Munchkin Zombies: The Walking Dead is a card game featuring exclusive art from comic book series. This 56-card is expansion to Munchkin Zombies, based on Steve Jackson's Munchkin.[2]

This expansion pack is not a stand-alone game and requires the core Munchkin Zombies game to play.[3]


"Do battle with deadly living foes like Rick, Michonne, and Negan. Whack them with a deadly Katana or the brutal Lucille . . . take their stuff and shamble toward victory! Level up to become the most badass undead of all. Show the living that the world belongs to The Walking Dead."


To survive and thrive in this post-apocalyptic world, you'll have to know what you're up against.

  • Monsters – As the highly evolved undead, you’ll need a plan of attack to defeat the dangerous survivors wandering the Earth. Watch your back as you try to defeat The Governor, and fight for your life against Michonne
  • Armor and Weapons – In The Walking Dead Munchkin Zombies, the undead are dressed to kill and armed to the teeth.
  • Curses & Action Cards – The Curse of the undead is far more frightening than any curse of the living. If you don’t watch out you might get Sliced and Diced or end up as a Bucket of Feet.



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