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New Richmond (formerly known as just "Richmond" prior to the New Frontier taking over) is large community featured in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier. It became the current headquarters of the New Frontier around three years after the outbreak.


Not much is known specifically about the area other than that it used to be a fairly large portion of the city of Richmond, Virginia.


At some point early on during the apocalypse, a large group of survivors, presumably Richmond's former residents for the most part, sectioned off this large portion of the city's streets and formed a community. The new town still referred to itself as just simply "Richmond" and was known to be relatively friendly to others,

Around three years after the outbreak, a large paramilitary group known as The New Frontier peacefully took over this town and aforementioned the survivors, providing armed protection in exchange for living together within the safety of their walls and being allowed to establish a headquarters around the town square. The New Frontier's leading members renamed this area, and by association, a large section of the city itself as "New Richmond", likely to mark the two groups uniting. The New Frontier now continues to take charge of managing this town and its people.

Magna and her group from the Comics had been in through this area at one point before finding Alexandria, though it is assumed they left some time before The New Frontier arrived.


  • David Garcia (Former Leader and Head of Security, Determinant)
  • Joan (Former Leader and Head of Communication)
  • Clinton Barnes (Former Leader and Head of Food and Rations)
  • Paul Lingard (Former Leader and Head of Medicine, Determinant)
  • Fern (Former Quarantine Guard)
  • Max (Former Guard)
  • Lonnie (Former Guard)
  • Ava (Former Soldier)
  • Badger (Former Soldier)
  • Rufus (Former Soldier)
  • Ida




  • Paul Lingard - Euthanized by Javier García or Clementine in the hospital (Out of Mercy, Caused; Determinant) Stabbed in the head by Javier García or Clementine in the hospital. (To Prevent Reanimation; Determinant)
  • Lonnie - Shot in the head by David García in the church. (Determinant)
  • Tripp - Shot in the neck by a New Frontier member, later bleeding out on the gallows. (Determinant)
  • Ava - Shot in the head by a New Frontier member on the gallows. (Determinant)
  • Joan - Shot in the eye by Javier García on the gallows. (Determinant)
  • Clinton Barnes - Shot in the head by David García on the gallows. (Determinant)
  • Ida - Devoured by walkers presumably in the Square. (Off-Screen)
  • Conrad - Ran over by Kate García in the Square (Accidental, Determinant)
  • Rufus - Arm amputated by Javier García, dying from blood loss and shock in Eleanor’s apartment. (Alive; Determinant) Shot in the head by David García in Eleanor’s apartment. (Alive or Zombified; Determinant)
  • Kate García - Bitten by walkers. (Alive; Determinant) Shot in the head by Javier García in the Square. (Zombified; Determinant)
  • Many unnamed survivors


  • The Main Gate - The gate is used for survivors to enter and exit New Richmond. There is a walkway above the gate that guards use to watch out for intruders.
  • The Square - The courtyard is where many survivors wander around and cross through to different buildings. This is where the zombie overrun on New Richmond started.
  • The Church - Not much is known about this building but it can be assumed that this is where some people will have meetings. This is where the Memorial Wall is located with pictures of the fallen survivors.
  • The Hospital - This building is used for medical purposes. This is where injured survivors go to be healed.
  • Apartment Building - This building is where some survivors reside. One of the notable inhabitants is Eleanor.
  • The Gallow - The gallow was only built and used in "Thicker Than Water" in order to hang David García.
  • Quarantine Zone - It is used to imprison intruders, newcomers, and deceivers.