New Richmond is a location featured in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Three. It is home base to the New Frontier.


Not much is known before as the area used to be a small part of town.


The area is used as the New Frontier's base. It is filled by many survivors.


  • David Garcia (Former Leader and Head of Security, Determinant)
  • Joan (Former Leader and Head of Communication)
  • Clinton Barnes (Former Leader and Head of Food and Rations)
  • Paul Lingard (Former Leader and Head of Medicine, Determinant)
  • Fern (Former Quarantine Guard)
  • Max (Former Guard)
  • Lonnie (Former Guard)
  • Ava (Former Soldier)
  • Badger (Former Soldier)
  • Rufus (Former Soldier)
  • Ida




  • Paul Lingard - Euthanized by Javier García or Clementine (Out of Mercy, Caused; Determinant) Stabbed in the head by Javier García or Clementine. (To Prevent Reanimation; Determinant)
  • Lonnie - Shot in the head by David García. (Determinant)
  • Tripp - Shot in the neck by a New Frontier member. (Determinant)
  • Ava - Shot in the head by a New Frontier member(Determinant)
  • Joan - Shot in the eye by Javier García. (Determinant)
  • Clinton Barnes - Shot in the head by David García. (Determinant)
  • Ida - Devoured by walkers. (Off-Screen)
  • Rufus - Arm amputated by Javier García, dying from blood loss and shock. (Alive; Determinant) Shot in the head by David García. (Alive or Zombified; Determinant)
  • Kate García - Bitten by walkers. (Alive; Determinant) Shot in the head by Javier García. (Zombified; Determinant)
  • Many unnamed survivors


  • The Main Gate - The gate is used for survivors to enter and exit New Richmond. There is a walkway above the gate that guards use to watch out for intruders.
  • The Courtyard - The courtyard is where many survivors wander around and cross through to different buildings. This is where the zombie overrun on New Richmond started.
  • The Church - Not much is known about this building but it can be assumed that this is where some people will have meetings. This is where the Memorial Wall is located with pictures of the fallen survivors.
  • The Hospital - This building is used for medical purposes. This is where injured survivors go to be healed.
  • Apartment Building - This building is where some survivors reside. One of the notable inhabitants is Eleanor.
  • The Gallow - The gallow was used to hang traitors and thieves. This was only seen being used in "Thicker Than Water" as Joan is about to hang David.
  • Quarantine Zone - It is used to imprison intruders, newcomers, and deceivers.
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