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Hell no. Army shoved in all the fleshies they killed till they got turned into fleshies too.
Amaia rejecting the idea of using the sewers to get into Madison Square Garden.[src]

The New York City Sewer System is a location set to appear in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City.


New York[]



When the outbreak began, the U.S. Army used the sewers to store all of the dead bodies of the walkers that they killed until they themselves were killed and turned into walkers too. According to Tommaso, it was then sealed up "nice and tight."

After arriving in Manhattan, the Croat began using the corpses from the sewers in order to make methane as fuel.

Season 1[]

"People Are a Resource"[]

Maggie suggests using the sewers to get into Madison Square Garden, but Amaia and Tommaso reject the idea due to the sewers being overrun with walkers.

Later, the Croat tells Perlie Armstrong how he used the corpses from the sewers to make methane.

"Everybody Wins a Prize"[]

A disgusted Maggie notices something bubbling up out of a nearby sewer grate and Tommaso explains that it's methane from the sewers.

Trapped by a herd inside of Madison Square Garden, Maggie notices a sign warning of a nearby sewer pipeline and she realizes that they can escape through the sewers. As the walkers try to break through the barricaded door, Maggie and Tommaso move some barrels that are in the way, but Amaia objects that it's too dangerous as all of the dead are down there, and they can't breathe in the air. Tommaso points out that they don't have any other choice, and Amaia reluctantly concedes.

Tommaso, Amaia, Ginny and Maggie descend into the sewer system with Maggie moving the barrel back into place before she follows after the others.

"Stories We Tell Ourselves"[]

The New York City Sewer System will appear in this episode.



Dead City[]

Season 1[]