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The following is a transcript of Episode 5: No Going Back of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season 2.


Clementine falls to the ground during the shootout. Arvo performs CPR on Natasha. Mike holds his injured shoulder.

Mike: Shit. I'm hit. I'm hit!

Bonnie: Mike, get over here!

Luke shoots at the Russian group from behind the cover of a short stone wall. Bonnie and Mike also take cover there.

Luke: Clem!

Buricko crawls along the ground, bleeding and speaking in Russian. Kenny fires his pistol and uses a tree as cover. Vitali hides behind a rock and fires his weapon.

Kenny: Fuck you! You started this shit!

Clem notices the baby lying on the ground. She crawls forward, narrowly avoiding getting shot.

Luke: Hey! What're you doing?

Luke's Comments

Luke: Clem!

Luke: Get behind cover!

Luke: You're out in the open!

Luke: Go! Get behind the wall!

Luke: Clem, hurry!

You chose to go after the baby.

Clem picks up the baby and hides behind the wall.

Luke: Holy shit. I didn't even see him out there. Good work, Clem. Shit. Okay...okay, we gotta do somethin', y'all. We're pinned down here. We can't just...sit here and let this guy take potshots at us 'til he runs outta ammo. We gotta do somethin'.

Clementine: Just let Kenny handle it. He's got it under control.

Luke will remember that.

Luke: Oh, is that what you call this? No. No, someone's gotta go. We can't just sit here.

Clementine: Just stay down...you're gonna get your head blown off.

Luke will remember that.

Luke: We can't just sit here.

Clementine: So quit talking about it and do it!

Luke will remember that.

Luke: Yeah...yeah, alright.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: This don't have to get any worse than it already is! You can just go!

Vitali: (speaks Russian)

Kenny: English, motherfucker!

Vitali: I kill every one of you!

Luke: If I can just get over to that side of the wall, I could maybe get an angle on this guy. Cover me, alright? Just shoot over towards the woods. It'll give him something to think about. Just long enough for me to make it over there.

Clementine: Yeah, okay.

Luke: Good. Good.

Clementine: I'll...I'll try.

Luke: Yeah? Well, okay. Good...good.

Clementine: I don't know if that'll work.

Luke: It'll be fine, just...just trust me.

Luke: It'll be fine, just...just trust me.

Luke: I just need the distraction. Okay? Alright, on my go. Go!

Clem shoots at Vitali, and he ducks. Luke starts to move.

Kenny: Hey! What're you...

You chose to run for cover.

Luke: Get behind the wall!

Clem hides behind the wall.

Luke: Now keep your head down. Oh, shit!

Luke picks up the baby and runs back to cover.

Luke gets shot in the leg.

Bonnie: Luke, no!

Kenny kills Buricko.

Kenny: Fuck you!

Clementine: Luke! Are you okay?

Clementine: Luke! I'm sorry!

Luke: It ain't your fault.

(If Clem grabbed the baby.)

Clementine: You should've stayed down!

Luke: Yeah, yeah, I know! God...

(If Clem ran to cover.)

Clementine: Is the baby okay?

Luke: Yeah...yeah, he's fine, he's fine. I'm not, but the baby's fine...

Luke: Arrgh! Shit, shit!

Luke: Well, he got me in the leg, but...I think...I think it went straight though....shit. I don't know. Aarrrgh! I'm gonna be fine...I think I'm gonna be fine.

Kenny fires at Vitali, making him duck. He grabs Arvo and puts the gun to his head.

Arvo: (speaks Russian)

Kenny: You get out here, or I put a bullet in this kid's head! Shut up!

Arvo: (speaks Russian)

Kenny: I said shut up!

Clementine: Kenny, what are you doing?

Clementine: Kenny, it's not his fault!

Kenny: That don't matter!

Clementine: Let him go, Kenny!

Kenny: No!

Bonnie: Leave him alone, Kenny! He's just a kid!

Kenny: No!

Kenny: I'm ending this! Get out here! Right fuckin' now!

Vitali stands up and speaks Russian.

Kenny: Quit fightin' me, boy! You think I'm bluffing? Get out here! Stop squirmin', damn it.

Natasha reanimates and crawls toward Clem, who kills her.

Arvo: Nooooo!

Arvo wrenches free from Kenny's grasp. Vitali shoots at Kenny, who jumps to the ground.

Arvo: Natasha! Natasha! Nooo! Please!

Vitali stands up and speaks Russian, pointing his gun at Kenny. He slowly collapses and blood dribbles out of his mouth as Jane stabs him in the back of the neck. He gargles and reaches toward her, still alive. Kenny shoots him in the head.

Kenny: It's safe to come out.

Bonnie: Here...I got him.

Bonnie takes the baby. Kenny grabs Vitali's gun and Jane takes her knife back. The rest of the group comes out of hiding.

Luke: Jesus Christ...that was, uh...that was intense.

Mike: I thought...man, I thought that was it.

Kenny: It was for these assholes.

Clem walks up to Jane.

Clementine: Thanks...for coming back.

Clementine: Are you...are you okay?

Jane: I think so.

Clementine: I'm still mad at you for leaving.

Jane: Yeah... I figured.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: I didn't know this man... I've never killed someone that didn't wrong me in some way...that didn't deserve it. Tried to pretend he was a walker...but...it's different. I didn't think it would be...but it is.

Clementine: He deserved it. He was trying to kill us.

Jane: Yeah...that's why I did it, but...it felt wrong.

Clementine: You saved us.

Jane: Yeah...that's why I did it, but...it felt wrong.

Clementine: I'm sorry you had to... It's a hard thing to do.

Jane: Why do I get the feeling you know all about it?

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny tosses Vitali's gun to Luke. The baby continues crying.

Clementine: Come on.

Jane: Okay.

Clementine: You can still leave, you know...there's nothing holding you here.

Jane: I sorta wish that was true. Let's go.

Clementine: You sure about this?

Jane: As sure as I'm gonna be. Let's go.

Jane: Come on. Let's go.

Clem and Jane return to the rest of the group. They look at Rebecca's corpse.

Mike: How did this happen?

Luke: She...turned. Just like that.

Bonnie: Don't you go blamin' yourself, Kenny. You did what you had to...to protect the boy.

Luke: She just lost too much blood. It ain't nobody's fault.

Bonnie: Clem spotted it first...did what she had to to protect the child.

Luke: This isn't your fault, okay? She just...she just lost too much blood. It ain't nobody's fault.

Mike: You saved the boy's life.

Luke: Y'know, we coulda done better by her.

Mike: She was just...too far gone.

Clementine: She would've been a good mom...

Bonnie: Yeah...yeah, she would have.

Clementine: She's with Alvin now.

Bonnie: Yeah...yeah, she is.

Clementine: We should probably go...

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Don't worry, Becca...we'll take care of your boy...you rest easy.

Kenny: (grabs Arvo) You piece of shit! (punches Arvo)

Bonnie: Hey, hey! (gives baby to Clem)

Mike: Stop!

Mike pushes Kenny away from Arvo.

Kenny: Get off me!

Luke: Guys, guys! Come on!

Luke and Mike stand in front of Arvo.

Mike: It's over, man. He ain't a threat to us.

Kenny: How can you say that? Of course he is! Get out of the way. (draws pistol)

Mike: Whoa, what're you doing?

Kenny: I'm doin' the same thing this asshole tried to do to us!

Mike: It doesn't have to go down like that.

Bonnie: Kenny, please...

Luke: He's just a scared kid, man.

Clementine: He wasn't the one shooting at us! that guy's dead.

Kenny: Just 'cause he don't have a gun doesn't mean he wouldn't have.

Clementine: Well, he didn't. So leave him alone.

Clementine: Kenny...his...his sister is dead...he's lost enough already. You don't have to do this.

Clementine: Move out of the way, Mike.

Luke: You... Clem, you don't mean that.

Clementine says nothing.

Arvo: There is house, food...please. Please, I can take you.

Kenny: Bullshit.

Arvo: No, no! Is true. We have place. Not far. Food.

Luke: See? He wants to help.

Kenny: Oh, don't be stupid. He's just tryin' to save his skin. Why the hell would you help us? Huh?

Arvo: I...I not want to see more people dead.

Kenny: Then close your eyes and I'll make it quick.

Mike: Kenny, back off!

Bonnie: If he's telling the truth, it could save all of us.

Kenny: And if it's a trap, we'll all be dead.

Clementine: He's lying. We can't trust him.

Clementine: We need the food. None of this will matter if we all starve to death.

Bonnie: She's right, Kenny. We're runnin' low on supplies as it is.

Clementine: I...I think we can trust him. He wants to live as much as we do.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: It's worth the risk to check this place out. Trust him, don't trust him, it doesn't matter. We should go anyway. We just need to be careful. It can't be far from here.

Kenny: You stay outta this! You're the reason these fuckers came after us in the first place.

Jane: Don't try and pin this on me.

Luke: Lay off, Kenny. She just helped us.

Kenny: Look, don't start, alright? I'm sure you're real excited to have your girlfriend back.

Clementine: I was there with her. It's my fault too.

Clementine: Don't blame her for what these people did.

Clementine: It doesn't matter why it happened. We have to move on.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Think about the baby, Kenny. If there are supplies, we need 'em. We ain't gonna last much longer without more food. We gotta take a chance.

Jane: Unless someone's got a better plan...

Kenny: (puts gun away) We got somethin' to tie this shitbird up?

Bonnie: Yeah, I got somethin'.

Bonnie starts tying up Arvo's hands.

Arvo: Follow me, I take you.

Kenny: Just gimme a reason.

Luke: Yeah, man. He gets it.

The group continues moving. Mike helps Luke walk with his injured leg, Bonnie carries the baby, and Kenny points his pistol at Arvo.

Jane: Look... I know you're probably pissed about me leaving...when I heard the gunshots, I...I knew it was a mistake. If it helps, the thing I'd normally do is walk away for good...but I didn't. Despite what my instincts are telling me. Despite...everything I've seen... Everything I've been through...

Clementine: So? You want a cookie? You want a cookie for doing the right thing?

Jane will remember that.

Jane: If you have one, I'll take it. What I'm saying is, I'm here to try to make this work. If I get a cookie for that, then, awesome.

Clementine: I'm not pissed... I'm glad you're back. I didn't want you to go in the first place.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Thanks. That's...that's good, because you're probably 90 percent of the reason I came back. And it'd probably get pretty annoying if you hated me the whole time.

Clementine: Wouldn't want it to be annoying.

Jane: No. That would suck. I'm gonna try to make this work.

Clementine: We needed you...but you left. How do I know it won't happen again?

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Believe it or not...I want to try and make this work.

Jane: I'm here...I'm here to try and make this work.

Jane: All I can do is...promise you I won't abandon you again. Which, to be fair, I've never done before...even though I promise should have...a few times now.

Mike: You don't gotta point the gun at him the whole time.

Kenny: You forget what we just went through?

Bonnie: He ain't goin' anywhere, Kenny. No need to get your arm all sore.

Jane: I'm worried about Kenny. He's...he's in a dark place. We gotta keep an eye on him. Everything he's been through... That he's lost... It's changing him.

Clementine: So this is you making it work? You don't have to constantly be criticizing him.

Jane: I'm not. I'm pointing it out...as a precaution.

Clementine: He'll be okay. I've known him a while.

Jane: Well, it's all starting to pile up. It's weighing on him. Everyone has a breaking point.

Clementine: Yeah...I've noticed that too.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane stops walking and puts her hand on Clementine's shoulder, making her stop too.

Jane: You're the only one that he trusts. That he really trusts. That means you're the one that's gonna have to pull him back. He's counting on you. If we're really going to make this work... We're all counting on you.

Clementine: I'll do my best.

Jane: I know.

Clementine: It might be too late.

Jane: I'm afraid of that too... But we still have to try. At least then, we'll know for sure.

Clementine: He's tougher than you think. He can handle it.

Jane: I don't think that he can.

Clementine: You'll see.

Jane: I hope you're right.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Come on, slowpokes!

Clem and Bonnie continue walking with the others. Some time later, they are in the forest.


Luke stumbles and groans in pain.

Bonnie: Wait up! Wait. We need to stop.

Luke: No! No, I'm...I'm fine, okay? I just need a second. Sorry, I just...I just put more weight on it than I should've.

Kenny: Alright, wait there.

Arvo continues walking.

Kenny: Hey! What'd I say?

Kenny grabs Arvo's neck and pushes him to the ground.

Kenny: When I tell you something, you fuckin' listen, you understand?

Mike helps Luke sit down on a log.

Mike: Kenny, come on! There's no need for that.

Kenny: He's gettin' what he deserves. (to Arvo) I'm fuckin' talkin' to you. I say stop, you'd best stop. If you know what's good for you.

Clementine: He deserves it.

Mike: He deserves to be treated like a human being. That's all I'm saying.

Clementine: After what he did? What happened back there was his fault.

Bonnie: He lost all his people in one fell swoop. Ain't much we could do to him that'd be worse than that. Kenny! Please. Ease up on him.

Clementine: That's enough! Leave him alone.

Clementine: Kenny! He understands.

Bonnie: Kenny! Please. Ease up on him.

Kenny: Just fuckin' stay put.

Mike: I'm gonna have a word with Kenny. He doesn't have to treat him that way. Kid's been through enough. You alright here?

Bonnie Yeah, yeah. Go on and talk to him. I got Clem if I need anything.

Mike: Okay.

Bonnie: Here, just take the baby?

Mike: Okay...

Bonnie hands Mike the baby, and goes over to Kenny to speak to him.

Bonnie: What is it with you guys?

Luke: What do you mean?

Bonnie: Every man I've known is always tryin' to let each other know how tough they are. Put 'em in their place. Buncha dominant, alpha-male horseshit. And it all ends the same way.

Luke: Don't look at me. I ain't that guy.

Bonnie: Oh, that ain't true. You get into your fair share of pissin' matches, too.

Luke: Do I?

Bonnie: Are you kiddin' me? Yes.

Luke: I guess I should work on that.

Clementine: I've noticed that, too. I don't know why it has to be that way.

Bonnie: It just is...get two of 'em in a room, and it's just a matter of time before they're challengin' each other to somethin'.

Luke: Yeah...suppose I've been in enough spittin' contests to agree with you.

Clementine: They're not all like that. There are good men, too. My friend Lee...he was a good man.

Luke: Well, I wish I had had a chance to meet him.

Clementine: Me too... I wish he was here now.

Clementine: They're just scared...that's when it happens...when they don't know what to do.

Bonnie: Yeah. That makes sense to me.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane speaks to Mike and Kenny.

Luke: Guess it took a woman to talk some sens into 'em. Looks like Jane broke it up.

Clementine puts pressure on Luke's wound.

Bonnie: Keep pressure on it, okay? I'm gonna go fetch some bandages.

Luke: Hey, Bonnie...

Bonnie: Yeah?

Luke: I'm sorry.

Bonnie: For what? I'll be right back.

Bonnie leaves. Luke groans in pain and grabs his leg.

Luke: Damn it...

Clementine: Don't worry. You're gonna be okay.

(If Clem gave painkillers to Rebecca or didn't keep the bag of supplies.)

Clementine: How are you feeling?

Luke: If I'm bein' honest... I've been better.

(If Clem kept the bag of supplies and didn't give painkillers to Rebecca.)

Clementine: Here.

Clementine gives Luke the painkillers.

Luke: Thank you.

Clementine: You look like crap.

Luke: (laughs) Don't make me laugh, alright? Hurts when I laugh.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: How did we get here?

Clementine: What do you mean?

Clementine: We walked...at least, most of us did. You basically had to be carried.

Clementine: Try not to think about it.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Sittin' in the snow...leaned up against a tree...bullet in my leg...but alive. When so many of my friends are dead...for no good reason...and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Everyone we set out with, just...gone... Nick, Pete...Alvin and Becca...Carlos...Sarah... And for what? It don't make any sense.

Clementine: You can't blame yourself. It wasn't your fault.

Luke: No...not completely.

Clementine: They didn't die in vain.

Luke: I wish I could believe that.

Clementine: You can't blame yourself. We all made mistakes.

Luke: Yeah...some of us more than others.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: I could've done more. And that ain't up for debate. I know it in my bones...and I've gotta live with it.

Bonnie returns, holding a rag.

Bonnie: Alright. This should work.

Luke: That's perfect.

Bonnie: What'd I miss?

Bonnie starts bandaging Luke's wound.

Luke: Hmm? Oh, nothin' much. You know...complainin', mostly. Tryin' to guess how far this place is. I'd like to get off this leg sooner than later.

Clementine: Yeah...nothing important.

Bonnie: Okay...you don't gotta tell me if you don't want to.

Clementine: I was just mentioning how cold it is lately.

Bonnie: Yeah. Good thing you got that cool jacket, huh? I'm sure most of that'll come out with a little soap and water.

Clementine: Luke's feeling bad about what happened.

Luke will remember that.

Bonnie: What?

Luke: Really?

Clementine: But it's not your fault. Bad things happen and we can't control it all the time.

Bonnie: She's right. You don't go blamin' yourself for this.

Luke: Alright. Can we drop it?

Bonnie: Well, that'll have to wait a bit.

Luke: I'm fine.

Luke: Thanks a lot.

Bonnie: Hey, Clem...go over and see if you can change the bandages on Kenny's wound. I offered, but...I don't think he was comfortable with me doin' it. But you know him better than I do. Maybe he'll let you do it. They really need changin'.

Clementine: I don't know...it might be...gross.

Luke: Oh, it's definitely gonna be gross.

Bonnie: Stop. That don't change that it needs doin'.

Clementine: Okay.

Bonnie: That a girl.

Clementine: I don't know if he'll let me...

Bonnie: He may not, but you oughta try.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie hands Clem a bottle of peroxide.

Bonnie: That's gonna sting, but only for a second. It's gonna clean it.

Clementine: Oh, I know what it does... It's gonna suck.

Luke: It's gotta get done.

Bonnie: Go on.

Clem walks over to Kenny, who is sitting on a rock and holding the baby.

Kenny: I was thinkin' we go with Alvin Jr. What do you think? Rebecca mentioned she'd like to name him Alvin if it was a boy. I mean... Rebecca was so out of it, she hadn't settled on a name. It seems fitting.

Clementine: I think his parents would've liked that.

Kenny: Yeah...me too.

Clementine: Yeah, that's...pretty creative.

Kenny: It ain't about bein' clever...it's about honorin' a good man...and givin' the boy someone to look up to.

Clementine: Yeah... I like it.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Alvin Jr. it is. You like that? Well, I think AJ approves. What do you got there? 'Cause I think I'm alright. I mentioned it earlier. To Bonnie... I told her I'm fine.

Clementine: I'm changing your bandage.

Kenny: Sounds like I don't have much choice in the matter.

Clementine: You don't.

Kenny: You shouldn't have to do stuff like this...

Clementine: Shouldn't have to do a lot of things.

Clementine: Bonnie sent me over...she thinks your bandages need changing.

Kenny: Yeah...she tried to do it earlier... I see she sent in the heavy artillery.

Clementine: Yup.

Kenny: You shouldn't have to do stuff like this...

Clementine: Shouldn't have to do a lot of things.

Clementine: Can I change your bandages?

Kenny: You shouldn't have to do stuff like this...

Clementine: Shouldn't have to do a lot of things.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Alright...let's get it over with. Hopefully it don't scare this little guy... Or you.

Kenny: It's okay. I trust you.

Clementine removes his bandages.

Kenny: So how's it look? Am I still gonna be pretty when this heals?

Clementine: I'm...I'm so sorry, Kenny.

Kenny: That bad, huh? You ain't got nothin' to apologize for, Clementine. This wasn't your doin'.

(If Clem looked at his wound in the tent.)

Clementine: Well, it looks a lot better than it did.

Kenny: Then maybe my modelin' days ain't over.

(If Clem didn't look at his wound in the tent.)

Clementine: Are you...going to be okay?

Kenny: Oh, I'll be fine, darlin'. Gonna take a lot more than a couple smacks with a radio to take me out.

Clementine: I'm glad Carver's dead.

Kenny: We saw to that, didn't we?

Kenny: That bad?

Clem pours peroxide on a rag.

Kenny: So... I'm guessing this is gonna be the shitty part. Let's do it.

Clementine: It might sting a little.

Kenny: Ya think?

Clementine: Don't be a baby...we already got one.

Kenny: (chuckles) Yeah, we do.

Clementine: So, this is gonna hurt like hell.

Kenny: Well, you could've lied a little, you know...

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine touches his wound with the rag and Kenny recoils.

Kenny: Aaarrgh! Holy fuckin' hell.

Clementine: You need to stop squirming.

Kenny: Yeah...yeah, okay. You're right.

Clementine starts to clean his wound.

Kenny: Sorry about the language, Junior... You're gonna be tougher than me when you're grown. I'm gonna expect you to be more of a gentleman than I am. But, man, does that smart.

Clementine: He'll be tough...just like his dad.

Kenny: Alvin didn't look it...but, yeah...that guy had a pair on him.

Clementine: He can hear a few bad words... I've heard plenty.

Kenny: Yeah...that shouldn't have been the case.

Clementine: Maybe he won't need to be that tough by then. He'll grow up fast enough in all this.

Kenny: Yeah...

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: You were right about me givin' myself up... I can't believe I was willin' to sacrifice Alvin just to hold out a little longer. We should've saved him sooner...got him outta the camp.

Kenny: I should've gave myself up... Alvin didn't have to die like that...

Kenny: I'm gonna think about that...every time I look at Alvin Jr. here. Alvin should be here... Raisin' this boy... It should be him... Not me...

Clementine: Carver's the one who did it...not you.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Yeah... I suppose. But I can't help but feel guilty.

Clementine: We all could've done more. It's everyone's fault, not just yours.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: You did your best. You ain't to blame.

Clementine: The best thing you can do for Alvin...and Rebecca...is raise him right. Make sure he's safe.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: I intend to.

Clementine says nothing.

Clem bandages his wound.

Clementine: All done.

Kenny: Thank you, sweetie.

Clementine: Yup.

Bonnie: Are we ready to go? (Kenny nods) Let's head out.

The group continues moving. Some time later, they reach a power station.

Kenny: Is that it? Hey, I'm talkin' to you!

Arvo: What? It? It what?

Kenny: What do you mean "what"? The place you're fuckin' taking us!

Jane: He doesn't speak much English.

Kenny: Yeah, no shit! Is that it? I thought you said it was a house.

Clementine: Arvo, that's not what you're taking us to, right? How much further is the house you were talking about?

Kenny: Answer her, goddamn it!

Clementine: Arvo, is this where the supplies are? Where the food is?

Kenny: Answer her, goddamn it!

Arvo: No, it's...at the house.

Clementine: Arvo, we're not trying to be mean to you. We just want to know if this is where the supplies are.

Kenny: Is this the place you're taking us? Are the supplies here?

Arvo: No, it's...at the house.

Kenny: Where are the supplies? Where's the food?

Arvo: It's at house...

Arvo: Is still more walk. Some more hours.

Kenny: Goddamn it. I knew this was gonna happen. This guy fucked us.

Mike helps Luke sit down on a log.

Luke: Thank you.

Mike: Don't mention it.

Bonnie: It's gettin' dark. Maybe we should stop for the night.

Kenny: This is bullshit.

Jane: Relax.

Kenny: Don't tell me to relax. He's lying. He's been lying this whole time.

Mike: You don't fucking know that!

Kenny: I know we've been walking all day and we're still fuckin' nowhere.

Clementine: I think we should spend the night here...if it's safe.

Kenny: That's a big if.

Clementine: Well, there's a fence, which would help with walkers.

Kenny: Maybe...

Clementine: Can we just try and have a calm, quiet night? Please...

Bonnie: That sounds nice.

Luke: Yeah...yeah, it does.

Clementine: Stop fighting! Can we just try and have a calm, quiet night? Where everyone isn't at each other's throats? Please...

Bonnie: That sounds nice.

Luke: Yeah...yeah, it does.

Clementine: Luke needs a break...we probably all do.

Luke: Look, I'll do whatever you guys want, okay? But...I could use the rest.

Clementine: It'd be safer to rest in there...where there's a fence. Can we just try and have a calm, quiet night? Please...

Bonnie: That sounds nice.

Luke: Yeah...yeah, it does.

Bonnie: This isn't helping. We're all stressed. Let's just get a night's rest.

Kenny: Yeah, I'm gonna sleep real fuckin' easy tonight knowin' this asshole is playin' us. Fuck!

AJ starts crying and Kenny puts away his gun.

Kenny: Oh, shit, sorry about that...it's alright, buddy. It's alright.

Jane: If we're staying, we should scout this place out.

Kenny: Alright, y'all wait here. I'll go make sure this ain't some walker nest we're lockin' ourselves into.

Jane: I'll go with you.

Kenny: See if...see if you can calm him down a bit.

Kenny hands the baby to Clem. He and Jane leave. Clem looks over at Luke and Mike.

Mike: No. That's all you.

Clementine: Shh...it's okay. It's okay...

AJ stops crying.

Mike: You're a natural.

Clementine: Hey, Alvie...don't be a whiny jerk.

AJ stops crying.

Mike: I wouldn't've guessed that'd work.

Clementine: Me neither.

Clementine sticks out her tongue and AJ stops crying.

Mike: I wouldn't've guessed that'd work.

Clementine: Me neither.

AJ stops crying.

Mike: I wouldn't've guessed that'd work.

Clementine: Me neither.

Bonnie: I think he likes you. Calmed right down for ya. That's a good sign.

Clementine: He's cute.

Bonnie: Yeah, he is, isn't he? Most babies are pretty ugly this soon after bein' born.

Mike: That's true. They usually look like weird little aliens.

Bonnie: Here... I got him.

Clementine: He's annoying...

Bonnie: Oh, don't be like that. He's had a rough start...a real rough start. Here... I got him.

Clementine: Here...take it.

Bonnie: It ain't an "it". It's a he...and he has a name. Ain't that right, Alvie? Aww. Such a handsome boy.

Bonnie: Here... I got him.

Clem hands the baby to Bonnie. Jane and Kenny return.

Kenny: Come on over. It's safe.

The group goes to the station.

Power Station

It's nightfall, and most of the group is gathered around a campfire they made in the station. Kenny holds AJ, Jane looks out through the fence, and Arvo is tied up in the corner.

Luke: Today's my birthday... Near as I can tell, at least. Definitely this week...

Bonnie: Well, happy birthday, Luke.

Mike: Yeah, man. Happy birthday.

Clementine: So, how old are you now?

Luke: I am 27 years old.

Clementine: That's pretty old.

Clementine: Happy birthday, Luke.

Mike: Yeah, man. Happy birthday.

Luke: Thanks.

Bonnie: So, that makes you, what? 27?

Luke: That's...that's right. I'm surprised you remembered.

Bonnie: Well, happy birthday, Luke.

Mike: Yeah, man. Happy birthday.

Clementine: How can you even tell?

Luke: Been keeping track of the days...there've been a few times I wasn't sure I'd see my next birthday.

Kenny: Well, ya did it.

Luke: Guess that's, uh, worth celebratin'.

Bonnie: So, that makes you, what? 27?

Luke: That's...that's right. I'm surprised you remembered.

Bonnie: Well, happy birthday, Luke.

Mike: Yeah, man. Happy birthday.

Kenny: Surprised you could even keep track.

Luke: Been keeping track of the days...there've been a few times I wasn't sure I'd see my next birthday.

Kenny: Well, ya did it.

Luke: Guess that's, uh, worth celebratin'.

Bonnie: So, that makes you, what? 27?

Luke: That's...that's right. I'm surprised you remembered.

Luke: Sure as hell feel a lot older.

Kenny: Don't even start with that shit.

Luke: Got outta college 5 years ago...feels like a million years. At least I don't have to worry about payin' off them student loans.

Mike: I hear that. I'm sure there's some asshole sittin' on that paperwork...waitin' to collect.

Luke: Probably.

Bonnie: I'd have liked to go to college.

Clementine: What did you study?

Luke: Majored in art history.

Clementine: That's cool.

Clementine: I really liked school.

Kenny: Just a waste of money.

Luke: Well, the major in art history hasn't helped too much in the last few years.

Clementine: I hope I can go someday...maybe when this is all over.

Luke: I hope so too, Clem.

Kenny: I don't know... Just a waste of money.

Luke: Well, the major in art history hasn't helped too much in the last few years.

Kenny: Just a waste of money.

Luke: Well, the major in art history hasn't helped too much in the last few years.

Kenny: Sounds like you majored in workin' in a coffee shop.

Luke: Pretty much.

Bonnie: Oh, stop it.

Luke: Did get a minor in agriculture. Keep the old man happy.

Bonnie: Oh, I almost forgot! Was savin' it for a special occasion and...well, it bein' your birthday and all...figure... (takes bottle out of backpack) This is as good a time as any.

Clementine: Where did you get it?

Bonnie: Bill kept all the alcohol in the armory. He didn't like people...imbibing.

Clementine: What's that mean?

Luke: Drinking. He...he didn't think people should drink.

Clementine: Do you think that's a good idea?

Bonnie: Clementine, after the day we've had... I think it's the best idea I've got.

Mike: I'd agree with that.

Kenny: I think she's just sayin' to take it easy.

Luke: Right.

Clementine: I'd like a sip... I mean, after you...obviously.

Luke: Really?

Kenny: No.

Bonnie: Oh, what's a sip gonna hurt?

Kenny: You are not drinkin'. That is that.

Clementine says nothing.

Luke: Feel a little guilty takin' the first...

Bonnie: Whoa, wait. You gotta make a toast.

Luke: I'm not really the, uh...

Bonnie: Come on, birthday boy. It don't have to be fancy.

Mike: A toast means we all got somethin' to drink.

Bonnie: We can just pass the bottle around afterwards. Go on.

Luke: (raises bottle) To the loved ones that we've lost along the way...and to the hope that we see them again...someday.

Mike: Hear, hear.

Bonnie: That was real nice.

Luke: Yeah? I didn't mean for it to rhyme, that was...

Kenny: (gets up) Well, I got first watch.

Mike: I think the fence's got us pretty secure.

Kenny: We can't be too careful.

Bonnie: The baby might be cold.

Kenny: Nah, I'll keep him warm. He's a tough little guy.

Luke: You sure?

Kenny: Yeah.

Clementine: Come on, Kenny. Just sit a little while longer.

Kenny: Nah, you stay warm.

Bonnie: Clem...let him go.

Clementine: Come on, Kenny. At least have a drink.

Kenny: Nah. Maybe later.

Bonnie: Clem...let him go.

Clementine: I can take it.

Kenny: Nah, you stay warm.

Bonnie: Clem...let him go.

Bonnie: Thank you.

Kenny: No problem.

Kenny: I'm gonna post up over near the hole in the fence there. Holler if ya need anything.

Luke: Thanks, Kenny.

Luke takes a sip.

Bonnie: (to Jane) Fire's real nice. Plenty of room if you wanna get warm.

Jane: Maybe in a bit.

Bonnie: I didn't expect her to come back. Just when I thought I got her figured out, she up and surprises.

Mike: It's a good thing. She saved our ass.

Bonnie: I know, I know, I just...don't know what she's gettin' outta all this.

Clementine: She usually travels by herself...that has to be hard. Maybe she's just lonely.

Bonnie: Well, that'd explain a few things.

Clementine: I'm not sure about her anymore.

Luke: Well, she helped us back there. So that puts her as okay in my book.

Bonnie: Well, it ain't no secret how you feel about her.

Clementine: We're lucky to have her... I'm glad she's here.

Luke: Well, she helped us back there. So that puts her as okay in my book.

Bonnie: Well, it ain't no secret how you feel about her.

Luke: Well, she helped us back there. So that puts her as okay in my book.

Bonnie: Well, it ain't no secret how you feel about her.

Bonnie: Oh, come on. I'm just teasin'.

Luke: It was stupid.

Bonnie: I understand. She's a pretty girl...once you get past all the dirt and guts.

Luke: I don't know... I guess I just...wanted to forget about all this shit for, like, ten minutes.

Mike: Ten minutes? Man, that's longer than I'd last at this point.

Bonnie: Hey!

Luke: Alright, alright, it wasn't ten minutes...

Bonnie: Come on. We got a little one around.

Mike: Sorry. Forget I said anything.

Bonnie: It's my fault for bringin' it up.

Clementine: You guys shouldn't be talking like that...it doesn't seem nice.

Bonnie: No, you're right, Clem. It ain't right.

Clementine: I know what you guys are talking about...

Bonnie: I certainly hope not.

Clementine: You're talking about kissing stuff.

Luke: Uh, yeah! Yes. Yes, that...that is exactly it.

Mike: Was there any kissing?

Bonnie: You shut your mouth right now. The both of you.

Clementine: That's gross.

Bonnie: Yes, it is, Clem. We shouldn't be talking about it.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Maybe she came back for you...

Mike: Could be.

Luke: I don't know what to say to that.

Clementine: I doubt it.

Luke: Thanks a lot, Clem.

Clementine: No, I...I don't mean it like...

Mike: It's okay, Luke. She's just not impressed.

Luke: Apparently not.

Mike: Come on, Clem...

Clementine: I'd come back for you... You know what I mean.

Luke: Thank you, Clem. I'd do the same.

Clementine: I don't know...maybe she likes him?

Mike: Oh, I think we could bet on that. 'Cause you see here...

Mike: Well, I guess we learned something.

Luke: Yeah? Well, what's that?

Mike: Luke's a regular Casanova...

Luke: Hey, shut up.

Mike: Don't be modest. Your moves are workin' on all the ladies.

Bonnie: Worked on me. (takes sip) Shit. I just did it too, didn't I? Sorry...it's the drink talkin'.

Mike: They say a drunk man's talk is a sober man's thoughts.

Bonnie: Well, I ain't a man, so "they" can take that shit somewhere else. Clem, go see if you can get Jane and Kenny over by the fire. It's too cold for them to be out there like that. Oh, and here...maybe a swig of this will change their minds. (hands Clem the bottle)

Clementine: I miss TV. Feels like forever since we had electricity...

Clementine: At least we don't need to worry about being electrocuted.

Clementine: It's so much nicer by the fire.

Clem offers the bottle to Kenny. He looks away, and she puts it back.

Talk to Arvo

Clementine: I've lost people too...we all have...

Clementine: So...how far is the house? We walked all day, so...I assume we're pretty close.

Clementine: I'm...I'm sorry about your sister.

Clem walks away.

Talk to Arvo again

Arvo: Leave me alone. Please.

Clem offers the bottle of rum to Jane.

Jane: They expect you to lure me over there with alcohol? I wouldn't have expected a bottle to last this long. It's probably been a while for everyone.

Clementine: We just want you to feel welcome. It's warm over by the fire.

Jane: What is it?

Clementine: It's rum...

Clementine: Maybe I just wanted to talk?

Jane: Alright. I'll pretend I believe you.

Clementine: Will it work?

Jane: That depends. What is it?

Clementine: It's rum...

Clementine says nothing.

Jane takes the bottle and looks over at the others.

Jane: I don't know...it might be awkward. I wasn't expecting to... You know... Be around.

Clementine: Why, 'cause you made it with Luke?

Jane will remember that.

Jane: What does that even mean? What's the "it"?

Clementine: You know.

Jane: Yeah...'cause I "made it" with Luke.

Clementine: It's not a big deal.

Clementine: It'll only be weird if you make it weird. Just be cool. Hang out.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: I wish it was that easy.

Clementine: It is. People just love making it harder than it has to be.

Clementine: It doesn't have to be. We're all adults here.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Are we now?

Clementine: You know what I mean...mature, or whatever.

Jane: I wish it was that easy.

Clementine: It is. People just love making it harder than it has to be.

Jane: I guess I'll need to deal with it eventually.

Jane: Why does this feel like I'm signing a contract or something? (takes a sip) That's really good. Have you had any? You want a sip? It's okay. It just might burn a little. You'll feel it in your nose.

Clementine: No, thanks... I'm trying to cut back.

Jane: You can be the designated driver, then.

Clementine: Cool...but I don't know how to drive, though.

Jane: It's easier now, there aren't any cops.

Clementine: Um...sure. (takes sip and coughs)

Jane: You okay?

Clementine: It's not as bad as the moonshine stuff I had with Nick.

Jane: Whoa.

Clementine: Yeah...that stuff was like fire.

Kenny looks over at them.

Jane: Uh-oh. Busted. I better take that back.

Clementine: Uh, I'm a kid?

Jane: Uh, okay, then. Suit yourself.

Jane: Suit yourself.

Jane: I wasn't much older than you when I had my first drink... God, I was so stupid back then. There was this time I broke into my parents' liquor cabinet and drank a whole bottle of this really spicy, sweet liquor...what was it's name...it was dumb...Earthquake or something.

Clementine: Sounds like you were a bad kid.

Jane: I guess I was. At the bottom of the bottle there were these sugar crystals, and I got it in my head that I really wanted to eat a couple. So, I got the bright idea to smash it on my parents' dining room floor to get at 'em. And it shattered into a thousand pieces... All over the dining room... And I proceeded to eat what I thought was sugar candy. It was not sugar candy.

Clementine: Wow. That's really stupid.

Jane: Yeah, Clem... I was drunk.

Clementine: Did you ever get caught?

Jane: Yeah.

Clementine: Sounds like a mess.

Jane: Yeah...it was. Every couple years someone would step on a piece of glass that didn't get swept up and get mad at me all over again.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: The problem with glass is it looks a lot like sugar crystals.

Clementine: That's never really been a problem for me.

Jane: Keep it that way. My sister found me...drunk...blood pouring out of my mouth. Jaime thought I was drying, so she called 911. They pumped my stomach. Got grounded for 6 months.

Clementine: Maybe you shouldn't be drinking.

Jane: You're not the first one to tell me that.

Clementine: You ate glass?

Jane: I ate glass.

Clementine: Holy shit.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: I haven't thought about that in a long time. (takes sip) I guess a deal's a deal. Here. (returns bottle)

Jane: That guy needs a drink more than any of us.

Jane: Time to not make it weird.

You convinced Jane to re-join the group.

Jane approaches the others.

Bonnie: (gets up) Wanna sit here?

Jane: No, that's... I'm fine.

Jane sits down next to Mike.

Bonnie: Oh, yeah, okay. Wherever you like.

Talk to Kenny

Kenny: There, there, little guy. Shh. Shh, I got you...I got you...

Clementine: Hey...

Kenny: Oh, hey, Clem.

Kenny: I asked you not to drink.

Kenny: I'm startin' to think she might be a bad influence on you.

Kenny: Girl your age... It ain't right. I know you think you're older, but...you're not...not to me.

Clementine: You didn't ask, you told me not to.

Clementine: You're not my dad...you're my friend.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Yeah...I'm sorry. You're right.

Clementine: Sorry about that. I didn't mean to disappoint you.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: You're not, hon. It's probably not my place to be tellin' you what to do.

Clementine: Of all the things I've done...that I've seen... I really don't think it's a big deal.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Yeah...I'm sorry. You're right. It's probably not my place to be tellin' you what to do.

Kenny: It's alright. It's probably not my place to be tellin' you what to do.

Kenny: It's a nice night.

Kenny: Just...needed some air.

Clementine: Kenny, there's air everywhere.

Clem sits down next to Kenny.

Kenny: I'm sorry for...for how I acted back there...after Sarita was... I just...I couldn't handle it... I'm sorry. I mean, you did what you could. You tried to help. And I blamed you for it. I'm so, so sorry.

Clementine: You have nothing to apologize for. I know you didn't mean it.

Kenny: Thanks.

Clementine: You...you really hurt my feelings... I did my best and...

Kenny: I know... I was just...in darkness...and you showed up...with some light...but I thought I needed to stay there a little longer...when I should've went with you.

Clementine: Okay.

Clementine: I...I could've done more.

Kenny: No, don't say that. You did everything you could, and I'm sorry if anything I said made you feel any different than that. It just makes me feel awful. I know I can be a real shit sometimes.

Clementine: Stop.

Kenny: No...it's true...but I...

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: I miss my boy. I miss him so much. I didn't raise him like I should've...made mistakes...wasn't there a whole lot for a couple years. Off on a boat somewhere or other. I thought I enjoyed that time away from them...from my family... But I'd give anything for one more second with them... To play catch with Duck... To touch Katjaa's face. Anything in the world...

Clementine: I miss Duck, too...he was a good friend, and I haven't had too many of them.

Kenny: He was a good boy. Pure. Just wanted folks to be happy, that's all. A boy like that...thrown into a world like this.

Clementine: Maybe you'll see them again someday.

Kenny: Well...from here on out, I'm gonna try and believe that too.

Clementine: I really liked Katjaa. She was one of the nicest people I've ever met.

Kenny: She had a big heart...to get it broken like that...it was too much for her. It should've been too much for me.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: It's gonna be different with him. He's gonna get raised right. I won't make the same mistakes again. That's a promise. You should get back over by the fire. Ain't no sense in both of us bein' over here. I can handle watch on my own.

Clementine: The baby might be cold...maybe you should bring him by the fire.

Kenny: Yeah, okay.

You convinced Kenny to rejoin the group.

Clementine: You should come too.

Kenny: I don't know...

Clementine: Come on...it'll be good for everyone.

Kenny: Yeah, okay.

You convinced Kenny to rejoin the group.

Clementine: Okay...well, I understand if you want to be alone for a while. I get that way too sometimes.

Kenny: Thanks, Clem.

You gave Kenny his space.

Kenny: Hey, thanks for stickin' by me. I know I ain't made it easy sometimes.

Clementine returns to the group. Mike laughs, and Bonnie groans.

Bonnie: Jane, you don't have to justify that with a response.

Mike: Hey, I find it's best to just get this stuff out in the open. Less drama.

Jane: Well, that's fine. But I can confirm there was no time for kissing.

Clem sits down.

Bonnie: Shh, shh. Alright, enough of that. Heya, Clem.

Clementine: It's nice to hear people laughing.

Kenny: Yeah, it is...

Luke: You just spend so much time tryin' to stay alive that...you don't get a chance to enjoy livin'.

Bonnie: Yeah...we need to make more time for that.

Luke: Alcohol helps.

Bonnie: Hell yeah, it does.

The group looks over at Arvo, who is quietly sobbing.

Mike: Let me get that bottle. We got someone else that might need some help.

Clem gives Mike the bottle.

Kenny: Sounds like a waste of good rum.

Bonnie: He lost his sister today...

Kenny: And whose fault was that?

Jane: That makes it even harder to deal with...trust me.

Clementine: I don't like it either, but we shouldn't let it ruin a nice night.

Clementine: He needs it as much as anyone right now. It's a nice thing to do.

Clementine: Kenny, please...don't let it ruin a nice night.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: I said my piece.

Bonnie: I don't think that boy's a bad person... I just think good people do bad things sometimes...and they do it a lot more nowadays with the world bein' what it is. So...I think it's best to just...

Bonnie: Yeah, yeah, alright...it looks like he could use it.

Mike goes over to Arvo.


Mike: Sorry, okay? My fault, I shouldn't have...


Kenny gets up and takes a step forward, but stops when Clementine looks at him.

Arvo: (speaks Russian)

Mike: It's okay...it's okay...she's in a better place.

Arvo: (speaks Russian)

Mike: It's okay...it's okay.

Bonnie: Maybe it's best if we all get some rest. Who knows how long a walk we got tomorrow.

Jane: Yeah...that's a good idea.

Kenny: I'll take first watch.

Bonnie: Thank you, Kenny. Really.

Kenny: I... Don't mention it. (walks away)

Bonnie: (to Clem) You did good...it was nice while it lasted.

Kenny repeatedly punches Arvo with his gun.

Mike: Stop! (pulls Kenny away and then checks Arvo's unconscious body) Jesus, Kenny. You knocked the kid out.

Kenny: What was I supposed to do? He was screaming bloody murder. What the hell'd you rile him up for?

Mike: He was tied up.

Kenny: So? What's that got to do with anything?

Mike: It was under control. You knocked him out with the gun.

Kenny: I was just reacting. I didn't have time to...fuck!

Clementine: You're tired, Kenny. Maybe you should get some rest.

Bonnie: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Kenny: Yeah...okay...yeah, I...could probably use some sleep.

Clementine: You didn't have to hit him.

Kenny: I...I didn't want him hurting anybody.

Clementine: It's okay, Kenny.

Kenny: I...I didn't want him hurting anybody.

Kenny: I...I didn't want him hurting anybody.

Bonnnie: It's been a long day. We should rest up.

Mike: That kid was defenseless.

Bonnie: I know, I know. But we can't do nothin' about that now. Let's just get a little rest. Will you take first watch? I mean, I can if you don't want--

Mike: Alright. (walks away)

Bonnie: Come on, Kenny...let's go get some sleep.

Kenny: Okay. Yeah.

Bonnie: Everybody rest up. Who knows how long a walk we got tomorrow.


The group walks through the forest. Mike holds AJ, Kenny points his gun at Arvo, and Luke limps behind the others.

Mike: You sure you're good?

Luke: Yeah, yeah, I'm good. If I start to crap out, I'll let you know.

Mike: Okay, well, you do that. It's no trouble.

Kenny: How much further?

Arvo: Close. Very close.

Kenny: You've been sayin' that every time I ask.

Arvo: Please. Come.

Kenny: I'm really startin' to think...you're full of shit.

Bonnie: It can't be much further.

A walker sitting against a boulder gets up and approaches Kenny.

Clementine: Behind you!

Clementine: Kenny! Look out!

Clementine: Look out! There's a walker!

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: What the fuck?!

The walker knocks Kenny over.

Bonnie: Kenny!

Clem shoots the walker.

Kenny shoots the walker.

The baby starts crying. Kenny pushes the corpse off himself.

Kenny: Jesus Christ.

Mike: That was close.

Kenny: Fucker came outta nowhere.

Bonnie: That was real loud. Hopefully there aren't more of them.

Jane: Yeah, well, let's move. We don't want to be around to find out.

Arvo: Is very close. Come.

The group walks a little farther.

Arvo: There.

In the distance, across a lake, is an unfinished house.

Kenny: That piece of shit? It's half-built.

Jane: We're here for the supplies. Not the house.

Arvo: Is warm. Fireplace. Very warm.

Luke: I'd just like a place to sit, if I'm honest.

Clementine: As long as there's food, who cares what it looks like?

Kenny: You're not gonna think that when you wake up with a couple inches of snow covering you.

Mike: Are we just gonna walk over?

Clementine: It looks like it's empty.

Arvo: Yes. It's empty.

Jane: I thought so too...but now that he's said that, I'm not as sure.

Kenny: If it ain't, kid's gonna wish it was.

Mike: Are we just gonna walk over?

Clementine: Is there any other way to get there? Do we have to cross the lake?

Jane: We should've stuck to the treeline.

Kenny: The fastest way between two...things is a straight line.

Bonnie: It's not far. Just be on the lookout.

Mike: Are we just gonna walk over?

Bonnie: Maybe there's a way around.

Luke: I don't see any.

Arvo: (speaks Russian)

Kenny: Say it in American, asshole.

Arvo: Is okay. Walk. Ice.

Kenny: No shit, ice. That's the problem.

Bonnie: He's saying it's fine.

Arvo: I go first. I can be front.

Clementine: Maybe we should just run across.

Kenny: No, Clem. That's a bad idea.

Luke: Yeah, yeah, and I don't think I can run too fast right now.

Clementine: If we just go real slow, it'll probably be okay.

They will remember that.

Bonnie: Yeah. No need to rush this.

Clementine: Maybe we shouldn't clump together. We just can't have too much weight.

They will remember that.

Bonnie: She's right.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: We need to spread out. Just to be safe. Less weight, the better.

Kenny: Let the Ruskie go first...since he's so confident.

Arvo: Is okay.


The group slowly walks across the lake, sometimes making small cracks in the ice.

Luke: We're okay. Don't worry.

A herd of walkers approaches.

Jane: We got some walkers behind us.

Mike: It's only a few of 'em. We should be alright.

Bonnie: Let's just get to the house.

Arvo gets a bit ahead of the others.

Kenny: Hey! Stay with us!

Two walker fall into the lake.

Mike: Fuck!

Jane: That's two less to deal with.

Bonnie: We'll just stay spread out and we'll be fine.

Arvo starts to run toward the house.

Kenny: Hey! Motherfucker.

Kenny chases Arvo.

Mike: Shit. He's gonna kill him.

Mike goes after Kenny.

Bonnie: God, Kenny!

Kenny: Get back here, you piece of shit!

The ice breaks beneath Arvo, and he falls partially into the lake.

Kenny: I should let you drown, you piece of shit.

Clementine: No! Kenny! Don't hurt him!

Clementine: Stop him, Kenny!

Clementine: No! Kenny! Don't run!

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny pulls Arvo out of the hole in the ice. Mike, Kenny, and Arvo reach the other side of the lake. Arvo trips and falls on the ground.

Jane: Well, they made it.

Jane keeps moving. Bonnie and Clem look back at Luke, who stands on severely fractured ice. Bonnie takes a step toward him.

Luke: Don't come over here. Okay, I can make it. It's fine.

Bonnie: You sure?

Luke: Yeah.

Bonnie: You got walkers on the way, let me help you.

Luke: It's too thin for both of us, I just...I just gotta be careful.

Luke takes a step and falls partially into the lake.

Bonnie: Luke, no!

Bonnie and Clem run toward him.

Luke: Stop. Stop! I'm fine. I'm fine.

Bonnie: No, you're not.

Luke: I just gotta pull myself out.

Clementine: You gotta get outta there, Luke!

Luke: Yeah, Clem. I'm workin' on it.

Clementine: The walkers are almost here! Hurry!

Luke: Yeah, I know. You ain't helpin'.

Clementine: You need help, Luke!

Luke: The ice is too thin. I got it.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: You need to help!

Luke: No! You're gonna fall through!

Bonnie: Clem, go! Go help him!

Luke: No, Clem, do not!

Bonnie: Clem, just go back for him. You're light. You can do it.

Luke: Stop tellin' her that! Clem! Look at me. Pull out your gun and shoot those damn walkers, okay? Just give me a little time.

Bonnie: Clem, you can make it. But you need to go! Now!

Luke: No, Clem! It's too dangerous. I just need some more time!

Bonnie: He's gonna die, Clem!

Mike: You guys gotta hurry!

Kenny: She'll fall through!

Luke: I can figure it out...

Kenny: Don't do it, Clem, what's wrong with you?

Clem moves toward Luke.

You chose to go and help Luke yourself.

Kenny: Clementine, stop!

Mike: Clementine!

Bonnie shoots at the walkers. Clementine reaches Luke.

Luke: Just go back. Please...please.

Clementine: I got you. It's gonna be alright.

The ice breaks and they both fall in. Clem swims upward and tries to punch the ice. A walker grabs her leg, and she kicks it away. As the walker swims toward her again, Luke throws it backward, but it grabs his leg and pulls him farther down. Jane pulls her out of the water.

Jane: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It's okay, I got you. I got you! Come on, come on... Come on, you're gonna be okay.

Jane picks up Clementine and she and Bonnie run across the ice.

Jane: Go! To the house, we need a fire! Oh, fuck, she's gonna fucking freeze to death!

Clem points her gun at the walkers.

You chose to cover Luke.

Luke: Thanks. Thanks. I'll be out in a sec, just...just keep shootin'.

Clementine shoots at the approaching walkers.

Bonnie: You're not gonna make it.

Luke: I...my leg. It's... I just need to rest a sec...

Bonnie: Hold on, I got you! Keep 'em off us, Clem!

Bonnie moves toward Luke.

Luke: No! No, it's too much...too much weight. Go back!

Bonnie: Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

Mike: Bonnie!

Bonnie: I can save you!

Luke: You're gonna get us both killed!

Bonnie: Come on.

Luke: Stop!

Bonnie: Goddamn it. Hold on, I got you! Keep 'em off us, Clem!

Bonnie moves toward Luke.

Luke: No! No, it's too much...too much weight. Go back!

Bonnie: Shut up! Shut the fuck up!

Mike: Bonnie!

Bonnie: I can save you!

Luke: You're gonna get us both killed!

Bonnie: Come on.

Luke: Stop!

Bonnie: I gotcha.

Bonnie reaches out to Luke. The ice breaks and they both fall in. Clem hears knocking and runs over to another part of the lake, where Luke is banging on the ice from beneath.

Clementine: Luke!

Clem shoots the ice, only making a small bullet hole.

Clem holds her gun like a hammer and smashes the ice repeatedly.

Jane: It's too late.

Kenny: Clementine, stop!

Jane: There's nothing more you can do.

Clementine breaks the ice and falls in. She sees Luke's corpse sinking in the water. Jane pulls her out of the water.

Jane: Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It's okay, I got you. I got you! Come on, come on... Come on, you're gonna be okay.

Bonnie climbs out of the water. Jane picks up Clementine and she and Bonnie run across the ice.

Jane: Go! To the house, we need a fire! Oh, fuck, she's gonna fucking freeze to death!

Clementine cries as Luke sinks into the water.


The group enters the house.

Kenny: How the fuck did that happen?

Jane: There's a fireplace!

Mike: Jesus Christ...

Jane sets Clem down next to the fire.

Jane: We have to get her warm. She's gonna freeze to death!

Jane takes off Clementine's jacket off and hangs it up near the fireplace.

Jane: I'll look for something to start a fire.

Jane runs off to find materials for a fire.

Mike: He's just gone... Luke's fuckin' gone.

Mike: Bonnie and Luke...they're just fuckin' gone... Jesus.

Mike: We should've gone around.

Kenny: Goddamn it...

Mike: We should've just fuckin' gone around...

Kenny: GODDAMN IT...

(If Clem helped Luke.)

Clementine: I tried to help him... I just...

(If Clem covered Luke or did nothing.)

Clementine: The ice...it was too thin... I just...

Clementine: It's my fault... I should have stayed with him.

Clementine: It happened too fast...

Clementine says nothing.

Mike sets the baby down in a box.

Mike: Once that ice started to go, there wasn't nothin' any of us could do...

Bonnie: Clem tried to help him... He just... Oh, god...

Bonnie: You could have...you could have helped him...

Kenny: Don't listen to her, Clem. This ain't on you.

Kenny: (to Arvo) You son of a bitch. This is your fuckin' fault!

Mike: Kenny. Don't, man.

Kenny: Don't WHAT?

Mike: It's nobody's damn fault.

Kenny: The hell it ain't!

Clementine: It wasn’t Arvo’s fault. Luke was shot.

Kenny: And who got him shot?

Clementine: Kenny has a point.

Mike: This is crazy.

Kenny: Why? Because your friend here turned out to be a shitbag after all?

Mike: He's just a scared kid. This ain't on him.

(If Clem fell in the water.)

Clementine: I'm freezing. Can we just get a fire started?

(If Clem didn't fall in the water.)

Clementine: Please stop fighting!

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Look at this place. Just a stack of fuckin' toothpicks. Bet those magical "supplies" are bullshit too. (shoves Arvo) What? No speaka de English?

Arvo: Fuck you.

Kenny: You fuckin' commie piece of shit.

Kenny punches Arvo, knocking him to the floor.

Mike: Kenny!

Arvo: Fuck you...

Kenny repeatedly punches Arvo.

Kenny: You mother--fuckin'--

Mike: What the FUCK, Kenny?

Kenny: --piece of--shit!

Clementine: Kenny, STOP IT!

Clementine: Just stop.

Clementine: RIGHT NOW! Just stop!

Kenny steps away from Arvo.

Kenny: What? Lose your taste for this sort of thing?

Clementine runs up to Arvo, and Kenny accidentally elbows her in the face.

Clementine: Just stop.

Kenny steps away from Arvo.

Kenny: What? Lose your taste for this sort of thing?

Clementine: Let him go, Mike.

Mike grabs Kenny and pulls him back.

Kenny: Get the fuck off of me.

Mike grabs Kenny and pulls him back.

Kenny: Get the fuck off of me.

Jane returns, holding a duffel bag.

Jane: What did you do to him? (sets bag down) There's another just like it. He WASN'T lying.

Kenny picks up a can from the bag.

Kenny: You wanna tell me how a can of fuckin' chili is gonna help a baby?

Jane: How is beating a kid to death gonna help ANYONE?!

Bonnie: This is your fault, and you damn well know it.

Kenny: I'm tyin' him up.

Jane: Fine. Mike, help me get a fire started.

Mike: (to Arvo) You okay? (to others) He's hurt real bad.

Jane: Mike?!

Mike: Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Kenny ties Arvo to the stairs.

Mike: You got a light?

Jane: I thought I had matches...

Clem offers the nail file.

Jane: You kept it.

Jane strikes a rock against the file and the sparks start the fire.

Jane lights the fire with a match.

Everyone sits down in front of the fireplace. Clementine falls asleep. She wakes up some time later. Mike crouches near Arvo.

Mike: Let me take a look at you, kid. Jesus. He coulda killed you. The fuck is wrong with him?

Jane: You're up. Kenny's out back, trying to get some stupid truck started.

Clem sits down next to Jane, who is holding a can of food.

Jane: Here. You should eat something. (gives can to Clem)

Mike: You okay?

Arvo: Thank you.

Jane: I can't believe he's gone. I've lost people before, but... It just hasn't felt this...this shitty in a while.

Clementine: He cared about you too, Jane. I know he did.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Goddamn it...

Clementine: We have to move on now...

Jane will remember that.

Jane: I know. I know.

Clementine: He was a great guy.

Jane will remember that.

Jane: Goddamn it...

Clementine says nothing.

Jane puts her head in her hand.

Jane: I shouldn't have come back. I knew this would happen. I knew it. Always does.

Clementine: Well, I'm glad you did.

Jane smiles.

Clementine: Maybe not.

Jane frowns.

Clementine: We’ll be okay. Trust me.

Jane: If you say so.

Jane puts her head in her hand.

Mike: I'm gonna find somethin' to clean that up.

Arvo: Thank you... Thank you...

Mike: I can't take this shit anymore.

Mike leaves, and Kenny enters.

Kenny: Feelin' better?

Clementine: Yeah.

Kenny: Hell of a day. But we gotta get movin'. If you're feelin' up to it, I could use a hand out back with this truck. This house ain't worth a crap, but the vehicles ain't in bad shape. With a little luck, we can get one fixed up and be outta here by nightfall.

Clementine: Really? Now?

Kenny: Look, Clem, I know we're all hurtin', but I need your help here. Okay?

Clementine: Yeah, sure, Kenny.

Kenny: That's the spirit, darlin'.

Clementine: Just...give me a minute.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: I'll wait for ya out back.

Clem looks at AJ.

Jane: I'll watch him.

Kenny leaves. Clementine gets up. If she fell into the water, she puts on her jacket.

Jane: Clem. Just...be careful.

Clementine goes outside.

Kenny: What'd she have to say? I know she was runnin' her mouth. What'd she say?

Clementine: Well, we didn't talk about you.

Kenny: Really?

Clementine: Really, Kenny.

Clementine: You shouldn't have done that to Arvo.

Kenny: I know. I know, Clem. But Luke...

Clementine: I don't care. You can't do that.

Kenny: Jesus, Clem, you know me. You know I'm not like that.

Clementine: You scared me. You scared all of us, Kenny.

Kenny: It won't happen again. That's a promise.

Clementine: None of your business.

Kenny: Look, Clem, that Russian got Luke killed. You saw that.

Kenny: Look, Clem, that Russian got Luke killed. You saw that.

Kenny: What happened...it's over. But AJ needs us now. We gotta stick together on this thing, alright? Come on, let's see if the truck's gonna go.

Kenny hands Clementine the keys. He opens the hood and uses a screwdriver on the engine. Clem enters the driver's seat.

Kenny: My daddy always had a half dozen wrecks he was fixin' up. He was a mean son of a bitch. But he taught me respect. Girl like Jane could learn a thing or two about that.

Clementine: I like her. Just give her some time.

Kenny: Maybe you're right. Hell, I didn't know what to make of Lee at first.

Kenny: Course, he helped me and mine more times than I can remember.

Clementine: Jane helped us back on the road.

Clementine: She's not easy to like.

Kenny: Well, that's puttin' it mild. Feels like another Lilly situation to me.

Clementine: We're all just tired.

Kenny: Hell, I've been tired for two years.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Alright, give it a turn.

Clementine turns the key, but nothing happens. Kenny continues working.

Kenny: We're so close, Clem. With a little bit of luck, I can get this thing runnin', and then we can get out on the road and really make some distance. Wellington's gotta be out there. Those rumors can't all be bunk. I mean, hell, there's gotta be somethin' out here other than snow and goddamn Euro trash.

Clementine: We should go back south.

Kenny: And cross those mountains again? We'll run outta gas and die pickin' our way down. There's nothin' back there for us.

Clementine: Sounds good to me.

Kenny: We're gonna make it, Clem. I know it.

Clem looks at the postcard of Mexico in the truck.

Clementine: What about Mexico?

Kenny: Why? You want a taco?

Clementine: I've never been there.

Kenny: I went once, long time ago, just before I met Kat.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Alright, turn it again.

Clem turns the key, but nothing happens.

Kenny: Did you turn it?

Clementine: Yes.

Kenny: (kicks truck) GODDAMN IT.

Clementine: Kenny? Are you okay?

Clementine: We'll get it working.

Clementine: This is hopeless.

Clementine says nothing.

kenny: We gotta get movin' if we're gonna keep AJ alive. We're runnin' outta time. I gotta get this thing to start. Gonna try warmin' up the battery. Go on inside. I don't like leavin' him with that girl.

Clementine gets out of the truck.

Talk to Kenny

Clementine: Need any help?

Kenny: I'm fine. Go check on AJ.

Talk to Bonnie (Bonnie is alive)

Bonnie: Want one?

Clementine: Sure.

Clem smokes and coughs.

Bonnie: Huh.

Clementine: No, thanks.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: Do you remember when you saw me first? Back at the lodge?

Bonnie: Took one look at me and, "Hell no, she ain't comin' inside." I liked you from the start.

Bonnie: "Check her for weapons." I liked you from the start.

Bonnie: I felt real bad you believed me. "She can't hurt anyone."

Bonnie: I felt real bad you believed me.

Bonnie: You ever done somethin' you regret? Even if it's somethin' you knew you had to do? Go on. You can be honest.

(If Clem kept the bag.)

Clementine: I wish I never took anything from Arvo.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: I'll bet he does too.

(If Clem chopped Sarita's arm.)

Clementine: I wish I hadn't done that to Sarita.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: No, you had to try.

(If Clem lied to Walter about Matthew.)

Clementine: Yeah. I wish I hadn't lied to Walter.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Who's he?

Clementine: The man at the lodge...

(If Clem left Sarah to die.)


(If Clem did none of the above.)


Clementine: All the time...

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Yeah...

Clementine: I try not to have any regrets.

Bonnie will remember that.

Bonnie: Yeah? I wish I could manage that.

Bonnie: It's okay.

Bonnie: You know... I'll say one thing about Luke. No matter where you end up, there's always one bad seed rockin' the boat. But I don't think he woulda ever been that guy. Lemme ask you somethin', Clem. When's the last time anyone did what you wanted?

Clementine: I think people respect me.

Bonnie: Really?

Clementine: I think so.

Bonnie: Well, good for you, honey.

Clementine: No one ever listens to me.

Clementine: I don't really know what I want.

Bonnie: Maybe you oughta start thinkin' about it.

Clementine says nothing.

Bonnie: You know, I've been all over. Run with a lotta people. A lotta men. And listened to a lotta promises. Ain't one of 'em come true. I'm startin' to think there might be another way, you know? I'm gonna go take a piss.

Bonnie: What do you want?

Clementine: I just wanted to see how you were.

Bonnie: How do you think?

Clementine: I'm sorry about Luke.

Bonnie: Sorry.

Clementine: Nothing.

Bonnie: Nothing, huh?

Bonnie: Nothing, huh?

Bonnie: It must be nice bein' a pretty little girl. No one ever expects you to do a damn thing. You and I both know you had a chance to save Luke. You and I both know what happened back there. I got nothin' more to say to you.

Bonnie walks away.

Clementine: Looks broken.

Clementine: Busted.

Clementine: Looks like it's about to collapse.

Clementine: Wish they'd finished this place.

Clementine goes back inside. Jane sits in a different room, looking out the window into the backyard. AJ is next to her. Clem sits down.

Jane: Hey. Mike and Arvo wouldn't shut up, so I moved him in here.

Kenny: Goddamn it!

Jane: I've seen that look before.

Kenny: Son of a bitch! Aw, damn it.

Clementine: I've seen it, too. A few times...

Jane: Then you know what's about to happen.

Clementine: He'll be fine.

Jane: Clem, he beat that boy within an inch of his life. We are way past fine.

Clementine: I can't believe what he did to Arvo.

Jane: Next time, he's going to kill him. Do you really want to be around for that?

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: I know Kenny's a nice guy, Clem. I bet Carver was a nice guy too, once. Probably had a nice job and a nice, pretty wife. Then all this happened. And one day, he caved some kid's face in and realized he could sleep at night.

Clementine: Kenny isn't Carver. He just made a mistake.

Jane: All I'm saying is, start thinking about what happens if you're wrong.

Clementine: You might be right.

Clementine: We can still make this work.

Jane: All I'm saying is, start thinking about what happens if you're wrong.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: You two've known each other a long time. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to decide how much that's worth.

AJ cries.

Jane: I think it needs food, or...something.

Clementine picks up AJ, and he stops crying.

Jane: Seems like you've done that before.

Clementine: It's not rocket science.

Jane: I feel like I'd drop it.

Clementine: Okay, I'm in charge of the baby-holding.

Clementine: Want to try?

Jane: No way. It's gonna puke. Clem, no.

Clementine hands the baby to Jane.

Clementine: Hold it like this. (demonstrates how to hold a baby)

Jane: Hey. Hi. My name's Jane. I think it's gonna puke.

Clementine: It's not gonna puke.

AJ spits up.

Jane: It puked. It puked!

Jane hands the baby back to Clem.

Jane: Gross.

Clementine: I guess we're getting close.

Jane: That's what worries me.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine picks up the baby bottle.

Clementine: There's not much left.

Jane: I was running with some people a long time ago, down near DC. Some guy got trapped in the middle of a crosswalk. Can't remember his name. He used to call me Mary Jane. He was a douchebag. Anyway, the dick got stuck under a car hiding from a dozen walkers. One after another, they went down there trying to save him. Lost four people before we got him out.

Clementine: They had to try, right?

Clementine: All that for one person?

Jane: That's what I'm saying.

Clementine: So he made it?

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Didn't find out 'til later he was already bit. Turned and ripped the neck right outta this old lady. The look on her face was... She was just staring up at the sky. Like she was watching a bird. Look, Clem...

Kenny starts up the car.

Clementine: He got it working.

Clementine leaves and goes to the truck. Mike, Jane, and determinantly Bonnie go outside too.

Mike:' It works?

Kenny: What'd I tell ya?

Mike: So, what's the plan?

Jane: How much food do we have?

Mike: At least a week.

Jane: And for the baby?

Mike: Not much.

Clementine: We need to find a place for the baby.

Mike: Yeah. Someplace warm.

Jane: I agree.

Clementine: We should look for more people. We need help.

Mike: Yeah. This is crazy. There's nobody up here but us.

Clementine: Let's just get out of the snow.

Mike: I'm all for that.

Jane: I agree.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: We should head back south.

Kenny gets out of the car.

Kenny: What?

Jane: We're gonna freeze to death. I don't know whose stupid idea it was to march up here in the first place, but it was a bad one.

Mike: She's right.

Jane: What if we went back to Howe's?

Mike: Wait, what?! Fuck that. I was thinkin' more like Texas.

Kenny: Texas? The fuck?

Mike: It was just an idea.

Kenny: We already talked about this.

Mike: I'm sorry, we did?

Kenny: We're goin' to find Wellington. Right, Clem?

Jane: Wellington?

Mike: Kenny, it's freezing up here, man.

Jane: It's only gonna get worse.

Kenny: We came this far. We're not goin' back.

Mike: Nah, man, this is fuckin' nuts.

Clementine: We don't have to leave right now. Let's just sleep on it.

Kenny will remember that.

Bonnie: That sounds sensible.

Kenny: Damn it, we don't have time!

Jane: Says you.

Clementine: Jane's right. We should head south. We're going to freeze to death up here. And it's the best thing for the baby.

Kenny will remember that.

Bonnie: I vote we go back, too.

Jane: Mike?

Mike: Sure. Whatever.

Clementine: I'm with Kenny. We should head north.

Kenny will remember that.

Kenny: Goddamn right.

Jane: Clem...

Clementine: My friend Christa. She told me about Wellington a long time ago, Jane. It's out there.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Look, I don't give two shits what you people think. I got this truck workin', so I say where we go, and we're headin' fuckin' north. It's the best chance we got of helpin' AJ.

Mike: What about Arvo?

Kenny: Who? Oh, the Ruskie? Yeah, he ain't comin' with us.

Mike: You're just gonna leave him here?

Kenny: I don't give a good goddamn where he goes. He's done.

Mike: He could die.

Kenny: Better him than another one of us.

Clementine: We have to bring him with us.

Clementine: He's too dangerous to bring.

Jane: At this point, you might be right.

Clementine: We should ask him what he wants.

Jane: There's a concept.

Clementine says nothing.

Mike: He knows the area. He can help us.

Kenny: Oh, yeah, some help he's been. He got Luke killed.

Mike: I ain't gonna say he helped the situation, but maybe if you'd eased up on him before, he wouldn't've run away in the first place. You ever think about that, Kenny?

Jane: Either way, I'm not going anywhere in the middle of the night.

Mike: Yeah, me neither. There could be a herd out there.

Kenny: You want that child's blood on your hands, Mike?

Mike: We're ALL gonna die out here if you don't calm the fuck down, Kenny.

Jane: Haven't we been through enough for one day?

Kenny: Jesus fucking Christ. Remember the last time we had a workin' car and sat around on our asses, Clem?

Jane: I'm going inside. (walks away)

Kenny: Goddamn it! (enters the car)

Clementine: Kenny, don't listen to them!

Clementine: You can't just walk away from us!

Clementine: Kenny, are you okay?

Clementine says nothing.

Mike and determinantly Bonnie walk away.

Mike: You better talk some sense into him. For his sake.

Kenny: Goddamn it. GOD...DAMN IT. That stupid fucking...

Clem opens the truck door.

Kenny: Get the fuck out of here!

Clementine: It's me...

Kenny: Clem! Sorry, just...give me a second. (adjusts bandages) Close the door.

Clementine enters and closes the truck door.

Kenny: What was that back there? I expected more outta you, Clem. You know I only want what's best for that child. How could you embarrass me like that? After all we've been through?

Clementine: You're right. I'm sorry.

Clementine: You're scaring me.

Kenny: Scared? What’s there to be scared about?

Clementine: Why can't we just leave tomorrow?

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Can you believe this, Clem? I bring 'em a workin' truck and they act like I just shit in their cereal! I knew Jane'd have a stick up her ass, but I thought at least Mike'd have more sense. He's turned out to be a real disappointment.

Clementine: I don't understand them, either.

Kenny: I know. I know, Clem.

Clementine: They're scared of you, Kenny.

Kenny: Well, if their big plan is to wander around in the woods, they oughta be scared of more than me.

Clementine: Did you hear me?

Kenny: We're all scared!

Clementine: Why can't we just leave tomorrow?

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: Look, we got maybe a day's worth of food for that kid left. That's it. Clem, think about Rebecca and Alvin. I mean, what if Lee hadn't gone tearin' across half of Georgia lookin' for you? A lotta folks died to make that happen. A lotta folks died to get us this far. We owe it to them to see this done.

Clementine: Maybe he shouldn't have.

Kenny: Don't you say that. I oughta slap you. You know what he sacrificed for you? What I did? That means somethin', damn it.

Clementine: I know, you're right.

Kenny: Someone's gotta keep this group together. That kid's depending on us.

Clementine: This is different.

Kenny: How?

Clementine: Where are we gonna find baby formula?

Kenny: I don't know, but sittin' around here ain't a way.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: (sighs) I wish Lee was here. What do you think he'd say?

Clementine: I think he'd tell me... To not trust anyone.

Kenny will remember that.

Clementine: I think he'd tell me... To try to keep the group together.

Kenny will remember that.

Clementine: I think he'd tell me... That he doesn't have all the answers.

Kenny will remember that.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: And... To keep my hair short.

Clementine: And... That we should keep moving.

Kenny: I think you're right.

Clementine: And... That we should stay away from cities.

Kenny: We can't just give up on this kid. I mean, what's the point of goin' on after that? That's what people like Lee knew. And that's what people like Jane won't ever understand. Look, I know Wellington might be bullshit. But where there's smoke, there's fire. Christa heard about it too, right? You know, when I first saw you back at that lodge, I thought I was dreaming.

Kenny: And when you sat down next to me, and we shared that meal...well, I could tell that you were different now. Grown up. I felt pride...

Kenny: And when you sat with those people at dinner...well, I knew you were growin' up. And, yeah, I felt sad, but also pride...

Kenny: ...a pride I hadn't felt in a long time. But I need you now, Clem. There have to be folks doin' better than us. It's the only chance that child has.

Clementine: Damn it, Kenny! Look around! There's nothing out here! Wellington doesn't exist! It's just a...it's just a story.

Kenny: You don't know how much it hurts to hear you say that. Tomorrow, you'll see how wrong you are.

Clementine: Something has to be out here. We'll find it, Kenny.

Kenny: I knew I could count on you, Clem. Look, we'll figure everything out in the morning. Come on. Let's get some sleep. So we gotta be ready.

Clementine: Yeah, but we can't do it alone. We need the others.

Kenny: That's why I gotta be able to count on you, Clem. We gotta convince them. You and me. Look, we'll figure everything out in the morning. Come on. Let's get some sleep. So we gotta be ready.

Kenny: I just hope I can count on you. Look, we'll figure everything out in the morning. Come on. Let's get some sleep. So we gotta be ready.

Kenny leaves the truck, and Clem does the same. They go back inside. Some time later, Clem wakes up from her sleep, hearing a strange noise. She goes outside and sees that the noise is from a cable swinging against the roof. She sees Mike and Arvo trying to get the truck started.

Mike: I don't see 'em. Shit. Kenny must have the keys.

Clementine: Who's there?!

Clem draws her gun.

Clementine: What's going on?

Clementine: Don't move.

Clementine: Mike...?

Clementine says nothing.

Clem approaches them.

Arvo points his gun at Clem, and she points her pistol at them.

Mike: Easy. Easy now.

Clementine: Step back.

Mike: Clem. Shit.

Clementine: What are you doing?

Bonnie walks up to the others, holding a duffel bag.

Bonnie: I got the rest of it. Clem.

Mike: We're just leaving. Now keep it down, alright? Nobody else has to get involved.

Clementine: Where are you going?

Mike: Anywhere but here.

Clementine: What do you mean?

Clementine: Slow down. Let's talk about this, Mike.

Mike: There's nothing to talk about.

Clementine: That's everything we have.

Clementine says nothing.

Mike: Listen, we just gotta get away from that guy, Clem. Okay?

Clementine: Who, Kenny?

Mike: Clem, damn it, just...we don't have time for this.

Bonnie: Just...just be quiet, Clem, please.

Bonnie: Come on, Mike! Let's just go.

Mike: Alright, Clem...

Mike sets down the duffel bag and slowly approaches Clementine.

Mike: Now I'm going to walk up to you nice and slow, and you're gonna give me the gun, okay? And then we'll talk.

Clementine: Let me come with you.

Mike: Sure, sure. Just give me the gun and we'll go.


Clementine: Why are you doing this?

Mike: He didn't give us any choice.

Arvo: (speaks Russian)

Bonnie: I'm sorry, Clem.

Clementine says nothing.

Mike: Just give me the gun, Clem. I'm not gonna hurt you. Easy.

Clementine: I'll shoot!

Clem moves toward Mike.

Clementine does nothing.

Mike: There we go. There we go. (takes gun) It's fine, just...

Arvo shoots Clem in the shoulder, and she collapses.

Mike: No!

Bonnie: Oh, my god. Clem. Clem!

Mike: Bonnie, we have to go. (grabs arm)

Bonnie: Don't you touch me. I'm...I'm so sorry, I...I didn't mean for this to happen.

Mike: Clem! Oh, my god, Jesus...

Bonnie: Oh, god, Mike, we have to go. Just leave her.

Kenny and Jane go outside.

Kenny: Oh, my god, Clem...

Kenny: What the FUCK did you do?!

Mike, Bonnie, and Arvo run off.

Kenny: Clem!

Kenny: What did you DO?!

Clementine starts to lose consciousness.

Kenny: Clem! CLEM!

Clementine passes out.


Lee: Clementine.

Clementine wakes up in the RV next to Lee.

Clementine: Where am I...?

Clementine: Lee...?

Clementine: What happened...?!

Clementine says nothing.

Lee: It's just a bad dream, sweet pea. What was it about? Duck?

Clementine: He's bit...

Lee: We don't know how this works yet. Maybe it's like a cold. His mom's a doctor. Maybe she can help him. When I was a kid, I never got sick, but my brother always had somethin'. I always thought he was fakin' it.

Clementine: He's going to die... I know it.

Lee: You don't know that.

Clementine: Maybe...

Lee: We just gotta hope for the best. Not too many other options.

Clementine: It's not like a cold.

Lee: No...it's probably not.

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: I feel bad.

Lee: Why?

Clementine: I called him a crybaby...when I hid the bug in his pillow.

Lee: Oh, that's okay, honey. You didn't mean it.

Clementine: Lee...

Lee: Hmm?

Clementine: Why did Lilly do that to Carley?

Clementine: Why did Lilly do that to Doug?

Lee: I don't know. She was sad, Clem. That can make people angry sometimes.

Clementine: That's a dumb reason.

Lee: You're right. It is.

Clementine: Because of her dad?

Lee: Yeah.

Clementine: Have you ever been that angry?

Lee: One time.

Clementine says nothing.

Lee: Clem, people don't always make sense.

Clementine: How come?

Lee: 'Cause bad things happen to everyone. And it's hard to keep bein' yourself after they do.

Lee: What do you think? Should we have left her behind?

Clementine: Maybe. She's kind of crazy.

Lee: I don't know. She wouldn't make it very long out there alone.

Clementine: No.

Lee: Maybe we should've. I don't know.

Clementine: I don't know.

Lee: I don't either.

Clementine says nothing.

Lee: Do you think we should've let Lilly stay?

Clementine: Maybe.

Lee: It was a hard thing to do. But what if she'd done something to hurt you?

Clementine: I don't think so.

Lee: I don't know. It wasn't easy.

Clementine: I don't know.

Lee: I don't either.

Clementine says nothing.

Lee: I don't know if we did the right thing.

Clementine: How can you tell?

Lee: Well, it's not like math, Clem. Sometimes there just isn't a right answer.

Clementine: I hate math.

Lee: (chuckles) Me too, sweet pea. Yeah, but part of growing up is doing what's best for the people you care about...even if sometimes...that means hurting someone else.

Clementine: I don't want to hurt anyone.

Lee: It's not that easy.

Clementine: I'm scared, Lee.

Lee: What can I tell you to make it better?

Clementine: That it'll be okay.

Lee: It will. It's gonna get better, Clem. You'll make it better.

Clementine: That you won't leave me.

Lee: Oh, I wouldn't do that. I promise.

Clementine: That I won't have to hurt anyone.

Clementine says nothing.

Lee: Everything's gonna be alright.

Clementine cries, and Lee puts his arm around her.

Lee: Now let's try to get some sleep.

Clementine: Okay, Lee...

Clementine closes her eyes.


Clementine wakes up in the backseat of the truck. Kenny is driving, and Jane sits in the passenger seat, holding AJ.

Jane: On the left! Slow down!

Kenny: Shut up!

Jane: She's awake! Hey, you.

Kenny: Clem! Oh, thank god.

Jane: You passed out from the shock.

Kenny: We've been worried as hell.

Clementine: Where are we?

Kenny: Been drivin' a few hours now.

Jane: We had to run the truck to keep you warm.

Clementine: What happened?

Kenny: That piece of shit Ruskie shot you.

Jane: We had to run the truck to keep you warm.

Clementine: Am I gonna be okay?

Jane: You should be.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: How do you feel?

Clementine: It hurts.

Jane: Couldn't find the bullet. Must've gone clean through. It'll burn a while, but you'll be fine.

Kenny: Those sons of bitches. I mean, I expected it from the Russian, but Mike? I could tell they were workin' on somethin'.

Jane: I didn't think they'd go that far.

Kenny: Yeah, well who would steal our food and shoot a kid? We never should've thrown in with trash like that in the first place.

(If Bonnie was alive.)

Clementine: Is Bonnie okay?

Jane: They took off on foot.

Kenny: Didn't get this puppy, thanks to you.

(If Bonnie is dead.)

Clementine: Where did they go?

Jane: They took off on foot.

Kenny: Didn't get this puppy, thanks to you.

Clementine: I should have done something.

Jane: They took off on foot.

Kenny: Didn't get this puppy, thanks to you.

Clementine: I can't believe they did that.

Jane: I don't think they knew what they were doing except tryin' to get away.

Kenny: Yeah, well, they're gone now. Good fuckin' riddance.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Now that Clem's awake, we should talk about where we're going.

Kenny: We're headed north.

Jane: What, to find "Wellington"?

Kenny: You sure talk a lotta shit, but you got a better plan?

Jane: We head south, back to Howe's.

Kenny: Carver's camp? The fuck kinda plan is that?

Jane: I think Bonnie said there was more formula back there. AND we actually know where it is.

Kenny: And it was overrun by a damn herd.

Jane: The walkers should be gone by now.

Kenny: It's miles in the other direction.

Clementine: We should go back to Howe's.

They will remember that.

Kenny: Now, Clem...

Jane: It's our best chance.

Kenny: I get it. Just gangin' up on Kenny now. Good.

Clementine: Kenny, come on...

Kenny: Nah, I see how this is gonna go. She's fillin' your head with bullshit.

Jane: She can think for herself, Kenny.

Kenny: So let her, Jane.

Clementine: Wellington's out there. We have to keep looking, Jane.

They will remember that.

Jane: Clem, you can't be falling for this.

Kenny: She made up her mind, Jane.

Jane: Clem, please. This is suicide.

Kenny: Why don't you let her think for herself for once?

Jane: Why don't you?

Kenny:' ME?!

Clementine: I don't care where we go, just please stop arguing.

Kenny: She's the one that's goin' off!

Jane: Because you won't listen to a thing I'm saying!

Kenny: What's that? You're talkin' into my bad ear, sweetheart.

Jane: Jackass.

Kenny: Aw, I still can't hear you.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Look, even if there is someplace up here, it could take us weeks to find it. We could get back to Howe's in a day.

Kenny: Tell you what, we can turn around just as soon as you pry this wheel from my cold, dead fingers. How's that sound?

Jane: Whatever, I give up.

Jane puts her foot up on the dashboard and Kenny smacks it away.

Kenny: Get your feet off the dash.

Jane: Let's play a game, Clem. I spy with my little eye, an asshole. Your turn.

Kenny: Grow up.

Jane: Go to hell.

Kenny: I'll pull this fuckin' car over.

Jane: Go ahead.

Kenny: You wanna die out here?

Jane: Better than waitin' to die next to you.

Clementine: Don't touch her, Kenny.

Kenny: I couldn't see the damn road!

Jane: Bet you're having trouble seeing a lot of things these days.

Kenny: You shut your fuckin' mouth.

Clementine: Leave him alone, Jane.

Kenny: Nah, Clem, it's fine. Let her run her mouth.

Clementine: You're both being children.

Kenny: ME?! I couldn't see the damn road!

Jane: Bet you're having trouble seeing a lot of things these days.

Kenny: You shut your fuckin' mouth.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: I am done playin' games with you, Jane.

Jane: Fuck you. You don't know a damn thing about me.

Kenny: Oh, I know exactly what you are. Nothin'. Nobody cares about you, and you don't care about nobody but yourself. That makes you nothin'.

Jane: What is it with you? It's your family, right?

Kenny: Don't.

Jane: It is, isn't it?

Kenny: I'm warning you, you little shit.

Jane: You're just another Type-A asshole tryin' to save a bunch of dead people.

Kenny: Don't you fuckin' talk about them!

Clementine: This isn't the time for this!

Jane: No, this is exactly the time for this.

Clementine: Watch the road!

Kenny: I am, goddamn it!

Clementine: Shut up! Both of you!

Kenny: Stay outta this, Clem!

Jane: Don't tell her what to do!

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: You listen to me. You mouth off about my family and I will fuckin' end you.

Jane: Jesus Christ, I am so sick of this wounded warrior crap! Just pull over. I can't take this.

Kenny: What, runnin' away again? What a fuckin' shocker! In the end, still only care about yourself, right?

Jane: And where were you when Sarita died, Kenny?

Jane: And where were you when Sarita got bit, Kenny?

Jane: Huh? Where were you?

Kenny: I was there. I couldn't...goddamn you, I loved that woman!

Jane: Who could love you?! Look at you. You can't raise this kid; it's scared to death of you!

Kenny: I got this way savin' your ass from that hellhole. And I would've left you to rot if I'd known what you were.

Clementine: Jane, Kenny loved Sarita!

Jane: Of course he did. He loves having anyone around that does what he says. That's why he loves this kid so much; it can't talk back yet.

Kenny: Fuck you.

Clementine: This is crazy!

Jane: Someone here's crazy, but it ain't me!

Clementine: Nobody who died is anyone's fault! We...we all wanted to be together, and it just went bad. But we owe it to them to try to make the best of this!

Jane: I'm sorry, Clem, but I can't put up with his bullshit anymore.

Kenny: Oh, the feeling's mutual.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: You know the thing about people like you, Kenny? You're just a bomb waitin' to go off. Everyone talks about you behind your back because they're afraid of you.

Kenny: That ain't true.

Jane: Mike. Bonnie. Sarita.

Kenny: You fuckin' liar, that ain't true!

Jane: Everyone around you knows that sooner or later, they're gonna end up dead. Sarita knew it. I know it, and so does Clementine!





Kenny: Jesus!

Kenny swerves and stops the truck as they reach a part of the road that is blocked by cars. AJ starts crying.

Kenny: You okay?

Jane: I'm fine.

Kenny: How's AJ?

Jane: He's fine.

Kenny: You sure?

Jane: Yes.

Kenny: Clem, you alright?

Clementine: Yeah...

Jane: Kenny, I'm--

Kenny: Wait, hold on.

Jane: Go around.

Kenny: One of 'em might have diesel.

Jane: We shouldn't stop here.

Kenny: We're runnin' on fumes. Got no choice. When I holler it's okay, drive up closer. (gets out of the car) Anything happens, I'll try to meet you there. (points to rest area sign) Alright?

Jane: If you're going, go now.

Clementine: Kenny...

Clementine: Kenny...

Clementine: Kenny...

Clementine: Kenny...

Kenny closes the door and walks away. Clem gets into the driver's seat.

Jane: That fucking asshole. GOD. I can't do this anymore. I'm serious, Clem. I tried, but I just can't.

Clementine: Stop making him mad.

Jane: Everything makes him mad. How are you not seeing that?

Clementine: Well, all you're doing is just making it worse.

Jane: You're just like him.

Clementine: I don't know how to get through to him anymore.

Jane: I don't think we can.

Clementine: You're both losing it.

Jane: Clem, everyone's like that around him. You know that.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Clem. We could leave. Right now.

Clementine: Are you serious? What about AJ?

Jane: Look, I know you're close to him, but...Kenny would never let him go. This is our chance, Clem. Don't you ever want to know what it's like to live your own life?

They hear gunshots in the distance. Walkers approach them.

Clementine: It's snowing. Why are they moving?!

Jane: They must not be cold enough yet. FUCK. (starts car) Get us out of here!

Clementine: I don't know how to drive!

Jane: See that pedal on the floor? STEP ON IT!

Jane's Comments

Jane: Don't just sit there!

Jane: What are you doing? Hurry up!

Jane: Shit, they're getting closer!

Jane: We'll pick up Kenny on the way, just go!

Jane: Come on, Clem! Go!

Jane: Floor it.

Clem steps on the gas pedal and mows down the walkers in front of the truck. Clem keeps driving, and another walker stands in front of them.

Jane: Jesus!

The walker crashes through the windshield, making Clem swerve the truck. Jane gets out. Clem tries to open her door.

Jane: Fuck, get out of there!

Clementine: The door is stuck!

Jane: Oh, shit. Shit, there are more of them. Move!

Clem pulls out her pistol and shoots the walker. She gets out of the truck.

Jane: Clem! Clem, hurry! Get out! Hurry!

Clementine: Jane!

Jane tries to escape the walkers following her.

Clementine: Jane, wait!

A walker grabs Clementine's leg, making her fall. She shoots it and gets up. Jane is nowhere to be seen.

Clementine: Jane!

Clementine walks through the snow.

Rest Area

Clem arrives at the rest stop. She enters and finds Kenny already inside.

Clementine: Jane? Kenny!

Kenny: You alright?

Clementine: Yeah.

Kenny: Where is he? Where's the kid?

Clementine: He's with her.

Kenny: You left him with HER?! Jane?! JANE!

Clementine sees Jane approaching.

Clementine: Wait.

Kenny: Oh, thank Christ. Jane! You okay?!

Jane enters the rest stop. AJ is nowhere to be seen.

Kenny: Where's the kid? Jane? Where is he?

Clementine: Where is he?!

Clementine: Oh, my god.

Clementine: What did you do?

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: He's...

Kenny: What are you saying? No. NO.

Kenny runs outside.

Clementine: No, not again...not again...

Jane: Clem. Look at me. No matter what happens, just stay out of it. Okay? Just trust me, Clem.

Clementine: How could you let this happen?!

Clementine: I don't understand.

Clementine: Stay out of what?!

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: You have to trust me. You're gonna see what he really is.

Kenny returns.

Clementine: Kenny, calm down. Don't do anything stupid.

Clementine: Jane, get out of here.

Jane: Clem--

Clementine: NOW.

Clementine: Is it true?

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine tries to block Kenny's path, but he shoves her aside.

Kenny: Get out of my way.

Clementine: Kenny?

Kenny: How could you kill a FUCKING CHILD?!

Kenny tries to punch Jane, but she dodges and draws her knife.

Jane: I didn't kill him! It was an ACCIDENT, Kenny.


Jane: I won't back down from you, Kenny.

Kenny: SHUT UP!

Jane: I'm warning you.

Clementine: Jane, don't. Just don't.

Jane: I'm not letting this crazy fuck anywhere near me, Clem.

Kenny: I don't need permission.

Clementine: We can't kill each other! Not after all this! We're all that's left!

Kenny: Stay outta this, Clem.

Jane: Clem, stay back.

Clementine: Kenny, let her talk!

Kenny: I'm done talkin', Clem.

Jane: Clem, stay back.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane sheathes her knife.

Jane: Don't you come near me, you son of a bitch.

Kenny charges at Jane and slams her against the window.

Clementine: KENNY!

Jane: Get--the fuck--off!

Jane claws at Kenny's face, knocking off his hat and bandage.

Kenny: Fuck you!

Clementine: STOP! PLEASE!

Clementine: NO!

Clementine: PLEASE DON'T!

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Let...go...

Clem pulls on his arm.

Clem kicks Kenny's leg.

Jane knees Kenny in the groin.

Jane elbows Kenny in the face, making him fall to the ground. She repeatedly punches him.

Clementine: JANE!

Jane: Asshole!

Kenny: You're fuckin' DEAD!

Jane: Fuck you!

Clem grabs Jane's arm and pulls her backward.

Kenny pushes Jane off him.

Kenny runs up to Jane, and she slices his stomach with her knife.

Clementine: Oh, my god...


Clementine gets up. Jane and Kenny move outside.

Kenny: Piece 'a shit...

Jane: Just go.

Kenny: I ain't goin' nowhere.

Jane: Fine.

Clementine steps between them.

Jane: Fuckin'...psycho...


Clementine: Stop. You don't have to do this.

Clem tries to block Kenny.

Kenny: Get out of my way.

Kenny throws her to the ground.

Clementine: Go. Run.

Clem tries to block Jane.

Jane: Not happening.

Clementine: Please...

Jane: Move.

Jane throws her to the ground.

Clementine does nothing.

Clementine: Jane, back off!

Jane: No, Clem. It's time to put this crusty piece of shit out of his misery.

Clementine: Kenny, can we all just talk? Just sit down and talk?

Kenny: Words ain't gonna fix this.

Clementine: You're going to kill each other!

Kenny: No, I'm gonna kill her.

Jane: Try it, you old fuck.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane slashes at Kenny. They both crash through a sign, and Jane drops her weapon.

Kenny: I'll fuckin' kill you.

Kenny reaches for the knife, but Jane grabs his face and gouges his injured eye. Kenny screams in pain.

Jane: How's that fuckin' feel, huh?

Clementine: Jane, look at what you're doing!

Clementine: Stop! It's over!

Clementine: He's had enough!

Clementine says nothing.

Clementine: LISTEN TO ME!

Kenny: Get her off!

Jane: Crazy fuck!

Clem grabs Jane's arm and pulls her backward.

Kenny bites Jane's thumb, and she recoils in pain.

Kenny grabs Jane's knife and stabs her in the leg. She jerks backward, knocking Clementine over. Her wounded shoulder starts bleeding.

Kenny: Fuckin' babykiller...

Jane: Goddamn it!

Kenny tries to push Jane's knife into her heart, and she tries to stop him.

Kenny: I'll fuckin' kill you!

Jane: I...knew you would...

Kenny: Just...fuckin'...die...

Jane: Fuck you! Crazy...fuck...

Clem picks up the gun.

Kenny: Ain't...gonna let you... Fuckin'...

Clementine: Please. Please...

Jane: Clem...help...

Clementine shoots Kenny in the abdomen, and he collapses. Clementine cries.

Clementine: Are you okay?

Jane: Yeah...yeah, I think so...

Clem kneels next to Kenny.

Kenny: Clem... You made the right choice... I let you down... I let everyone down...

Clementine: Just--just hang on, Kenny...please...

Kenny: No...no. You're better off without me.

Clementine: Why did you make me do this?

Kenny: I'm sorry, Clementine...

Clementine: No... It's my fault...

Kenny: No...no, you did what you had to...you don't ever have to apologize for that.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: We almost made it... We were close, weren't we...? I thought I wanted this...asked for it...so many times... Now that it's happening...I'm scared. I'm afraid, Clem...

Clementine: It's okay, Kenny. You're...you're going to see Katjaa and Duck. You're going to see them again.

Clem holds Kenny's hand.

Kenny: You're always good for a smile.

Clementine: Why did you do this?!

Kenny: I'm sorry, darlin'... I'm so sorry...

Clementine: You're going to be okay, Kenny.

Clem holds Kenny's hand.

Kenny: Don't lie...you're better than that.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny dies.

Clementine closes her eyes as Kenny stabs Jane in the chest.

Kenny stabs Jane in the chest.

Kenny stabs Jane in the chest.

Clementine: Kenny!

Kenny: AJ...he's gone, Clem. She...she just... How could she do that...? Oh, Jesus... He's gone... He's...

Clementine: Why did this happen?!

Clementine: Are you okay?

Kenny: I'll live...

Clementine: You didn't have to kill her, Kenny!

Kenny: I'm sorry, darlin'...but I did.

Clem points her gun at Kenny.

Kenny: Do it. Just...just do it.

Clementine shoots Kenny in the head.

Clementine says nothing.

AJ is heard crying in the distance.

Kenny: Go! I'm right behind you.

Clem and determinantly Jane/Kenny run up to a nearby car. AJ is alive and lying in the backseat. Clem opens the car door and picks up the baby.

Clementine: Oh, my god! AJ! Are you okay? He's alive?!

Jane: I understand if you're upset... AJ was never in any danger. I was just...going to try to talk you into coming with me. I just thought if you saw Kenny like that...you'd know we'd have to leave him. Look, Clem, I'm sorry. I didn't think Kenny would go that far... But it's over now. We're all safe. We're going to be okay.

Clementine: I don't understand...

Jane: Kenny was dangerous. And I needed you to see that. One way or another.

Clementine: What are you saying?!

Jane: I had to do it, Clem. You saw how he reacted. I had to show you what he was capable of.

Clementine: I can't believe he's alive...

Jane: He's safe, Clem.

Clementine: Upset? You're fucking crazy! How could you do this?!

Jane: I had to do it, Clem. You saw how he reacted. I had to show you what he was capable of.

Clementine: So you put AJ in danger...and got my friend killed...just to prove a point?!

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: It was a stupid plan. I should never have lied to you. But I thought it was the only way you'd see.

Clementine: Oh, my god. Kenny...

Jane: You have to forgive me. Please. We can just leave all this behind us. Please. I did it for you, Clem. For us. We're free now.

Clementine: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Jane: Clem... Please. I did this for you! I can't do this alone...okay? Is that what you want to hear? Clem...

Clementine walks away alone.

Clementine: I forgive you, Jane.

Jane: Thank you...thank you, Clem.

Clementine: You were right about Kenny... All along...you knew what he was gonna do.

Jane: It's over now, Clem. Let's just...put all this behind us.

Clementine and Jane walk away together.

Jane: Come on... Let's just...put all this behind us.

Clementine and Jane walk away together.

Clementine: Oh, my god! AJ! Are you okay? He's alive?!

Kenny: AJ! Let me see him.

Clem hands AJ to Kenny.

Kenny: I thought...I thought we lost you, buddy... I won't let you outta my sights again. That's a promise.

Clementine: Then you...you didn't have to kill her. You didn't have to kill Jane.

Kenny: It was me or her, Clem. She was tryin' to kill me too. If she hadn't lied about Alvin here, it wouldn't have went that far.

Clementine: I just...why would she...?

Clementine: I can't believe he's alive...

Kenny: It's a miracle... I thought he was gone for good... I thought she'd taken him from us.

Clementine: I just...why would she...?

Clementine: I thought that Jane might've killed him.

Kenny: I was thinkin' the same thing, Clem. It's why I was so fired up. She never wanted the baby around. She made that clear.

Clementine: Yeah, I guess, but... I just...why would she...?

Kenny: There ain't no mystery here.

Kenny: She was nuts, Clem. A disturbed person that had her own agenda, and was lookin' out for herself. Shh, shh, shh. It's alright, buddy.

Clem takes AJ back.

Kenny: Hey, listen. I didn't want that to happen, either. I thought she'd killed Alvie, Clem. And at any point she could've stopped what was happening by saying he was fine. She wanted a fight. I'd never, ever hurt you. You understand? I was protecting you. You believe me, right? Just imagning what she did to Alvie... Everything just went black. By the time I got my head straight...it was too late. We were already at each other's throats.

Clementine: You're...dangerous, Kenny.

Kenny: You're...you're right, Clem. But I'm tryin' to change. I'm workin' on it. Somethin'...broke inside me...a long time ago. And I've just been tryin' to hold it together...but... I'm doin' my best. I really am.

Clementine: I'm leaving.

Kenny: Clem, please--

Clementine: I don't want to go...but...I have to.

Kenny: Take AJ with you...he deserves a chance. I don't trust myself with him anymore. He'll...he'll have a better shot with you. Go on...take him.

Clementine: Okay...

Kenny: Look at me, Clem. You made it this long. Think about all the other folks that didn't. That makes you special. Don't waste this...okay? You live a good life. You hear me? You protect him. You raise him right. You tell him about his mommy, and his daddy, and how they were good people. You tell him about everyone that worked so hard to keep him safe...just like they did you. This is the right decision, Clem. You're right...like you usually are... I ain't fit to care for y'all anymore. I'm real glad to have met you, Clementine. (hugs Clem) Now...now go. Shh, shh...don't you fret, little guy. Big sister's gonna take care of you.

Clementine walks away alone.

Clementine: We'll get through this, Kenny...we have to.

Kenny: Thanks for not giving up on me just yet. (hugs Clem) Come on...let's put some miles between us and this place.

Kenny and Clementine walk away together.

Kenny: I'm gonna change... I have to...just don't give up on me yet. (hugs Clem) Come on...let's put some miles between us and this place.

Kenny and Clementine walk away together.

Clementine: I...I believe you.

Kenny: Okay. Thanks. (hugs Clem) Come on...let's put some miles between us and this place.

Kenny and Clementine walk away together.

Clementine: You were right about her... She was...unstable...always just looking out for herself...

Kenny: Yeah... I wanted to be wrong, I did. But it was clear from the start. (hugs Clem) Come on...let's put some miles between us and this place.

Kenny and Clementine walk away together.

Kenny: Let's get a move on. (hugs Clem) Come on...let's put some miles between us and this place.

Kenny and Clementine walk away together.

Clementine: Shh, shh, shh. There, there, AJ...we're gonna be okay. We're gonna be okay.

Clementine walks away alone.



Clementine walks through an open field. She comes upon a herd of walkers. Noticing a fallen walker nearby, she kills it and covers herself and AJ in its guts. She walks through the herd.

Jane and Clementine arrive at Howe's. The parking lot is littered with walker corpses.

Jane: Can't see much from here. Come on.

They enter Howe's and come cross Carver's corpse.

Jane: I don't...I don't know how you were able to watch that.

Clementine: I'm glad I did.

Clementine: I've seen worse.

Clementine: Let's keep moving.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: I'm glad you didn't have to see that happen.

Clementine: Me, too.

Clementine: Let's keep moving.

Clementine: I've seen worse.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Here's the food. Clem, there's formula. Bonnie was right.

They go up to the roof.

Jane: The greenhouse is in good shape. You know, maybe we should stay here a while. See how it goes.

Randy: Just...just stay behind me.

Jane: Clem?

Clementine looks over the edge of the roof at an approaching group.

Jane: Come on.

Jane and Clementine go up to the gate.

Jane: They don't look armed.

Randy: This your place?

Gill: It's big.

Patricia: Quiet.

Clementine: Yeah. It is.

Randy: Really?

Clementine: Yeah. Why?

Clementine: We're just passing through.

Randy: Yeah? How fast, d'you think?

Clementine: We haven't decided yet.

Clementine: Go away.

Randy: Alright, wait a second. Just hear me out.

Clementine says nothing.

Patricia: We need help.

Randy: My boy, he...he ain't doin' so good.

Jane: What's wrong with him?

Randy: Look, don't worry, he ain't...he ain't bit; just hungry. We been walkin' for weeks. Ran outta food a couple days back. That your kid? Where you girls been?

Jane: Why do you care?

Randy: Whoa. I didn't mean nothin' by it.

Clementine: Everywhere. All over.

Randy: You been up north?

Clementine: Yeah.

Randy: Yeah, us too.

Clementine: You don't wanna know.

Randy: Yeah, sure. We're all walkin' a tough road.

Clementine: Step away from the fence, please.

Randy steps backward.

Clementine says nothing.

Jane: Keep your eye on him.

Randy: This place needs a lotta work.

Jane: Yeah?

Randy: We could help you.

Jane: There's not that much food left...

Patricia: Please. We won't make it another night out here.

Randy: Look, I know you don't know us. And I know a lotta people out here say a lotta things. But I'm askin' you. As a father. Please don't turn us away.

Jane: I don't know, Clem. They could be anybody. Do we really wanna go through this again?

Patricia: Please. We'll die out here.

Randy: Just give us a chance. Give us a chance to prove ourselves. You won't regret it, I promise you.

Patricia: You have to let us in.

Clementine: Come in.

Patricia: Thank you...

Clementine: Around the side.

The family walks around.

Jane: You sure about this? This place is a mess. And I don't know how long that food will last. It'll take a lot of work. And we don't know these people.

Clementine: I'm not sure about anything anymore.

Clementine: Jane, it'll be okay.

Clementine: Maybe we can start something here, Jane.

Jane: Maybe we should have left.

Clementine: It's not much. But we'll make it better.

Jane and Clem go to the door.

Jane: Just keep your eyes on 'em. We'll be fine.

Jane opens the door for the family, and they enter the room.

Patricia: My name's Patricia.

Jane: Jane.

Patricia: Thank you, Jane.

Jane: Don't mention it.

Patricia: (hugs Jane) Thank you so much.

Jane: Of course.

Gill: Cool hat.

Clementine: Yeah. Thanks.

Clementine: Leave.

Patricia: What?

Clementine: You heard me. Now.

Patricia: Please... Don't do this...

Randy: Are you sure you wanna do this, little girl? I mean, what if...what if we're dangerous?

Clementine: (draws pistol) What if I am?

Patricia: Come on, honey. Let's go.

The family leaves.

Jane: Thanks for doing that. After looking at that kid, I wasn't sure if I could. But we had to.

Clementine: I'm not doing that again. We're on our own now.

Clementine: We have to look out for ourselves now.

Clementine: I don't trust anyone, Jane.

Jane: Maybe we should have let 'em in.

Clementine: Sometimes you have to hurt someone else to protect the people you care about. A friend told me that once.

Jane: They might come back.

Clementine: Then we'll be ready.

Jane: Alright, come on in. But just for the night.

Patricia: Thank you...

Clementine: Around the side.

Jane and Clem go to the door.

Jane: Just keep your eyes on 'em. We'll be fine.

Jane opens the door for the family, and they enter the room.

Patricia: My name's Patricia.

Jane: Jane.

Patricia: Thank you, Jane.

Jane: Don't mention it.

Patricia: (hugs Jane) Thank you so much.

Jane: Of course.

Gill: Cool hat.

Clementine: Yeah. Thanks.

Clementine and Kenny, holding AJ, walk through a snow-covered forest. There is smoke in the distance.

Clementine: You want me to hold him?

Kenny: Nah, he's still light. We're fine.

Clementine: Should we stop and rest a little?

Kenny: Might not be able to get up if we do that.

Clementine: It's just a little further. We're almost there.

Kenny: I sure hope that's a cook fire...oh, we could use a hot meal right about now. Might be all I need.

Kenny: Oh, don't look at me like that. I can manage. It's just...takin' me a little longer.

Kenny: Come on, I'll race you to the top. (starts running)

Clementine: Hey! (runs after Kenny)

Kenny: Come on, Alvie! We got this!

Kenny reaches the top of the hill first. Clementine catches up with him soon after.

Clementine: You cheated.

They look at the walled-in community in front of them.

Kenny: Holy shit... We did it, Clem... That's...that's gotta be it. I...(laughs) I can't believe we found it.

Clementine: It's about time.

Kenny: You're tellin' me.

Clementine: Looks like a big wall.

Kenny: What? Out here? In the middle of nowhere? No. That's gotta be it.

Clementine: How do you know?

Kenny: A giant wall out in the middle of nowhere? Come on. That's gotta be it.

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: What are we waitin' for? Come on! This one's gonna be the one. Look at those walls. We'll finally feel safe, Clem. Be able to sleep at night...

As Clementine and Kenny walk toward the wall, they stop as a shot is fired at their feet.

Edith: (over speaker) That's far enough.

Kenny: Just stay still, Clem. Do as she says. Put your hands up, Clem.

Clementine raises her hands.

Edith: (over speaker) Drop your weapons.

Clem drops her gun on the ground.

Edith: (over speaker) Approach the gate.

They walk up to the gate.

Edith: (over radio) Just a couple of people at the front gate. They don't look like trouble. (other person responds over radio) Sounds good. (to Kenny and Clem) Hi, I'm Edith.

Kenny: Name's Kenny, and this here's Clementine.

Edith: Hello. Aw, what a handsome boy. Look at him. What's his name?

Kenny: Alvin...Junior.

Edith: Aw, he's gonna be a little heartbreaker when he grows up.

Clementine: Is there someone named Christa in there?

Edith: I don't think so, dear.

Kenny: So...this is Wellington, right?

Edith: A lot of people call it that.

Kenny: Okay...so, what do we do to get in?

Clementine: Can you let us in? We're really hungry. What?

Clementine: Why'd you make us leave our stuff over there? Can't we just bring it in? What?

Kenny: So...this is Wellington, right?

Edith: A lot of people call it that.

Kenny: Okay...so, what do we do to get in?

Edith: Well...I'm afraid this is the part where I give you the bad news.

Edith drops a duffel bag on the ground.

Kenny: The hell's this?

Edith: That's some supplies. Food, water, medicine, a first aid kit--

Kenny: What? Why're you givin' us this?

Edith: Unfortunately, our community isn't accepting new members. We're over capacity as it is, and there's just not enough to go around if we keep bringing people in. Things might change in a few months.

Kenny: You gotta be fuckin' kidding me.

Edith: I'm sorry, I really am.

Kenny: So we're supposed to just take this and go?

Clementine: This is bullshit!

Edith: I know, dear, but I don't make the rules.

Kenny: Do you know what we've been through? You have any idea what it took for us to get here? And now...now you're just gonna turn us away?

Edith: Look, I don't mean to be harsh, but a whole lot of other people went through a whole lot of stuff to get here too, and they all got here before you. And don't think you're the first people we've had to turn away. You're not. But that doesn't mean I'm not real, real sorry to have to do this. If it was up to me, I...

Clementine: But there's only two of us.

Edith: I know, dear, but I don't make the rules.

Kenny: Do you know what we've been through? You have any idea what it took for us to get here? And now...now you're just gonna turn us away?

Edith: Look, I don't mean to be harsh, but a whole lot of other people went through a whole lot of stuff to get here too, and they all got here before you. And don't think you're the first people we've had to turn away. You're not. But that doesn't mean I'm not real, real sorry to have to do this. If it was up to me, I...

Clementine: But...we have a baby.

Edith: This...this is hard for me too... I don't want to turn anyone away, especially children, but--

Kenny: Do you know what we've been through? You have any idea what it took for us to get here? And now...now you're just gonna turn us away?

Edith: Look, I don't mean to be harsh, but a whole lot of other people went through a whole lot of stuff to get here too, and they all got here before you. And don't think you're the first people we've had to turn away. You're not. But that doesn't mean I'm not real, real sorry to have to do this. If it was up to me, I...

Kenny: Just take the kids!

Clementine: What?

Kenny: Please! Just take the kids. IT's too dangerous out here for them.

Clementine: Kenny, I--

Kenny: It's just a little girl and a baby boy. You can make room for that. You can take back the supplies you gave us if that helps. Please, just... I need them to be safe...and it's safe in there, I know that. Just...ask someone...please? They won't make it out here...please.

Edith: I'll...I'll ask. Just gimme a second.

Edith walks away.

Kenny: You don't need to look at me like that... This is for the best.

Clementine: What the hell are you doing?

Kenny: Look at these walls.

Clementine: You're just gonna leave us?

Kenny: If they'll only take you two, then that's how it's gotta be.

Clementine: We don't even know these people!

Kenny: It doesn't matter.

Clementine: We're not staying here without you.

Kenny: Yes, you are.

Clementine: No. We're not.

Kenny: Yes, you are!

Clementine says nothing.

Kenny: It's safe here...you two'll be safe, that's what's important now.

Edith returns.

Edith: We can take the children, but...just the children. I made the case that--

Kenny: Thank you! Thank you. Listen. Okay? Listen. This is your chance. For you, and this boy. (gives baby to Clem) I don't trust myself to keep you two safe...not anymore. Please... I'm begging you, please stay here...stay here where it's safe. Where you two'll have a chance.

Clementine and Kenny start crying.

Clementine: No. No. No. Why are you doing this?

Kenny: Because it's the only way...for both of you. Think about Alvie here... Please, Clem, just...do as I'm askin'...this one last time. You'll meet people...you'll make friends... People better than me... Good people...that don't have to look at you and feel ashamed at what they've put you through... Please, Clem, please... Where you won't have to sleep with a gun next to you every night... Where you can be a kid for a while...

Clementine: Okay...okay, we'll stay. We'll stay.

Kenny: (hugs Clem) Good...good. This is the right decision. Okay...right. When he's grown, you tell him about his mommy and his daddy and all the people who tried to keep him safe...you tell him, okay? He deserves to know. I got... Oh, here...here...take this. (gives Clem his hat) When he...when he's old enough, you make him wear it. It'll...it'll keep the sun out of his eyes. That's important. Alright. Good. (to Edith) Keep an eye out for 'em...please. (to Clem) Now...you take care of Alvin, here...you...you live a good life, okay? Don't waste this. Okay? Now...I'm gonna go...I'm gonna go before one of us...before one of us changes their mind. (picks up bag) Now...I'm gonna walk away and...I might not look back...not 'cause I don't want to... I'm real glad to have met you, Clementine.

Kenny walks away. The gate opens, and Clementine and Edith walk into Wellington. The gate closes behind them.

Clementine: No! We're leaving! All of us. Together.

Kenny: Clem, please. It's safe here. You need to think about the--

Clementine: Stop! Stop, okay? We're not staying, so just stop. That's that.

Edith: Sounds like...sounds like she means business.

Kenny: Yeah...yeah, it does.

Clementine: Come on. We're leaving.

Edith drops another duffel bag.

Edith: I'm only supposed to give out one per group, but...look, if you're in the area, check back in a few months. We might be accepting people then.

Kenny: Thank you for the help...and, uh, sorry for the language.

Edith: Well, it's a shitty situation...we're all doin' the best we can. You all stay safe out there.

Kenny and Clementine pick up the bags.

Kenny: You're as stubborn as a damn mule.

Clementine: Yeah? Wonder where I got that from?

They walk away together.

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