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This Neighborhood is a location seen in Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Rural Georgia

Nothing is known about the location's history, before or as the outbreak began. Sam used to live in this neighborhood.


Season 4


Rick and Carl continue walking until they take shelter in an abandoned house. After investigating, Carl loudly bangs and curses to draw walkers out, but Rick is angry at him for doing so. Carl snaps back that he isn't a kid, and proceeds to clear the upper floor by himself. He lingers in the kid's room, gazing wistfully at the sports posters and gaming system before yanking out a cable from the TV to secure the front door. As they secure the door, they argue over whether a knot is enough or to push the couch against the door. Carl angrily snaps that his knot is a good one and verbally slaps Rick, mentioning that Shane taught him it. Rick then tells him that he remembers Shane every day and asks if Carl has anything else he'd like to say. Carl doesn't respond and they push the couch against the door and flip it right-side-up. Rick goes into the bathroom of the house and observes the bruises and scars on his body, one of them being the stab wound he sustained from Morgan.

In the house, Rick has fallen unconscious due to his injuries. Carl tries to wake him up, but to no avail. In frustration, Carl starts yelling, which alerts two walkers outside. He lures the walkers away from the front door to kill them somewhere away from the house, but gets boxed in by a third walker coming up from behind. However, after a frantic shooting spree, he manages to kill all three walkers unscathed, restating his comment to Rick: "I win."

When Carl returns from his supply run, the sight of his unconscious father sends him into a rage. He castigates Rick for his supposed failure to protect the prison group, then blames him for what happened to Lori and Judith. Carl states that he never forgot how to survive, not even when Rick wanted to "play farmer". When his father fails to respond, Carl says he doesn't need him anymore, and he wouldn't care if he died.

Carl goes on another supply trip in a nearby house. Upstairs, he opens a door with a walker behind it. After a struggle, in which he missed the walker with his gun, he is nearly bitten on his leg but manages to get loose when the walker pulls one shoe off his foot. Carl shuts the door, locking the walker in the room. He finds a piece of chalk and writes "WALKER INSIDE. GOT MY SHOE. DIDN'T GET ME". As he perches himself on the roof of the house, he proceeds to eat a huge #10 can of chocolate pudding with the walker grasping out of the window.

Carl returns to the house where Rick is still unconscious. Rick begins to move and groan, making Carl believe that he has turned. He grabs Rick's gun, but breaks down sobbing, unable to bring himself to shoot, stating that he does need him. Rick falls to the floor and reaches for Carl's leg. Having realized that he doesn't want to be alone, Carl opens himself for the seemingly zombified Rick. However, to Carl's extreme relief, Rick manages to groan out his name. Carl cradles his father's head in his arms and says "I'm scared".

The next morning, Rick tells Carl that he shouldn't have risked going out on his own, but Carl reassures him that he was careful. Rick congratulates Carl on retrieving more food and supplies. Carl then states that he had eaten some of the food. When Rick asks what it was, Carl tells him that it was 112 ounces of pudding, over which they share a laugh. Rick explains that he understands that they will never get things back to the way they were. He then explains the reason he spent the time trying to be a farmer and build a community was for Carl and Judith's sake. He goes on to tell his son that he is a man now and that he is sorry for treating him like a child, to which Carl challenges and makes it clear that Rick was right to act the way he did.

Continuing to search for Rick and Carl, Michonne discovers the can of pudding that Carl was eating, discarded in the street in front of their house. When she walks up on the porch, she sees them together through the window. She starts to cry for joy and then looks up as if thanking God. When she knocks on the door, Rick looks to the peephole and starts to laugh at the sight of their friend. Rick then turns to Carl, and says "It's for you."


Michonne and Carl sit down for a bowl of cereal for breakfast. When Michonne says that she'd love to have soy milk, Carl replies that it's nasty and that he'd rather drink Judith's formula. Reminding himself of his sister's unknown fate, he abruptly leaves the table. Michonne tells Rick they are going on a supply run. Rick offers his services, but Michonne tells him that he needs to rest. Rick gives Carl his Colt Python, giving him and Michonne until midday to return. Rick then goes upstairs and falls asleep on a bed.

After clearing their first house, Michonne tries to cheer Carl up by eating a copious amount of Crazy Cheese and acting like a walker. When this fails to make Carl laugh, she says that she is good at making toddlers laugh. This prompts Carl to ask when she was around toddlers. Michonne replies that she had a child before the apocalypse, which surprises Carl.

Rick awakens from his slumber to the sound of men on the lower level of the house. After hearing approaching footsteps climbing the stairs, he dives under the bed after retrieving signs that he was there: a bottle of water and a book. A survivor named Tony drops on top of the bed after circling it a few times, and soon falls asleep.

Michonne and Carl are continuing to clear out a house. Carl convinces Michonne to reveal that her child's name was Andre Anthony. Michonne finds a baby's room, with an entire deceased family inside. Shaken, Michonne slams the door shut and sees Carl standing outside, and lies to him that there was a dead animal inside. Carl seems to see through the lie, but doesn't press the issue and they stand together in the room. "Maybe Andre and Judith are together somewhere" Carl tells Michonne.

Len enters the room with Rick, who is still hiding underneath the bed. After arguing about who gets to sleep in the bed, Len violently throws Tony off of the bed, and a fight ensues. At one point, Tony locks eyes with Rick while being choked by Len, falling into unconsciousness before he can say anything. The second survivor, satisfied, leaves his friend on the floor and goes to sleep in the bed.

While Len sleeps and Tony is knocked out, Rick leaves the room and attempts to leave the house, but is spotted by Lou. After a short, brutal fight, Rick chokes Lou to death and acquires his submachine gun. After leaving the bathroom door slightly open, presumably so his reanimated corpse can attack the others. He then leaves through a window and walks around the edge of the house. He sees the leader of group Joe sitting on the porch and is about to kill him when he hears screams inside coming from Harley, either attacked by a reanimated Lou. When Joe runs inside to assist, Rick sees Michonne and Carl returning from their run. He sprints towards them and directs them away from the house.




  • Lou (Alive and Zombified)
  • 1 unnamed man


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