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The National Guard Station is a Military outpost first seen in Issue 38 of The Walking Dead in which Rick's group visited to gain more weapons in preparation for the upcoming Prison/Woodbury battle. It contained tanks, and other various firearms and explosive. The outpost was surrounded by a large metal fence.


Rural Georgia

Nothing is known about the National Guard Station before or as the outbreak began, it is possible that this is where Major Gene Gavin and his men were stationed prior to the outbreak.



The survivors of Woodbury, Georgia discovered the Station on one of their scouting missions. They used the station to build up and secure a large armament of vehicles and weapons, including a tank, which they later use in the Prison assault.


The National Guard Station was first encountered in Issue 38 by Michonne, Tyreese, Andrea, Axel, Glenn, and Maggie, they arrived there to scavenge more weapons to help them in the upcoming battle against Woodbury and the Prison. The station was also used by Woodbury before they encountered the Prison.

The outpost contained tanks, and buildings full of weapons and explosives. The station also held military vehicles and its own gas station. A military vehicle was taken, with numerous cans full of gas.

As the group were leaving, they blew it up to stop Woodbury from gaining any more weapons. Woodbury saw the explosion and followed the group to the supermarket.


  • The National Guard Station is a buyable property in The Walking Dead Monopoly.
    • The National Guard Station is also a territory in The Walking Dead Risk.