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"Little pig, little pig, let me in!"

Negan (ニーガン Nīgan?) is the leader of a survivor group known as The Saviors in Image Comics' comic book series, The Walking Dead. Charismatic and power hungry, Negan forced his iron-fisted rule to whatever group of survivors he encountered and never hesitated to kill others if it meant intimidating people into submission.

Negan was first teased at EVO 2018 as part of the second wave of Tekken 7DLC characters, and is the fourth guest character to be added to the roster, after Akuma, Geese and Noctis.


  • Negan is the second guest character who originates from a comic book series, the first being Gon.
  • Negan is the first guest character to originate from a non-Japanese franchise, as The Walking Dead originated in America.
  • Negan’s character and traits are mostly based on his AMC’s live-action adaption counterpart than his original comic book counterpart, hence his voice actor.
    • Geralt of Rivia from Andrzej Sapowski’s novel series The Witcher, who guest appearing in Bandai Namco’s other original fighting game, the rebooted-theme Soulcalibur VI shares similar cases as Negan for retaining the actors from their well-known other adaptions they are currently based on, with Geralt’s appearance is mostly based on his CD Projekt Red video game counterpart.
  • In the trailer, the text "Hell, you're going to be doing that" originates from The Walking Dead TV series, where Negan kills Abraham. But on his reveal trailer, it was his Rage Art where he executes the move towards Paul Phoenix.
  • In his reveal trailer, the first scene references as how he captures Rick and his group while confronting them with his Lucille in this case the Tekken characters.


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