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I'm sorry I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I don't know why I'm still here. I don't know why I can't throw a belt over my fucking door and just end it all. I hate this. I hate being so fucking alone... I hate...this goddamn empty world. But most of all, I hate that I'm so fucking scared of dying that I somehow, deep down...whether I admit it or not...prefer this to being dead. I mean, I'm an atheist. I know there's no golden house sitting on a fluffy white cloud where you're waiting to reunite with me... As nice as a fucking cloud house sounds right about now... I know you're not up there, looking down on me...seeing everything I do. If you were...sorry about the harem. That was kind of gross. But no. Fuck no. You're not watching me. There's no afterlife waiting for my sorry ass...and I'm just here...talking to a fucking baseball bat! I'm sorry, Lucille. I don't mean to take it out on you. I'm just...I'm having a bad day. I'm...I'm sure you understand. Same time tomorrow? Good.
―Negan talking to Lucille's grave.[src]

Negan (pronounced NEE-gan)[1] is a main character and a former antagonist, as well as a survivor of the outbreak in Image Comics' The Walking Dead. He is also the protagonist of Here's Negan and Negan Lives. He was the former leader of the Saviors. He used his authority and resources to subjugate other communities tribute to the Saviors, in exchange for protection against zombies. After Negan kills Glenn Rhee and takes control over Alexandria, the communities join together and start a conflict against the Saviors, ending with Negan's defeat and Dwight leading the Saviors, who begin to cooperate with the other communities. Negan is then incarcerated, receiving a life sentence.

Two years later, Negan joins the Militia, having previously given advice to Rick during his time in prison. He subsequently proved his loyalty multiple times, primarily by saving Rick and Dwight, although this loyalty was met with heavy skepticism. After fighting in the Whisperer War and preventing a second conflict with the Saviors, Negan was allowed to walk free, but also exiled and forced to live alone at an outpost. He was eventually visited by Maggie Greene, who sought retribution for Glenn's death, but she ultimately spared Negan, deciding his new life of loneliness and depression was punishment enough.

Several years after Rick Grimes' death, he continues to live as a hermit in an abandoned town, being visited sometimes by Carl Grimes. He also made a proper grave for Lucille, finally forgiving himself, acting as a changed and better man.

He served as the primary antagonist from Volume 17: Something To Fear to Volume 21: All Out War - Part Two, but has also been present as a recurring antagonist, bordering on anti-hero, since Volume 22: A New Beginning.


Negan is a casual, jolly, savage man who adores violence and mayhem. He is very intelligent and logical, possessing a knack for controlling and manipulating others. He has a strong affinity for profane language and offensive comments and a morbid, perverse sense of humor, seeming to enjoy the shock value. His charismatic persona and domineering presence allows him to easily intimidate friends and foes alike.

Perhaps stemming from his years as a school coach, he has a pedantic nature to him, reveling in helping others explore their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. He displays profound moments of wisdom when counseling people, keenly perceptive of abstractions that others may have missed.

Negan's primary weapon of choice is "Lucille", a baseball bat coated with barbed wire. He has an unusual obsession with it, talking of it with affection and admitting that he uses Lucille as a masturbatory tool on occasions, although this may be typical of his humor. He uses Lucille to kill zombies and humans alike. When Lucille was destroyed, he was completely devastated, even weeping for his loss. It is later revealed that Lucille was named after Negan's wife, in tribute to her before the apocalypse. When Negan buries the broken bat, he does so as to finally deal with his grief of losing his wife.

In spite of his violent and savage nature, Negan can be very reasonable for the sake of practicality, like when he spared Carl's life to keep relations steady with Rick, even though Carl slaughtered many of the Saviors.

Negan does possess a sense of sympathy underneath his cold exterior, and even a sense of honor that leads him to be repulsed by certain acts against the weak, such as rape. He believes that his horrific methods of keeping his people in line, which involve burning the faces of rule breakers and using fear to keep people subjected, are to justify a greater good, and he does stick by his own code of ethics.

He adamantly believes in a philosophy that the strong are to protect the defenseless. For instance, he murders David, a Savior, after he tries to rape Holly, claiming that if his men are to commit rape, then their goal of rebuilding civilization can never be achieved.

He also yells at Dwight for daring to beat a "defenseless child" and is even seen losing his temper at another leader who allows rape to ensue within their ranks, declaring them less than human, apparently unaware of the hypocrisy. Despite his odd sense of sympathy, he admits he has trouble feeling emotions properly due to losing someone close to him in the past.

Negan's imprisonment has caused a change in him that many of the other survivors find hard to see, or to believe. While he is still ruthless, and struggles to express emotions, he has begun to show a desire to make up for the things that he did in the past. This is shown quite well when Maggie confronts Negan after he has left Alexandria: Negan is shown to feel genuine remorse for killing Glenn, explaining that he thought it had to be done at the time. This time period also shows that Negan is still deeply mourning his wife's death.



Negan was high school gym coach where he practiced a range of sports including billiards and ping-pong. He also worked as a used-car salesman, presumably as a part time occupation.

At some point, Negan married a woman named Lucille where they presumably lived together as an average married couple. Negan was involved in at least one extra-marital affair. As a school faculty member, Negan constantly strived to gain the admiration of his peers. He occasionally invited several of his fellow students to play ping-pong against him inside his own personal garage, however he frequently belittled and humiliated his pupils through the use of his expressive and aggressive language which resulted in him receiving several complaints from the students' parents.


Here's Negan[]

In the early days of the apocalypse, Negan was in a hospital as his wife dies from cancer. Negan couldn't bear with putting her down so a boy does it for him. Negan comes across many people, all of which were killed by walkers, one of them owns a baseball bat, that will later become Lucille. During a campfire, Negan is encountered by Dwight, who lets Negan join up with his group. Over some time, Negan begins to give orders and make executive decisions. Negan along with his group meet another group of survivors, where the leader allows the women in his group to be raped. Negan kills him and establishes himself as their leader, later becoming the Saviors.

Something To Fear[]

At some point after the outbreak, Negan established "The Saviors" and fiercely ruled over his men. Negan, along with his team (which includes at least 50 or more other men), had made a deal with the Hilltop Colony; they would use the weaponry that the other group was lacking to kill all zombies wandering near their premises, and in return, they would obtain half of Hilltop's supplies; such as livestock and crops. To get his point across, if a potential problem would arise, Negan and his men would resort to cruel and manic measures.

If they sense they are being tracked or if they feel they aren't getting a sufficient enough amount of supplies, they beat or kill the people from Hilltop. The group also sends "messages" to the community, which are usually very deadly, such as Gregory being stabbed by Ethan.

Later, Negan, along with fifty other Saviors, snuck up on Rick's group and subdued Rick by surprise. They lined up all of the survivors from the van (Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Glenn Rhee, Maggie Greene, Sophia, Michonne, and Heath), telling them that he wanted revenge for the Saviors that were killed.

Without an agreement from Rick, Negan made a deal; everything that belonged to the Alexandria Safe-Zone, now belonged to the Saviors. He introduced his weapon of choice: Lucille, a baseball bat covered in barbed wire.

After a long talk about the new world order and whom he should beat to death using Lucille. He finally chose his victim at random: Glenn. Maggie panicked, as Glenn attempted talking Negan out of it. Negan ignored him and smashed Glenn's skull in by slamming Lucille down hard on Glenn's head. Negan laughed and when Glenn attempted to get to his feet, the former remarked that "he's taking it like a champ" before swinging Lucille at Glenn, dislocating his jaw and beating Glenn to death.

Negan told the group that the Saviors would be back in one week to collect half of everything they have, or there would be more killings. Rick vowed that he would avenge Glenn and kill Negan. He laughed at this, beating Rick with his bare hands in response, before leaving with his Saviors.

What Comes After[]

Negan and the Saviors later arrived at the Alexandria Safe-Zone for their first offering. Spencer Monroe arrived at the gate, questioning Negan's identity, to which Negan laughs.

Amused that not everyone knew his name, Negan remarks that he "had to make a pretty fucking strong first impression" and asks him to get Rick. Negan and the Saviors then begin killing the roamers surrounding the area. While the Saviors scavenge each of the houses for supplies, Negan makes several rude comments about his beating of Glenn, about Olivia being overweight, and towards Carl.

He forces Rick to hold "Lucille" while he explores the area himself. When Denise threatens a Savior for taking important medical supplies, Rick attempts to reason with him, and in response he says the group that their big walls are the only medicine they need. Before departing, he retrieves Lucille from Rick and whispers, "I just slid my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it."

He and his men depart from the Safe-Zone with supplies, but unbeknownst to him, Carl is hiding in the truck with an assault rifle. Once he and his men get back to their base, he is amazed to see that Dwight was still alive. "There is always next time, I suppose" he says, much to Dwight's disgust.

A Savior finds Carl, who kills six Saviors with the assault rifle. They surround the boy and he demands to speak with Negan. When he arrives, Carl fires at them until he loses control of his gun. Dwight is about to kill him when Negan stops him, asking if that's any way of treating their guest.

Instead of taking immediate action against the boy, Negan shows quite a bit of interest in getting to know him, leading him through the Saviors facility, revealing that he is the leader of a cult-like domain of selfless followers who bow to his every word and command. Many followers of his ranks are living on a point system in order to sustain their lives, though many give into his graces for a better living, most notably the women he considers his "wives."

It is brought to his attention that one of his many wives, Amber, has committed adultery against him with her former lover. As he goes to handle the situation, he brings Carl along to see his wives and how he handles his affairs.

Afterwards, he and Carl share a private moment in his quarters where he reveals that he'd like to get know to Carl a little better, but gets distracted by Carl's bandaged face. He orders Carl to remove the bandages, showing interest in seeing the injury to his eye. Carl allows him to see it only after being threatened; removing the bandages to reveal the disturbing effects that being shot had left him with.

Negan, in a state of disbelief and awe, jokingly mocks the deformity and goes as far as to ask Carl if he can touch the part of his skull showing through his exposed eye-socket, which causes Carl to finally break and cry. This prompts Negan to take back the gesture and apologize, seeing that he has finally found a weakness in the child he finds so dangerous.

They are interrupted by one of his followers who returns Lucille to him. Negan reverts to coldness as he orders Carl to sing a song for him while he swings the bat dangerously close by. After this intense encounter between the two, they are interrupted once again and Negan is told that the iron is ready. Negan has Carl hold the bat while following him to witness the event. 

In ritualistic fashion, complete with chanting from the followers answering to Negan's words, he shows that whoever falls onto his bad graces are dealt with by having their faces burned by a searing iron. Tied to the end of a pole, the tool once used to straighten clothes is held over a fire before being handed to Negan, who presses it against the victims face as punishment for their betrayal.

In this case, it was the face of Amber's former lover Mark, who is left deformed in the same manner as Dwight with a portion of his face permanently scarred and leaving an exposed eyeball.

After the ritual, Negan dismisses his congregation before turning to Carl who hands back Lucille and leads him away, contemplating what to do with him.

Negan runs into Rick while the latter was on his way to find Carl. Negan then tells Rick how eager he is to show him "what he has done to his son". He is then attacked by Rick in a fit of rage before revealing that Carl is fine and he meant that he is eager to show Rick "that he has done nothing to his son".

March To War[]

Several days later, Negan arrives at the Alexandria Safe-Zone a few days ahead of schedule; he's informed that the community is practically out of supplies and that Rick went out looking for more. He decides that he will stay in Alexandria until Rick returns from the supply run. He makes an offhand comment about Olivia's weight, who overhears it and starts to cry. He tries to apologize, but, she merely slaps him. Despite several Saviors offering to kill her, Negan dismisses them.

He is later approached by Spencer and asks for a little background on the Safe-Zone. After awhile, Negan gets impatient with him and wants to know why he came to him. Spencer then tells Negan that Rick is not a suitable leader for the community and asks that once Negan kills him, Spencer be given control over the Safe-Zone. Negan feels insulted that Spencer would wait until Rick is gone to tell him this. He responds by telling Spencer that Rick may hate him, but he has guts, unlike Spencer who acted like a coward. He then slashes Spencer's stomach, killing him almost instantly, remarking that he had guts after all. He then orders Seth to clean the mess up before a kid sees it.

Rick returns and confronts Negan, who casually blows him off. Rick demands to know what happened or he won't leave Alexandria alive. After picking up Lucille and praying to give him strength, Negan drops the excessive profanity he normally uses and tells Rick that he feels like he's bent over backwards to show how reasonable I can be in regards how he brought Carl back to the safe-zone safely and hints about how Spencer wanted to have him kill Rick.

After seeing the supplies gathered by Rick, Negan initially demands all of it, but, then decides to take nothing as payment for killing Spencer. Rick insists that they take their share and Negan has no objections. As they are driving back to the foundry, Negan notices Rick and a few others were following them. An instant later, the driver is shot and killed. Confused and angry, Negan takes Lucille and sees Rick pointing a gun at his head.

A gunshot is heard and Rick's gun is destroyed as well as the other's who came out with him. Negan remarks on how stupid Rick and the others are by using bullets on the roamers instead of saving them for the much more dangerous thinkers. Negan reveals that before every pickup, he has a back-up team armed with guns surround the area while he and the others go in and salvage for supplies.

With a crazed smile on his face, Negan leans in to Rick and says that him and the safe-zone residents are fucking fucked, smiling, saying that in a stand-off situation, snipers tend to give away their position after several shots. He clarifies that Rick's "sniper bitch" is as good as dead, causing Rick to try and strike him. As Negan holds him off, Carl shoots off a portion of Lucille, causing the Saviors to open fire at the safe-zone walls.

Negan orders them to stop and is shocked and angry about the damage to Lucille. Rick tackles him from behind, but Negan subdues him once more. He calls Carl a one-eyed asshole and shouts for Carl to be thrown over the wall, saying he wants him to pay for what he's done. Rick tries to object, but Negan beats him again and issues an ultimatum: "Give me the boy or I'll bash in all four skulls of the people out here!"

Negan admits that he liked Carl at first, saying he never had a kid of his own, but if he did, he wanted them to be like Carl. Rick says that if Carl dies, their agreement is over, but, Negan states that it already is over. He orders his men to line up Rick, Heath, Nicholas, and Holly, and begins to decide which one to kill first. He notices a figure falling from the bell tower and smugly repeats that he knew Rick's sniper was good as dead, not realizing that it's not her, but Connor.

He taunts Rick about Andrea's supposed demise and Nicholas interrupts him, pleading for his life. Negan berates Nicholas for doing this and accuses him of being a coward, he asks Rick, Heath or Holly to ask him to kill Nicholas and that if they do so, he will spare them. However Heath tells him no and he begins to pick which one of them he will kill, however he is interrupted when Paul Monroe grabs a Savior by the foot and uses him as a shield from the Saviors bullets.

Negan tells his men to stand down and when he does this Paul leaps out of a trench and kicks the nearest Savior in the face. Paul orders Rick and the others into a trench and proceeds to fight his way towards Negan. When Paul reaches Negan he manages to disarm him and hold him hostage. Paul stalls the Saviors until Ezekiel and his men arrive, Negan breaks free from Paul and runs to a truck, where he retreats back to The Sanctuary with his men. Negan is later seen back at The Sanctuary where he gives the Saviors a speech about them being the dominant force in the world and that they need to remind people of that and then states that they are going to war. 

All Out War - Part One[]

Days later, Rick's army arrives to the Saviors base and demands that Negan come out. Initially, Negan is amused by this and begins to taunt him. Rick reveals that they know there are women, children and others inside who aren't part of this fight, he offers a chance to surrender and let them live; for the rest, he reaffirms his old saying: "You kill and you die."

Negan plays along with it and asks what will happen if he refuses. After hearing that whatever happens, happens, Negan thinks for a split second and blatantly refuses Rick's offer. He muses that if he thinks the army he's assembled "can actually accomplish something... that's fucking rich."

He briefly entertains the idea of letting Rick's plan go through only to reveal a wildcard; after the ambush at Alexandria, Negan ordered Gregory kidnapped and brought to him. Afraid of what Negan might do, Gregory quickly pledges his allegiance (and that of the Hilltop) to Negan and the Saviors.

Even then he is furious, as only eight people accept the ultimatum and leave. Negan berates Gregory for this and kicks him off the balcony. He refuses Rick's offer once more and his snipers begin to fire at the militia. Negan asks Lucille if she "believes this shit" and retreats from the bullets and falling glass. He calls Dwight, ordering him to bring the men from the outposts back to help drive off Rick's army.

Dwight agrees but due to the commotion, Negan doesn't notice the former's hesitation to immediately act. As more men rush outside, Negan orders them to start shooting the army before all their snipers are killed. He notices that all their snipers are taking cover and is initially confused as to why Rick's militia are shooting not the snipers, but the windows.

He then notices the large herd of zombies that are rapidly approaching the walls. He looks outside the fence and tells Dwight that "I hope you're wearing your shitting pants."

Suddenly, Holly drives through the fence, destroying a portion of it and letting the herd inside. Negan frantically orders his men back inside the foundry, but notices that Holly is still alive from the crash. He sees a zombie about to kill her and dispatches it. As she looks up, Negan smiles and says that she wasn't going to get off that easily.

As the zombies converge inside the courtyard area, the Saviors retreat back inside the foundry to develop a new strategy. Negan delivers an analogy to a group of Saviors about how you can destroy a man "by fucking his vagina," meaning that the best way to destroy a man's heart by destroying the woman he loves; he clearly believes this to be Holly since Rick "was going to drive a car at us... you wouldn't let him sacrifice himself to tear our gate down."

She corrects him by saying he's got the wrong woman; Rick loves Andrea and she herself was in love with Abraham, the man Dwight killed. Negan refuses to listen, insisting that she is the one who killed Connor "and a terrible liar." He then orders her taken away and goes off to clear his head.

Later, Negan is seen outside with more Saviors trying to clear the courtyard of all the zombies, swearing that if any of them die he will fuck them up.

Eventually, too many roamers pour in the fence and Negan's group retreat back inside once more. Negan realizes that if the herd keeps them stuck inside for more than one day, they will all be dead and he orders squads outside every two hours to clean up the infestation by any means necessary. He goes to interrogate Holly some more, but catches David in the middle of trying to rape her.

He demands that he get away from her and grabs him by the collar, angrily reminding him one of the Savior's main rules: "no rape," thus proving Negan does hate sexual violence. As punishment for him breaking it, Negan proceeds to stab David in the neck and apologizes to Holly, telling her that the Saviors aren't monsters.

After killing the Savior, it is presumed that Negan got word of one of his outposts being overrun by Rick's army and sent more to fortify the remaining ones. This in turn led to Ezekiel's army being eradicated in a failed attack. Negan also finds a way to eliminate all of the zombies that had flooded into The Sanctuary's courtyard, for he is later seen heading towards Alexandria.

When he arrives at the safe-zone, he throws a grenade over the wall and it detonates, demolishing one of the houses and getting Rick's attention. He threatens that there is more where that came from and insists that he's there to parlay.

To support his claim, he has a blindfolded Holly brought out of his truck and offers to release her back to Rick. Rick agrees to talk only when Holly is safely back inside, to which Negan agrees. This is later shown to be a ploy as it's revealed that Negan had Holly killed and she later reanimated. As the Alexandrians are distracted by this revelation, Negan orders his men to surround Alexandria and throws another grenade over the wall.

Negan is happy seeing all the destruction and chaos. He asks Lucille if seeing him use the grenades makes her jealous of not being inside to take part in all the mayhem and wishes that he was inside as well watching them all burn.

One of his Saviors is then shot through the eye, and gunfire erupts from behind several buildings. Surprised by this, Negan orders his men behind one of the trucks. He asks for one more grenade to use as cover and tells his men "the last boat is leaving... you'd better fucking be on it."

He manages to escape and they are able to make a fast exit. When a Savior makes an offhand comment about retreating, Negan retorts that this wasn't a retreat. Pointing towards the smoke coming from Alexandria, he comments that this means they've won.

All Out War - Part Two[]

After successfully bombarding Alexandria, Negan is seen leading his men back to Sanctuary when he sees a herd of roamers attacking several people from Alexandria. He orders them to kill the roamers and wonders aloud why they are out here beyond the wall.

Nevertheless, he orders Eugene and the others to be taken back with them.

Later, Negan somehow finds out that Eugene was making ammunition for Rick's army and goes to see him. Flanked by Dwight and Carson, Negan demands for Eugene to begin producing ammo for the Saviors. When the latter refuses, he threatens Eugene, saying he could iron Eugene's face or castrate him.

He insists that he doesn't want to do this, but remarks he does things he doesn't like all the time. Eugene still refuses to betray Rick and Negan leaves Eugene, reminding of the castration threat. After ordering Dwight to lock Eugene up and to check on the others, Negan returns to his wives.

The next day Negan reveals to the Saviors that he's come up with a brilliant plan that will help them win the war. He has assembled a group of roamers inside the courtyard to demonstrate his idea, exclaiming "they are the lynchpin of our plans going forward."

Reminding them about the fever that comes from getting bit or from any other injury caused by a roamer, Negan approaches one with Lucille. After apologizing to Lucille, Negan begins to rub it all over the roamer, caking the bat with guts and the bacteria that causes the fever. Holding up the "new and improved" Lucille, he says that even the slightest touch from Lucille will now essentially be a death sentence.

He orders the Saviors to do the same to their weapons and then hit the road. Arriving at the Hilltop later that day, Negan and his men hide inside the forest just outside the Hilltop. He then issues the order that they'll attack at sundown.

Hours later, Negan and his troops arrive at the Hilltop gates, demanding to see Rick. Kal is atop the wall and threatens them by saying they won't survive what's behind the walls. Negan tells him to bring Rick but Kal says "you're talking to me."

Insulted, Negan has one of his men shoot Kal off the wall. Once again, Negan demands for Rick to show himself. After no response from him, Negan orders his men to further gunk up their weapons, saying they're going in. He goes up to Dwight, making sure his arrows are covered. Dwight offhandedly talks back, but Negan dismisses it.

He warns Rick one more time what will happen and then orders a truck to ram into the front gates. The truck gets shot up, but Negan issues another to take its place and has motorcycles come in as well. The Saviors pour into the Hilltop and begin to kill off the residents.

As gunfire continues to erupt towards them, Negan and Dwight get separated from the other Saviors. Negan is unaware that Dwight is loading an arrow to kill him when he spots Rick away from the other survivors.

He tells Dwight to shoot Rick; no matter where. Dwight is hesitant to do so, but Negan demands why he's waiting and screams at him to shoot Rick. Dwight finally does so, hitting Rick in the side. After this, Negan declares that without Rick, the rebels are nothing, and that the game is over.

Negan and Dwight retreat back to the rest of the Saviors, hoping to devise a plan of attack against the remaining survivors at Hilltop. When night completely falls on the colony, Negan is almost shot by one of the Saviors, who states he couldn't see properly in the darkness. Negan says that it is not that dark and asks one of his Saviors the status of the battle.

The Savior tells him most of The Saviors are now re-grouped and they are ready to get back on the defensive and Negan orders him and the rest of the men to get ready for their attack on the Hilltop mansion.

When they begin their attack, they are immediately surrounded by many of Rick's forces, who manage to cause Negan to order and retreat and head back to The Savior camps on the hillside near Hilltop.

After his and The Saviors' retreat, Negan is seen back at the camp alongside Dwight, who questions if camping so close to Hilltop is a good idea. Negan says that they are doing it and remarks that he sometimes wonders if Dwight has ever had a brain in his head. He elaborates by saying that Rick's forces won't have enough manpower to counterattack and that because Dwight shot Rick with an arrow, his death will cause the remaining forces to bow back down to Negan and he says that he will be their Savior again, as long as they let him urinate on Rick's dead body.

Seeing the look on Dwight's face, Negan says that there's nothing weird about it, since Rick has ruined everything. He is then informed that Carson has escaped with Eugene. Negan tells him not to worry about it, and that they will deal with them later.

He arrives at Hilltop gates, and shoots twice into the air. He claims that he's there to accept their surrender and asks them to send whoever is now in charge out. He swears the area he's in will be a safe zone and there won't be any bloodshed.

After getting impatient, Negan threatens to come back inside when Rick exits the Hilltop. Bowled over with shock to see him still alive, Negan turns towards Dwight for an answer but Rick tells him to look at him.

Overcoming his initial shock, Negan asks Rick to surrender, to let things go back the way they were, but Rick refuses. He repeats that he only kills people to make an example and threatens Rick that he will do so again if pushed too far, but Rick replies by saying he's the stupidest fucking person still alive.

Taken aback, Negan asks what he's talking about. Rick goes on to say that they should pool their resources and people together. Negan doesn't believe him, saying that with the system he is been using saves lives. Rick tells him in the current situation, the only ones who are winning are the undead; the only way to get through this is by working together.

Negan takes this all in and Rick says that they can take their supplies, but they must give the survivors something in return: make supplies of their own to give or trade for others via a barter system. A fog seems to lift from Negan's mind and he finally sees what Rick has been talking about, realizing that his actions and methods have only helped himself while the communities he's been threatening have suffered.

Negan says he's been wrong all along and that Rick is right. Rick then slashes Negan's throat with a knife, responding "Good."

Caught by surprise, Negan begins bleeding out while Rick begins to address the remaining Saviors. Negan then tackles Rick and begins beating him. Despite Rick putting up a fight, Negan catches one of Rick's legs and breaks it.

Laughing, he passes out due to blood loss. He eventually wakes up inside one of the rooms in the Hilltop and sees Rick standing over him. He admits to Rick that during the conversation Rick had with Carl, he was able to only catch bits and pieces of it. He knows that Rick decided not to kill him, but asks what was going to happen next. Rick reveals that he will keep Negan alive so he can see how much he was holding the survivors back, telling him he will rot in jail until he dies an old man.

A New Beginning[]

Two years after the war, Carl goes to the basement of an unknown house and talks to a figure in the shadows. Saying how he, Mikey and some other boys went to a girl's house after class, and that she showed them her breasts. He says it was cool and all but he kind of had a crush on her, but after this he's not sure, remarking how he doesn't want to have someone who does that sort of thing.

The figure says that nothing is wrong with the girl and suggest Carl not hold this one instance against her. He then says to Carl that he enjoys the talks, that it's good for him to keep track of the time and days passed. Carl says he's leaving, before he leaves, the figure asks him if, after all this time, all the things they've shared and the talks they've had, Carl still wants to kill him. He turns around and faces the person behind bars, simply saying: "Yes, Negan. You know I do."

Negan asks how he was supposed to know that Carl wanted to kill him and tells him not to insult his intelligence. Negan says that he thought the two of them were friends to which Carl walks away, making Negan retreat into the corner of his cell. 

Negan says to Rick that his least favorite part of the day is shitting in a bucket but it's also his favorite as Rick has to be the one to come get it. Rick says that he's only bringing him food and that someone else will be out to clean his bucket later.

He asks if Rick is taking Carl to the Hilltop, slightly shocking Rick. Negan says that him and Carl are friends and that Rick couldn't break that bond. Negan asks if the creaking he can hear is a windmill, making Rick say that life would go on without him just as he said it would.

Negan tells Rick that he's just getting things ready for him, and that he won't be in his cell forever. Rick says that he knows Negan will die behind bars, Negan states he won't and that deep down, Rick knows he should have killed Negan.

Rick asks him if he noticed that he doesn't use profanity all that much anymore and asks why that is. Negan says he doesn't see the point and that it is best to save his energy. Rick tells him that's not why, it is because Negan has been neutered like a dog and has no fight left in him.

Magna and her group later come down to see who was in the jail. When they walk down the stairs to where Negan is being held, Negan grabs the bars to his cell and asks if they're here to rescue him, saying that they are animals. This shocks Magna and her group.

He begs to be released and claims Rick is a monster who locked him up and tortured him for speaking out against him. However, Magna doesn't believe him, having seen actual victims of torture. Negan admits he was lying but had to give it a try. Magna and her companions leave the cell.

Life and Death[]

Negan is bathing in a small tub provided for him outside of his cage. He is being guarded at gunpoint by two men as Olivia cuts his hair. The two share uncomfortable words about his scars as she does so. Andrea enters to assure that everything was good to which Negan responds the one thing he has never been accused of is being good.

The two men then take the tub as Negan dresses and Andrea orders him to go back into his cell with her gun drawn. Olivia struggles with locking the cell but eventually believes to succeed. The two women then also leave and he sighs, leaning against the bars. But much to his surprise, the door swings open, having been left unlocked.

Later on, Rick goes downstairs, and much to his shock, Negan is sitting inside his cell, with the door open. Negan sarcastically welcomes him home. Rick reaches for his gun, only to be taunted by Negan about his leg and his "grandpa" appearance.

He then questions Rick about the gun, since he could have easily sneaked behind and subdued Rick, but instead he decided to stay, as to make Rick trust him a little. He goes on and say that he could have booby-trapped the safe-zone, he could have started a fire in the house to kill Rick and Andrea while they're asleep or that he could have simply raped Andrea without anyone knowing.

Much to Negan's surprise, Rick still says that nothing has changed and that he has no trust in Negan. Knowing that nothing he says will work, Negan proceeds to taunt Rick about the reason why he's keeping him here, only to prove to himself and no one else that he has mercy, and that he wants others to believe he's a good person and the only one who can fix the world.

No Turning Back[]

After a tumultuous community meeting regarding Rick's proposed plan regarding the Whisperers, Rick goes to Negan's cell and asks for his help. He fills him in on everything that has happened since they've come into conflict with this new group.

Negan advises Rick to keep his group happy, even if that means lying to them, touting his expertise as leader of the Saviors, some of whom disliked him. Rick leaves, and Negan dons a grin. When Negan hears the chants and cheers of Rick's name at a later town meeting, Negan smiles and says, "atta boy."

Call To Arms[]

Later on, Negan is approached in his cell by Brandon Rose, who has the keys to the cell and wants to release Negan so they can inform The Whisperers of Rick's plan to attack them, and they can come back to kill Rick and the other members of the community. Negan is skeptical that they would leave the Safe-Zone alive, though Brandon assures Negan that a group from the Hilltop are preparing to leave as well, so Negan and Brandon can smuggle themselves out. Negan tells Brandon that he'll think about it. When Rick and Michonne arrive after being told that the keys are missing, they find an empty cell.

Negan and Brandon, having abandoned the Safe-Zone, meet up in the woods where the latter gave Negan his jacket who remarked he feels naked without it. Brandon presses Negan to contact the Whisperers, with Negan pointing out that Brandon's plan is flawed, for now Negan has his freedom and Brandon has no leverage over him. Negan orders Brandon to lead him to the Whisperers, making it clear that he is the one in charge. As they make their way to the border, Brandon's complaints irritate Negan, who bluntly expresses his dislike for the boy. The pair reach the border where Brandon's mother's head was placed by the Whisperers at which point Brandon breaks down, Negan responds by insulting him, though Negan appears to show empathy by apologizing and embracing him.

Brandon expresses his desire of revenge on both Rick and the Whisperers by pitting the two sides against each other, Negan says that is the plan, before plunging a knife through Brandon's heart. As Negan walks into the Whisperer's territory, he tauntingly tells Brandon's corpse that this was his plan, not his. That night, Negan curses Brandon for not packing any food or a tent but stops when he hears movement. Pulling out his knife, he orders whoever is there to come out and is somewhat surprised to see several survivors disguised as walkers. One of them questions what he is doing there and soon, Beta appears and questions him as well. After some back and forth with Negan requesting a place to stay for the night, Beta has him disarmed and brought to their camp.

Negan engages in some "friendly" conversation with Alpha. After a while, she asks how he survived so long. He tells her he was with another group, but they "booted him out". She asks him if he's looking for revenge on these people. He says it's not the kind of thing he'd ask for on a first date. Alpha asks him to stop, but he continues making sexual remarks, leading to Alpha punching him in the face, prompting Negan to apologize, saying he can tell he crossed a line.

Beta suddenly appears, pinning Negan up against a tree. He tells them about his encounter with Michonne, Aaron and the Militia. Negan admits he lied, saying when he is scared he starts lying. Alpha orders him to explain himself. He doesn't, saying Beta is scary, and to just kill him if that's what they're going to do. Alpha asks him if he's scared, to which he replies no. He says he lived longer than he expected to. When Alpha asks him why he came, Negan says he has a lot to offer her.

Alpha and Beta continue to debate on how to handle Negan, with the later stating his disapproval for allowing him to live despite him deceiving the Whisperers of his true nature as an escaped prisoner and that he doesn't understand the nature of their ways. Negan states his willingness to learn but also questions how the Whisperers recruit others when they trust so little in reference to Beta's attitude towards him.

Beta becomes enraged by Negan's statement but Alpha pulls him aside and asserts herself in suggesting whether Beta questions her judgement and leadership, questioning if it his time to become Alpha, asking him if he's challenging her. Beta quickly lowers on one knee and apologizes for his actions, asking for forgiveness which Alpha grants him before asking him to leave her with Negan; the latter applauds Alpha confronting Beta as awesome, before bowing down to Alpha himself, requesting acceptance which she grants him. Negan jokes about how the experience gave him an erection; he quickly apologizes after seeing the look on Alpha's face. She tells Negan that he should learn and follow the Whisperers rules, however doubting his survival. When Negan requests to have his knife back (along with his own skin suit), Alpha responds he must earn the right to have both.

Negan is later seen participating with the Whisperers in various activities such as loading cargo onto carts, feeding horses, sleeping in sleeping bags alongside other Whisperers and is ecstatic when he is able to shoot a boar with a long bow on his first try. Negan boasts proudly of his achievement which leads him to being reminded by Alpha in being silent and not raise noise. One day, as Negan hacks at a fallen tree, he is approached by a Whisperer informing him of nearby roamers and that he shouldn't draw any attention so they can pass before passing a group of Whisperers preparing a skin suit.

As Negan carries logs of wood he is grabbed by a roamer to his surprise. The Whisperers refuse to help, stating that if he is strong he will survive much to Negan's annoyance. Alpha then promptly drops Negan's knife close to him, requesting Negan to prove that deserves having his property returned to him. Negan is then able to dispatch two roamers with the Whisperers in awe of his skills, however Beta scoffs at his achievement.

Later that night, Alpha requests Negan to join her for dinner which notably upsets Beta. As Negan prepares his sleeping bag, Beta orders Negan to sleep on the other side of camp and not with Alpha. Negan mocks Beta under his breath. As Negan looks for a place to sleep he hears out cries for help to which he runs over to and is shocked to discover two male Whisperers attempting to rape a female Whisperer. Negan steps in to protect the female, calling the males a pair of "sick fucks". Before Negan attempts to murder one of the assailants, Beta knocks him over the head.

Beta defends the men by claiming they were simply "living their lives" and that interference only denies the right for the victim to defend themselves thus proving their strength. Alpha concurs, saying that despite understanding Negan's actions that interference is not their way. Negan becomes outraged by their reasoning for such atrocities, causing him to be "punished."

Later seen sleeping outside the camp with no protection as his form of punishment, Negan mutters his disdain for the Whisperers, calling them weirdos. Alpha approaches Negan, stating him to have proven himself as an asset and that he has gained her respect and trust. However, she also fears that Negan doesn't belong with the Whisperers. Negan mockingly suggests that he belongs because they need him as he expresses his hatred for the barbarity that Alpha tolerates and that she should be ashamed of herself for letting the horrors continue.

She defends herself by saying if the weak are protected they will never become strong. Negan counters by saying protecting the weak is the basis for civilization and by not doing so makes the Whisperers nothing but animals, to which she declares they are, and that civilization is a myth and Negan must stare into the ugliness to see the truth. Negan is unswayed, declaring Alpha's reasoning as bullshit. He argues hurting people for pleasure as a form of "instinct" makes you a monster that should be executed on the spot. Given Negan's own commitment of atrocities, he defends his actions as being for the greater good and never for pleasure, exempting himself as a monster.

Alpha declares that in nature only the strong survive, and attempts to further her point but becomes emotionally shaken and attempts to leave. Noticing this, Negan orders her to come back and talk to her. Negan says that Alpha doesn't have to worry about displaying weakness by crying in front of him as he doesn't want to assert himself as the next Alpha unlike other Whisperers who would if they noticed and that she has Beta to protect her.

She disagrees that Beta protects her to which Negan suggests otherwise, calling her a hypocrite and that she wouldn't survive as long as she has without Beta protecting her. Alpha attempts to assert that her strength and authority is what creates order among the Whisperers before breaking down into tears when she states how she thought that letting Rick's group take her daughter, Lydia, would make her stronger and that there was no other way to live in this world. "I... I miss her so much", says Alpha, finally expressing her love for Lydia.

Realizing how exposed she made herself to Negan, Alpha declares herself as weak and not fit to lead. Negan, surprised by Alpha's emotional outburst, begins to lament on the loss of someone close to him before the apocalypse started and how much it broke him, causing him to lose all sense of feeling. He declares his emotional insensibility to be his strength and the reason he has survived this long. Negan claims how this helps in him committing atrocities in order for the greater good whilst not feeling remorse for the pain he causes; "It just is what it is. It's survival".

Negan compares his emotionally severed connection to the world with Alpha's façade and argues she's only pretending to be emotionally detached. Wowed, Alpha suggests that perhaps Negan does belong with the Whisperers after all to which Negan suggests as well; he suddenly slashes Alpha's throat with his knife before ultimately revealing he doesn't want to be with the Whisperers. She falls to her knees in shock, bleeding out. He delicately lowers her onto her back and then slashes her throat several more times until he holds her head in his hands. He tells the head to wait until Rick sees it.

The Whisperer War[]

On patrol, Magna spies Negan approaching with a bag. She yells for Dwight, who wants Magna to shoot him but she refuses. Since Negan is unarmed and seemingly poses no immediate threat, they agree to take him back to Rick. Negan tries to grab Lucille from Dwight's back, but Dwight doesn't let him. Negan teases him, asserting that he will prove his trustworthiness, and saying "You're going to fucking give her to me."

Later, Negan shows the head to Rick and Andrea, who are very hesitant to believe and trust him. Negan reassures them that he only wants trust. He says Rick's way of thinking is inspiring. He says he could've taken several chances and attacked Rick, but he didn't. He wants to fight with him, not against him. Rick finally agrees to let Negan out of the cell, but not in a community. He will live in an outpost, alone, with only enough food and weaponry to keep him surviving. He is not allowed these freedoms yet, though. He is going to be monitored for a long time and will fight in the front lines against the Whisperers. He will earn his freedom after the war, unless he slips up, in which case he will be immediately killed. Negan is later present when the group discuss where to station themselves. He is also seen travelling with the Militia to patrol.

Negan is seen patrolling with Dwight. He asks Dwight for a gun, but Dwight refuses. He proceed to tease Dwight about Sherry until Dwight shouts at him to stop. Laura runs up saying they've got movement and possible contact. Negan stands back as the Militia fire at horde of zombies and Whisperers approaching, however moves to action when a soldier is attacked by a Whisperer. He defeats the Whisperer and grabs the fallen soldier's gun, but is snuck up upon by a zombie, but the zombie is killed by someone unknown, just in time. He now fires at the approaching horde. Later, as Dwight is attacked by Beta, Beta is struck over the head by an assailant revealed to be Negan, who promises to kill Beta.

Negan fights with Beta, slamming his gun into his back, and Beta cutting Negan's forehead. When Beta disarms him, Dwight tosses him Lucille, who Negan hits off Beta's back. To Negan's anguish, Lucille breaks in half by the force of the blow. Tears well in Negan's eyes as he runs to kill Beta, however he is forced to pause when he's attacked by two zombies. During this time, Beta escapes.

After the battle, Negan buries Lucille as a way to properly lay to rest the person he named her after: his wife. Negan openly mourns her, apologizing for failing to bury her previously and be a good husband as well as naming the bat in honor of her. Negan then arrives at Alexandria with the rest of Militia, knowing that he doesn't belong and no one cares about him as other members are embraced.

A Certain Doom[]

As a giant herd attack Alexandria, Negan saved Rick's life and they hid in a house. Negan tries to start up a conversation with Rick only to be told off. Negan will take lead in the clean up of the walkers when he, Rick and the rest are saved by Sherry, now leading the Saviors, who kills the rest of the walkers. Alexandrians say their goodbye to Sherry including Negan. He will later talk to the Saviors and tell them to stand down and listen to Rick or threatens that he will come back as their leader, to which they agree and return back to the Sanctuary.

Lines We Cross[]

Negan is given a handful of supplies and, as Rick promised, granted his freedom and allowed to leave Alexandria. As Negan survives out on his own in the wilderness, he is secretly being watched by Dante. Negan decides to stay close by to where he buried the remains of 'Lucille' and repeatedly visits it. Eventually, Negan discovers a bat inside an abandoned barn and initially refuses to take it and walks away. However, he later returns and soon begins to fashion it as another 'Lucille' using part of the barbed wire fence running along the property. As Negan finishes, he is found by Maggie and Dante. He realizes that she is here to presumably kill him and after he apologizes for killing Glenn and ruining her life, states that he will not try to fight back. Negan then forces Maggie's gun to his head and pleads for her to kill him. He has become so tired of his loneliness and wishes for nothing other than a mercy kill. Maggie decides not to give him what he wants, leaves, and even kills two nearby walkers to prevent Negan from trying to kill himself with them. Later that night, Negan makes a fire and drops 'Lucille 2' into the flames and walks away, seemingly forgiving himself and moving on from Lucille.

Negan Lives[]

After his daily visit to Lucille's grave, Negan returns home and runs into another survivor, Lucy, and quickly forms a connection with her. When Negan realizes she is not alone, the other two members of her group ambush and try to kill him. Lucy begs them not to, but they ignore her. They force Negan to dig his own grave by threatening Lucy's life. They are interrupted by walkers, which devour one of Negan's attackers. He kills the other one with a shovel. Negan decides his new purpose in life is to find his wife where he last left her and bury her body for real, inviting Lucy to join him on his journey.

Rest In Peace[]

Negan eventually moves into a house in Springhaven and makes a tombstone for Lucille, presumably burying her actual remains in the grave. Carl sometimes visits him to drop off supplies, but never gets the chance to speak to him, as Negan is either not at home or avoiding Carl. He is later seen bringing flowers to Lucille's tombstone as Carl reads a bedtime story to Andrea.

Killed Victims[]

This list shows the victims Negan has killed:


For a more in-depth look at Negan's relationships, read here; Negan (Comic Series)/Relationships




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  • Negan is the second major recurring antagonist in the Comic Series, the first being the Governor and the third being Alpha.
    • He also has the longest lifespan out of the three major antagonists and is also the only one not to have been killed.
    • He is the only major antagonist to not primarily go by a nickname, as The Governor and Alpha aren't their true names.
    • He is the only main antagonist who survived the events of the Comic Book Series and is still alive.
    • He is the only main antagonist who has reformed and is no longer an antagonist.
  • Negan was originally called Nagus by Kirkman: "Every now and then I just make up a word and then I look it up and it's a name. So he was Nagus for a long time, and then I realized that the Ferengi high commander on Deep Space Nine was called the Grand Nagus. And I was like, 'Oh, that's where I got that! Oh, okay. Uhh, maybe he's Negan.' So that's how that happened."
    • Another idea for the name was "Negus", emphasizing how negative it sounded.[2]
  • Negan's character was not supposed to appear in issue 100, following Glenn's death. [1]
    • Originally, Glenn was going to be put in a situation where Rick was forced to kill him in order to save his son. Kirkman was not satisfied with this route, and thus Negan was born.
  • Negan's appearance and character were also based off of an unknown actor who Kirkman refused to reveal, just in case that actor wanted to portray him and could not.
    • Charlie Adlard has confirmed that Negan is based on actor Henry Rollins, who is presumably the actor mentioned by Kirkman.[3]
      • Rollins auditioned for the role of Negan in the TV Series, but the role was given to Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
  • Negan's main weapon of choice is a baseball bat wrapped in barbed-wire, which he calls, "Lucille", which he named after his wife.
    • Negan's attachment towards Lucille is shown to be deranged. Apart from claiming that it's saved him more times than he can remember, he also says that it's "the only bitch I've ever loved" and disturbingly admits that he occasionally has sexual thoughts towards Lucille, and even acting on these thoughts. However, given Negan's highly vulgar nature, he may have been joking.
  • Until Issue 158, Negan was never seen carrying or using a gun. However, while he primarily used it as a club to knock down Beta, he did fire it.
  • Negan is one of the Saviors who has the largest appearance in the Comic Series, the other two being Dwight and Laura.
  • Negan's main weapon is his baseball bat "Lucille" with which he appeared for a long time, The last time he was shown with it was in issue 159.
  • Negan was a fan of Neil Young, and possibly saw him on tour.
  • Negan was originally planned to be killed off shortly after his introduction, specifically in Issue 108, however Kirkman said he liked Negan "too much" to kill him off. He was originally supposed to die by the hands of Rick in the end of Volume 17: Something To Fear, appearing in four or five issues. Rick would've delivered Negan's decapitated head to Maggie in a box saying, "I'm sorry". [4]
    • In addition, the story arc was supposed to end when Maggie takes over Hilltop Colony.
    • Negan was also supposed to die at the hands of Maggie in Issue 174, but Kirkman changed his mind as he was writing the issue.
  • At first, it was implied Negan was some kind of cult leader, as the Saviors believed that Negan spoke through all of them. Though the term cult may not apply to all Saviors, there are some who revere him.
    • This is heavily supported in #105, as it is revealed that he runs the Saviors as a cult would entail, complete with the followers bowing at his entrance and chanting to his words.
  • Negan exhibits several symptoms of a God complex, living a life of total and uninhibited dominion over any form of life he sees, people who will follow his every command.
    • Whether or not they choose to follow him willingly never seemed to be an issue, that is, until Rick Grimes began to lead a revolt against him.  
  • Negan despises sexual violence, especially rape, seeing it as a crime against the powerless.
    • Despite his claims, Negan himself is arguably a rapist by sexual coercion. Although, unlike his TV counterpart, it's unclear if Negan did coerced his wives as Laura said to Dwight in issue 149 that Negan didn't pressure Sherry or force into becoming his wive.
  • Negan, Dwight, Laura, Sherry, John, and Tara are the only named Saviors to have appeared on more than one issue cover.
  • A fan asked via Reddit which are the hardest characters to write, and Kirkman answered that "Negan is a blast".
  • Negan's backstory was revealed through Image+, a monthly magazine published by Image Comics. It is titled "Here's Negan" and includes 48 pages of story.[5]
  • Negan is the first recurring antagonist to kill another recurring antagonist.
  • Negan holds the most appearances in the comic book out of any character introduced in the third compendium.
  • Negan appears on variant covers for a single issue of five Skybound comic book series under the caption "Negan Kills...". Those series are Green Valley[6], Manifest Destiny, Thief of Thieves, Birthright and Horizon[7].
  • In Issue 162 it is revealed that Negan believes in an after life. More specifically in Heaven and at least an undesirable place which is possibly Hell. However in a later issue, he confirms he is an atheist and doesn’t believe that Lucille is watching over him.
  • In the letter hacks for Issue 182, Robert Kirkman says we'll never see Negan again. And if we do, he’d be surprised to see him with another bat.
  • Negan, along with Rick, Andrea, Billy, Michonne, Brian, Abraham, Paul and Alpha, have killed the most named characters, either as a zombie or as a living person.
  • In the letter hacks for Issue 192, Robert Kirkman once again reiterates, possibly joking, that we'll never see Negan again.
    • Interestingly, he later hints in the same letter hacks that Negan will be the main focus of the series as of Rick's death.
    • Negan returned in Issue 193, and was shown to be living in Springhaven, though he avoids contact with any survivors.
  • Interestingly, despite being more than 70 years old in Issue 193, Negan's appearance seemingly hasn't changed much. He still wears the exact same clothes and his hair is shown to be black with no signs of greying at all.
  • Negan is one of the three antagonists who survive the events of the comic book series, the others being Sebastian Milton and Hershel Greene.
  • At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Kirkman revealed he's open to the idea of doing a Negan spin-off, but currently has no plans to.[8]
  • When asked why Negan is without a last name, Robert Kirkman responded "Yeah, I don't know, I do things to entertain myself that, then when the comic gets turned into a TV show, it's super weird. But I just think it's funny to not give characters last names because, I don't know, it's interesting to me. It really doesn't play well on panels though, I'll tell you that much. But when I'm at home and I'm writing, I'm like, 'I'm not doing this,' because you gotta come up with a list of names and then pick one and it's never interesting."
  • His Rick Grimes 2000 counterpart reveals that he was a fan of anime before the apocalypse.
  • Negan is known for his excessive use of vulgar language, notably the word "fuck", which he often uses multiple times in regular conversations. From his first appearance in Issue 100 until his final speaking role in Issue 174, Negan says the word "fuck", including any variants (motherfucker, fucking, "fuckity" etc.) a total of 736 times within the main comic series.
    • Negan's prequel story Here's Negan shows that he used this excessive profanity even before the apocalypse, when talking to his wife and his students.
    • In Here's Negan, Negan uses the word and its variants 80 times.
    • In Negan Lives, the total uses of the word is 39.
      • In total, Negan uses the word "fuck" and any of its aforementioned variants a total of 855 times in The Walking Dead comic series, far more than any other character.
  • Negan is the fourth main character in Comic Series who killed another main character, the first being Brian Blake, the second being Michonne Hawthorne, the third being Dwight, the fifth being Rick Grimes.
  • In Issue 140, Negan is shown to have a scar on his side. This was the result of him falling into a bed of barbed wire during his fight with the camp survivor.


  • From Issue 100 to Issue 126, Negan appears to wear a woman's jacket due to the side of the zipper. It is fixed in Issue 153 as he appears with the zipper on the other side.
  • When Negan gutted Spencer, the hand that didn't hold the knife (the left hand) was drawn as a right hand, clenched in a fist, despite the knife being held by his actual right hand.

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