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I come from New Babylon. Capital city. It's more of a small town, tree-lined streets, families looking out for each other.
Perlie informing Maggie about New Babylon.[src]

New Babylon is a location mentioned in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City. It is the capital city of the New Babylon Federation.


At some point during the outbreak, a group of survivors began residing in a small town in Virginia and declared it the capital city of the New Babylon Federation.

Season 1[]

"Old Acquaintances"[]

On her way to meet Nina, Maggie Rhee drives past a sign welcoming travelers to New Babylon. Nearby, two people have been hung for unknown crimes with one having reanimated as a walker.

New Babylon is mentioned by Marshal Perlie Armstrong as the capital city of the New Babylon Federation and where he lives with his wife and three daughters. He describes the capital as a small town with tree-lined streets and families that look after each other.

"Doma Smo"[]

As Perlie returned back to New Babylon he stops and glances at the individuals who had been hanged for their crimes uncomfortably. He is later seen telling the story of how he "killed" Negan to the Prefect and several others. They offer him a drink and congratulate him but the Perfect isn't buying the story and asks him to repeat the story to her again but instead she wants to hear about the methane fuel.