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"When I was at mortuary school, when I was trying to figure out how I could change things, Mother found my journals and read them. She saw the part where I wrote about why we needed to end everything. She thought I was sick. No, no. "Disturbed" was the word she used. She threatened to call the county social services and have me committed. "That'll put an end to your sick thoughts," she said. Yeah. "Give you a new beginning." Oh, she never knew how right she was. (...) I killed her. Buried her in the backyard. I waited all fall and winter, worried that s-somebody was gonna find her body. And then, when spring rolled around, oh, the strangest thing happened. The most beautiful morning glories sprouted and bloomed right over her body. That's when I realized it wasn't enough just to change things. That was the first part. What we needed was a new beginning. A world where people like Mother could thrive, free from the patterns of our broken world."
Teddy explains what happened to his mother.[src]

Ms. Maddox (first name unknown) is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead. She is the mother of Theodore Maddox.


Grapevine, Texas

Nothing is known about Ms. Maddox's life prior to or as the outbreak began other than she had a son, Theodore. While her son was away at mortician school, Ms. Maddox found his journals and learned of Teddy's insanity and desire to bring an end to the world in order to create a new beginning. With Ms. Maddox threatening to have the county social services take him away to be committed, Teddy murdered his mother and buried her on their farm. No one ever came looking for Ms. Maddox which only fueled Teddy's beliefs.

After Teddy was arrested by John Dorie Sr., the murder of Ms. Maddox was one of the crimes that a newspaper article stated that he was awaiting trial for.


Season 6


Ms. Maddox will appear in this episode.


Killed By

To prevent his mother from having him committed, Theodore murdered her and buried her in their backyard.


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 6


  • Despite Teddy stating that no one ever found out about him murdering his mother who remains buried on their family farm, a newspaper article at the beginning of "Mother" states that one of the murders he was charged with was that of his mother, suggesting that Teddy lied to Alicia or her body was simply never found.