The Morgan Special is a brief story consisting of six pages, featuring Morgan during the winter of the apocalypse. It was released on May 4th, 2013 as a part of The Walking Dead Free Comic Book Day Special. Similar to the comics, it is written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard. The special also features Duane, Morgan's son.

Plot Synopsis

The story begins with Morgan chopping wood for a fire. Duane sits by the door, reading his Invincible comic, waiting for his father. Morgan knocks on the door, and Duane unlocks it. Morgan claims that it gets colder out there by the minute and that since it got cold, the walkers have stopped coming around.

Morgan says that he has something for Duane. The two sit down and Morgan hands his son a present. Duane opens it, and inside he finds a Gameboy, games, and batteries. Duane is overjoyed by the fact that he can actually play with it. Morgan tells him that once the batteries run out, he can't play with it anymore. Duane promises to turn it off when he's not playing with it and then thanks his father. He tells him that he loves him. Morgan responds by saying,"I love you too, son". Morgan then leaves to put another log on the fire before it burns out.

As Morgan chooses a log to put in the fire, he tells Duane if they should stop worrying about paying for the stuff they've taken. Morgan states that its been five months since the apocalypse started. Morgan goes on to say that he hasn't seen anyone living around since that 'fella' gave them a police car, and that he was helpful giving them the guns. "Food's one thing--we've got no choice there," he states.

After Morgan gives his speech, Duane simply replies with,"Huh?" Morgan's eyes water, and he wipes it away. Lastly, he tells his son Merry Christmas.


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  • This is one of the issues that do not feature any zombies at all.
  • The same story is featured at the end of Issue 34 as a flashback.
    • This further confirms the tapes found in Crawford by Lee Everett are accurate, meaning the worldwide outbreak possibly happened on July 20.
  • This was included at the end of The Walking Dead: Book One.
  • This is the only special not to get its own individual release.

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