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"New Haunts" is the tenth episode of the eleventh season of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the one-hundred and sixty-third episode of the series overall. It premiered on February 27, 2022. It was written by Magali Lozano and directed by Jon Amiel.


The heroes experience Halloween in the Commonwealth. Daryl and Rosita undergo military training led by Mercer. Carol investigates Ezekiel's medical condition.


Daryl, Judith, and R.J. creep down a dark hallway lined with caged walkers. A walker comes at them but backs off after Daryl sends it away. It's just an actor, and they are in a Haunted Maze.

Daryl, Judith, and R.J. exit the Haunted Maze and mingle at the Commonwealth's Halloween carnival. It is Day 30 of their new life in the Commonwealth.

Carol and Magna serve trays of food at the carnival. A girl named Mei introduces herself to Judith and offers to show her around.

Daryl remarks to Carol that it will take him awhile to adjust to life in the Commonwealth. Everyone claps as Governor Pamela Milton joins the carnival.

Daryl and Carol chat with Kelly and Connie, who is working as a reporter for the Commonwealth newspaper.

Carol watches Ezekiel from afar and notices that his throat is bothering him – a sign that the cancer is worsening.

Gabriel takes Coco for the night so Rosita can rest after her late shift.

Daryl and Rosita leave their apartments to attend a Commonwealth training for troopers.

Ezekiel plays with Jerry's kids and R.J. and gives one of them Shiva's old collar. Carol asks Ezekiel how he's feeling. Ezekiel insists he's doing well.

Carol sneaks into the hospital and looks up Ezekiel's medical record. Tomi, who is now working as a doctor, catches her in the act but decides to help her out. He observes that Ezekiel is unlikely to get his surgery in time to save him, given his place on the waiting list.

Mercer divides the new recruits into pairs, instructing them to kill the walkers in their kill house while working together and sharing one knife.

Rosita and her partner, Green, race into their kill house, while Daryl and his partner, Jake, race into a separate kill house.

Daryl fights a walker and shoos Jake ahead. Later, Daryl sees Jake struggling with a walker, but decides to go after a different walker.

Rosita pulls a walker off Green, who then kills it. Later, Rosita gives the knife to Green, then kills a walker with its own limb.

Jake screams for help as a walker attacks him. Mercer shoots the walker and glares at Daryl for abandoning his partner.

Mercer praises Rosita and Green for their teamwork.

Judith and Mei peruse albums at a record shop where Princess works. Mei buys an album for Judith after realizing that Judith doesn't have an allowance.

Carol overhears Max rejecting the wine that Hornsby had picked out for Pamela's upcoming masquerade ball. Hornsby dumps the wine in a trash can.

Carol looks through receipts in an abandoned wine shop. She tracks down a home using the address on a receipt for an expensive wine purchase. She fights walkers while searching the wine cellar.

Mercer, Daryl, and Rosita head into the woods for a training session with Sebastian. Mercer releases a group of walkers for Sebastian to kill. Sebastian struggles with a walker, prompting Daryl to kill it with his crossbow. Sebastian angrily tells Daryl that he could have handled it. Pamela passes by and looks at Sebastian with disappointment. Mercer advises Daryl that it's sometimes important to set each other up to win.

At home, Judith and R.J. ask Daryl if they can live permanently at the Commonwealth, as long as their mom knows where to find them.

Carol brings Hornsby a case of expensive wine to serve at the masquerade. In exchange, she asks him to move up a friend's surgery. Impressed by Carol's resourcefulness, Hornsby says he will see how Pamela likes the wine before making any promises.

Magna works in the kitchen at the masquerade ball and chats with Sally, another server who is preparing a platter of fruit. After filling off wine glasses on a tray, Magna proceeds to serve guests out at the party. She exchanges brief pleasantries with Yumiko and Tomi, who are guests. Tomi tells Yumiko he feels uncomfortable with the extravagant scene and proceeds to chug an entire glass of wine before fetching a second glass.

A crowd mobs the red carpet outside the masquerade ball, including Princess and several Alexandrians and Hilltoppers, who watch as dressed up guests arrive for the ball, including Lance Hornsby and Sebastian Milton. Everyone claps and cheers as Mercer arrives. Mercer chats with Princess in the crowd and invites her to join him as his party guest. Initially, the doorman refuses entry to Princess due to her name not being on the list, but Mercer remains firm in his decision to bring her along.

An excited Lance approaches Pamela asking about the wine, clearly proud of his findings, to which Pamela replies "fine," and suggests they discuss his Alexandria idea at a later time, much to Lance's disappointment. Connie interviews Pamela and wonders what her father, the former United States President, would say about the class divide at the party. Pamela evades the question and introduces her to Carrie, a woman who won the lottery the year before. A server tries to approach Pamela, but Max shoos him away. Princess recognizes the server as the soldier who she beat up in the train car.

Pamela gives a speech and unveils a portrait of her father. The server, Tyler, holds Max at knifepoint and accuses Pamela of lying. He says he lost everything because of one mistake and says people like him mean nothing to Pamela. Max tries to calm Tyler down. He lets her go and flees.

Daryl corners Tyler inside the Haunted Maze and convinces him not to commit suicide. Sebastian follows them inside. Daryl instructs Sebastian to bring Tyler to Pamela, allowing him to take credit.

Sebastian takes Tyler back to the masquerade and receives credit for Tyler's capture. "Resist the Commonwealth! Visibility for workers! Equality for all!" Tyler screams as he's escorted out of the room, adding that there are thousands more like him. Pamela orders Hornsby to investigate whether there are more resisters.

Yumiko and Max hand out money and non-disclosure agreements to party guests to ensure their discretion. Carol asks Hornsby how Pamela liked the wine. Hornsby says it was a good first step and hints he'd like something else from Carol. Mercer orders Rosita to interrogate Magna about Tyler.

Rosita asks Magna questions about Tyler. Magna says she didn't know Tyler, but that she believes what he said about the Commonwealth.

Ezekiel visits Carol and gives her a keepsake box that had belonged to Henry. Carol again asks Ezekiel how he's doing. She tears up when Ezekiel assures her that he's fine.

Daryl gets ready for work. He gives Judith a record player to play her new record.

Daryl, Rosita, and a team of Commonwealth troopers storm Tyler Davis' apartment in search of rebels. Rosita finds a secret room in the back of a closet filled with propaganda for the resistance.

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  • First appearance of Pamela Milton.
  • First appearance of Mei.
  • First appearance of Celeste.
  • First appearance of Jake Daniels.
  • First appearance of Green.
  • First appearance of Thomas.
  • First appearance of Johnson.
  • First appearance of Hart.
  • First appearance of Quintana.
  • First appearance of Sally.
  • First appearance of Carrie.
  • First appearance of Alexa Park.
  • First appearance of Lewis.
  • First appearance of Katz.
  • First appearance of Murphy.
  • First (and last) appearance of William Milton. (Painting)
  • The title of the episode, "New Haunts", refers to the new location and society of the Commonwealth, and how the characters from Alexandria are assimilating into it.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on February 20, 2022.
  • As of this episode, Callan McAuliffe (Alden) has been removed from the opening credits.
    • Starting with this episode, Laila Robins (Pamela Milton) is credited as a series regular. She is listed under "Also Starring".
  • This episode marks Nadia Hilker's 25th appearance on the TV Series.
  • The original plot summary for the episode was as follows: Weeks have passed since the Alexandrians arrived at the Commonwealth. They adjust to their classifications, their assigned jobs, and the oddity of making new friends.[1]
  • This is the second episode to feature Halloween, after "Scars".
  • Within the medical forms that Carol searches through, Ezekiel's last name is revealed to be Sutton.
  • For unknown reasons, Magna's line to Rosita, "This place is like a city from before, where people who can't fit in get cast out." is shortened from how it appeared in the episode's trailer, with the second part being cut.
  • This episode marks the first time that a U.S. President is mentioned in the TV Series.
    • However, the President was Pamela Milton's late father, who was a fictional U.S. President prior to the outbreak. It is currently unknown when President Milton was in office. Considering his daughter's age and his age in the painting, it's possible that he was President during the Reagan years. Perhaps even like Reagan, was an older President. He had to have been in his mid 60s to mid 70s.
    • The only other modern U.S. president confirmed was Bill Clinton, as confirmed by Madison Clark revealing she voted for him. He also appears in Jeremiah Otto's TV commercial.
  • In the Halloween issue of the Commonwealth Tribune, one of the articles covers a story on a resident named Anthony Keith, who was age 54 and passed away. This is an Easter egg reference to the comic character, Anthony Keith.[2]

Comic Parallels

  • The celebration of Halloween within the Commonwealth is adapted from a similar scene in Issue 71, where the celebration was within Alexandria instead.
  • The haunted house featuring animatronic walkers may be a nod to Issue 193, where Hershel Greene keeps live walkers for an entertainment show.

Episode Highlights