inside the hospital. He suggests they head upstairs. Morgan leads the group onto a floor that is clear of walkers. They barricade the stairwell entrance. Morgan suggests they secure the other stairwells.

They find a stairway blocked off and filled with walkers. Morgan reports via walkie that a roof caved in on another stairwell. Luciana informs the group via walkie that the barricade won't hold much longer. Morgan suggests they take the elevator to the roof. Althea and Sarah look for generators to start up the elevator. Suddenly, some walkers attack Morgan and Jim. After some difficulty, Jim manages to kill a walker with a surgical tool.

Morgan and the rest flee from the doors. Everyone meets up at the elevators and they hop in as the walkers crowd the closing door. On the roof, Morgan sees that there are no walkers. He only sees a devastated and destroyed Austin.

June checks Jim's injuries and realizes he has been bitten on the back. Jim reels from the news. June asks Morgan what is next. He laughs, unsure of what to do next. She, however, is confident that he will figure it out.

"I Lose People..."

While the group is trapped on the roof, June assures Morgan that they'll find a way off somehow. Morgan asks Jim to help them rescue Althea, but he declines and blames Morgan for his predicament and pisses off the roof on the walkers.

Morgan and the group, except for Jim, venture back into the hospital to locate Althea. Instead, they find Althea's note telling them she's going to try to escape, along with instructions on protecting her tapes if she dies. Morgan leaves to find her while June and the rest stay behind.

Back on the roof, Morgan tells the rest that he'll find a way to distract the walkers below to let the rest escape and tells Jim they have work to do. Suddenly, Morgan is radioed by John to give him the all-clear on speaking freely on the walkies and June responds immediately. They're both elated to talk to one another. June gives him her location and he says they're on their way.

Morgan tosses a walker off the ledge an onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the hospital entrance. "Momo's a goddamn genius," Sarah beams as she and the rest escape into the ambulance. June radios Morgan to follow them, but he tells her to go without him and stays on the roof with Jim.

After a while, June radios Morgan again, this time she's with John and the others in the SWAT truck. Alicia and the others chime in on the radio, telling him they're going to save him. Morgan looks down and sees their plan: a fire truck.

Sarah operates the fire truck's crane but is short by a couple of stories. Morgan finds a rope, wraps it around a pipe, and lowers it down. He tells Jim to come with him but he says there's no point since he's going to die from the bite. Morgan tosses his stick down and gingerly begins climbing down the building. He makes it and is immediately attacked by a walker. John skillfully shoots the walker from below and Morgan successfully jumps onto the firetruck's crane. As he's lowered down he nods one last time to Jim.

As the group gets surrounded by walkers, Jim decides to sacrifice himself to save them. Before he does, he radios Sarah the recipe for his beer. She writes it down, Jim takes a deep breath, and throws himself off the ledge and onto a car, attracting the walkers away from the fire truck.

On the road, Sarah decides they should name the beer "Jimbo's Beerbos" in his memory. Morgan proposes they find Althea and then travel to Alexandria together.

"... I Lose Myself"

After the group finds Althea, Morgan watches a tape of Martha on her camera. In the video, Martha tells Morgan that she's disappointed in him and vows to make him strong when she sees him again.

At night, the group sits around a campfire and Morgan describes his plan to pick up more boxes at the truck stop to distribute them en route to Alexandria. Later, John confronts Morgan about still wanting to save Martha and tells him to move on, "I understand her... I used to be her," Morgan counters before handing John a map to Alexandria and promising to meet them there.

John tells Morgan they will wait for him at the truck stop and come looking for him after two days. Morgan heads out on his own and radios Martha to meet up. She tells him she's at Mile Marker 54.

The next day, Morgan arrives at Mile Marker 54. He finds a zombified Jim inside a police car and puts him down. He sees Martha lying injured by her husband's grave and walks up to her, insisting on helping. "Not yet," she snarls. Morgan drags her into the police car and starts driving.

On the road, Martha bangs her feet in protest. Morgan offers medicine, but she refuses. Morgan tells John via walkie that he is bringing Martha back to the truck stop, but loses contact.

After a while, Martha tells Morgan about her husband Hank and how she was unable to help him. Suddenly, June radios Morgan to tell him they're all getting sick and to rush back. Martha asks Morgan for the medicine. As Morgan hands it to her, she grabs his arm and attacks him, causing them to crash. She pulls him out of the car and marks, "I lose people... I lose myself" in sharpie on his face. Morgan wakes up with a leg injury and Martha reveals she has been bitten a while ago and taunts him, saying he must either kill her or she will kill him.

June radios Morgan and tells him that Martha poisoned the water. Martha confesses to putting anti-freeze in the water and tells Morgan all his friends will die. Morgan suddenly loses it and starts choking her in anger before seeing himself in the mirror and stop. He handcuffs Martha to the car, so she won't kill anyone else after she turns, and hobbles away.

After walking for a while, Morgan finds an abandoned car on the road and drives off. However, he keeps walking after his car runs out of gas.

Morgan tries the radio again and finally is able to communicate with Al. Morgan tells them it's anti-freeze. June tells them the antidote is ethanol and the group hatches a plan to get it from one of the trucks outside.

After the plan fails, June updates Morgan on their problem and he tells them he can't lose them. John encourages him and says he's strong with or without them. The radio dies as a group of walkers approach him. Morgan injures himself taking them out and lays on the ground feeling defeated.

Back on the truck stop, Althea makes a tape of herself and says that whoever finds the tapes to keep them safe. Suddenly, Morgan shows up and reveals that he brought a truck of Jim's Augie's Ale, saving the day. The group drinks the beer and suddenly regain their strength. In the bathroom, Morgan takes a hard look at himself before wiping the marker on his forehead away.

Later, Morgan brings the group back to the place he left Martha. He finds her severed arm attached to the police car and sees her turned, walking on the road. He stabs her in the head and then buries her.

Wendell asks if they're still going to Alexandria and Morgan says he's no longer going there. He says that Martha became the person she was because nobody helped her when she needed it and that more people need help.

The group arrives at Clayton's supply factory and Morgan says they should follow his path and help others. Alicia says it can't just be about boxes, they need to build something like Madison would want. Althea suggests they can start with the people she interviewed.

Shortly after, Morgan and the group mobilizes a convoy of vehicles outside the factory. They load up on ammo and head out. Morgan gets on his walkie and broadcasts that they are coming to help anyone who might be in need.

Season 5

Four months after using the denim factory as a headquarters to distribute the supply boxes, Morgan and the group have had poor luck in finding or recruiting other survivors, with many of the people interviewed on Althea's tapes dead or missing.

"Here to Help"

Morgan and the group flies on a plane after hearing a message on radio from someone named Logan. However, the plane crashes in the middle of the woods on an unknown territory. Inside the plane, Morgan wakes up strapped into his seat and wrestles with a walker. John helps him and leaves to find June.

Morgan meets Dylan and Max and tells them they got there after hearing a message on radio from someone named Logan and asks Dylan to help him save Luciana, who's pinned by a pole, while he kills walkers outside. Outside, Morgan stops Alicia from killing walkers and says she needs to treat her hands, which are severely cut. Suddenly, he gets a radio message from Logan and tells him they're on their way. He then helps Alicia kills walkers around the crash site to give the rest more time to free Luciana. Then they place her on a stretcher and Althea hands Alicia her weapon.

Alicia takes the lead but a truck rushes in with Annie driving. Max says it's their sister so they all pack in the van and leave. On the road, Annie says walkers are the least of their problems. "You have no idea where you landed, do you?" She asks them mysteriously and says she stays away from this area but got stuck there recently. Morgan says they're trying to help a man they met on the radio named Logan, who claims his place got surrounded. Annie stops the van and says the place is worse than it seems.

They arrive at a gate comprised of walkers chained together with their own intestines. The tree above them has walker heads hanging from the branches. Annie says they're all over the area and she refuses to drive through. Morgan says they'll walk and Annie reminds him he doesn't even know this guy, but Morgan still wants to try. Annie warns he better be worth it as Alicia cuts down the fence and they ride on through.

Later, the group arrives at a truck stop to look for Logan but find the place empty. They carry Luciana inside as John and Al inspect the place. Morgan tries to reach Logan on the radio to no avail. Alicia reports that no one's here and that something must be up. Annie gets spooked and tells her brothers they need to leave now. Alicia tries to calm them down but Max points his rifle at her and warns them to leave soon. The kids leave as June pulls the pole out of Luciana's shoulder.

A while later, Morgan gets a radio call from Logan. He says he is the "L" in "C&L" which is the logo on all of the trucking equipment. He admits he never shared Clayton's world view and he made them fly to the furthest truck stop he knew of so they could take over without a fight. Alicia reminds him they crashed a plane to help him and Logan says he is just trying to reclaim what's his instead of hurting them. He cuts off communication and walks away.

That night, Al tells Morgan they need to return to the plane to investigate something and he promises they will go in the morning. Outside, Alicia kills walkers to get out her frustration until Morgan stops her. She reminds him they could have died today and that Luciana almost did. "We can't make up for the past if we're dead," she says before telling him her mother did so much to make sure they were still standing. Morgan promises he’s not done helping people and will try to find the kids again. "The things that we have done, the things that I have done, it should be hard. Maybe that's how we know we're on the right track," he says. Alicia claims that it shouldn't be that hard, leaving him in thought.

Sometime later, Morgan receives a radio call from Althea. She tells him she couldn't wait and went back to the crash site to investigate. She tells him there's a story here until the message is cut off.

"The Hurt That Will Happen"

Morgan, Alicia, and John return to the crash site to discover all their weapons and supplies are missing. Morgan finds a sign that someone took Althea and their equipment. The three of them split up and search for her, with Morgan cautioning Alicia not to blame herself.

In the woods, Alicia is blaming herself for Althea being missing but Morgan is optimistic. They come across a truck that is stocked and had been running recently. They split up and Morgan comes across a couple of walkers clawing at a birdcage. He takes one out but then get his ankles tied up. Grace, a woman with a hazmat suit, holds him at gunpoint and demands he take his clothes off. Suddenly, Alicia jumps her, takes off her mask, and asks where Al is. Grace explains a power plant melted down last year and that Morgan needs to be decontaminated after killing a walker that was affected by it.

Morgan takes a shower by her truck and Grace suggests he take his wedding ring off to scrub under it, which makes him uneasy. Grace tells Alicia she hasn't seen Al but agrees to help after dealing with the walker's body and checking out the dead walkers at the crash site for more radioactive ones. Alicia accepts but insists on keeping her gun and passes on Grace's warning to John and June

A while later, at the crash site, Grace confirms with a Geiger counter that the deceased walkers are all clean and becomes concerned upon seeing that the plane crash knocked down her fence as she has no bird traps in that area and the fence was the only thing keeping the radioactive walkers from crossing the eastern border. She insists on searching the area and fixing her fence while Alicia thinks they are only wasting time while Al is still alive and could need their help. The approach of a small herd interrupts their argument and Grace spots a dosimeter on one walker. Morgan helps Grace suit up as Alicia take out the walkers one by one, though the dosimeter is lost when the walkers fall in mud. As Alicia struggles with a walker, Grace uses her Geiger counter to identify the radioactive walker, shooting him after finding the right one.

That night, Grace criticizes Alicia's actions. She explains how she was once the plant's operations manager and turned it into a safe haven for the workers and their families when the outbreak happened. Grace expresses remorse and guilt over the deaths of her friends in the meltdown, blaming herself for their loss. She tells Morgan that there are 63 radioactive walkers left and she has to take care of them now as she couldn't before. After learning from John and June that they have found more of the radioactive walkers, the group heads to Camp Cackleberry where Grace puts down the reanimated residents who had become exposed by the dead walkers.

Later, Alicia laments to Morgan that she hasn't helped or found anyone and Morgan tells her about a time he was also stuck. He promises there's a way out of her hopelessness, she just needs to find it. Alicia asks what the way out leads to. "The way out is opening the door to people, to possibility, to the hurt that will happen. That's what I did. I found the way and then I opened the door and then my life started all over again. Yours will, too". Alicia listens thoughtfully.

Afterward, Grace prepares to leave in her truck to dispose of the remains when Morgan tells her they'll help her find the rest of her friends but she declines, revealing that she has been exposed to the radiation and has limited time to live and does not want to risk anyone else's lives. Morgan reminds her they'll always be on the other side of the walkie if she needs them and Grace requests they contact her if they find any more of her people.

At the truck stop, Morgan and the group arrives and awakens Luciana, who is still drugged and scared that the dead are waiting. Outside, they find the heads hanging from a billboard.

"Humbug's Gulch"

Morgan and the group kill several walkers barriers on different roadblocks in an attempt to find Althea as they cross off circles on a map, forming a perimeter. He is now wielding a long pipe due to losing his staff.

On the road, Morgan radios Alicia to check on her but is told that she no longer wants to kill walkers but wants to find the kids to help them. Later, he catches up with them and encourages them to keep trying to contact the kids. Alicia radios them again and tells them about losing her mother and how she relates to them. They don't receive a response, so they head out.

That night, Morgan, Alicia, and Luciana arrive at Humbug Gulch town. Dwight walks up and calls out to him. They are shocked to see each other and Morgan explains to the group that they come from the same place. Dwight explains his mission and tries apologizing for what happened with the Saviors, but Morgan assures him they can talk later. "We're trying to start over," he explains. Alicia asks Dwight about the walker barricades, so Dwight takes them to one.

On a roadblock, Morgan and the group are about to take it down when Max radios Alicia and says they're headed to the truck stop. On the way, they find a van stalled on the road. Inside, they find a bloody Dylan crying in the backseat. Alicia tries calming him and asks where Max and Annie are, but he won't answer.


At the gas station, Morgan tries radioing June, John, and Dwight and then says they must be out of range as they search for Sherry. Dylan lies and tells him and the others about a group who created the walker barricades and where their camp is. Morgan and Alicia head out to investigate while Luciana stays behind to fix the long-range antenna with Dylan's help.

In the woods, Morgan and Alicia don't find the camp Dylan told them about so they radio Luciana. However, Dylan grabs the walkie and tells them to go to the old utility road. He explains his siblings aren’t dead but they need help and that he lied about everything, angering them.

A while later, Morgan and Alicia save Annie and Max from walkers and offer to help. Suddenly, a group of kids armed with assault rifles surround them. "It's not just us," Annie says. Dylan then radios her and tells her that Morgan and Alicia are friendly. Max convinces her to tell the group to put down their weapons and agrees to help them find Al, but states that they were telling the truth about being unable to leave. Morgan quickly realizes that the kids are the children of the people they found at Camp Cackleberry and offers his condolences.

Afterward, Morgan tells Alicia about losing his family as they follow Annie, Max, and the kids towards where they saw the CRM people. Suddenly, a helicopter flies overhead. "Those people, they came in that," Annie explains and suggests that they are leaving as they got what they came for, while Morgan and Alicia look on stunned as the helicopter flies away.

"The End of Everything"

Morgan and Alicia are contacted by Althea on the walkie and head off to reunite with her. A while later, they find her in the woods and they embrace her. Morgan asks what happened to her and what she meant with the mysterious walkers having a story.

Althea lies and says she got attacked by walkers and the camera played a trick on her. Suddenly, the kids walk up and Morgan says he'll explain on the way. Before they leave, Al reveals her last name is Szewczyk-Przygocki, and she thought they should know that. They smile and walk off together.

"The Little Prince"

Morgan and the group arrive at the truck stop with several parts of their plane. He makes a plea to the kids for them to stay together and to help them re-assemble the plane so they can leave the area together. "We can because we've done the impossible before," he says. Luciana reveals they will fly across the mountains together. Dylan steps up and agrees.

Morgan then radios Grace to update her on their plan and convince her to join them in their effort to go home, but Grace doesn't answer him. A while later, Morgan tries out broomsticks to be his new staff when Alicia catches him and asks him to help her with the landing gear. Outside, Althea gets one of the plane's propeller blades working until it explodes. A walker approaches and Morgan kills it with his new staff. Suddenly, Grace radios Morgan and tells him to prepare his generator for transport. She explains that the plant's second reactor is in danger of melting down and she needs the generator to help buy them time to escape though she doesn't believe that she can stop the meltdown permanently.

On the road, Morgan helps Grace transport the generator to one of the roadblocks and they clear it together. Morgan then finds his plastic-wrapped staff in the back of her truck and tells her how the man who gave it to him made him realize there’s more beyond death. Grace then reveals she tricked him into getting out of the truck as she is unwilling to risk his life to delay the meltdown and drives off alone into the radiation zone, leaving Morgan behind at the roadblock.

Morgan starts to walk back to the truck stop, when he hears Strand's message that he and Charlie are coming with the propellers in Jim's beer-themed hot air balloon. He radios Alicia and tells her to make Annie and the kids see the hot air balloon, but she discovers that they ran off. Morgan then tells her to go find them. Suddenly, the balloon runs out of fuel and crashes in a field in the radioactive zone caused by the power plant meltdown. Morgan warns Strand and Charlie against killing any walkers as they could become contaminated themselves and heads out into the radiation zone to their rescue.

"Still Standing"

Morgan radios Grace and explains the situation regarding Strand and Charlie. She is willing to help but can't leave until the generator is running and instead gives him directions to a place that might have a vehicle. A while later, Morgan arrives at the house and checks it out. He then finds a hazmat suit and some pictures of Grace. Alicia radios him to tell him she found the kids but won't be able to get them back for the flight. Morgan looks out the window at a walker and sees himself in the reflection, telling Alicia they're going to get everyone out and do what they came to do.

Sometime later, Morgan arrives at the crash site in a truck and wearing the hazmat suit. He kills the walkers and reunites with Strand and Charlie. He then radios Grace to tell her they got the truck and she informs them the generator broke and they have a day before the meltdown. She promises to try and fix it to give them more time. Morgan decides he needs to rescue Grace, so he tells Strand and Charlie to get the truck and he'll meet them at the truck stop later.

Morgan arrives at the plant and finds Grace working on the generator. He insists on helping, claiming she isn't dead yet and they leave. At night, Morgan tells Grace he saved her because of Eastman and describes him as a man who helped him when he was stuck. "He taught me that all life is precious," Morgan says. Grace explains that they both believe other people's lives are more important than their own, leaving him in thought.

A while later, Morgan manages to communicate with Alicia over the radio. He asks if she's okay and she lies but says she's being followed by a herd of walkers. Morgan commends her on getting the kids back, making her happy. He then tells her that in trying to make up for the lives they took, they lost their way to live for themselves and they're going to find a way to do that too. Suddenly, the alarms at the power plant start sounding as he and Grace look at each other worried.

"Is Anybody Out There?"

In a flashback, Morgan takes turns with the rest of the group on the radio trying to reach out to strangers who might need help. After days of no response, Alicia tells Morgan that maybe they can help people in another way. As they leave the room, a man named Logan contacts them, claiming he needs help.

On the road, Morgan watches the herd approaching as Alicia takes a shower off of Grace's truck. As the nuclear plant sirens continue to ring, he radios Luciana to tell her they'll try to lead them away as they prepare the plane and runway. A while later, Alicia tells Morgan she's sorry she couldn't kill any more of them, but he tells her she shouldn't be sorry and promises to teach her aikido. Grace then stops the truck as the walkers pass by and head towards the siren. Suddenly, the siren stops, and the nuclear plant explodes. The walkers then turn to their truck as Grace tries to drive away. She hits a car on the barricade and gets stuck, forcing them to run away.

Morgan, Alicia, and Grace run to the plane's airfield with the walkers close behind. He radios Luciana to tell everyone to get ready to fly but she says John and Dwight aren't here yet, so Morgan asks them to help him fight the walkers. He and the group then start walking backwards to the plane as the walkers close in. June tells Morgan she made John a promise and they have to get on the plane. Morgan and the group makes a run for the plane as John and Dwight drive their way past the walkers in Sherry's van. Everyone makes it on the plane safely as a wall of smoke from the reactor fills the runway. Strand and Al steer through it and make it into the open air.

In the air, Grace breaks Morgan's stick in half and throws the contaminated half out of the plane. Morgan thanks her but doesn't look pleased. He then watches happily as John proposes to June and she accepts. That night, the plane roars toward the dark runway as Wendell fixes the lights at the last second, allowing the plane to finally land.

Morgan embraces Sarah and introduces her to Grace. He then meets Daniel as everyone else gets introduced. Suddenly, a woman contacts Morgan on the radio, asking if that was his plane flying overhead. She's seen his boxes and wants his help. The communication cuts out as Logan interrupts the signal and says they need to chat. He pulls up in an old truck as everyone focuses their guns on him.

Logan tells Morgan and the group the gasoline is going bad and that Clayton wrote down an oil rig location. He says if they hand over his journal he'll help them find it. They're skeptical, but he makes the case they won't be able to help anyone without it and suggests they should find it first before his former crew.

"Channel 4"

Sometime later, Morgan and the group formed a convoy to travel throughout Texas to help others and invite them to join their community, while establishing additional outposts to recruit the survivors reaching out to them over the radio. He has also been teaching Alicia with aikido.

In an interview by Althea, Morgan explains the beginning of their mission is because someone was trying to help him. Al presses him on why he says they all need to start living. "I guess sometimes it's easier to see what other people need help with," he says.

Morgan is then radioed by Luciana to a house to help someone named Tess. She tells them she's waiting for her husband to return with her son's asthma medication but won't come outside because of the landmines. Morgan tells Tess they're recording the experience so they can prove to future survivors that they're legit. Tess explains she hasn't left the house since the onset of the apocalypse and Morgan promises to stay there until her husband returns.

As time passes, more walkers break through the fence and get immediately blown up by the landmines. June then radios Morgan and the group to reveal that Tess's husband died. When Morgan hears the son cry out from the house, he sprints through the yard to get him. However, he freezes inches away from the porch after Al spots a landmine next to his foot. John and Luciana join him as Alicia, Strand, and June arrive with the inhaler.

Morgan radios Tess that they have the inhaler but she has to come outside to get it. He then breaks the news that her husband is dead and she needs to come get the medicine. She tearfully asserts her husband is still out there. Al instructs Morgan on how to navigate the mine he's standing on. He digs around it as John hands him a screwdriver to get to the fuse. Al admits it's a 50/50 chance she's right.

Morgan prepares to pull the firing pin until Tess radios them to stop. She finally emerges from her house and admits her husband isn't coming back. She hands him a clothespin to use as Morgan tells the others to back up. He successfully takes his foot off of the mine and once out of range, it explodes. Morgan returns to give Tess and her son the inhaler. Tess is emotional as Morgan comforts her over the loss of her husband. He reflects on his family to Althea, opening up about how difficult it can be to say goodbye.

That night, Morgan and the caravan dine together. He asks Alicia if she wants to practice tomorrow but she has found a new purpose. Al then asks the group what each want, with Morgan confessing he finally wants to find a way to say goodbye to his wife and son. The tape concludes with everyone pleading with future survivors to help others.

"210 Words Per Minute"

Morgan, Dwight, and Grace go on a mission to find a man named Charles, who has been bitten, inside a mall and to put him down. At the entrance, Dwight cuts down a walker with his ax and leads Morgan and Grace inside. In an office, Morgan and Grace find an iPod with a note from Charles promising his favorite songs. They also find a chair where he tied himself up until he turned and a herd of walkers on the ground level. Suddenly, Grace passes out and Morgan tells Dwight to find a first aid kit.

Morgan laids Grace upon a mattress and eventually wakes her up. Dwight enters with the update from Daniel. Morgan instructs Dwight to return to the caravan to bring trucks so they can load up while Grace decides she'll stay behind and help. Outside the mall, Dwight gives Morgan a package of water bottles to bring into the mall before he heads out. He reminds Morgan what it's like to be on the other side of taking people's stuff and asks how he thinks this will end for them. Morgan hopes Logan will recognize the good they're doing, but Dwight knows this morality won't be enough.

Morgan goes back inside and stops Grace from going to the ground level to find Charles on her own. However, Grace admits she wanted to get to the urgent care downstairs to know if she really had radiation poisoning. She asks Morgan to help her get to the generator and she'll do the rest and he agrees.

Morgan uses a toy car to draw away the walkers while he and Grace try to get to the generator. As they make their way down, Grace walks toward a walker she believes to be Chuck but gets the whole herd to chase her, forcing them to lock themselves in a store. Morgan assures her Dwight will rescue them tomorrow. After a while, Morgan and Grace bond over her past and she reiterates how scared she is about the radiation. When she prompts Morgan to talk about his son, he refuses. Suddenly, the walkers begin cracking the glass on the door and they're forced to move.

While traversing the dark corridors of the mall, Morgan explains to Grace that Duane was six when he got him a remote control car. "He made me smile. He did. See, I've always been a kind of serious guy except with them. That's how I knew it was right," Morgan explains while also admitting he found himself smiling on his first date with his wife. He then asks Grace if she has someone, but she admits she never wanted a relationship out of fear.

They get the generator working and the power comes on in the mall. They lift the gate on the clinic, which causes the alarm to sound and a new horde of walkers to chase them. Morgan gets attacked by a walker on an escalator and Grace saves him. The herd starts making its way up the stairs and they are also surrounded from the sides. Grace finds a way to send the escalator back down. They break into the security room and finally turn off the alarm. Grace grabs the keys as Morgan notices Charles on one of the monitors, still alive.

Morgan and Grace find Chuck on the roof and he tells them he still wants to be buried under the stars, despite it being a cloudy night. Grace takes out a kids toy which projects stars on an overhang, which he appreciates crying in joy. The next day, Morgan and Grace bury Chuck outside the mall and put a stuffed turtle on top of him. They make it to the urgent care, where Grace decides she no longer wants to go inside because she doesn't want to find out when she is going to die. They hang out at the mall and ride the carousel.

Later, the rest of the group arrives. Daniel asks Morgan if there is any Cinnabon roll but gets disappointed. Dwight updates them on his run-in and suggests they should be more careful. Tess then mentions they could settle in at a ranch they passed on the road. They agree and the group begins loading the mall supplies into their trucks.

Morgan tells Grace he's not going with her because he has to help Al. They separately shed tears as he drives off.

"You're Still Here"

Morgan and Althea get attacked by walkers in a bank. After killing them, Al opens the vault thanks to an old interview she conducted with the manager. Inside, Morgan stabs another walker while Al locks her tapes in the safety deposit boxes to preserve them.  

A while later, Morgan and Al run into Logan and his crew on the road. Morgan explains they're trying to help their friends but Logan says he won't move until they divulge the location of the oil fields. Morgan tells Logan he can help them but he declines. As they leave, Logan taunts to Morgan that helping other people won't make him feel better about not helping his wife and son. Morgan tackles him into the truck and holds his stick to his neck but Al stops him. Logan warns if he doesn't want people in his business then he shouldn't record it. Morgan backs off and leaves with Al.

Al then radios Alicia to update her on the roadblock. She apologizes to Morgan for keeping his family's story on the tapes. He reminds her he did it to prove to others they can trust them. Al calls bullshit and says what they do defines them, not their pasts. Alicia radios her to say they found the truck crashed into a fence and the man re-animated as a walker. Later, Morgan and Al reunite with Alicia and Strand and bury the man on the side of the road.

Morgan then looks as Alicia paints a tree and writes "No one's gone until they're gone" on it. He admires it and Al says she'd like to hear more about his wife and son. Morgan smiles and agrees.

"Today and Tomorrow"

Morgan watches tapes of himself discussing how he met his wife and how much he loves his son. He tells Althea they should drop off more boxes before returning to the convoy. She reluctantly agrees and notices one of her gas cans missing. They quickly find a man filling up a car. He takes out a knife and begs them to leave. Suddenly, four horsemen arrive and the three of them are forced to hide in the van. The horsemen nearly discover them but luckily get distracted and leave.

Afterward, Morgan listens as Al interviews the man they met. He introduces himself as Tom and explains the horsemen offered to help his community but later tried to kill him when they decided they didn't need him anymore. He explains his sister Janis is still stuck in the Paradise Ridge apartments and they have to find her. Al promises to help him out.

In the night, Morgan asks Al if she really wants to save Janis or if she just wants the story. She tells him it's not just about the story and suggests she needs something else in there. Later that night, Morgan catches up with Al and warns her again not to go in alone. He prods her more about what's really going on and she dishes it back.

At the apartment complex, Morgan and Althea sneak in while a guard comes outside to kill a walker. They are caught off guard when a truck and some horses pull in. They recognize the tanker truck as their own. Althea reveals that she heard about the "tomorrow" motto from another person. Morgan encourages Althea to look for her person while he investigates their truck.

Morgan breaks into a house to search for Janis. When he opens a closet door, a walker attacks him but he throws it off a balcony. He then radios Al to warn her but she is attacked and tackled into a swimming pool. Morgan jumps in after her and stabs the walker in the head. They swim to the surface as the generator lights pop on and Virginia and her pioneers compliment them on making a hell of an entrance.

The next morning, Morgan and Al remain holed up in an apartment. Virginia enters and introduces herself, explaining she watched their tapes. Morgan asks about Janis and Virginia explains she took off shortly after Tom. She also assures them their friends are fine, except for Logan. Virginia tells Morgan he should speak to a psychologist on her community about losing his family. Al cuts in and asks if one of her settlements has helicopters, but Virginia asks where she got that crazy idea. Afterward, Virginia escorts them to the gate and hands Morgan a hand-crafted staff as a gift. She reminds them they can always join her group but they ignore her and walk away.

On the road, Tom apologizes to Morgan and Al for getting them into trouble for nothing, but they assure him they'll keep looking for his sister. Later, Al tells Morgan she cares about Isabelle and was hoping she would be connected to Virginia's group. Morgan tells her he doesn't think he needs to do tapes on his past anymore, signalling he might be finally moving on. He then radios Grace and says they need to talk. Daniel picks up and says she has become terribly ill. She tells Morgan she hopes to see him again but doesn't think there's much time left. Morgan is left worried as Daniel gives him their location. He and Al then set off to reunite with them.

"Channel 5"

Morgan, Althea, and Tom finish watching Virginia's tape where she explains how her group operates and Al slams the TV onto the ground in anger. Back in the caravan, Morgan and the group prepare another documentary. He tends to Grace, who is dehydrated and having trouble keeping food down, and admits he hasn't told her what he planned on.

At night, Morgan and the group camp as Dwight kills a walker from one of the original western towns and John suggests that could be the settlement they've been searching for. Suddenly, Charlie calls out for June to run over and help Grace, who has passed out. June uses an ultrasound on Grace but admits her medical knowledge is not that advanced. After Grace wakes up, she asks Morgan what's up and he again deflects. Later on, he grows worried and decides the group should leave in the morning.

Later, the convoy stops their truck because they realize its too heavy to make it across a bridge. The wires start to snap so Morgan instructs everyone to cross the bridge without the cars. Suddenly, Virginia drives up and offers to help, explaining she's been following them and can't believe they used extra resources to help Grace. She turns to Dwight and tells him that one of her people broke bread with Sherry a couple of months ago and that he should trust her since he didn't reveal Sherry's name in their tape. Dwight points his gun at her but Morgan talks him down.

Virginia insists what she is doing will keep more people alive and tells Morgan's group they can join her if they want, but no one steps forward. Strand mocks her, which leads Virginia to get her people to shoot their guns in the air so a nearby herd finds them. She reminds them to give her a holler and drives away. Everyone works hastily to move the resources across the bridge while Morgan, Strand, and Al handle the walkers. When more arrive, Morgan is forced to move everyone across. Tom trips while recording as the truck falls through the bridge. He laughs at his good fortune until the bridge under him collapses too.

Later, Morgan comforts Al as she edits the footage until the batteries die. On the side of the road, he tells the group they should continue and Janis says it's what Tom would have wanted. They ditch their trucks and make the journey on foot. On their walk, Morgan suggests to John that he should make his wedding a big deal to give the group hope. John agrees and asks Morgan to be his best man. A while later, Daniel encourages Morgan to say things he has to say because no one knows how long they have left in this world. Morgan looks at Grace but continues his walk.

Sometime later, the group finds a billboard for the Gulch. Morgan catches up with Grace and nearly confesses his feelings but she stops him. "I don't want to make things harder," she says. Later on, they arrive at the gulch but see that it is completely overrun with walkers. The group debates their next move. Strand calls upon Althea to do something but she doesn't want to let Virginia look good so she shuts down the cameras. When they are out of options, Morgan decides to call Virginia but Dwight decides to leave the group and travel on his own. As he leaves, Morgan apologizes to Janis and then radios Virginia for help.

"End of the Line"

Morgan talks with Virginia over the radio as he looks at the rest of the convoy. Virginia says she is happy to hear from him and reveals she knew about the site because she tried to help the residents but they rejected her and got killed. She suggests she'll split them up in her settlements instead and Morgan agrees to let her help them. He then apologizes to everyone and then checks on Grace. She tells him she told a man from the plant how she felt right before he died, and that's why she didn't want Morgan to do the same. She then suggests she'll kill herself when Virginia arrives because she knows she'll have no use for her. "I won't let that happen," Morgan tells her.

Suddenly, Dwight arrives with some horses and explains if they're alive then there must be water nearby. They argue over whether to stay or not and eventually decide to stay, where they'll deal with the walkers and Virginia. Morgan, Strand, Dwight, John, June, Grace, and Daniel break open the fence and use the horses to lead the massive herd to ambush Virginia and take their supplies while the rest of their group moves into the gulch.

On the road, Dwight quickly gets surrounded by walkers and is forced to jump off his horse as the walkers devour it. Dwight runs off but Morgan follows him and eventually catches up. The rest of the group leads the herd into the river while Morgan and Dwight hide in the bushes. The group then returns to the Gulch, where Al shows them the bodies of the people Virginia killed. She insists that they will die fighting Virginia, but Alicia wants to fight back. Morgan just wants to make sure everybody survives and reminds them despite their failures they still made a difference in the world, and they should keep living their lives.

Later, Morgan attends John and June's wedding in the chapel. He smiles during the ceremony and at Grace singing. Suddenly, Virginia and her pioneers arrive in a SWAT truck-leading caravan. Morgan asks her to take care of his people and not sacrifice any of them. She reluctantly agrees. That night, the group gets separated and driven away into different settlements. Morgan confesses his feelings to Grace before Virginia shows up and sends her away. Grace tells Morgan she feels the same about him as she's driven off with a doctor, leaving them alone.

Virginia pulls out a revolver and tells Morgan he's staying. "You don't have to do this," Morgan says before swinging his stick at her. He connects with her face but gets shot through the chest in the process. Virginia tosses his staff as he crawls back towards the church. She points the gun at him again only to fire a blank. Virginia then gets a call from the doctor informing her Grace isn't sick, she's just pregnant and malnourished. Morgan tells her she was wrong to say they didn't have a future. She says she hopes he dies before jumping into her jeep and driving away.

Morgan is left on the porch of the church. He calls out over the radio to encourage everyone to continue living their lives. "Live. All of you. If you can hear me, just live." He then passes out as walkers close in on him.

Season 6

"The End Is the Beginning"

Morgan will appear in this episode.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Morgan has killed:


Spencer Andrea

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John Dorie

Because of John's kindness and compassion, Morgan and he become friends.

Althea Szewczyk-Przygocki

When Althea shows up and saves Morgan's life, he expresses gratitude, though he becomes annoyed at her frequent attempts at trying to learn about his past. After Althea saves Morgan's life again, he finally gives in and tells Althea about Alexandria, the Kingdom, Ezekiel and Shiva, and the war with the Saviors. When pressed by Althea about why he left Virginia, he tells her that he loses people and then he loses himself. Morgan again leaves, but ultimately decides to stay with them until his leg heals after he is nearly killed by walkers on the road. Though Morgan tries not to get too close, he eventually becomes friends with Althea.

In "People Like Us", Morgan contacts Althea and tells her that he will not say any more of his story, but he will in fact show her. He asks her to give him a ride back to Virginia, and she accepts.

Nicholas Clark

In the short the time they knew each other the two had a decent relationship. Morgan tried to help Nick find inner peace before being shot by Charlie.

Alicia Clark


Victor Strand


Luciana Galvez


June Dorie




Jim Brauer




Sarah Rabinowitz



Although Dwight and Morgan had never shared a scene together in The Walking Dead, it is shown they know each other. Dwight is at first afraid of Morgan, due to the past, but Morgan assures him that he doesn't need to apologize and that the things they both have done now belong in the past.







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