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Mr. Mallick is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead: World Beyond.


Albany, New York

Nothing is known about Mr. Mallick's life prior to or as the outbreak began, except that he was born on January 17, 1952, married Elizabeth Kublek and had a daughter with her, although eventually he divorced his wife and left his family.


As the world quickly fell to the undead, Mr. Mallick's fate remains unclear. It is unknown whether or not he was able to survive the initial stages of the outbreak.

Season 1

"The Sky Is a Graveyard"

Elizabeth Kublek gives Huck her father's watch so that she won't be late again.

Season 2


Mr. Mallick appears on a photograph as Huck is rummaging through her mother's office at the Civic Republic Research Facility.

"Returning Point"

While talking about Indira's kidney failure, Elizabeth mentions that she doesn't want Indira's family to go through the same struggle with her illness that Elizabeth and Jennifer had to go through with Mr. Mallick's.

"The Last Light"

After being mortally wounded by Jadis, Huck tells her that she has a gold watch belonging to her father, one of the only things that Huck has to remember him by. Elizabeth likes to say that it was Mr. Mallick's watch that had brought mother and daughter back together after things fell apart. Huck asks Jadis to tell Elizabeth that this time it won't because this time the watch will bring Huck and her father back together. Seeing that the watch is gone from Huck's wrist, Jadis realizes that Huck had used it as a makeshift timer for the C4 and she quickly flees. With Mr. Mallick's watch acting as a makeshift detonator, the C4 destroys the CRM's chlorine gas before it can be to destroy Portland.


Killed By
  • Unknown illness

At some point, either before or after the apocalypse, Mr. Mallick died of an illness.


World Beyond

Season 2