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"No Other Way" is the ninth episode and second-part premiere of the eleventh season of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is the one-hundred and sixty-second episode of the series overall. It premiered on February 20, 2022. It was written by Corey Reed and directed by Jon Amiel.


Daryl, Maggie, Gabriel, Negan, and Elijah battle the Reapers for food. Aaron and the Alexandrians must survive a storm.


At Meridian, Leah fires the hwacha at walkers as they flood into the compound. A Reaper attacks Maggie, but then gets hit by an arrow.

Maggie hides in a building and meets up with Negan and Elijah, who was injured by shrapnel. She brings them to the infirmary, where they hide in a secret room. Carver looks for them and receives a radio order from Leah to kill everyone he finds.

Back in Alexandria, Rosita and others fight walkers outside Aaron's house. Dianne reports that Judith and Gracie are missing.

Judith and Gracie try to escape the cellar, which is quickly flooding with water. Walkers break through the door into the cellar.

Aaron and Jerry regroup with others after unsuccessfully trying to put out the fire at the windmill. Magna and Connie leave to secure the perimeter breaches, while others work on extinguishing the fire. Aaron hears Gracie's emergency whistle and races off to find her.

A Reaper takes aim at Gabriel from a window. Daryl stabs the Reaper and strangles him to death. He hides just as Leah enters the room and discovers her comrade's body. He quietly escapes the room.

Gracie blows the whistle as the cellar fills with water. A walker attacks Judith and Gracie. Aaron breaks the cellar window, jumps inside and starts slaying walkers. He hoists the girls to safety through the window. More walkers enter the cellar.

Gabriel encounters Mancea and draws his sword. Mancea predicts that Gabriel will not kill him, since he did not kill him at the graveyard. Gabriel is surprised to learn that Mancea had known of his presence at the graveyard. Mancea asks if Gabriel listens to God anymore and urges Gabriel to renew his faith. Gabriel hears a noise behind the door then stabs Mancea in the gut.

Carver chases Maggie down a hall. Negan and Elijah ambush him. Carver injures Elijah and knocks Maggie to the ground. Negan smacks Carver with a heavy bell. Maggie gets ready to deal a fatal blow to Carver. Daryl intervenes and insists they use Carver as leverage, despite Elijah's vow to avenge his sister. Daryl radios Leah and proposes they talk.

After hearing Gracie's whistle, Rosita sends Lydia to investigate while she fights walkers surrounding the house.

Aaron hangs from the cellar pipes to stay out of the walkers' reach. Lydia finds him and runs off to get rope.

Lydia rigs the rope so that Aaron can shimmy out of the cellar. They go to help extinguish the fire.

Daryl, Maggie, Negan, and Elijah meet with Leah and the remaining Reapers. Daryl offers to release Carver if the Reapers leave Meridian, but vows to kill them if they return. Leah rejects his offer and reveals that a sniper will gun them down if they don't release Carver. Daryl reluctantly lets Carver go. Gabriel shoots Carver in the leg and informs Leah via walkie that he killed her sniper. Leah accepts Daryl's terms and starts to leave with two Reapers. After Elijah tells her their people need to be avenged, Maggie shoots them in the back and kills the remaining Reapers. Leah flees.

Daryl tracks down Leah, but lets her escape.

Maggie's group loads supplies onto a wagon. Maggie heads back to the church where they left Alden.

Maggie enters the church and discovers that Alden has turned. She weeps as she stabs him in the head.

Maggie buries Alden in the woods. Negan joins her and guesses she had always planned to kill the Reapers, despite Daryl's attempt at negotiations. Worried she will do the same to him, he decides to part with the group.

Maggie joins Daryl and Gabriel by a campfire. She reports that Alden is dead, and that Negan left.

Daryl's group returns to Alexandria. Jerry is chagrined to see their numbers greatly diminished.

Maggie's group distributes supplies at Alexandria and reunites with everyone. Daryl embraces Connie. Lydia is visibly upset upon learning that Negan left. Gabriel informs Aaron that Alden is dead and that many other people perished.

A caravan of Commonwealth troopers approaches Alexandria's gate. Residents ready their weapons in defense. Eugene jumps out and tells Alexandria residents that the troopers have come to help.

Commonwealth troopers unload supplies at Alexandria. Eugene introduces Hornsby to the community. Hornsby shares his admiration for what they've built and offers to provide labor and materials to help them rebuild. He also offers another option for those who are interested.

Flash forward to six months later. Maggie and Elijah stand on the guard post at Hilltop. Hornsby waits outside the gates with a group of Commonwealth soldiers. One of the soldiers approaches Maggie and demands she opens up. Maggie says it doesn't have to be this way. The soldier removes his helmet: it's Daryl. "Yeah, it does," he says.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Romano.
  • Last appearance of Fisher.
  • Last appearance of Austin.
  • Last appearance of Mancea.
  • Last appearance of Jenson.
  • Last appearance of Boone.
  • Last appearance of Ira Washington.
  • Last appearance of Brandon Carver.
  • Last appearance of Agatha. (Corpse)
  • Last appearance of Alden. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of the Reapers.
  • The title of the episode, "No Other Way", refers to the ending exchange between Maggie and Daryl over Hilltop after the six month time jump.
  • This episode was made available for streaming to subscribers of AMC Premiere on February 13, 2022.
  • The original plot summary for the episode was as follows: Hellfire rains down on those at Meridian as every fight with the Reapers proves to be a brutal battle. At home in Alexandria, the violent rainstorm rages on as walkers continue to pour in, threatening everyone's safety, including Judith and Gracie.[1]
  • On Talking Dead, Lauren Cohan reveals that she did her own stunts for the episode.
    • Also on the show, Angela Kang explains that the Reapers had been hunting Maggie's group and the Reaper that Maggie put down and Alden had fought to the death and killed each other.
      • In a Tweet, it was clarified that the Reaper had slit Alden's throat.[2]
  • Rosita drops an f-bomb in this episode, in the scene where her and Lydia are fighting off walkers on the staircase. During filming, Cassady McClincy accidentally hit Christian Serratos in the shoulder, causing her to yell out the word "Fuck" in pain.[3]

Comic Parallels

  • Negan leaving the survivors is adapted from Issue 174.
  • The Commonwealth Army arriving at Alexandria is adapted from Issue 180.

Episode Highlights

  • The name of Elijah's sister is revealed to be Josephine.
    • It is further revealed that Carver was the one that killed her.
  • Elijah's words to Maggie before she kills Boone, Washington and Carver are him reminding Maggie of her promise at Teresa's graveside in "Promises Broken".


  • When the Commonwealth soldiers arrive at Alexandria, the shot of Daryl from behind shows no backpack on him and then the next shot he is wearing a backpack.