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Negan's Decoy Shed is a location in AMC's The Walking Dead. It is an abandoned shed where Negan pretended to imprison Lydia as a trap for Alpha.


The shed's history prior to the outbreak is unknown.


Season 10

"Walk With Us"

After capturing Lydia, Negan Smith leads Alpha to the shed, claiming that it is where he has safely stashed Lydia. On the way there, Negan attempts to talk Alpha down from killing her own daughter but is unsuccessful.

Upon reaching the shed, Alpha opens the door to find it empty, Negan having actually stashed Lydia elsewhere and set a trap for the Whisperer leader. As Alpha turns to face Negan, he slits her throat and holds and kisses Alpha as she dies. Negan then decapitates Alpha and takes her reanimated head to Carol Peletier.


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TV Series

Season 10