"If Nathaniel would stop eating like a goddam pig, our shit would last much longer."
—Darius to Paul Monroe regarding Nathaniel.[src]

Nathaniel is a character mentioned in Issue 133 of Image Comics' The Walking Dead.


Nothing is known about Nathaniel's life before the apocalypse.


Nathaniel at some point joined the Alexandria Safe-Zone, and began doing patrols with Darius.

Whispers Into Screams

As Darius runs into Paul Monroe during patrol, Darius mentions that Nathaniel keeps eating their food like it's his last meal, and that Paul needs to talk to him again, however when Paul asks where Nathaniel is, Darius mentions that he hasn't checked in since the morning. While Darius rides out with Paul and two other guards, one of the guards ask Darius why Nathaniel would've rode out his far out of the mapped zone, and Darius replies that Nathaniel between runs liked to search the outskirts for knickknacks as a hobby, and once he searched a house and found baseball cards.

Later while searching under an overpass, Paul calls off the search as he thinks that he's just waiting back at the outpost and that they missed him because he was off looking for some rare coins. Darius asks if they should send a flare up in case he is close, but Paul replies that he is on his own. It is also highly possible that he was one of the first victims of the Whisperers.



"You need to talk to him again. Fucker eats like it's last meal."
—Darius to Paul Monroe regarding Nathaniel's eating issues.[src]

Darius and Nathaniel seemed to have a normal relationship, however Darius despised Nathaniel for eating all the food supplies like a pig. Darius went out of the mapped zone to search for Nathaniel after he didn't check back at the outpost, and after the search was called off Darius wanted to send up a flare just in case he was close, seemingly because he cared for Nathaniel's wellbeing.

Paul Monroe

"I'm sorry, but Nathaniel's on his own."
—Paul Monroe after Darius asks if they should send up a flare for Nathaniel.[src]

Paul and Nathaniel didn't have a good relationship, being that Nathaniel screwed up many times for eating more than his ration of supplies and that Paul had to keep having a talk with him. After Nathaniel didn't check in, Paul went out with Nathaniel to search for him outside the mapped zone, but after being in a sketchy area, Paul called the search off, saying that the idiot is probably just waiting back at the outpost and they missed him because he was searching for rare coins.

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