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This motel is a location seen in Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead. Merle Dixon stumbles across the motel while escorting Michonne Hawthorne to the Governor, under the orders of Rick Grimes.


Rural Georgia

Nothing is known about the location's history, before or as to outbreak started. It is possible that it had at one point provided temporary sanction to survivors of the outbreak as it was happening or in the immediate aftermath of it.


Season 3

"This Sorrowful Life"

Merle Dixon and Michonne Hawthorne come across the motel after Merle captured Michonne to escort her to the Governor, in hopes of creating a truce between the prison and Woodbury. While looking around the area, Merle spots a abandoned car that he thinks he can get working again. He ties Michonne to a wooden beam in front of the motel while he attempts to fix the car's engine.

Suddenly Merle trips the car alarm and alerts a large group of walkers from the surrounding areas. The walkers start to huddle towards the motel and corner Merle and Michonne. A few walkers manage to grapple with Michonne, however she quickly kills them using her legs and the wire she is bound to the pole with. Another walker grabs hold of Merle and almost bite him, he is able to fight it off and stab it through the head. Merle manages to fix the car and quickly unties Michonne, the two climb into the vehicle and drive off in order to escape the approaching walker horde.



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