"This isn't how we do things, man. When you're bit, you get put down. End of story. I'm not going through this again."
—Nick to Luke about Clementines bite wound.[src]

Nick is an original character who appears in Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2.


Location Unknown

Nick was possibly a hunter as he can use a rifle and also mentions going out hunting with his uncle Pete.


Although Nick acts with hostility towards Pete, Nick is in truth very close to Pete, who served as his paternal figure. As Nick's own father was apparently very ill-mannered, with irrational outbursts similar to those Nick expresses, Pete took it as his responsibilty to raise him correctly. Pete has attempted to force reality onto Nick when he was both a child and an adult, teaching him how to hunt when he was young and continuing to tell him to grow up. Nick is shown to be depressed after Pete's (determinant) death.


Season 2

"Episode 6: All That Remains"

Nick is first encountered as the group argues about how they should handle Clementine after her dog bite has a possible diagnosis as a walker bite. As Clementine wakes up, Nick presumes her to be reanimating, and accidentally pulls the trigger on his rifle. This startles both Clementine and the rest of the group, who then proceed to berate him. Nick is next seen escorting Clementine to the shed along with Luke, per se the group's agreement.

After the group discovers that Clementine that she has surpassed the time limit for reanimation and has killed a walker that made it into the hole in the side of the shed, marking her survival skills as impressive, Nick apologizes to her about earlier as she is offered dinner. The player can choose to accept or reject the apology.

The next morning, Pete, Clementine and himself venture to the river in order to check if any of their fish traps caught aquatic life. As they arrive, they are shocked to discover a massacre of people with bullet wounds in their heads and one severely injured man. As the three of them are inspecting the dead bodies and strange circumstances, walkers emerge from the woods and ambush them. The player can choose to either save the ammoless and bitten Pete or choose to aid Nick, who has been surrounded and almost overrun by walkers.

If the player chooses Nick, Clementine will cross over the river to help him. Clementine and Nick then watch as Pete is helplessly devoured by walkers on the other side. This clearly distresses and depresses Nick and he scolds Clementine for not rescuing him first. If the player chooses to help Pete instead, Clementine will run over to former. The two of them then watch as Nick flees into the woods in order to escape the overpowering hoard of walkers, marking a possible status of his as unknown.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Nick has killed:


Video Game

Season 2


  • Like Carley and Doug, Nick and Pete are the first pair of characters that pit players in making decision situation of Season 2.
    • Also if you save Nick, Pete will get devoured by walkers and if you save Pete,Nick will get surronded by walkers and will get away in the forest,remaining his status unknown.
    • However, unlike Carley and Doug in which one of them will die while the other is saved, if you choose to save Pete, Nick is not killed but instead given an unknown status.
  • He bears similarity to Kenny in appearance as well as personality:
    • Both sport a mullet.
    • Both have facial hair.
    • Both wear caps.
    • Both have a taste for alcohol.
    • Both become depressed after losing a family member. Kenny lost Katjaa and Duck, while Nick lost his mother and his uncle, Pete. (Determinant)
    • Both are very protective of their family members.
  • The symbol on his hat bears a resemblance to a symbol for the game, Halo: Combat Evolved
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