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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for the Comic Series counterpart, the Spin-Off character, Road to Survival character or the actor.
"Thank you."
—Nicholas's last words to Glenn Rhee, before committing suicide[src]

Nicholas is a survivor and a former antagonist of the outbreak that first appears in Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead. He is a resident of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and its prominent supply runner, alongside Aiden Monroe. He served as the secondary antagonist of the second half of Season 5. After failing in his efforts to remove Rick's group and kill Glenn, Glenn spares his life, convincing him that he could be saved and become better.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Nicholas's life before or as the outbreak began.


He had gotten to Alexandria at some point in time. He reveled in the lavish nature of the community, becoming highly protective over his pool table. He, Deanna Monroe's son Aiden, and four other residents had been assigned to supply run duty. A few weeks before the arrival of Rick Grimes's group, the supply run team had gotten themselves into trouble during one of their missions. Nicholas and Aiden had decided to leave the four others for dead and lied to Deanna about why they were lost. They tied up the walker that killed the other four in the woods to be sacrificed before their next run.

Season 5


Nicholas is the one to open the town gates for Rick and his group, and announces that everyone must hand over their weapons if they are staying in Alexandria. The following day after all of the interviews, he takes Noah, Tara Chambler, and Glenn Rhee out on a "dry run" with Aiden to train them as runners. Nicholas implicitly supports Aiden's decision to find the walker that had killed their friends. To lure it out, Nicholas whistles extremely loud, which Glenn admonishes him for. He struggles to restrain the captured zombie, and is angry that Glenn killed the zombie rather than capturing it. When back in town, Nicholas is thrown to the ground by Daryl Dixon after Glenn and Aiden get into a physical confrontation. Once Deanna intervened, Nicholas and Aiden were reprimanded and they were ordered to be more open to the ideas of Rick's group.


Nicholas accompanies Glenn, Tara, Eugene Porter, Noah, and Aiden on a supply run for Alexandria. After Aiden is impaled in a warehouse, Nicholas quickly chooses to sacrifice him to the walkers rather than help Glenn save him.

While betraying Aiden, Nicholas reveals that he and Aiden have sacrificed Alexandria residents similarly before. Later, Nicholas becomes trapped in a four-compartment glass revolving door, with Glenn and Noah on the opposite compartment of the revolving door, and walkers on one of the other sides. Rather than helping to smash open the glass door so all three can escape safely, Nicholas deliberately pushes Glenn and Noah toward the walkers, thus allowing them to murder Noah. Eugene arrives in a van, and Nicholas attempts to pull him out of it so that he can steal it and escape, but Eugene pulls out his gun to protect Tara. Although Nicholas manages to pull Eugene out and get in the driver's seat, Glenn shows up and pulls Nicholas away before he can drive off, then knocks him out. Glenn decides to bring Nicholas back instead of leaving him behind. He is then seen in the back of the van unconsious with Tara.


Nicholas discusses what happened at the warehouse on camera with Deanna, blatantly lying about the events and placing more blame on Glenn than himself for the deaths of Noah and Aiden, suggesting that the newcomers need to be forced out. Glenn finds Nicholas cleaning blood out from the back of the van and threatens that he is no longer allowed to go out on supply runs or leave with anyone else for their own protection. However, Nicholas refuses to heed Glenn's warnings and heads out into the woods, where he unearths a canister containing the missing pistol that Rick had previously placed inside of a blender before entering Alexandria. Nicholas is last seen rushing into the Alexandria town square to witness the fight between Rick and Pete Anderson. He stays back from the scene when Rick drew his gun on the other survivors.


Nicholas first appears stalking Glenn, repeatedly watching him to make sure he is alone before luring him out of Alexandria. Remembering Glenn's warning that he cannot leave the community anymore, he intentionally makes a noise to let Glenn spot him climbing over the wall, making it look like he is trying to escape Glenn's notice. Glenn follows him through the forest surrounding the community for a short period of time before Nicholas speeds off behind the brush to hide from him and draw him out into the open. Once Glenn steps within Nicholas' line of sight, Nicholas shoots Glenn in the shoulder and goes over to finish him off. However, Glenn has managed to roll away and hide. Nicholas then follows his trail of blood before a lone walker confronts Nicholas. Nicholas shoots the walker in the head and kills it. Glenn takes advantage of this distract to attack him from behind in an attempt to make him pay for his cowardly actions. During the scuffle between the two, Glenn severely injures Nicholas' ankle, but Nicholas comes out on top after exploiting Glenn's bullet wound by sticking his thumb into it. Before Nicholas can finish Glenn off, several walkers attack, forcing him to retreat. The walkers mount Glenn as Nicholas takes his gun and runs, leaving him to die.

Still injured, Nicholas makes a move to return to the community. Fearing that his blood would draw walkers, he periodically stops every few moments to make sure he is not being followed. When nightfall comes, Glenn, having survived his encounter with the walkers, returns and attacks Nicholas a second time, breaking his ankle and taking his gun. He decides to punish Nicholas before killing him, and continues to beat him down. After nearly breaking Nicholas's jaw, Glenn grabs his gun and places it against Nicholas's forehead, blaming him for Noah's death. Nicholas pleads for his life, to which Glenn attempts to force him to stop, feeling it would be easier to pretend he wasn't killing a person. Nicholas, however, continues pleading and eventually convinces Glenn to let him live. Glenn decides to take him back to Alexandria and helps him to his feet. The two wounded men begin their walk back to the community.

Season 6

"First Time Again"

In a flashback, Glenn and Nicholas head to the infirmary after their fight in the woods where they nearly killed each other. Nicholas is treated by Rosita Espinosa when he sees Tara awake from her head injury he smiles. When Tara and Eugene embrace each other, she asks if someone could bring Noah to the infirmary, Nicholas looks on in sadness which shows Nicholas may feel remorse for him causing Noah's death. Nicholas is later seen at Rick's meeting where Rick is explaining his plan to remove the zombies from the quarry. When Rick asks for volenteer's for his plan, Glenn glares at Nicholas with a look of disaproval. Despite this Nicholas raises his hand stating he wants to help and Rick is gonna need all the help he can get, Rick accepts Nicholas's help. Nicholas is seen with Glenn helping to build the wall. Tara watches Nicholas in hatred after finding out his involvement in Noah's death. Nicholas is later seen at the hardware store with Glenn. Glenn tells him he will be keeping a close eye on Nicholas.

In the present, Nicholas is seen at the quarry when Rick tells him and Glenn and Heath to clear the hardware store. Nicholas goes with Glenn and Heath to clear the hardware store filled with walkers. Glenn goes around to the side door where they plan to let a few walkers out at a time. Despite Heath saying the plan won't work, Nicholas defends Glenn's decision, stating that he knows what he's doing and before him and Aiden didn't know what they were doing, which resulted in the previous supply runners to die. Nicholas prys open the door to reveal a shutter was blocking it. Glenn goes to the front of the store and says he and Heath will break the glass while Nicholas stays on the sidelines. Nicholas tells Glenn he wants to help but Glenn hands him a radio and says if things go bad he should contact Rick. Glenn shoots the glass and he and heath begin to shoot the walkers. As Heath starts to get overwhelmed by the walkers, Nicholas steps in and saves Heath. Nicholas asks Glenn if he can kill the last walker which Glenn approves of. Having cleared the store Glenn, Nicholas and Heath run off into the woods. Nicholas is with Glenn and Heath when they hear the loud horn coming from Alexandria, the three men begin to run back to Alexandria to see what's happening.

"Thank You"

Nicholas and the rest of the group run through the woods towards Alexandria, with half of the herd on their heels. While Rick talks to Glenn and Michonne in private, Nicholas and the others watch in horror as Barnes has his throat ripped out by a walker and is put down by Michonne. After Rick leaves for the RV, Nicholas along with his remaining group continue on. They go into a panic when walkers attack; Nicholas becoming paralysed with fear. They survive the ordeal without Sturgess, who had fled into the woods out of fear, while Scott sustains a bullet accidentally fired by Sturgess to his leg and David receiving a walker bite on his back.

The group checks cars in an abandoned town to see if any can be used to drive home. Heath recognizes the town as the location of Aiden and Nicholas' disastrous and fatal supply run. Nicholas admits he and Aiden didn't know what they were doing. Reluctantly, Heath tasks Nicholas with showing them how to get through the town. With Nicholas leading the way, the group runs into walkers feasting on Sturgess' body. Nicholas becomes paralyzed by fear again, but Glenn snaps him out of it. The group is confronted by more walkers and retreat into a pet store, where Glenn plans to set fire to a nearby building to distract the herd. Nicholas suggests a feed store and offers to draw a map, but Glenn eventually accepts Nicholas' offer to come with him.

Out in the town, Glenn and Nicholas find a walker pinned underneath a car. Nicholas recognizes the walker as Will, a friend that he and Aiden left behind during their supply run. He stabs Will through the head before moving on. Later, Glenn and Nicholas reach the feed store only to find that it's already been burned to the ground. Glenn desperately urges Nicholas to suggest another building as the massive herd moves toward them.

Walkers corner Glenn and Nicholas in an alley. Glenn climbs a dumpster and helps Nicholas up as walkers surround them and claw at their feet. Paralyzed with fear again, Nicholas stares at the horde around him. Glenn brings him back to his senses and tells Nicholas to look at him. A sudden calm comes over Nicholas. Nicholas says, "Thank you," to Glenn for sparing his life from before and shoots himself in the head. Nicholas' falling corpse knocks Glenn down into the herd and was devoured by walkers, saving Glenn.

"Heads Up"

At the alleyway, Nicholas is heard saying "Thank you" to Glenn. They fall into the herd of walkers. It is revealed that Nicholas is being devoured atop Glenn before he slides underneath the dumpster. The camera pans over to Nicholas's face which is covered with blood from the gunshot wound. After the night passes and Glenn emerges from underneath the dumpster, Nicholas's corpse is seen and has begun to rot.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Nicholas has killed:

  • Noah (Caused)
  • Will (Caused and Zombified)
  • Himself (Suicide)
  • Three unnamed Alexandria supply runners (Caused)
  • Numerous counts of zombies


Killed By

  • Zombies (Caused)
  • Himself (Suicide)

When Nicholas and Glenn get surrounded by a herd of walkers on top of a container, Nicholas is distraught with being devoured by the herd, he then says "Thank you." before shooting himself in the head. His body knocks Glenn into the herd of zombies and they are seen devouring his corpse. Over night his mangled corpse is shown and is beginning to rot.


Glenn Rhee

"Noah died because of you. And I tried to tell you how it is and how it has to be! And you try to kill me? (...) Shut up. (...) Shut up. (...) SHUT UP! (...) Shut up..."
—Glenn to Nicholas, trying to summon the will to kill him[src]

Glenn and Nicholas, upon meeting first, held a mutual respect for being capable survivors. They greeted each other graciously, and proceeded to follow Aiden on Glenn's first supply run with Alexandria. Before their supply run could begin, Nicholas and Aiden insisted on killing a walker that had devoured their friends, but found the walker out of sight. Glenn hastily ordered Nicholas to be quiet when he whistled to try and lure out the walker, but Nicholas did not stop. When Glenn killed the walker before it could be tied up, Aiden and Nicholas were outraged that the glory of killing the walker had been taken away. Later, when they returned to the community, Nicholas and Aiden were adamant that Glenn and his friends be removed from their positions and find new jobs. A scuffle between the runners (and Daryl) broke out, but was ended due to the intervention of Deanna. Deanna reprimanded Aiden and Nicholas and ordered them to be more open to Glenn's ideas since he had been gathering supplies longer than them.

After Deanna's forced integration of Rick's group, Nicholas and Aiden grudgingly accepted Deanna's order to listen to Glenn.

On their next excursion, Nicholas and Glenn were charged with escorting Eugene into a storage warehouse to find a power converter. Nicholas firmly established that they needed to be quick, so the runners should run in and exit through the front doors, but Glenn disagreed in favor of scouting the building first. After finding walkers surrounding the front doors, they returned to the back and went inside with Eugene and the other runners. After walkers inside the warehouse tried to get at them from behind a fence, Nicholas told everyone to just move on, to which Glenn agreed. After the explosion accidentally set off by Aiden, Nicholas pronounced Aiden dead without checking him. After Aiden cried out, Nicholas was hesitant to go back and save his "friend" from the walkers. When he, Glenn and Noah reached Aiden, they tried to remove him from a pair of metal bars that impaled him. Nicholas, in favor of saving himself, marooned the runners and tried to escape without them out the front door, which made Glenn upset. When Glenn and Noah caught up with Nicholas, they all became trapped inside of a revolving door. In spite of Glenn's plan to get everyone out, Nicholas panicked and opened his door first, causing the walkers to reach Noah and devour him. Glenn was distraught at Noah's death, and wholeheartedly blamed Nicholas. When Nicholas tried to escape without him and Eugene, Glenn beat him down, but brought him back to Alexandria regardless to face Deanna.

Nicholas blatantly lied to Deanna about what had happened to Aiden, whence Glenn and he were both remanded to stay until she sorted out who was responsible, as they both told different stories where they blamed each other. Once Glenn discovered Nicholas's lie, he confronted him on each of the people he had gotten killed, calling him a coward that should not have lived. He warned him to stay behind the walls for the rest of his life, but Nicholas did not heed his warning and snuck out of the community to retrieve a weapon he had stashed. He later stalked Glenn while he talked to his wife, waiting for an opportunity to lure him out of the community. He picked his moment and allowed Glenn to see him climb over the walls. He lured him far enough away from the community to kill him, and he shot Glenn in the shoulder. Glenn survived, however, and assaulted Nicholas while he was tracking Glenn. When walkers got involved in the violence, however, Nicholas ran, leaving Glenn for dead. While walking back to the community, Nicholas was attacked again by a still alive Glenn, where Glenn broke Nicholas's ankle. Blaming Nicholas for Noah's death, Glenn prepared to kill Nicholas for his cowardly actions, but Nicholas pleaded for his life. Not having the heart to kill a man just yet, Glenn stopped himself from killing Nicholas and instead picked him up. The two wounded men went back into Alexandria together. Nicholas offered to help Glenn and Heath in First Time Again. In Thank You, Glenn snaps Nicholas out of his PTSD moments constantly. Glenn trusted him when he and Nicholas went to burn down the building. They were trapped on a dumpster. Glenn was screaming, "No," repeatedly before Nicholas shot himself in the head. Glenn was saddened by his death as he screamed in horror and sadness when Nicholas was devoured.

Aiden Monroe

"You left them. We both did. That's who we are. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry..."
—Nicholas to Aiden and Glenn as he leaves them behind[src]

Nicholas and Aiden were the official supply runners for Alexandria since it opened its gates to survivors, thus making them an effective team and close friends. When they had lost four of their other supply runners, the two vowed to keep the cause of their deaths a secret to protect themselves, strengthening their bond with communalistic type behavior. It is implied that the two might have known each other before the outbreak, though nothing is confirmed.

In "Remember", the two decide to train the volunteers from Rick's group as supply runners. Before they officially begin their first run, Aiden insists on tying up a walker that had killed his friends. Nicholas shares the same idea, and the two work together to try and tie it up. After Glenn killed it, the two were outraged to the point where they believed that Glenn, Noah and Tara were insubordinate. After Aiden started a scuffle between himself and Glenn, Nicholas attacked Noah before being thrown off by Daryl. After Deanna intervened, she reprimanded Nicholas and Aiden together and ordered them to be more open to Glenn's ideas.

When Aiden and Nicholas were charged with escorting Eugene into a warehouse to find a power converter, the two brought along the volunteers. Both Aiden and Nicholas asserted that they needed to be quick, so they should run in and get out through the front door. Glenn decided they should scout the building first, so Aiden and Nicholas broke off to scout. After discover the mass horde of walkers out the front, the two returned to the others and entered the building. They all splintered into groups of two, Aiden and Nicholas together. After the explosion accidentally set off by Aiden, Nicholas pronounced Aiden dead without checking on him. Later, when Aiden cried out, Nicholas was reluctant to go back for him because he didn't believe he could be saved. Glenn convinced him to help, so they and Noah tried to remove Aiden from a pair of metal spikes impaling him. Nicholas, however, panicked, and elected to leave Aiden behind because it was easy. As such, Nicholas abandoned the effort to save him, ultimately letting him die. After returning to Alexandria, instead of telling the truth, Nicholas tried using Aiden's death as a weapon against Glenn while trying to convince Deanna to kick Rick's group out.

Overall, the two might have been an efficient pair in supply runs and of similar mindsets, Nicholas cared more about himself than Aiden.


"No, don't!"
—Noah yelling for Nicholas to stop pushing the door[src]

Nicholas and Noah did not interact much, but in the few times that they were seen together, their relationship is seen as tenuous and negative. When the two first met, the two seemed to have a respect for each other for surviving as long as they had, with Noah respecting Nicholas's position as one of the two official supply runners of Alexandria. Very soon, however, their relationship turned for worse after Nicholas and Aiden tried to tie up a walker to be killed for sport. Noah had initially wanted to kill it to protect Tara, but refrained at a command from Aiden. Once the walker was killed by Glenn, Noah and his friends demanded why Nicholas and Aiden would participate in something so barbaric and stupid. Later, back behind the walls of Alexandria, Nicholas attacked Noah in tandem with Aiden's and Glenn's fight, but was soon after tackled by Daryl.

After Deanna's forced integration of Rick's group, Nicholas was ordered to be more open to Noah's ideas. Nicholas and Noah were charged with escorting Eugene into a warehouse to find a power converter. Nicholas believed that they should go in quickly and leave out the front doors, but Noah disagreed and supported Glenn's idea of scouting first. They entered warehouse in coordination and worked together to locate what Eugene needed. The two worked together in their attempt to rescue Aiden, with Noah keeping the walkers at bay while Nicholas and Noah removed him from the metal bars impaling him. Nicholas, however, abandoned the effort for fear of being overrun, obviously not placing enough trust in Noah to keep him safe. Noah was disgusted by Nicholas's actions and perturbed that he was forced to leave Aiden to die because of it. After he and Glenn became trapped in a revolving door with Nicholas, they formulated plan to allow them all to escape, but Nicholas panicked and instead pushed against his own door to escape, which allowed the walkers to reach Noah and eat him alive. Nicholas never showed any remorse at what he'd done, and later even tried using Noah's death as a weapon against Glenn when trying to convince Deanna to remove Rick's group from the community. After being brought to the infirmary with Glenn, when Tara and Eugene embrace each other, she asks if someone could bring Noah to the infirmary, Nicholas looks on in sadness which shows Nicholas may feel remorse for him causing Noah's death.

Tara Chambler

Nicholas and Tara did not interact much, but in the few times that they were seen together, their relationship is seen as tenuous and negative. When the two first met, the two seemed to have a respect for each other for surviving as long as they had, with Tara respecting Nicholas's position as one of the two official supply runners of Alexandria. Very soon, however, their relationship turned for worse after Nicholas and Aiden tried to tie up a walker to be killed for sport. When trying to contain the walker, Tara was nearly bitten, which angered her. Tara and her friends demanded why Nicholas and Aiden would participate in something so barbaric and stupid. Later, behind the walls of Alexandria, after the fight between the runners began, Tara tried prying Nicholas off of Noah, and (with the help of Daryl) succeeded in throwing him to the ground.

After Deanna's forced integration of Rick's group, Nicholas was ordered to be more open to Tara's ideas. Nicholas and Tara were charged with escorting Eugene into a warehouse to find a power converter. Nicholas believed that they should go in quickly and leave out the front doors, but Tara disagreed and supported Glenn's idea of scouting first. They entered warehouse in coordination and worked together to locate what Eugene needed.

After the explosion accidentally triggered by Aiden, Nicholas showed little concern for Tara's safety as she was unconscious from the major head trauma she had suffered from the explosion. He failed to come to her rescue when Eugene struggled with two walkers, and even asked whether or not it would be a good idea to try and save her. Once Eugene had gotten her out into their van and Noah had been killed, Nicholas tried to leave Eugene and Glenn behind and return with the only person who couldn't account for what he'd done if she survived. It is likely that he might have tried to ditch Tara had he escaped while returning to the community.

It is unknown how Tara responds to Nicholas' death.

Eugene Porter

Nicholas and Eugene did not respect each other very much, where Nicholas viewed Eugene as dead weight and Eugene viewed Nicholas as arrogant. When Nicholas was charged with escorting Eugene to a warehouse to find a power converter, he and the other community supply runners brought him to it. Nicholas believed that they should go in quickly and leave out the front doors, but Eugene disagreed and supported Glenn's idea of scouting first. They entered warehouse in coordination and worked together to locate what Eugene needed.

After the explosion accidentally triggered by Aiden, Nicholas showed little concern for Eugene and Tara, failing to come to their aid when attacked by walkers. Later, outside of the warehouse, Eugene was immediately suspicious when Nicholas appeared at the van alone. In an attempt to be the only one to convey a story upon the incident at the warehouse, Nicholas forced Eugene away from the van and attempted to flee in it, but was stopped by Glenn. On the entire trip back to Alexandria, Eugene held an unconscious Nicholas at gunpoint.

It is unknown how Eugene responds to Nicholas' death.

Deanna Monroe

Nicholas and Deanna had a stable relationship before Rick's group arrived at the community, and it is hinted that he and the Monroe family may have known each other prior to the outbreak. Deanna respected him for being one of the few people in the community brave and able enough to go on supply runs, and he respected her leadership when it came to making decisions for the good of Alexandria. Most likely, he felt indebted to her for providing a safe haven for him, but he is never seen expressing any real gratitude to her.

After Rick's group arrived, however, the two's relationship became strained. With the scuffle in the streets between the community's runners, Deanna reprimanded both Nicholas and Aiden, and ordered them both to be more open to the ideas of Glenn and his party. He listened to her, but did not learn from his experience and mistook her prompting as leave to continue in his old ways of abandonment of those who needed help, which caused him to leave Aiden behind to die. Nicholas blatantly lied to Deanna about what had happened to her son, even trying to use him as a weapon to remove Rick's group from the community.

Deanna was grateful for Nicholas and other residents of her community volunteering to join Rick in his mission to divert a large horde of walkers in a nearby valley.

Rick Grimes

Nicholas and Rick never interacted, but it is known that the two do not hold much respect for each other. During the scuffle between Nicholas and Daryl, Rick came to the aid of Nicholas and pulled Daryl off of him, but only out of fear of being seen as the villains or as invaders of the community. After Aiden's death, Nicholas used Aiden as a weapon against Glenn in an attempt to get Deanna to kick Rick's entire group out of Alexandria. When Rick learned of the true cause of Aiden's and Noah's deaths, Rick was angered and immediately suggested to Glenn that he put Nicholas in his place. Like his prejudice against other survivors of the community, Rick did not believe Nicholas had the requisite skills to be able to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, but did not share Glenn's inclination to train the residents to survive like they had. Rather, he would have preferred to just kill Nicholas.

Eventually, they start to respect each other, since he accepts Nicholas' help in removing the zombies in the quarry. It is unknown how Rick responds to his death.


TV Series

Season 5

Season 6


  • Michael Traynor was credited for Nicholas in "Forget", despite not appearing in the episode.
  • Nicholas begins to suffer from PTSD in "Thank You".
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