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"Intensive care units across the country are reaching capacity and hospital morgues are filling at an alarming rate. Medical and government officials are joining forces to try to quell what is quickly becoming an epidemic. We are hearing report after report of grisly attacks in hospitals by patients who are no longer in control of their faculties. We are seeing sick people no longer seeking medical care because of violence erupting from patients no longer in their right minds."
—This reporter about the outbreak.[src]

This news reporter is a character in AMC's Fear the Walking Dead.



Nothing is known about this woman's life before the apocalypse aside that she resided in Texas, and was a news reporter for the KXEY news channel.


Season 6


In a flashback, this reporter can be seen reporting live on Teddy's television in his prison cell, detailing the sporadic attacks from the undead as the outbreak begins to spread worldwide.

As the world quickly fell to the undead, this reporter's fate remains unclear. It is unknown whether she was able to survive the outbreak or was killed and/or turned into a zombie.


Fear the Walking Dead

Season 6