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"No Sanctuary" is the first episode of the second season of Overkill's The Walking Dead.


St. Luke’s Cathedral no longer holds redemption, only punishment and one sole deserter that might change the playing field.


Anderson explains that Patterson is the leader and founder of the Brigade and he is trying to create a world ruled by strict military order, so he can be the one calling the shots. He's turned Capitol Hill into his own base with multiple security. While that's where they need to go to kill him, attacking him head on would be a death sentence for all of them, however, when they killed Hurst many of the Brigade soldiers fled, to which Patterson ordered his men to track down the deserters and execute them publicly. One deserter is being held in Georgetown, where the Brigade have taken control of the neighborhood. The Eckington Camp survivors plan to rescue him before he's executed because he could be their key to taking out Patterson.

The survivors arrive at Georgetown where the Brigade has turned the church into an outpost. They must use jumper cables on their truck to open stores to gather supplies, they next use a ladder or use a forklift to climb over the walls to get to where the church is. While clearing their way to the church, the survivors are blocked by a gate that need to be opened by a generator that needs batteries and jumper cables. Once the gate is opened, the survivors continue to the church where they find it's covered with Brigade soldiers. The survivors plant C4 on the gates to blow it open, when inside the church, they look in the basement for the deserter, he is locked up and the survivors need to kill Brigade soldiers to get the key to unlock him. When the deserter is freed, the survivors must fire a flare to signal Caleb. When Caleb comes, the survivors must get the deserter to the his truck and escape.



  • Bob (Confirmed Fate)
  • Several unnamed members of the Brigade



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