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"Everyone I grew up with... it all happened to them. Now, it's gonna happen to us. We're all so fucked. This world is fucked. I mean, what's the point? We'll just march to some new place and somebody else will die. It's never gonna stop. And eventually, it'll be our turn."
—Nick to Clementine about death. (Determinant)[src]

Nick is a main character who first appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. He is a member of the Cabin Group, along with his best friend Luke and his uncle Pete.


Nick is a hot-headed individual that can easily let his temper get the better of him. Shaped by his experiences after the outbreak, Nick appears to show little concern for other survivors, considering them a risk to his own people's safety, and tends to be rude to them. Said behavior is likely a consequence of the events surrounding his mother's death, which was caused by the cabin group's willingness to treat a stranger that had been bitten, who proceeded to turn and then attacked Nick's mother. As a result, Nick was forced to kill his own mother, which heavily traumatized him.

Traumatic events, such as the deaths of his mother and his uncle, are shown to depress Nick greatly and make him question whether there is any point in attempting to survive. As a result, his fellow group members often worry about his mental health, with some considering him to be a bit of a liability, something that Nick himself realizes and even accepts if he is not given any hope to hold onto. For this reason, Nick has claimed to be envious of Luke's ability to move on and wishes he could be more like his friend in this respect. Instead, Nick tends to act abrasively towards others to convince them he is "fine", when in reality, he is shown to deal better with his insecurities when somebody emotionally supports him. His regressive process starts after Pete's death, and when he pushes everyone away, he becomes increasingly unstable.

Due to his impulsive nature, Nick tends to make hasty and aggressive decisions, which often lead to mishaps. Although he can initially be very reluctant to admit his blunders, Nick ultimately comes through most of the time, following which he will try to rectify his mistakes, as demonstrated by his apology to Clementine and his confession to Walter about his role in Matthew's death. Despite his flaws, he is generally a good person who means well and tries to help the people he trusts.


Location Unknown

Nick was born to an irresponsible father who was rarely around, and an unnamed mother. Due to this, Nick's uncle, Pete, took on the responsibility of raising his nephew. Pete felt that it was best for Nick to learn about the cruelties of the world as soon as possible. Because of this approach, Pete was often condescending and brutally blunt with Nick about life and his place in the world, causing Nick to suffer low self-esteem, fits of insecurity and anger issues, which resulted in a serious strain on their relationship that continued throughout their lives.

Once, when he was about Clementine's age, Pete took Nick on a hunting trip where they spotted a roe buck. Pete was disappointed that Nick didn't want to shoot the buck, and when they argued over it, Nick's rifle went off and nearly hit Pete. Pete later went out at the end of that season and found the buck, killed it and took it back to his sister's house to freeze some of the meat, after which Nick didn't speak to Pete for weeks.

He would later go into a six-month business pursuit with Luke, his childhood friend, after the latter had drunkenly suggested it to Nick. Despite his initial unwillingness, Nick would come to look back fondly on this venture, saying it had been fun, even though it was largely unsuccessful and highly unprofitable.


Howe's Hardware

At some point after the outbreak, Nick became a member of William Carver's community, which was based in Howe's Hardware. Although the camp initially served as a safe haven for Nick and his friends, Carver's leadership grew harsher and more tyrannical over time. Carver also clashed with Luke, who had different ideas about how the community needed to be run. When tensions continued to rise, Nick and some other members of the camp hatched a plan to escape. With the help of a man named Reggie, they managed to make it out, though they left Reggie behind when he fell, causing him to be recaptured. Nick felt the most guilty about leaving Reggie behind, as he had seen Reggie fall during their escape.

Following their escape, the group gathered at Parker's Run, a Civil War site, before moving on. Eventually, they stumbled upon a cabin, which they decided to use as their temporary home until they could be sure Carver was not looking for them. One day, the group found a female survivor who had been bitten and attempted to treat her injury, believing they could control the infection. Despite their efforts, the survivor turned and attacked Nick's mother, who was later shot by Nick to prevent reanimation. His mother's death led Nick into a deep depression and set a seed for mistrust to every other survivor outside of his group.

Season Two

"All That Remains"

Shortly after the death of Nick's mother, Nick's group comes into contact with another survivor called Clementine. Nick is first seen arguing with his fellow group members about how they should handle Clementine, whose dog bite is mistaken for a walker bite. Pete will speak in Clementine's defense, but both Nick, who is holding a rifle, and Rebecca are adamant to the point that the girl must be put down. As Clementine comes to, she can attempt to say something, but Nick, having been startled into pulling the trigger, cuts her off with a gunshot that narrowly misses her. If she chooses to attempt to flee, Nick will stop her with a warning shot. If Clementine chooses to stay silent, Rebecca will instead attempt to wrestle the rifle from Nick's hands, causing a shot to go off.

Regardless, Nick will be berated by the rest of the group for potentially alerting walkers in the vicinity. While Carlos, the group's doctor, is examining Clementine's wound, Nick can be appealed to, though he will deride any of her attempts, claiming the entire situation is "bullshit". After the cabin group has decided to lock Clementine up, Nick and Luke will be charged with escorting her to the shed.

In the evening, Nick and the rest of his group have a meeting about Clementine and what they should do with her, a discussion Clementine herself can eavesdrop upon while sneaking around the house. Later, the entire group goes to the shed to check up on Clementine and find her having just survived an encounter with a walker. Although Nick and Rebecca react poorly to the revelation that Clementine had stolen supplies from them, they ultimately allow her to come inside to have her arm looked at. When Carlos confirms that she had not been bitten by a walker, Nick offers an apology for his earlier behavior, which Clementine can either accept or reject. If Clementine accepts, Nick will explain the cabin group had dealt with a situation similar to hers in the past, which led to the death of his mother.

The next morning, Nick gets into an argument with his uncle while on the way to the group's fish traps. Despite Clementine's attempts to defuse the situation, Nick ends up cutting the discussion short and goes ahead to the river by himself. However, upon his arrival there, Nick discovers a large amount of bodies, all of whom appear to have been shot, and calls for the help of Clementine and Pete.

The three decide to inspect the corpses in an attempt to find out what happened, though Nick is reluctant, believing themselves to be in danger. Pete again berates Nick for his behavior, following which he and Clementine go to investigate the opposite shore, leaving his nephew by himself. This effectively splits up the small group and leaves them vulnerable when walkers suddenly emerge from the woods and ambush them.

In-Game Decision

Clementine is confronted with the choice to aid either Pete, who has been bitten and has no ammunition left, or Nick, who has been surrounded and almost overrun by walkers.

Help Nick (Alive): If Clementine chooses to help Nick, she will cross over the river to join him, dodging the walkers in her path. Clementine and Nick then watch as Pete is helplessly devoured by walkers on the other side. This visibly horrifies Nick, who scolds Clementine for not running over to Pete to help him.

Help Pete (Alive): If Clementine chooses to help Pete, she will take out the walker attacking Pete, saving his life. The two then watch as Nick flees into the woods in order to escape the overpowering horde of walkers.

"A House Divided"

If Clementine went with Nick at the end of "All That Remains", she and Nick will be holed up in an old shed, attempting to find safety from the horde of walkers. After Nick manages to block the door, preventing the walkers from getting in but also trapping him and Clementine inside, he becomes listless due to his uncle's death. Clementine decides to have a look around the shed while attempting to come up with an escape plan, though Nick is largely uncooperative. He'll stay that way until Clementine finds some old jars of whiskey, from which Nick will then start drinking. The pair eventually decides to just wait it out, in the hopes that the rest of the cabin group will find and rescue them.

While Nick continues drinking, Clementine falls asleep, though she is woken again by him smashing the whiskey jars against the wall, which she'll attempt to dissuade him from. Nick then confesses to Clementine that he had to kill his mother after she was bitten, and that he is simply "not built" to have the same ambition and drive as Luke. He then offers Clementine a drink, saying that it will be "[her] first and [her] last." Clementine can either accept or refuse the offer. Regardless of what she decides to do, Nick then tells her to leave him behind and make a run for it, as he believes the others aren't coming for them.

Clementine can either convince Nick to try to escape with her, or leave him. If convinced to leave, Nick will smash one of the jars over a walker's head as they leave, alerting several others due to the sound. He then draws their attention in order to provide Clementine a means of escape. Nick is not seen again until Clementine and the rest of the cabin group return to the shed, where they find him passed out from the whiskey but otherwise unharmed. Nick will be briefly consoled by Luke about the death of his uncle, following which he is informed about the appearance of Carver at the cabin.

If Clementine went with Pete at the end of "All That Remains", she will have the opportunity to promise Pete that she will look out for Nick. Clementine can also convince Pete to try and return to the cabin, despite his condition, to say goodbye to his nephew, though they are not successful in this endeavor. Nick himself isn't seen again until after Carver's visit. He was presumably found by Luke and Alvin, who had been out looking for their missing members. Nick is eager to find his uncle, and when Clementine leads the cabin survivors to the cigarette truck she and Pete had hid in, Nick is distraught to see Pete disemboweled and shot.

Either way, while the group is walking, Nick will speak to Clementine, either to speak about their time in the shed, or to demand to hear about Pete's last moments. Regardless of what answer she gives, Nick becomes listless again and starts to lag behind a little bit, causing Luke to express his concerns about Nick's emotional stability. Luke then requests Clementine keep an eye on Nick. Five days later, the group arrives at a lake and plans to make for a lodge on the mountain, with Luke and Clementine going first to check whether it's safe to cross the lake by bridge. Nick attempts to offer his help, insisting that he's "fine", though Luke dismisses him and instructs him to stay with the group.

However, Nick chooses to follow them anyways and panics when he sees Luke and Clementine being approached by a stranger on the bridge. Assuming the man is holding his friends at gunpoint, Nick aims his weapon and then fires, misinterpreting Luke's wild gesturing as a sign to shoot. After the wounded stranger falls to his death, Nick is admonished for the preemptive attack. Clementine can take either side in the argument.

Once across the bridge, Clementine has another opportunity to speak to Nick. If Clementine was with Pete at the beginning of the episode, Nick will speak to her about how he had to kill his mother and his envy of Luke's ability to "keep moving". If Clementine was with Nick at the beginning of the episode, Nick will comment on Clementine's loyalty to him, either genuinely thanking her for "having [his] back" about shooting the stranger, or sarcastically thanking her for her lack of support. Either way, he begins to doubt himself, fearing that he is losing it. He will then ask what time it is, check his wrist, and remember that he left his watch in the cabin; the watch was a gift from Pete. If Clementine grabbed the watch during "All That Remains", she can give it to Nick, who will give her a heartfelt thanks.

Although things start looking up when he and the cabin group are invited to stay at the lodge, Nick continues to struggle with the shooting on the bridge, wishing he had not pulled the trigger. During dinner, Nick expresses this sentiment, though Luke simply urges him "to try to forget about it". The tense atmosphere continues when Nick and Kenny get into an argument, with Clementine getting caught in the middle, which is only resolved by the timely appearance of Walter.

When Luke and Clementine come to understand that the stranger on the bridge had been Walter's missing partner Matthew, they try to figure out what to do. While they are discussing what course of action to take, Nick finds them and will demand to know what is going on. Clementine has the opportunity to tell Nick the truth, in which case he is overcome with guilt and wants to tell Walter what happened, though Luke tries to dissuade him from doing so. If Clementine insists that Nick shouldn't worry about it, Luke leads him off to find some beer. Either way, Clementine will be forced to confront Walter, as he has found Matthew's knife, which she had taken from the station house, in her backpack. Venturing outside, she can either come clean or lie about the cabin group's involvement in Matthew's death, following which Walter will ask her if Nick is "a good man".

In-Game Decision

When questioned by Walter, Clementine has the choice to either speak in Nick's defense or condemn him for his actions.

Defend Nick (Alive): If Clementine defends Nick, she will say he is a good guy - adding that "he saved [her] life," if she left the stream with him at the end of "All That Remains". When Nick then joins them and asks what is going on, Walter will demand that Nick tell him what happened. Nick will confess that he shot Matthew because he believed the latter was going to shoot his friends, which Walter seemingly accepts.

Nick and the others will then go to shut down the wind turbine, as the strong winds are causing it to generate a lot of noise. Shortly after Clementine has managed to turn off the wind turbine, the group finds themselves surrounded by walkers. While trying to get back to the lodge, Nick gets grabbed by a walker, but will be narrowly saved by Walter. The two then join Carlos and Sarita, as Clementine runs back inside the lodge to alert the others. When Carver appears, Nick is apprehended like the others, survives the hostage situation and is then taken to Carver's camp.

Condemn Nick (Dead): If Clementine condemns Nick, she will either remain silent or agree with the sentiment that Nick is "just like everyone else". When Nick then joins them and asks what is going on, Walter will demand to know if Nick hurt Matthew. To this, Nick will reply that he didn't do anything, which Walter seemingly accepts.

Nick and the others will then go to shut down the wind turbine, as the strong winds are causing it to generate a lot of noise. Shortly after Clementine has managed to turn off the wind turbine, the group finds themselves surrounded by walkers. While trying to get back to the lodge, Nick gets grabbed by a walker. Disillusioned with the world, Walter will hesitate in shooting the walker and leave Nick to die. After this, Clementine can hit Walter for letting Nick die.

"In Harm's Way"

Nick appears in this episode if he was saved in "A House Divided". He is first seen in the back of the Howe's Hardware truck with the rest of the cabin group and surviving company from the lodge.

Nick is notably excited to see Reggie again, as are the other members of the cabin group. The two briefly discuss what happened to Reggie's arm, for which Nick tries to take responsibility, saying it is his fault, since he thinks Reggie lost his arm because he was captured by Carver. Reggie then reassures him that the loss of his arm had nothing to do with the cabin group's escape, following which Nick retreats to bed and stays quiet up until prompted by Clementine. Nick tells her he is sure Luke will show up to come save them from their predicament, as he and Luke have been friends for about twenty years. He then lies back down to get some sleep and advises Clementine to do the same.

The next day, Nick can be seen with the other prisoners and is presumably carrying out tasks assigned to him by Carver. Although news of Luke's arrival reaches him and the others by the evening, he does not participate in working out their escape plan. The day after, Tavia sends Nick, along with Sarah, Rebecca, and Jane to do their chores, leaving the delivery of the radio to Clementine, Kenny and Mike. Nick is not seen again until Luke is captured by Carver.

While Kenny is being beaten by Carver, Nick calls out to the man to stop the brutal scene, but is powerless to do anything, as either Sarita or Clementine try to intervene. Nick is later be seen sitting next to Luke around the fire-pit, where the group is discussing whether or not escaping that night is a good idea. Nick sides with Luke when the latter states he believes it is too soon, since the majority of the group is in bad shape. Following Kenny's awakening, the group decides to go ahead with their original plan, relying on Clementine to set it in motion.

However, Nick and the others are intercepted on the way out by Carver, who holds them at gunpoint and berates them for trying to escape. They are saved when Clementine momentarily interrupts Carver, allowing Luke to get a hold of Carver's weapon and turn the situation around. When Kenny and Rebecca, possibly with the support of Clementine, decide to kill Carver, Nick shows non-verbal disapproval and exits before the deed is carried out.

Upon seeing the herd of walkers, Nick becomes worried, but Luke reassures him that Clementine managed it, so he can too. Nick is not shown having any difficulty passing through the herd at the end of the episode and is assumed to be with Luke.

"Amid The Ruins"

Nick appears in this episode if he was saved in "A House Divided". At the beginning, he appears with the group fleeing Howe's Hardware, but he is shot in the shoulder. He is seen fleeing into the forest with Luke. Nick and Luke are revealed to be chasing after Sarah, and she ends up leading them to the Sunshine Village Mobile Home Park.

After being holed up in a mobile home, Nick goes out to look for help and find the other survivors. Whilst running off to look for help, Nick is bitten on the neck by a walker.

Later, he is found zombified and caught in a fence outside of the trailer park by Clementine and Jane. Clementine will then kill the zombified Nick with three axe blows to the head. When Clementine and Jane tell Luke about his friend's fate, he is really sad. Rebecca will also ask for him, and cries when she finds out the fate of her friend.


A House Divided

Killed By

When Walter finds Matthew's knife in Clementine's bag, he asks her if Nick is a good guy. If she tells him that Nick is like "everybody else"- or say nothing at all- Walter will let Nick get eaten alive during the walkers' attack. This possibly means that he reanimated, or was shot in the head by one of Carver's men.

Amid The Ruins

Killed By

While trying to escape the Sunshine Mobile Home Park, Nick gets trapped in a fence and dies when a walker bites him on the neck.

After some time, Jane and Clementine search the outskirts of the Mobile Home Park and find him caught in a fence, reanimated. Clementine then hits him with a hatchet three times, killing him.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Nick has killed:


Peter Randall

"To Peter Joseph Randall. The nicest, mean old bastard I ever knew."
—Nick toasting to Pete. (Determinant)[src]

Although Nick acts with slight hostility towards Pete, Nick is in truth very close to him as Pete served as his parental figure. As Nick's own father was apparently very ill-mannered and had irrational outbursts similar to those Nick expresses, Pete took it as his responsibility to raise him correctly. Pete has attempted to force his own disillusioned perception of reality onto Nick when he was both a child and an adult, teaching him how to hunt when he was around Clementine's age despite his objections and continuing to tell him to "grow up" throughout adulthood. This has caused Nick to deeply resent Pete. Despite their strained relationship, they love each other dearly. Nick is shown to be depressed after Pete's death, wishing that Clementine had saved him instead. Nick is later seen copiously drinking, presumably trying to forget his uncle's death (Determinant). In A House Divided he is extremely depressed after losing his uncle Pete whether he finds him shot and disemboweled or watched him be devoured by walkers earlier, and Nick begins to continuously drink and get drunk afterwards in a depression, showing that he truly cared for Pete. He seems to also be upset that he left the watch at the cabin, which was a gift from Pete and was the last thing to remind Nick of him. If Clementine gives him the watch (Determinant), Nick becomes very grateful, further proving how close Nick and Pete were.


"Hey, Clem... I just wanted to say thanks... for not giving up on me."
—Nick to Clementine. (Determinant)[src]

Nick is initially very hostile towards Clementine when informed of her bite, still scarred by memories of his mother's death. His itchy trigger finger leads him to nearly shoot Clementine, which the group scolds him over. Later on, when Clementine recovers, he talks to her, apologizing for his actions. He reveals his mother was killed when the group took in a bitten survivor, who turned and attacked her, and Clementine brought back such memories and caused him to act hostile, not wanting such horrific events to repeat. Clementine can either forgive him, remain indifferent, or chastise him over his attitude to her. If Clementine saves Nick, he will be angry as she could have saved his uncle Pete over himself. Later, if Clementine gives him Pete's watch, he is incredibly grateful for it. If Clementine watches out for Nick, he becomes extremely loyal, and along with Luke, protective of her. While they are caught in Carver's, Clementine talks about Luke leaving "them" behind, but Nick replays and says "us", showing how Nick is glad to have Clem with him and the others and considering her part of the group. When Nick dies and turns in "Amid The Ruins", She becomes saddened and kills him with her hatchet.


"Luke always used to push me. I never wanted to go into business with him. I remember when he sold me on it. His big plan. Some fuckin' plan. A case of beer in he just said, "Nick, we're burnin' daylight." And that was that. After six months, we were flat broke. But I didn't care. We were havin' fun. I wish I was like him. I wish I could just keep movin’ all the time. But I’m just not... built like that."
—Nick to Clementine about Luke. (Determinant)[src]

For knowing each other for almost twenty years, Luke and Nick are shown to be close friends that have a history extending further than the apocalypse, although it appears Nick has some doubt about his relationship with Luke, confiding in Clementine his suspicions about Luke thinking he's a threat to the group after he killed Matthew through a misdemeanor. Despite this, they have also been shown to have moments in which they can relate to each other and comfort each other, such as when Luke hugs Nick after the group finds Pete dead and disemboweled, and are close enough to have gone into business for six months before the start of the apocalypse. Overall, Luke is shown to have a strong relationship with Nick that goes both ways. Alternatively, if Nick survived the events of the ski lodge, Luke and Nick respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. The both of them work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd. When the plan fails, Nick accompanies Luke to chase after Sarah. After finding Sarah, Nick decides to make a run for it to search for help. Luke is horrified and saddened to learn of Nick's demise.


"Nick, help me carry the guns."
—Carlos to Nick.[src]

Nick and Carlos are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Carlos, who seems to act as the group's leader, clearly does not mind Nick staying and takes importance from what he says during their house meeting regarding Clementine. Carlos worries for Nick's mental health after losing Pete, to the point of having a discussion with Luke about it. Later on, Nick, who seems to act as Carlos' right-hand man, helps him defend the ski lodge from walkers. If Nick died, Carlos asks where he is, and is shocked to find out about his demise. Alternatively, if Nick survived, Carlos and Nick respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. The both of them work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd.


Nick and Sarah are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Nick cares for Sarah's well-being, and doesn't have any arguments about Carlos wanting to shield her from the horrors of a post-apocalyptic world. While trapped in the cellar, Clementine tells Nick that losing Pete doesn't mean that Nick has lost everything, and tells him that he still has Sarah and the others, to which Nick agrees to return to his people. Nick and Sarah constantly look after each other on their journey to the mountains. Alternatively, if Nick survived the events of the ski lodge, Sarah and Nick respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. The both of them work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd. When Sarah runs off following the death of her father, Nick, along with Luke, run after her, showing that he cares for Sarah. After catching up to her, knowing that they couldn't get out on their own, Nick left them to find help, but never came back.


"But wait, wait. Where's Nick?"
—Rebecca to Luke about Nick. (Determinant)[src]

Nick and Rebecca are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Both of them distrust Clementine, and agree they should kill her. However, when Nick missed the shot, Rebecca scolds him, saying the lurkers could hear the shot, and Nick clashes back saying she was the one who told Nick to shoot her. The two seem to have buried the hatchet, as they constantly look after each other on their journey to the mountains. While Nick is concerned about Rebecca's pregnancy, Rebecca worries for Nick's mental health after losing Pete. Alternatively, if Nick survived the events of the ski lodge, Rebecca and Nick respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. The both of them work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd. After escaping the herd, she learns of Nick's death and is saddened of his demise.


"It's a shame. Nick was a good guy. He's still a good guy. He's just losin' it."
—Alvin to Clementine about Nick.[src]

Nick and Alvin are good friends and have survived with each other for some time during the apocalypse. Nick doesn't mind Alvin staying with the group, and takes importance from what he says during their house meeting regarding Clementine. However, after Nick shoots Matthew, Alvin is extremely critical of his choice, even more so once Alvin and Clementine find that Matthew was telling the truth about having food. Alvin says that regardless of Nick's intentions, he murdered Matthew. They constantly look after each other on their journey to the mountains and Alvin worries for Nick's mental health after losing Pete. Nick is shown to be worried for Alvin when he is dragged out by Carver to force Kenny to surrender, and is saddened when he is executed. Alternatively, if Nick and Alvin survived the events of the ski lodge, Alvin dies at the hands of Carver's henchmen. Nick is shown to be saddened of his demise.


"Not bad, old man."
—Nick complimenting Kenny's toughness. (Determinant)[src]

Kenny and Nick are shown to have a slightly tense relationship in which both display a little cynicism about the intentions of one another. Nick is shown to dislike Kenny's erratic and constantly shifting behavior as well as his unpredictable and volatile mannerisms, such as acting amiable and being adamant on the matter of inviting them into his group one moment while arguing over who Clementine likes better the next. Despite this, Nick respects Kenny to some extent, and feels sorry for him when he learns that Kenny lost his family. Later, in the episode "In Harm's Way" Kenny and Nick still don't get along this is shown when Kenny calls Nick a "Kid", Nick seemed irritated about this. When Carver starts to beat Kenny, Nick is yelling for Carver to stop which showed that he cared about Kenny. Later, when Kenny wakes up from his injuries, Nick compliments Kenny's toughness by saying "Not bad, old man". Kenny replied in a bit of a happy voice and said "Thanks, asshole." by these statements being said, it can be implied that Nick and Kenny are starting to become friends. However, their relationship wasn't explored much due to Nick dying the very next day.


"From a distance it looked like anyone. I... I thought he was going to shoot my friends. And I... I shot Matthew. But it happened real fast. I didn't... I didn't know if I hit him. But I did, and... I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, Walter. "
—Nick apologizing to Walter. (Determinant)[src]

Walter and Nick initially had a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge. However, when Walter finds out that Nick has killed Matthew, he was in great distress but not outright anger. When Walter confronted Nick and Clementine about it, Nick shows great remorse and desperately asks Walter for his forgiveness. With tears in his eyes, Walter asks if Nick has any idea about what he has done to him. Their confrontation is interrupted when walkers begin to attack, and Nick is caught in a struggle with one. Walter, depending on what Clementine told him about Nick, will either save Nick or leave him to die. Their relationship is further explored if Walter saves Nick, showing that he has forgiven him for his actions. Grateful towards him, Nick assists Walter in defending the lodge and is later shocked and enraged when Walter is executed by Carver.


"You know, now that your friends are here, this place is starting to feel like a real home."
—Sarita to Clementine.[src]

Sarita and Nick initially distrusted each other, but buried the hatchet once Kenny allowed them to stay at the ski lodge. Since then, Nick and Sarita have a good friendship and looked after each other during their stay at the ski lodge. Sarita was warm and friendly towards Nick, and offered him food and hospitality. In return, Nick offers to help her and the rest of the group in whatever way he can. Later on, Nick and Sarita assist each other during the walker attack. Sarita never found out that Nick was responsible for the death of her friend Matthew. Alternatively, if Nick survived the events of the ski lodge, Sarita and Nick respect each other's opinions when they discuss their plans to escape and are shown to be supportive towards one another. The both of them work together while escaping Howe's and the walker herd.


"Yeah. I'm just... I wish I hadn't pulled that trigger."
—Nick to Luke about Matthew.[src]

Nick and Matthew were hostile towards one another and drew guns on the other when they met. Nick, believing that Matthew was with Carver, shot him without hesitation. Nick expresses great remorse for killing Matthew and later tells Walter that he never meant to hurt Matthew and that he did so just to protect his friends.


"Thanks, Bonnie."
—Nick to Bonnie after being escorted to the pen. (Determinant)[src]

Bonnie and Nick were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Nick and the group offered Bonnie a chance to join them when they escaped, though she chickened out. When Carver finds the ski lodge, if he survived, Nick and Bonnie are unfriendly and display hostility towards each other. After being escorted to their pen in Carver's community, Nick sarcastically thanks Bonnie for her help, to which she replies, "Yup". When Bonnie decides to assist the group, Nick is grateful towards her and has mended his relationship with her.


"It's my fault."
—Nick to Reggie. (Determinant)[src]

Reggie and Nick have known each other during their time in Howe's and were on good and friendly terms. Their relationship had been improved when Reggie helped Nick and the cabin survivors escape Carver's camp. When the group is recaptured and sent back to Howe's, they are greeted by Reggie. When Nick attempts to take fault for Reggie losing his arm, he quickly reassures him it isn't his fault. If Nick died, Reggie will learn about his death, saying he was always taking risks and becomes saddened afterwards.

William Carver

"You don't have to do this, Bill!"
—Nick trying to get Carver to stop beating Kenny. (Determinant)[src]

Nick and the cabin survivors were initially members of Carver's community, but escaped him possibly due to Carver's tyranny. Since then, the two became enemies and were hostile towards each other. Upon finding the bodies at the riverbank, Nick deduces that they were killed by Carver, showing that he knows of Carver's greed for power. Depending on Clementine's choices, Nick can encounter Carver once more, and shows nothing but anger and rage at him for terrorizing his people and killing Walter.


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Appears as a corpse Appears in a hallucination/dream


  • Like Shawn Greene and Duck, Nick and Pete are the first pair of characters in Season 2 that players are forced to choose between. Similar to Duck, Nick will survive no matter what choice you make.
  • In "All That Remains", Clementine has to choose which survivor to appeal to after Carlos is uncertain about Clementine's bite. Nick is the only one where she has the option to "Glare" instead of "Sad Eyes".
  • An early piece of concept art from Telltale shows that Nick's appearance was different. He had a blue version of his shirt, his skin was more brighter, his eyes and eyebrows were different and his hair was more similar to Lukes. Luke wore Nick's Cap. [1]
  • Nick's death in "Amid The Ruins" is similar to B. Everett's death in "A New Day".
    • They both were killed off-screen and reanimated.
    • Both were trapped when the protagonist found them. (For Clementine, Nick was caught in a fence. For Lee, B. was trapped under a lamp post).
    • Both were killed with a cleave like weapon by the protagonist. (Clementine used a hatchet and Lee used an axe).
    • Neither were successfully killed when the protagonist first hit with their weapon.
  • Nick's shirt appears to have the band logo of the "Chasers", a Seattle-based band. His hat's "O" also has a resemblance to Halo: Combat Evolved's stylized "O".