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"I know it ain’t my place to speak at such a solemn and important occasion such as this. I didn’t know the Padre even remotely as well as y’all. I have no right to say anything on his behalf. All I want to say is, you measure a man not by what he makes in his life, you measure a man by what he leaves behind. And let me tell ya, old Patrick L. Murphy left behind a whole mess of love, and one great big dream. Father Murphy left behind a dream of solace and succor in the face of the End Days… a beautiful dream amidst the beasts of hell… a dream of something more than survival. He left behind a dream of life. He wanted y’all to flourish. Together. Moving, always moving. Like a stream turns into a river and a river turns into the sea. I don’t know about y’all, but in my short sweet time with the Padre, I realized he knew something that I didn’t. He knew the key to paradise—and no, I ain’t talking about heaven right now. I’m talking about paradise on earth. Even amid these desecrated times, these horrible ruins, he held the key to paradise, and you know what that was? At the end of the day, do you know what paradise is? It’s us. Us! With good treads on our tires and a few gallons of high test in our tanks. That’s all Father Patrick Murphy ever wanted. For us to stay together, and stay on the move. That simple. That’s what the Padre’s paradise is… the convoy. On the move. Just as the ancient Israelites escaped from Egypt! The convoy! Just as the Hebrews wandered Canaan! THE CONVOY! Friends, I humbly come to you today with a proposition, I have no right to stand in the shoes of our dearly departed Padre—no one does—but I will gladly, in tribute to his legacy, volunteer to step up. With your blessings, with your approval, with your help, I will gladly take the reins of this great community—this mobile fraternity of God-fearing Christians—if you’ll have me, if you’ll give me that honor. I don’t expect y’all to accept me right off the bat, to trust me as much as y’all came to trust that dear, dear man we just put in the ground. I don’t expect y’all to make a decision this important without giving it a lot of thought, without takin’ a vote, without being dang sure. But I promise you this, and I assure you that this is the God’s gospel truth: If y’all accept me as your leader, I will lead. I have been in the wilderness for nigh on to a year now, and I have survived, and I will do everything in my power to make sure all y’all survive, each and every last one of you, and I will pray to the Lord Almighty that He helps me make sure that all y’all prosper. Because y’all are God’s children, and we will prevail!"
—Jeremiah using Patrick's death to manipulate his way into leadership of the Parish.[src]

The Most Holy Redeemer Parish is a group of religious survivors found by Jeremiah in The Walking Dead: Invasion. Jeremiah took over the group and led them to war with the remaining Woodbury survivors.

The group was passive before Norma Sutters was found by Jeremiah Garlitz, Reese Hawthorne and Stephen Pembry and led them to the group, in which Jeremiah murdered their leader and manipulated the group into following him.


The group consists of thirty-three survivors overall before the arrival of Jeremiah, Miles, Stephen and Norma. The caravan has fifteen vehicles, including six full RVs and three heavy-duty trucks. There are four children under the age of twelve, five married couples, and a few senior citizens. They have an impressive array of weaponry (much of it scavenged from Camp Blanding, a deserted military base outside Jacksonville); and they have enough canned goods to last six months if rationed carefully.

The members of the caravan have been able to keep the engines running with a combination of crude biodiesel (which they produce in a modified still in the rear of the lone flatbed truck) and the last gallons of standing gasoline in the storage tankers and underground reservoirs of abandoned gas stations and marinas across northern Florida.







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