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This article is about the state. You may be looking for the TV Series episode.

Nebraska is a state inside the United States of America.



Was a state in the USA. It is a mid-western state. It has a low population and is very rural outside it's the largest city, Omaha, and the capital city Lincoln.


Not a lot is known about Nebraska during the outbreak. It can be assumed that it followed the example of California, with state and local police being among the first respondents, with these first respondents being joined by military units if and when a state of emergency was declared.

At some point Dave and Tony planned on going to Nebraska due to its low population and high gun count as that's where they thought that they'd have the best chance of surviving.

After some time (probably during the on-set of the apocalypse) Campus Colony was turned into a safe zone that was led at some point by Leopold Bennett. There he managed to have the biggest known community yet at a staggering 9,671 survivors. The community however was erradicated by the Civic Republic Military.

Another large community in Omaha, Nebraska is known to exist.




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