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"No Going Back" is the fifth and final episode of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two. It is the eleventh episode of the series overall. It was written by Nick Breckon and Pierre Shorette and directed by Sean Ainsworth and Dennis Lenart.

It was released on August 26, 2014 for PC/Mac via Steam, PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita, on August 27th for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network Europe, on August 28th for iOS, on September 19th for Amazon and Android, on October 21, 2014 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on January 21, 2020 for Nintendo Switch.


The birth of Rebecca's son and subsequent death of the baby's mother has started a new battle for survival which promises to not end quietly. Through the harshest weather she has seen thus far, can Clementine protect the group's newest member and keep everyone she cares about alive?


Chapter 1: Firefight[]

The episode begins with the group and the Russians engaging each other in a gunfight. Clementine falls to the ground, dazed. Clementine looks around and sees Mike shot in the shoulder, who retreats to cover with Bonnie. Arvo is seen trying to resuscitate his sister, who has been shot in the chest. Vitali and Kenny fire at each other while Buricko, shot in the leg, fires at Luke, who is hiding behind a rock wall. Clementine then spots the baby laying and crying on the ground beside the corpse of his mother Rebecca, with bullets ricocheting off the ground extremely close to him. Clementine crawls toward the baby, but halts when she is almost shot by a stray bullet. Luke shouts at Clementine to get behind cover, as she is out in the open.

Save the baby: Clementine races towards the baby, grabbing him and running back to Luke without being harmed. Luke says he didn't see the baby on the ground and thanks Clementine. Luke tells her that they can't just sit behind the wall and wait until the Russians run out of ammo. Luke will then tell Clementine that if he can get to the side of the wall where Clementine is hiding, he could get a good angle on the one that had been shot in the leg. He will ask Clementine to provide cover and distract the Russians. Whether or not she provides the distraction, Vitali comes out of cover and manages to shoot Luke in the leg as he runs to Clementine's position.

Run to cover: Clementine runs behind the wall next to Luke, drawing her weapon in both hands. Luke then tells Clementine to keep her head down. Looking out from behind the wall, Luke notices the baby lying on the floor, disturbed that the newborn was in the line of fire. After a brief moment of internal conflict, Luke abandons his cover and runs towards the baby, grabbing him before attempting to run back behind the wall. Unfortunately, as he attempts to get back behind the wall, he is shot in his leg by Vitali.

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's decisions:

While Luke is down, desperately attempting to pull himself behind cover, Buricko takes aim at Luke to finish him. Before he can shoot, however, Kenny quickly shoots the tattooed Russian in the head, narrowly saving Luke's life. As the remaining Russian continues to fire upon him, Kenny, surveying the area, notices a panicked Arvo hunched over his dead sister. In order to coerce Vitali out of cover, Kenny takes Arvo hostage, threatening to shoot him if Vitali does not comply. Vitali hesitantly stands and aims at Kenny, continuing to mutter threats towards him in Russian. In the midst of the stand-off, Natasha reanimates as a walker, as Arvo desperately attempts to escape Kenny's grasp to help her, not realizing she had reanimated. The now zombified Natasha begins to crawl towards Clementine before the child shoots her in the head. Arvo, in despair at seeing his sister shot by Clementine, finally manages to break free from Kenny's clutches and runs to his sister's corpse, breaking down in tears before glaring at Clementine. Vitali now fires at the vulnerable Kenny, who dives to the ground just in time to avoid the gunfire. Vitali then approaches Kenny in order to execute him, but is stops and suddenly chokes. He slowly turns around and sees Jane, who had returned after her departure in "Amid The Ruins" and stabbed him in the back of his neck. Choking on his own blood, Vitali desperately stumbles toward a seemingly horrified Jane, before Kenny walks over and distastefully shoots him in the head.

The rest of the group slowly emerges from cover, while Jane confides in Clementine, stating she had never killed a person she didn't know and had not wronged her in some way. She says that she tried to pretend he was a walker, but that it didn't soften the impact of killing him.

The group then gather around Rebecca's body, mourning her loss and promising to take care of her baby. Kenny, visibly irritated, walks over to Arvo and begins to hit him, but is stopped by Luke and Mike. Luke and Mike defend Arvo from Kenny, claiming that he is no longer a threat to them, to which Kenny disagrees, before pulling out his gun and angrily telling Mike to move out of the way. The rest of the group attempt to calm Kenny down, and Arvo tells the group that he has food and shelter and that he can take them there. Eventually, the argument is defused, and Kenny begrudgingly agrees to follow Arvo to shelter.

On their way, Jane talks with Clementine about why she returned and her increasing concerns for Kenny's mental state. Jane will claim that Clementine is the only person in the group that Kenny truly trusts, and that she will have to be the one to pull him back from this state.

Chapter 2: Into the Woods[]

As the group continues, Luke's leg will give out, which he claims is due to putting too much weight on it. The group all agree to stop for a short while, but Arvo, seemingly lost in his thoughts, doesn't hear Kenny telling him to stop. Enraged once more, Kenny throws Arvo to the ground and continues to threaten him. Once again, Mike interrupts this argument and halts the conflict. Bonnie then gives Mike the baby to look after while she helps tend to Luke's leg wound. After Bonnie has a short conversation with Luke about his and others' tendencies to get into fights, she asks Clementine to keep pressure on Luke's wound while she goes to find some bandages. Luke, now alone with Clementine, proceeds to express heavy guilt regarding the rest of the cabin survivors, expressing disbelief that he is the only one left, and believing that the others had died in vain. Clementine will attempt to console him, but he insists that he could have done more for the group, and has to live with his decisions. Bonnie eventually returns with a bandage for Luke, before asking Clementine if she could change the bandage on Kenny's wound, as he refused to let Bonnie do it when she offered, to which Clementine agrees.

Heading over to Kenny, the two discuss possible names for the baby, before ultimately agreeing on Alvin Jr., Kenny will then notice the bottle of alcohol in Clementine's hands, and assures her that he is fine, and doesn't need his wound cleaned or bandaged. After some coaxing, Clementine manages to convince him to change his bandages. She successfully manages to take off the old bandage, sterilize the wound, and attach a clean bandage, during which they talk further about how Alvin Jr, and Kenny's own guilt over the demise of Alvin and Rebecca. Kenny shows that he feels partially responsible for Alvin's death, before the rest of the group are finished and they continue towards the house.

Chapter 3: A Calm, Quiet Night[]

The group stumble across an abandoned power station, and Kenny asks Arvo if it is the shelter he is taking them to. Arvo exclaims that the shelter is a house which itself is a few hours away, a detail that irritates Kenny, who claims that Arvo has been lying to them. Eventually coming to the consensus to stop for the night, Kenny and Jane scout the power station to ensure its safety, while Clementine looks after AJ before handing him to Bonnie. Kenny and Jane return and call the rest of the group down to get settled at the station.

The group are later seen sitting around a small fire, with Arvo tied up close by, and Jane standing off on her own near the fence. Luke states that today is his birthday, to which the group congratulates him, and they continue to have a heartfelt discussion about past memories. Bonnie takes out a special bottle of rum which she had been saving for a special occasion, and she passes it to Luke in honor of his birthday. She asks him to make a toast, which Luke makes in the honor of the loved ones that the group has lost along the way, and to the hope that they may see them again one day. Afterwards, Kenny volunteers to take first watch with AJ, while the others try to invite Jane to join them, to which she refuses. They then discuss Jane and her reasons for returning, as well as Bonnie starting a humorously mocking conversation about Luke's sexual encounter with her. Bonnie then passes the bottle of rum to Clementine and asks her to use it to convince Jane and Kenny to join them by the fire.

Heading over to Jane, Clementine waves the bottle of rum in her view and Jane says that joining them by the fire might be awkward. Nonetheless, Clementine convinces her to take a sip of the bottle, and the two have a conversation about Jane's past memory of being drunk before she offers Clementine a sip, which she can accept or decline. She then gives Clementine the bottle to offer to Kenny, and she joins the rest of the group by the fire.

Clementine can optionally talk to Arvo during this time, but no matter what she chooses to say, Arvo will continue weeping over the loss of his sister and remain silent.

Clementine will then head over to Kenny, and if she had taken a sip, Kenny will lightly scold her about that decision. He then apologizes about his harsh reactions towards Clementine after Sarita's death, claiming that he couldn't handle the loss, before reminiscing about Katjaa and Duck. He goes on to admit that didn't raise his son like he should have, and that he wasn't always there when he needed him. He states that he used to believe that he enjoyed the time away from his family, but that he would do anything to have one more second with them. Clementine can then choose whether or not to comfort him. Kenny then vows that he won't make the same mistakes raising AJ, before asking Clementine to return to the fire. Clementine can then either convince him to join them, or leave him on watch with AJ. Either option results in Clementine returning to the fire.

Upon returning to the fire, she finds everyone continuing to joke about Luke and Jane's sexual encounter, but the sound of Arvo weeping quickly takes the attention of Mike, and he gets up and takes the bottle over to Arvo while the rest of the group continue the discussion. Bonnie says that she believes Arvo is not a bad person, and that good people sometimes do bad things, especially given the onset of the apocalypse. However, they are quickly interrupted by Arvo's screams. Arvo yells at Mike to leave him alone, and Mike will apologize and back off. If Kenny didn't join the group by the fire, he will come over to Arvo and beat him unconscious, to which Mike angrily restrains him for only for Kenny to force him off. Once things calm down, Mike will reluctantly decide to take watch himself, while Bonnie convinces Kenny to get some rest. If Kenny joined the group by the fire, then he will simply stay by the fire and leave Arvo untouched. Arvo will break down once more over his sister, and Mike will attempt to console him, telling him that she is in a better place. After they agree to get some rest, Kenny will go back on watch as the group retires for the night.

Chapter 4: Slow and Steady[]

By morning, the group are following Arvo towards the house. Kenny, still bickering with Arvo, unknowingly walks past a walker lying dormant behind a rock, which gets up and attempts to attack him, sending both the walker and Kenny to the ground. Clementine can shoot the walker dead and save Kenny or Kenny will shoot it himself, but either way, Bonnie expresses concern over the noise of the gunshot and the potential of drawing more walkers to their location. Arvo says that the house is very close, and after a short walk, will point out the unfinished house, which is barely fit to be a shelter. The house itself stands at the other end of a frozen lake, which the group are initially apprehensive to cross. Realizing that there are no nearby crossings, and at the insistence of Arvo that the ice is thick enough for them to cross over, the group decide to cross the lake, with Arvo volunteering to take the lead. As they begin to slowly cross the lake, Jane eventually notices a small group of walkers following them, alerted by the earlier gunshot. As clusters of walkers begin to fall through the ice, the group pauses in panic. Arvo, seeing an opportunity while the group distracted, begins to desperately run towards land, while an angered Kenny follows suit. Mike, noticing the scuffle, chases after the two, believing Kenny will hurt him. Arvo crosses a weak spot and and plunges in to the icy water, struggling to get back out. Kenny catches up to him and pulls him out, and the two, along with Mike holding the baby, make it to the other side.

The remainder of the group, seeing that the rest have made it safely across, begin to continue along the ice. However, Clementine and Bonnie hear the sound of ice cracking behind them, and turn to see Luke standing over a severely cracked patch of ice. Frozen in fear, Luke looks up at the two. Bonnie attempts to go back for him, but Luke tells her and Clementine to stay back. Bonnie, still insistent that Luke needs help, tries to approach him, but is stopped by Luke once more, who claims that he can make it out on his own if he's careful. After moving too swiftly, the ice begins to break, sending Luke's injured leg into the water. Clementine and Bonnie, now excessively worried, call out to him, but Luke continues to insist that he can pull himself out of the water. Bonnie then asks Clementine to go back and help Luke, stating that she's small enough for the ice to hold, while Luke attempts to persuade Clementine to shoot the approaching walkers while he works to pull himself out. Clementine is then given a choice to either help Luke herself, or heed his advice and cover him as he works to pull himself out.

Help Luke: Clementine will slowly approach Luke whilst Bonnie shoots the incoming walkers. As Clementine gets closer, Luke will desperately plead with her to go back, as the ice beneath the two of them collapses, plunging both Luke and Clementine into the icy depths. Clementine, quickly regaining her senses, swims upward to the ice. She persistently bangs her hand against it in an attempt to break it, but a walker, having fallen in manages to grab hold of her leg and begins to pull her down. She manages to kick the walker away, only for yet another walker to lunge at her. Luke quickly appears and wrestles the walker away from Clementine, but as he attempts to swim back up to the surface, the walker manages to grab onto his injured leg, much to his despair. Clementine can do nothing but watch as Luke is pulled down into the depths of the lake, desperately thrashing in fear. Jane will then pull Clementine out of the lake and rush her to the house.

Cover Luke: Clementine and Bonnie will shoot the walkers approaching Luke. Bonnie, realizing that Luke is unable to pull himself up on his own, begins to approach Luke, while Clementine continues to cover them from the oncoming walkers, but her weight ultimately causes the ice to break and send both her and Luke into the icy waters. Clementine stares on in shock, before hearing a banging nearby. Going over, she sees a desperate Luke below the ice, banging on the ice. Clementine then has the choice to either break the ice in an attempt to free Luke, or leave it, realizing that it is already a lost cause. If Clementine chooses to break the ice where Luke is trapped, she tumbles into the ice, only to discover that she was too late; Luke has already drowned. Jane pulls Clementine out of the water, with Bonnie narrowly managing to surface herself, and the three will then rush towards the house. If Clementine doesn't attempt to break the ice to save Luke, Luke will eventually drown and float to the bottom, along with Bonnie, unable to escape herself. Clementine will then sorrowfully continue towards the house.

Chapter 5: The Unfinished House[]

This next part is non-determinant and happens regardless of the player's decisions:

The group will barge into the unfinished house, with Jane exclaiming that they must get a fire started to prevent Bonnie (Determinant) and Clementine from freezing to death, should they have fallen into the icy waters. As Jane searches the house for fire-wood, the rest express disbelief over the death of Luke and Bonnie (Determinant). Kenny proceeds to angrily blame Arvo for the incident. Arvo, now pushed to his breaking point from all the abuse, curses Kenny. Kenny's bursts violently towards Arvo, beating him severely while roaring insults at the Russian. Clementine must decide what to do.

Intervene: Clementine rushes at Kenny to stop him, to which Kenny will then accidentally elbow her, much to his shock. He stops his attack.

Ask Kenny to stop: Clementine shouts for Kenny to stop beating Arvo, resulting in Kenny ceasing his anger. If Clementine watched him kill Carver, Kenny will angrily scold her for losing taste for such brutal things.

Do nothing or ask Mike to stop Kenny: Mike quickly grabs Kenny, from behind but is wrestled away, with Kenny shouting at Mike for stopping him. Mike voices his anger at Kenny for lashing out at Arvo but Kenny claims the Russian deserves it.

Jane then returns with a bag of supplies and exclaims that Arvo wasn't lying, and chastises Kenny for beating the teenager to near death. Kenny then proceeds to tie Arvo up while Jane tends to starting a fire. If Clementine took the file from the end of "Amid The Ruins", she will give it to Jane, who then uses it to start a fire. Otherwise, Jane will find matches in her pocket and use them. All of the group then rest for a short while.

Upon waking, Clementine sees Mike tending to Arvo and asking if he was alright, while Jane offers Clementine some food. The two of them discuss Luke, and Jane's sorrow over his unfortunate demise. She contemplates whether or not coming back was the right choice. Mike, now visibly upset over Kenny's various outbursts, angrily storms out of the room as Kenny walks in. Kenny asks Clementine to help him fix a truck outside of the house, which he claims is in good shape, and only needs a little bit of work in order to get it started. Clementine agrees to help, while Jane decides to stay behind to watch AJ. Kenny will shoot a distrustful glance towards Jane at the mention of this, before leaving with Clementine.

Chapter 6: Making a Plan[]

Outside, Kenny questions Clementine as to what she and Jane were talking about, believing them to be talking about him. Clementine ensures him that they were not, and the two of them begin to tend to the truck. Kenny gives Clementine the keys and sits her in the driver's seat while he works under the hood. Whilst working, Kenny will imply his personal distrust of Jane and her motives, but relents when Clementine states her opinion on the matter. After telling Clementine to turn the ignition, which fails to start, Kenny will express his hopes regarding Wellington and continue working. After failing to start the truck a second time, Kenny gets angered, claiming that they are running out of time, and that they need to continue moving in order to keep AJ alive. Kenny will send Clementine back inside, mentioning that he doesn't trust leaving Jane alone with AJ. If Bonnie was saved on the frozen lake, Clementine has the option to talk to her on the way back to the house. Depending on the choice regarding Luke, Bonnie will either express anger and hostility over Clementine's choice to not help him, or will have a small conversation about past regrets and Luke. Clementine can then continue inside.

As she enters, she finds Jane and AJ in a different room. Jane has moved AJ elsewhere, as Mike and Arvo were talking too much, and she wanted AJ to be more comfortable. From where they are seated, they can see Kenny working and struggling to fix the truck. The two of them discuss Kenny, as Jane argues that he is becoming a very clear and present threat to the group. She claims that he is going down a dark path, and draws parallels between him and Carver, which Clementine can either deny or agree with. She ominously states that while the two have known each other for a long time, she'll have to decide how much it is worth in the very near future. AJ begins to cry and Clementine comforts him, giving him some baby formula. She exclaims that they are running out of the formula, and Jane will begin to recite a story about an older group she was with earlier. As Jane reminisces, they are interrupted by the sound of the truck starting up, as Clementine and the rest rush outside to Kenny.

The rest of the group run outside to find that Kenny had fixed the truck, and they quickly discuss what they should do next. Kenny thinks that they should continue heading to Wellington, while others think they should return southward towards Howe's Hardware. Kenny once more gets angered by this, and the disagreement begins to turn heated. Kenny goes on to claim that since he started the truck, he gets to decide where they should go, and stubbornly insists on heading north in search of Wellington. Mike will relent, and instead ask about Arvo, who Kenny states they will leave behind. Mike argues with Kenny, expressing concern over the possibility of him dying by himself, and that he knows the area and could be a potential help to them. Regardless of Clementine's decisions, the group eventually decides to sleep for the night, electing to figure things out in the morning. Kenny, angered and outnumbered, enters the truck. Mike will ask Clementine to talk some sense into Kenny before heading back inside. Clementine will go around to an incredibly angered Kenny, who tells Clementine to get in the truck and shut the door. Kenny will rant about what just happened, and how important it is to continue north. He begins to talk about past memories, and how a lot of people died for them to get where they are, and that they owe it to them to see the group, and AJ, to safety. The two are unable to decide where they should go, and so Kenny suggests they should get some sleep and figure everything out in the morning. Clementine agrees, and the two return to the house.

Chapter 7: Whispers in the Dark[]

Clementine awakes to an unusual sound banging on the house. She gets up and looks out of the window to see a loose cable swinging into the house with the wind. Upon exiting the house to fix it, she hears a noise and discovers Mike and Arvo attempting to leave with the fixed truck. She can call out to them, after which Arvo will draw a rifle towards Clementine, resulting in her pulling out her weapon. Mike will turn and notice Clementine, and attempts to quell the stand-off. If Bonnie was saved from the lake, she will then appear with the remainder of the supplies, also planning to leave with Mike and Arvo. Mike will claim that they are simply leaving, and that nothing has to get heated as long as they all stay calm and quiet. Clementine questions them all about leaving, and she can choose to ask why they are doing this, or ask to leave with them. Mike will exclaim that they need to get away from Kenny, afraid of his instability and irrational behavior, fearing what he might do next. Depending on whether or not Clementine helped or covered Luke back on the frozen lake, Bonnie is either apologetic towards Clementine for their actions or indifferent, wanting to get the interaction over with. Mike will then slowly and calmly approach Clementine, asking her to drop her weapon. She can choose to threaten Mike or give him the gun peacefully. Either option results in Clementine eventually surrendering the gun to Mike. However, a panicked Arvo shoots Clementine in the shoulder and she falls to the ground in pain. Either Bonnie or Mike will express deep concern over Clementine's well being, before ultimately taking off on foot with Arvo as Kenny barges out of the house, yelling at them and asking what they did, and goes to Clementine as she loses consciousness.

Alternatively, Clementine can choose to call out for Jane and Kenny, accusing Mike and the rest of robbing them. Arvo will instinctively shoot Clementine in the shoulder, and the scene will continue to play out as usual. If Bonnie is dead, the scene will still play out except Kenny does not yell at the group and only goes to tend Clementine.

Chapter 8: Fade Out[]

A realistic flashback to Season 1 is shown, where the group consisting of Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, Kenny Jr., Ben Paul, and Lilly, if Lee didn't leave her behind, are shown travelling in the RV after the death of either Carley or Doug. Clementine jolts up from her "nightmare" and Lee tells her everything is alright. Clementine will ask about Duck and eventually Lilly, specifically why she shot either Doug or Carley. Lee will state that people don't always make sense, and how anger and grief can cloud a person's better judgement. Lee will eventually wrap the conversation around into an important life lesson: "Part of growing up is doing what's best for people you care about... even if sometimes, that means hurting someone else." Clementine will claim that she does not want to hurt anyone, but Lee sadly claims that it is not that easy. After Lee reassures Clementine that everything will be alright, she falls back asleep peacefully in his arms.

Clementine wakes up in the back seat of the truck with Kenny, Jane, and AJ. After asking about her wound, Jane mentions that the bullet managed to go straight through, and that she should be fine. Inquiring about the rest of the group, Jane tells Clementine that the rest of them left with Arvo. Kenny and Jane will then start arguing about the safest location to go now that Clementine is awake. Kenny continues to insist on heading north, while Jane attempts to convince Kenny otherwise, to no avail. Giving up, Jane instead starts to provoke Kenny, getting into a much more personal argument with him. The argument gets heated when Kenny makes a snide remark to Jane regarding her past, to which Jane responds by bringing up Kenny's family. Kenny angrily warns her to stop, and Jane will continue to rant about Kenny's family, and how the people close to him fear him and his behavior, which Kenny instinctively and angrily denies. No matter what Clementine chooses to say, the argument between Kenny and Jane will continue to worsen until Kenny spots a pile-up of cars blocking the road. After swerving the truck around in order to avoid the wreckage, Kenny asks if everyone is alright. Realizing that one of the vehicles may have diesel, as the truck is running empty on gas, Kenny will decide to leave the truck in search of fuel. As he exits the truck, Kenny will point to a sign for a nearby rest area, telling them to meet him there should anything happen. Clementine will climb into the driver's seat and start a conversation with Jane about Kenny. Jane debates that they should leave right then and there in the truck, which Clementine disagrees with, but the two are cut off by the sound of gunshots in the distance. Walkers, brought to the attention of the gunshots, begin to approach the truck. Panicking, Jane tells Clementine to drive the car ahead, which she manages to do momentarily.

They don't travel far before Clementine hits a walker in the road, causing them to swerve and crash into the side of the road. The walker becomes wedged into the windshield, forcing Jane to exit the car with AJ, leaving Clementine inside the car. Clementine manages to shoot the walker dead, but more approach them, causing Jane to flee the scene with AJ in her arms. Clementine will attempt to climb out of the vehicle only to be grabbed by a walker that was pinned under the truck. After getting back up, she realizes that Jane is nowhere in sight, and so she draws her weapon and continues on her own into the snow.

Chapter 9: Cold and Alone[]

Clementine trudges blindly through the snow, avoiding several stationary walkers which are beginning to freeze up due to the cold. After walking a fair distance, she finds herself in a sheltered sitting area with benches. Progressing further, she finally arrives at the rest area mentioned by Kenny. As she enters the rest stop, she sees Kenny looking out through a window in search of them, and he quickly turns towards Clementine. He asks if Clementine is okay, before asking where AJ is. Clementine will state that he is with Jane, and a worried Kenny immediately barges outside in search of Jane. Clementine peers out through a window and sees Jane approaching in the distance, and Kenny will return to greet her inside. It is revealed that Jane does not have the baby with her, and Kenny demands to know what happened to AJ. When she replies with silence, both Kenny and Clementine fear the worst, and Kenny rushes outside in search of AJ, denying Jane's implications. With Kenny gone, Jane will quickly change her demeanor, telling Clementine to stay out of the conflict that is about to ensue, saying that she wants Clementine to see Kenny for what he really is. The two of them then watch in fear as Kenny storms back towards the rest area, fists clenched and going straight for Jane.

Chapter 10: No Going Back[]

Clementine can choose to stand in Kenny's way, but he will push her out of the way and continue towards Jane before throwing a punch at her, accusing her of killing AJ. Jane will claim that what happened was an accident, which Kenny dismisses as a lie. The two stand off as Clementine attempts to calm them down, but Kenny, now in a state of pure rage, charges at Jane. The two then begin a fierce brawl with one another, with Jane eventually pulling a knife, and continue to fight with the seeming intent to kill. For the duration of the fight, Clementine has the option to intervene or stay put and watch the fight entail. Eventually, the fight takes all three of them outside, and knocks all three of them to the floor. Upon regaining her senses, as her wound has re-opened, Clementine will notice a gun next to her, as Kenny and Jane continue their vicious fight. Kenny pounces on her, holding the knife above her as Jane desperately holds him back. Clementine will have an option to pick up the gun, and if she does so, realizes that the only option left is the difficult choice of either shooting and killing Kenny in order to save Jane, or looking away, allowing Kenny to overpower Jane and stab her in the chest, killing her. If she does not choose to pick up the gun, she will simply watch as the fight ends with Kenny defeating Jane. There are then multiple outcomes:

Shoot Kenny: Tearfully, Clementine will shoot Kenny in the chest, causing him to fall off of Jane. After asking if Jane is okay, both her and Clementine will stand back up as they approach the dying Kenny. He will call out to Clementine, exclaiming that she did the right thing, and the two will have a final emotional conversation; Kenny admits that he let everybody down, and that despite asking so many times for death, he's scared of it now that it is happening to him. Clementine will then say a final goodbye to him as he dies peacefully in the snow. Jane and Clementine will then hear the sound of a crying baby in the distance, and the latter will rush towards the sound and discover AJ safe within a car. After retrieving him, she will question Jane about why she lied about AJ. Jane will explain that she hid AJ in order to provoke Kenny and show Clementine what he was truly capable of, thus implying that Kenny's death could have been avoided entirely. Clementine can then choose whether or not to forgive Jane for her actions, and whether or not to stay with her or continue on her own. If she forgives Jane, or chooses to stay quiet when prompted, she will stay with Jane (leading to the ending, "With Jane" below), but if she refuses to forgive Jane, Clementine will continue onward with AJ in her arms (leading to the ending, "Alone with AJ" below). Jane will plead towards Clementine in an attempt to persuade her to stay, but it does not succeed. Both outcomes are explained below.

Let Jane Die: Kenny will succeed and stab Jane to death. As he comes to his senses with what he had done, Clementine has the option to talk to him or shoot him. If the latter is chosen, Clementine will take aim at Kenny, who, believing AJ to be dead and no longer having the will to go on, solemnly tells Clementine to shoot him. Clementine will then proceed to shoot Kenny in the head, before hearing the cries of AJ in the distance (leading to the ending, "Alone with AJ" below). If she merely talks with him, the two will together hear AJ crying in the distance, and Kenny will instantly tell Clementine to go find him. Clementine will follow the sounds to find AJ safe within a car. After retrieving him, Kenny will come over to them and they will discuss why Jane had lied about AJ. Clementine can either agree to stay with Kenny, after which she will continue towards Wellington with him (leading to the ending, "With Kenny" below), or alternatively she can claim that Kenny is dangerous, resulting in Clementine pressing on alone with AJ (leading to the ending, "Alone with AJ" below). Both outcomes are explained below.

Ending 1 - With Kenny and AJ: Nine days later, Clementine and Kenny are beginning a walk up a hill with smoke trailing from the other side of it. They will race one another up the hill, and upon reaching the top, both will be stunned as they discover a gigantic wall of metal stretching for miles. Kenny exclaims that it has to be Wellington, and as they approach they are quickly halted by a gunshot purposefully hitting the ground in front of them. A women's voice on a speaker then demands for them to stop, drop their weapons, and approach the gate, which they do without hesitation. Upon nearing the gate, the women reveals herself on a small risen outlet on the wall. They will introduce themselves to one another and Alvin Jr. as well. Clementine can ask if there is someone named Christa is inside, but the woman says that there is no one inside of that name. Kenny asks why they were told to drop their weapons before, and the woman, now known as Edith, says that "this is the part where [she has to] give them the bad news" and drops a bag of supplies outside of the outlet. Kenny, confused by this, questions Edith about what she was doing as she lists off the things in the bag. When he demands to know why they were being given the bag, Edith replies that Wellington was no longer accepting refugees because they were over capacity. Kenny is outraged that she could be telling them this after all they had sacrificed to get up there. Clementine can agree with his sentiment and complain that they had a baby, so they should be let in, but Edith merely states that this is hard for her as well as them. Kenny then desperately begs for Edith to "take the kids". Clementine is shocked at this, but he ignores her, pleading for her to just make enough room for "a little girl and a baby boy", and Edith, on the verge of tears, says that she will go and ask someone if it is possible. He thanks her for this as she leaves to go get permission to let Clementine. Kenny avoids Clementine's eyes, saying that this was for the best. Edith quickly returns and announces that she could allow Clementine and the baby in, and tries to apologize to Kenny for not allowing him in, but he cuts her off with a hasty "Thank you". He finally looks at Clementine and hands the baby to Clementine, getting in close and pleads with her to enter, saying that this was her only chance. He claims that he can't be trusted to protect them anymore, and that she and A.J. would be safe within Wellington. There are then two further subsequent endings that can occur here:

Ending 1A - With Kenny and AJ: Clementine will refuse the offer, explaining to Kenny that they are leaving together. However, Kenny will continue in an attempt to convince Clementine to enter Wellington, but she will stop him in his speech and ask for them to leave together. Edith, torn by their conversation, will throw out a second bag of supplies, saying that she was supposed only to give one bag per group, and after saying they can check back few months later and wishing them luck, she heads back into Wellington. Kenny will state that Clementine is as "stubborn as a damn mule". Clementine will respond sarcastically with "I wonder where I got that from?" before the two pick up the bags of supplies and walk away from Wellington into the distance, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Ending 1B - With AJ at Wellington: Clementine will accept the offer and hug Kenny tightly as he says this is the right decision. He further asks Clementine to tell AJ about his family and all of the people who tried to keep him safe, before he takes off his hat and hands it to Clementine, telling her to give it to AJ when he grows up. After Kenny asks Edith to keep an eye on them and for Clementine and AJ to live a good life, Kenny turns and begins walking away, taking the bag of supplies with him. He states that he may not look back as he walks away, and tearfully states that he was glad to have met Clementine. The gates open up into Wellington with Edith standing to bring Clementine and AJ inside. As they enter, Clementine turns to watch Kenny leave and she sees him pause briefly, before continuing further away. Clementine turns and enters into Wellington as the gates begin to close, focusing on Kenny walking away as the doors close shut. The screen cuts to black, and the episode ends.

Ending 2 - With Jane and AJ: Nine days later, Clementine, Jane and AJ are both back at Howe's Hardware, now seemingly abandoned. They stumble across the corpse of Carver, which Jane can question how Clementine managed to watch his death if she chose to watch it in "In Harm's Way". Jane will then discover some baby formula and other supplies left at Howe's, as well as the greenhouse still remaining in good shape. She will then suggest that they should stay for a while at Howe's, but Clementine then notices a group of three survivors approaching them; a man, woman and boy. They head down to greet them through a fence, and the other group will claim that they need help and had been walking for weeks looking for food. One of the men will ask Clementine if the baby she is holding is hers before having a short conversation about whether they tried to head north. The group then explain that Howe's needs a lot of work and that they would be willing to work there if they were allowed shelter inside. Jane will explain to Clementine that there is not much food left, leading to two further possible outcomes:

Ending 2A - With AJ, Jane and the family: Clementine will allow them to come in through a side entrance. Jane will question Clementine about whether that was the right choice as they head to meet them at the entrance. Upon opening the entrance, the group will enter and the woman will introduce themselves as Patricia, whom will then thank and hug Jane tightly. Another one of the group members turns his back to Clementine, to which she then notices that he had hidden a gun in his back pocket. After silently signifying this to Jane, the boy will compliment Clementine's hat, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Ending 2B - With AJ and Jane: Clementine will demand them to leave, much to the groups' surprise. They then question whether Clementine really wants to do this, questioning about whether they might be dangerous. As a response, Clementine will draw her weapon in their direction stating "What if I am?", and the other group will turn around and begin to leave. As they leave, Clementine notices that the man had a hidden gun in his back pocket, and Jane thanks her for making that decision. Clementine will state that they have to lookout for themselves now, as the boy of the group turns and stares at Clementine. Jane says that they might return, to which Clementine states that they will be ready, as the screen fades to black and the episode ends.

Ending 3 - Alone with AJ: This ending can occur regardless of the previous choice to kill Kenny or let him kill Jane, with 3 slight variations. No matter how the Alone ending is obtained, after a time cut where it is nine days later, Clementine, out of the blizzard, is walking in an unknown plains area with AJ in her arms. After walking upon a small hill, she will spot a walker herd in the distance. She will finish off a dying walker nearby and cover both herself and AJ in walker guts, thus allowing the two to safely travel through the herd. As she walks off towards it, the screen cuts to black and the episode ends.

In-Game Decisions[]

This list shows some of the choices made by players that are tracked by the game.

For the complete in-game stats, see Telltale Series Statistics.

Selflessness: Protected the baby?

  • Protected the baby - 58.6%
  • Went for cover - 41.4%

Risk: Went to help Luke?

  • Tried to help Luke - 33.3%
  • Did not try to help Luke - 66.7%

Loyalty: Asked to leave with Mike?

  • Asked to leave with Mike - 19.1%
  • Didn't ask to leave with Mike - 80.9%

Survivalism: Shot Kenny?

  • Shot Kenny - 50.9%
  • Didn't shoot Kenny - 49.1%

Friendship: In the end, who are you with?

  • With AJ, Jane and the family - 21.4%
  • With AJ and Kenny - 21.4%
  • Alone with AJ - 25.7%
  • With AJ at Wellington - 21.4%
  • With AJ and Jane - 10.1%




This list shows the narrative consequences affected by choices from previous episodes of Season One and Season Two.

Season 1[]

  • Lilly will appear in the dream if you didn't leave her behind in "Long Road Ahead". Additionally, Clementine will ask you about your decision in Season 1, depending on whether you left Lilly behind or not.
  • Clementine will wear a hoodie in the dream if you stole from the station wagon in "Starved For Help".
  • Clementine will ask Lee about Carley or Doug in the dream depending who you saved in "A New Day".
  • If Lee told Clementine to keep her hair short, to stay away from cities or to keep moving in "No Time Left", then Clementine can mention this when Kenny asks what Lee would say if he was here.
  • If Lee sided with Kenny often throughout Season One, Kenny will mention how he helped him more times than he could remember.

Season 2[]

  • Clementine will have a scratch on her cheek if you tried to help Kenny when Carver was beating him in "In Harm's Way".
  • Bonnie's face will be bruised if she tried to go through the ticket booth in "Amid The Ruins".
  • When the group is gathered around Rebecca's corpse, Bonnie will say to either Clementine or Kenny, depending on who shot her at the end of "Amid The Ruins", it wasn't her/his fault and did the right thing in order to protect the baby.
  • If you stole from Arvo and didn't give the pain killers to Rebecca in "Amid The Ruins", you can give them to Luke after Bonnie leaves you alone and before he starts talking about "how they got there".
  • When Clementine is fixing Kenny's eye, he will mention how he should have given up if he gets Alvin killed in "A House Divided". If Alvin survived then he will say that she was right to ask for him to surrender and that he should have done something, and that he should have gotten Alvin out of Carver's camp.
  • If Clementine drank some moonshine with Nick in "A House Divided", then she will mention it to Jane if she tries the rum, saying it tasted like fire.
  • Depending on if Clementine watches Kenny kill Carver, should she tell Kenny to stop hurting Arvo or try to protect Arvo, then Kenny will coldly remark; "What? Lose your taste for this sorta thing?" if you watched Carver die or remain silent with a sad look on his face if you choose to leave with Sarita.
  • If Clementine accepted Jane's nail file in "Amid The Ruins", then Clementine will give it back to Jane when she is making a fire. If you didn't, she will take out the match and make the fire.
  • If Clementine talks to Bonnie when Kenny is busy with the car, and you helped Luke (meaning she will be nice to you), then she will mention the first time they met, her dialogue will change depending on what Clementine's first words were to her. If Clementine said for example "Check her for weapons." Then Bonnie will mention that. If Clementine believes Bonnie then she would say that she felt bad that Clementine believed her. If Clementine says "she's too dangerous", she would say you took one look at her and said hell no, she ain't comin' inside.
  • Clementine can tell Bonnie decisions she regrets after trying to start the car with Kenny. She can tell Bonnie that she regrets: Stealing from Arvo, lying to Walter about Matthew, chopping off Sarita's arm, leaving Sarah to die, or searching for her parents.
  • Depending on who Clementine sat with at the dinner in "A House Divided" Kenny will mention that when he is in the truck with her.
  • If Clementine cut off Sarita's arm, Jane will say: "And where were you when Sarita died, Kenny?", or if she killed the walker, "And where were you when Sarita got bit, Kenny?".
  • If Clementine watched Kenny kill Carver and she, Jane and AJ return to Howe's Hardware then when Jane sees his corpse she says "I don't know how you were able to watch that". If Clementine decided not to watch Carver's death, Jane will say, "I'm glad you didn't have to see that."
  • If Clementine looked at Kenny's eye in "Amid The Ruins", she has the option to say that his eye looked better.

Promotional Poster[]

NGB Promo 1


  • This episode has ten chapters.
  • This episode was originally going to be named "Better to Sleep".
  • Only appearance of Randy. (Determinant)
  • Only appearance of Patricia. (Determinant)
  • Only appearance of Gill. (Determinant)
  • Only appearance of Edith. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Bonnie.
  • Last appearance of Mike.
  • Last appearance of Arvo.
  • Last appearance of Natasha. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Buricko.
  • Last appearance of Vitali.
  • Last appearance of Rebecca. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Luke.
    • With Luke's death:
      • All the members of the original Cabin Group are now deceased.
      • Clementine is the only survivor from "All That Remains" with an alive status.
  • Last appearance of Kenny. (Alive, Unknown, or Dead, Determinant)
    • With Kenny's death or left with an unknown status: (Determinant)
      • All members of his family are all dead.
      • All of the Moonstar Lodge survivors are all now deceased.
      • Clementine and Lilly are the only survivors of the Motel Survivors.
      • None of the Hunters of the Motel survivors are left alive.
      • Kenny is the only member of his family to have not died.
      • Kenny is the only member of the Moonstar Lodge survivors to have not died.
      • Kenny, Lilly and Christa are the only main characters from Season One and the only members of Lee's group to have an unknown status.
  • Last appearance of Jane. (Alive, Unknown, or Dead, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Katjaa. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Kenny Jr. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Ben Paul. (Dream)
  • This episode officially names Rebecca's son, now called Alvin Jr.
  • With Luke's death in this episode, all the members of the original cabin survivors are now deceased.
  • The achievement titles of this episode are taken from famous quotes and poems.
  • On the PC, iOS, and PS Vita version of the game, you can drag the episode thumbnail to see the walker's full body.
  • Like the final episode of Season 1, "No Time Left", this episode does not have a teaser for it at the end of the previous episode. This is to prevent spoilers from the end of "Amid The Ruins".
  • This is the only episode of Season 2 where the end credits do not feature a song sung by an artist.
  • This is the only episode where an encounter with a herd is determinant.
  • This episode was released on the PC on the same date as The Walking Dead Pinball.
  • The trailer for this episode depicts a special scene including Clementine just before the outbreak talking with her parents, Ed and Diana, on the phone while being filmed by Sandra after spotting a baby raccoon in her tree house. This scene was created exclusively for the trailer and is not a part of any episode.
  • This is the first season finale, or indeed any episode, with more than two possible endings, with a variation of five.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to the fact this is a culmination of all of the events that have happened thus far, and there is no stopping what's already in motion.
  • Kenny's death (Determinant) marks the longest lifespan of a Telltale Series character, lasting for 10 episodes and over 28 months.
  • Clementine's dream involving Lee uses the same graphics from Season 1.
    • The only difference they made was that the character models in the dream have outlines (unlike in Season 1 they didn't have outlines).
  • This episode marks the first time Kenny is seen without his hat on.
  • This is the first episode of the Telltale Series where all characters who make their debut have a determinant appearance.
  • At the end of "In Harm's Way", the trailer for "Amid The Ruins" showed Clementine checking on Kenny's wound and him asking her about it, hinting that was going to happen in that episode. Instead, it happened in the finale, with the same exact animation and dialogues, the only thing missing is that Clementine does not say how Kenny didn't need to take the blame of stealing the walkie talkie.
  • Unlike the last season finale "No Time Left", this episode does not feature any character statistics at the end of the episode.
  • Even though he reprised his role as Lee Everett, Dave Fennoy did not get credited for his work in this episode.
  • When Clementine arrives at Howe's Hardware with Jane and AJ (Determinant) and sees Carver's corpse, Jane says "I don't know how you were able to watch that" and Clementine can respond with "I've seen worse", which might be referring to Larry's death in "Starved For Help", another brutal death caused by Kenny.
    • Also, during the moment when Kenny loses himself after believing AJ is truly dead, Clementine murmurs "Not again... not again." possibly referring to the death of Christa's baby.
  • Taking too long to shoot the walker that attacks Kenny will result him shooting it instead.
  • The episode's thumbnail makes the sound of whooshing wind. It is the same music played right before Lee shoots the walkers in front of the nurse's station in "Around Every Corner".


  • On the PlayStation 3 trophy board, there's an error where the episode's name is "Better To Sleep".
  • During the "Previously On" segment, during the attack with the Russians, Bonnie is seen not using the backpack. Bonnie also says, "Oh my God!" before Kenny shoots Rebecca if Clementine called for help, even though this did not happen. Also, when Kenny was keeping to himself following Sarita's death/bite, he is seen holding his crowbar, even though he was supposed to be holding either a dying Sarita or his gun. Also, during the second episode's flashback, Troy and Johnny are using each other's guns, like Buricko and Vitali from episode 4 to 5.
  • In "Amid The Ruins", Vitali holds a shotgun, and Buricko an AK-47. However, in "No Going Back", these weapons are switched, with Vitali using the AK-47 and Buricko using the shotgun. This mistake is due to their roles being switched at some point during the development of the episode.[1]
  • When Luke gets shot during the firefight, his AK-47 suddenly disappears, it is most likely he dropped it, but it cannot be seen on the ground after the firefight. He is then given Vitali's AK-47.
  • At the end of "Amid The Ruins", Clementine had her gun drawn, but once "No Going Back" begins, her gun has been withdrawn.
  • When Clementine and Jane stop walking on the road, Luke can be seen not holding his AK-47 on his right hand.
  • After you leave the part where Clementine re-bandaged Kenny's wound, Mike can be seen without a bandage, but a few seconds later, a bandage appears on his arm that was shot.
  • If Clementine takes a drink from Jane during the night at the Power Station, the rum bottle isn't visible in her hand as she drinks. Instead, she has an empty hand.
  • The bloodstains on the walker that attacked Kenny moved from where they were when was sitting against the rock to when it died.
  • When Jane is carrying Clementine (if she attempted to save Luke), the rim of Clementine's hat goes through Jane's jaw.
  • While Clementine is going outside when she saw Kenny getting the vehicle to work, her model can be seen floating next to Jane and the baby for a split second.
  • In Clementine's dream, if Clementine left Lilly behind in "Long Road Ahead", Ben will still have his gun in his hands though he doesn't guard Lilly. Also, Katjaa's head isn't patched.
  • Throughout the episode, Kenny's cheek can be seen going through his bandage numerous times.
  • At the beginning of fight, when Jane puts her knife back in the sheath, you can see the blade edge clip through the seam.
  • If Clementine chose to look away while Kenny and Jane fight, Kenny's arm will phase through the broken pieces of wood next to him a few times.
  • In the preview trailer, Kenny is seen without his eye-patch after he was beaten by Carver, but has it back on in the latter part of the trailer.
  • When Kenny appears at the car if you save him, all the blood on his face is gone and he got his hat and bandage all in a matter of seconds.
  • If Clementine returns to Howe's Hardware with Jane and then invites the family inside, as Randy turns to walk to the side entrance, there is no gun within his back pocket. The same occurs as he walks into Howe's; his back is shown and there is no gun within his back pocket.
  • When Mike and Arvo are attempting to leave with the fixed truck and bag of supplies (Bonnie is dead), Clementine still had option to say "That's everything we have", which is not true. Considering Bonnie died earlier, she won't carry the other bag of supplies to the car.
  • During the group's discussion about where they should go, Kenny's blaming Arvo only for Luke's death, even if Bonnie died on the lake too.
  • While Jane in the car named all the people close to Kenny fear him, she always mentioned Bonnie, even if she died before reaching the house and having the disagreements with Kenny.


  • When Clementine exits the truck after crashing, she is tripped by a growling walker. If she shoots the walker at the precise moment after its second growl ends, the growl will repeat over and over, long after it is dead. This glitch ceases when the chapter ends.

Deleted Sequences[]

  • Originally there was going to be an option for Clementine to kill Mike when he, Bonnie (Determinant) and Arvo are leaving, if Clementine chose anything besides giving him her gun, then it would have been possible for her to shoot Mike as he is walking up to her to take her gun. Not much of a change to the episode happens if Mike is killed, except that Clem can question Kenny and Jane if he died, to which they confirm. The PlayStation 3 version had this choice when it was first released, however on the next day Telltale Games found out about this and instantly removed it from a patch via hotfix.
    • It is possible to revive this choice if one is to disconnect their PS3 from the internet and go back to the first patch. Also, the PC version contains some left over files and if one is to rearrange them, they may possibly get this choice back.[2]
  • During the fight with Kenny and Jane, when Clementine comes down to the decision of whether to shoot Kenny or let Jane die, the struggle would have been different. Originally it was Jane strangling Kenny and holding his arm with the knife to prevent him from stabbing her, Clementine would have been left with the choice of either, shooting Jane in the head and saving Kenny, shooting Kenny in the ribs like in the final game, or letting them both fight it out which leads to Kenny gaining the upper-hand and stabbing Jane in the chest. This was changed in the final game due to most play testers always choosing to save Kenny over Jane, so it was decided to put Kenny as the one on top pushing the knife down on Jane.
  • There have been some discussions about a choice leaving AJ behind, and when the writers were asked about this during one of the interviews done by Greg Miller from IGN, they said that Clementine is not "there yet" to make it happen, so they decided to scrap it out. Also, apparently it was revealed in an interview that there were also scrapped plans for a dark ending that would have had Clementine die from the freezing cold. Information on said statement is yet to be confirmed but either way it was likely removed to allow for the possibility of future sequels featuring Clementine.
  • The ending originally had Kenny and Luke pitted against each other instead of Kenny and Jane.


Main article: No Going Back/Transcript




For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
NGBA Blood and Iron Blood and Iron
Made it out alive.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Miles To Go Miles To Go
Took a breather.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Right of Frost Right of Frost
Stopped for the night.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Center Cannot Hold Center Cannot Hold
Reached the other side.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA All the Dark Night All the Dark Night
Made it through to morning.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA We Slowly Drove We Slowly Drove
Reached the terminus.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Kindly Stop for Me Kindly Stop For Me
Found your way through.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
NGBA All The Dead Lie Down All The Dead Lie Down
Completed "No Going Back".
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 25 Gamer Points


Episode 5 – No Going Back received positive reviews, slightly higher than its predecessor. Aggregating review websites GameRankings and Metacritic gave the Xbox 360 version 85.00% and 85/100, the PC version 81.07% and 79/100 and the PlayStation 3 version 80.00% and 86/100. Mitch Dyer of IGN gave the episode a 9.5/10 saying that the finale is "an impressive and intelligent episode, and among Telltale Games' finest stories."

Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PC/Mac 81.1% 79
PlayStation 3 80% 86
PlayStation 4 TBD TBD
PlayStation Vita TBD TBD
Xbox 360 85% 86
Xbox One TBD TBD
iOS 80% TBD