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  • First appearance of Edith. (Determinant)
  • First appearance of Patricia. (Determinant)
  • First appearance of Randy. (Determinant)
  • First appearance of Gill. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Bonnie. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Mike.
  • Last appearance of Arvo.
  • Last appearance of Natasha.
  • Last appearance of Buricko.
  • Last appearance of Vitali.
  • Last appearance of Rebecca. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Luke.
  • Last appearance of Kenny. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Jane. (Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Carver. (Corpse, Determinant)
  • Last appearance of Lee Everett. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Katjaa. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Kenny Jr. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Ben Paul. (Dream)
  • Last appearance of Lilly. (Dream, Determinant)
  • With Luke's death in this episode, all the members of the cabin survivors are now deceased.
  • If Kenny dies (Determinant), then that makes Clementine the only character who debuted in Season One who is confirmed to be alive.
  • The achievement titles of this episode are taken from famous quotes and poems.
  • On the PC, iOS, and PS Vita version of the game, you can drag the episode thumbnail to see the walker's full body.
  • Like the final episode of Season 1, "No Time Left", this episode does not have a teaser for it at the end of the previous episode. This is to prevent spoilers from the end of "Amid The Ruins".
  • This is the only episode of Season 2 where the end credits do not feature a song sung by an artist.
  • This episode was released on the same date as The Walking Dead Pinball.
  • The trailer for this episode depicts a special scene including Clementine just before the outbreak talking with her parents, Ed and Diana, on the phone while being filmed by Sandra after spotting a baby raccoon in her treehouse. This scene was created exclusively for the trailer and is not a part of any episode.
  • This is the first season finale, or indeed any episode, with more than two possible endings, with a variation of five.
  • The title of this episode refers to the group constantly moving forward all the time.
  • Kenny's death (Determinant) marks the longest lifespan of a Video Game character, lasting for 10 episodes and almost 2 and a half years.
  • Clementine's dream involving Lee reuses the same graphics from Season 1.
  • This episode marks the first time Kenny is seen without his hat on.
  • This is the first episode of the Video Game where all characters who make their debut are Determinant.


  • On the PlayStation trophy board, there's an error where the episode's name is "Better To Sleep".
  • During the "Previously On" segment, during the attack with the Russians, Bonnie is seen not using the backpack. Also, when Kenny was keeping to himself following Sarita's death/bite, he is seen holding his crowbar, even though he was supposed to be holding either a dying Sarita or his gun.
  • In "Amid The Ruins", Vitali holds a shotgun, and Buricko an AK-47. However, in "No Going Back", these weapons are switched, with Vitali using the AK-47 and Buricko using the shotgun.
  • When Buricko is shooting his shotgun, he doesn't reload after each shot which isn't typical for a pump-action shotgun (Of course it could be possible that the shotgun was auto).
  • While Clementine is going outside when she saw Kenny getting the vehicle to work, her model can be seen floating next to Jane and the baby for a split second.
  • In Clementine's dream, even though you left Lilly behind in "Long Road Ahead", Ben will still have his gun in his hands though he doesn't guard Lilly. Also, Katjaa's head isn't patched.
  • Throughout the episode, Kenny's cheek can be seen going through his bandage numerous times.
  • At the beginning of fight, when Jane puts her knife back in the sheath, you can see the blade edge clip through the seam.
  • If you choose to look away while Kenny and Jane fight, Kenny's arm will phase through the broken pieces of wood next to him a few times.
  • In the preview trailer, Kenny is seen without his eye-patch after he was beaten by Carver, but has it back on in the latter part of the trailer.
  • When Kenny appears at the car if you save him, all the blood on his face is gone and he got his hat and bandage all in a matter of seconds.
  • If Clementine asks Edith if Christa is in Wellington, Edith is not holding her gun in her right hand. It reappears after she answers Clementine.
  • After you leave the part where you re-bandaged Kenny's wound, Mike can be seen without a bandage, but a few seconds later, a bandage appears on his arm that was shot.

Deleted Sequences

  • On the PlayStation 3 version, if Clementine chose to threaten Mike when he, Bonnie (Determinant) and Arvo are leaving, it was possible for her to shoot Mike as he was walking up to her to take her gun. If Clementine shoots Mike, some of the dialogue is changed (e.g. when Clementine asks about the trio when in the truck with Jane and Kenny, they tell her that Mike had died). This was probably an early choice, but was cut and changed with "Ask to leave with Mike". This appears to have been removed from a patch via hotfix.[3]
  • There was a choice to save Luke from drowning, thus saving his life, making him determinant. However, this has been cut due to unknown reasons.[4]
  • There have been some discussions about a choice leaving AJ behind, and when the writers are asked about this during one of the interviews done by Greg Miller from IGN, they said that Clementine is not 'there' yet to make it happen, so they decided to scrap it out.




For all obtainable achievements and trophies, see Achievements.
Achievement Reward
NGBA Blood and Iron.png Blood and Iron
Made it out alive.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Miles To Go.png Miles To Go
Took a breather.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Right of Frost.png Right of Frost
Stopped for the night.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Center Cannot Hold.png Center Cannot Hold
Reached the other side.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA All the Dark Night.png All the Dark Night
Made it through to morning.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA We Slowly Drove.png We Slowly Drove
Reached the terminus.
PSN - Bronze Trophy
XBLA - 10 Gamer Points
NGBA Kindly Stop for Me.png Kindly Stop For Me
Found your way through.
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 15 Gamer Points
NGBA All The Dead Lie Down.png All The Dead Lie Down
Completed "No Going Back".
PSN - Silver Trophy
XBLA - 25 Gamer Points


This episode, in general, received positive reviews from both critics and fans. Many people enjoyed the determinant endings, and some even felt emotionally pressed when playing through them. The episode itself seemed a fitting conclusion to the player's overall actions with many questions answered.

Some, however, dubbed this episode as "passable" in their review. Many found that most characters had very drastic behavioral changes from the previous episode into this one. Bonnie, for example, lost part of her trusting nature when she realized what kind of person Carver really was. She is doubtful of Jane's intentions when looking for a safe place for the baby to be born, worried that she might "run off." After the shootout with Arvo's group, though, she is quick to trust Arvo about having a safe place to stay with a lot of food.

So with these mixed reviews from both fans and critics, Tell-Tale Games wrapped up the second season. Many are looking forward to the next season, while some doubt that the company will be able to branch out for all of the endings, leaving fans to, wonder what exactly will the next season be based around.

Platform GameRankings Metacritic
PSN (PlayStation 3) 80% 86
XBLA (Xbox 360) 82.5% 86
PC (Windows, Mac) 81.1% 80
iOS (iPad, iPhone) 80% TBD
PlayStation Vita TBD TBD


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